The Worst First Date Ever | Twin My Heart w/ The Merrell Twins Season 2 EP 1 Pt 2
Bring on the boys! 10 contestants arrive at the Twin My Heart mansion ready to find love.
Dance Battle: Girls vs. Guys | Twin My Heart w/ The Merrell Twins Season 2 EP 2 Pt 1 -
Veronica and Vanessa Merrell are setting up not one, but two of their best friends, Franny and Nezza, as they search for love. It's a race to win their hearts, as contestants compete in challenges, deciding who will stay and who will go. ❤️❤️ Bring on the boys! 10 contestants arrive at the Twin My Heart mansion ready to find love. But when one guy has a major FAIL with one of the girls, 'ish gets real for everyone in the house. 😲
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Finding a Boyfriend (for My Best Friend) | Twin My Heart w/ The Merrell Twins Season 2 EP 1 Pt 1 -
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  • st x llar
    st x llar

    im really disappointed with franny’s set up. unfair man, unfair.

  • 넷지

    I feel really bad for troy i mean massage as a first date thing? It's a no no

  • Just Gabby
    Just Gabby

    look at denzels face when troy was called for ellimanation hahahaha

  • rayan mroueh
    rayan mroueh

    i do not understand is this the first episode??

  • Angelina Rickert
    Angelina Rickert

    Bennett:" I don't know what I've done to be down there!" Me: THAT'S THE PROBLEM YOU DIDN'T DO ANYTHING EXCEPT PLAY WITH YOUR HAIR!!!!

  • Jazzmin Addo
    Jazzmin Addo

    When they said that Bennett just came back from China I was like CORONA VIRUS 🦠

  • Daniel Plumb
    Daniel Plumb

    Does anyone know Connor's insta

  • Aistė Unicorn
    Aistė Unicorn

    See everyone?!?!?!?!? It was the day after nezza's birthday

  • Noah

    Season 1 ep1- Christian got MVP and won Season 2 ep1-ryan got MVP and won/Vince got MVP and won

  • I hate one Squarey boi
    I hate one Squarey boi

    11:59 It’s not about what you did, it’s about what you didn’t do

  • Lily May
    Lily May

    Bennett should’ve been eliminated

  • Char The Uni
    Char The Uni

    I can not sing anything In a Russian accent it is inpositble

  • Char The Uni
    Char The Uni

    In the beginning Conner was like hitting hard on Franny and was like Franny is beautiful and I’m going for her

  • DeJeanae Allison
    DeJeanae Allison

    Bennett says he doesn't know wat he did wrong. He didn't even help with any building in the first party of those episode

  • Khloe Sage Karikitan
    Khloe Sage Karikitan

    Is that Rayan Prunty

  • Kui Muigai
    Kui Muigai

    Ryan from team rar

  • Jayden Webb
    Jayden Webb

    tbh I don’t like Bennett or the youtuber guy idk his name he’s irrelevant 😂😂 I loveddd CJ tho 🥺 I’ll take him then


    I’ve just started the season but I’m suuuure that there will be a double or quadruple date!!!

  • Keela Butler
    Keela Butler

    Bennett needs to go home sorry but my opinion

  • buraukkaforesee

    yay for Ryan! yay for Troy! Franny has a good taste; Troy is like - how am I going to survive bath with the gal I met few hours ago XD nervous af (kinda a bad idea to put them in this situation, twins), he's just shy, come on! not fair at all :(

    • buraukkaforesee

      saving Bennet was really dumb but I'm glad Troy got another chance

  • Sarah Dawson
    Sarah Dawson

    Who is here when Franny and Ryan are together and Nezza and Vince are together

  • nini nini
    nini nini

    Its Merrell's house??😲

    • K C
      K C

      No, it's not.

  • Aliya Manns
    Aliya Manns

    I think Franny is just a bit awkward and shy.

  • Amy Keller [Student]
    Amy Keller [Student]

    I love the brothers' comments its actually so funny!

  • Olivia CM
    Olivia CM

    OH NAW, THAT WAS NOT A GOOD FIRST DATE. giving eachother a message? You do you 😂

  • Kimiye Jessop
    Kimiye Jessop

    Can I be in Roni and Nessa's place. I would love to find my friends some boy/girlfriends

  • Dunzzy gaming Dunzzy gaming
    Dunzzy gaming Dunzzy gaming

    I can imagine how stressing it is to go through telling a guy you went on a date with that he’s the top three to leave 😳😗🙃😬

  • Dunzzy gaming Dunzzy gaming
    Dunzzy gaming Dunzzy gaming

    Toni and nessa literally own this Chanel

  • emzi n
    emzi n

    they did franny dirty wow😂

  • Sarah Brodeur
    Sarah Brodeur

    Imagine just chilling in a hot tub on a date with a huge camera in your face And the same with the massage and bubble bath😂

  • Jasper Ann
    Jasper Ann

    1:27 Brotherly love

  • The Real Water Sheep
    The Real Water Sheep

    He should have been eliminated he is so obnoxious and y'all know who I'm talking about.

  • Alex Violet
    Alex Violet

    I wanted CJ to win bitch

  • The Roses
    The Roses


  • BFF Dancers TM BM
    BFF Dancers TM BM

    Im not happh about CJ leaving i mean come on thag herkis guy hes a discrase

  • X MAN
    X MAN

    These series can sometimes not make sense because last season Nessa chose Christian but it was a dating show but didn’t date don’t get me wrong but I get that they have differences and that they are just too far apart . But if you’re not going to do anything then what’s the point

  • Roni D
    Roni D

    Cj Should not have been eliminated WHAT ABOUT BENNET MAN

  • Jestrina Ackah
    Jestrina Ackah

    The dramatic face of the brothers when Troy was called 😂😂😂😂

  • Selinay Coban
    Selinay Coban

    Tage is sooooo prettyy and handsome tho

  • Nyla Lucero
    Nyla Lucero

    15:23 - 15:29 dustin looks dead

  • XoXo LilCookie
    XoXo LilCookie

    TBH I don’t have a good feeling about Bennett Because like I feel that he won’t Win TBH..

  • Joel John
    Joel John

    Troy and Franny are like great for each other and the moment when both of them were sad was just.......

  • Its_MJ_BTW

    Seriously season 1 was way better

  • alissa ann
    alissa ann

    Nezza and Vince are so cute

  • Sophia Lorefice
    Sophia Lorefice

    Ryan+Franny= YES!! Dustin+Nezza= YES!!!

  • Kittyover9000

    I saw the title and I was like “Ummm....sounds greatttt.”

  • Maria Danielle Labitad
    Maria Danielle Labitad

    Bennett was like the Brandon last season

  • jubileepancake

    There is already tension

  • Camilla Martinez
    Camilla Martinez

    I was just thinking of a plot twist; Brandon comes out of nowhere and competes on the show again (for more drama)

  • rock hound
    rock hound

    14:03 That candle in the backround is triggering my OCD

  • Qween Rosey
    Qween Rosey

    Im happy cj left because he was little annoying and to full of himself but i have respect for him fo ed being so confident

  • Haila Chaibi
    Haila Chaibi

    I hope that Ryan wins

    • Haila Chaibi
      Haila Chaibi

      ThatMyeshaGirl yes

    • ThatMyeshaGirl

      Haila Chaibi he will

  • Ellie Rose
    Ellie Rose

    Cj I wanted Bennit to go home not you

  • Cireena Chavez
    Cireena Chavez

    I think brennet should have went home because he didnt do crap.

  • Laura Brooks
    Laura Brooks


  • cam mb
    cam mb

    no ones gonna talk about the dude in the red jackets face when they said troy is on the bottom 3

  • emily Lor
    emily Lor

    Nezza and Vince are so cute together

  • Savannah Ivie-Akers
    Savannah Ivie-Akers

    I really think those dates should’ve been the last dates of the season or much closer to the last instead of the very first Awkward 🥴😖

  • E Stassie
    E Stassie

    idk why buy something about Franny really reminds me of Shay Mitchell

  • Honey. Bee
    Honey. Bee

    11:59 Bennet that's the thing you haven't done anything And by that I mean you didn't make an effort to talk to Franny and Nezza

  • Dayshia Walker
    Dayshia Walker

    The two brothers have drama

  • Teagan N
    Teagan N

    Bennett: idk what I did to deserve being in the bottom 3 Me: ... nothing... you literally did nothing... and that was the problem

  • Teagan N
    Teagan N

    I bet you all my money grow didn’t know that later in the competition, he wouldn’t like franny, but NEZZA, and then piss franny off, make nezza uncomfortable and then leave, automatically get disqualified and then get savagely destroyed by franny.

  • Gabi Victor
    Gabi Victor

    Why does Vince remind me of James Charles

  • Mar Mar
    Mar Mar

    i would have sent home troy

  • Famous Winette
    Famous Winette

    nice show!

  • kristina Lee
    kristina Lee

    roni is not a kinda tochy to the boys i guess she hate it i can relate HAHAH

  • Lexi M.
    Lexi M.

    If I was there first person I would send the "Tarzan" dude Bennet.. I'm just not feeling him. I also think my favorite dude is Ryan he's just a cutie and shy and just adorable🥺👉🏻👈🏻

  • Emily Kathryn Casey
    Emily Kathryn Casey

    Omg the shirt roni is wearing is the one from the makeover video that nessa and roni did on their channel and it was from the “boujie mom”

  • Demitrival

    12:36 ryan lol

Prossimi video