There’s a lot more to Jennifer Aniston than you may think
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There’s a lot more to Jennifer Aniston than her personal relationships. This is her story.

  • Johanna Cruickshank
    Johanna Cruickshank

    She truly deserves more recognition for her actual work, which is amazing. Feels like people don't believe in her, at least not the media. It's frustrating to see someone so talented and intelligent be reduced to nothing like that. She deserves the world❤

    • Monica Samaan
      Monica Samaan

      That is so true

  • Nidhi Shah
    Nidhi Shah

    I love her. She seems like such a beautiful soul!

  • honest review telugu
    honest review telugu

    Can't believe she's 50 still looks like 30's i saw a few movies of Jenifer a really beautiful & talented actress good human being

  • Sarah Khan
    Sarah Khan

    She's better of with out him


    What a dream to have as a godmother Jennifer Aniston❤

  • Simmer Jong, de
    Simmer Jong, de

    We love you jen

  • Pratyush Negi
    Pratyush Negi

    No one thinks that less of Jennifer. You don't need to glorify everything you get your hands on.

  • A. Mohamed
    A. Mohamed

    jen is really one of a kind and the most special actress i've ever seen

  • Dalia Da Costa
    Dalia Da Costa

    Traduit en français ,cela serait génial !!!!

  • Nandhini Shree
    Nandhini Shree

    I think even her role as Rachel is so similar to Jen as ppl were more focused on ross and Rachel than how she became from pampered princess to independent May be Rachel and Jen are so similar No matter how much ross and Rachel are on and off, in the end, they did reconcile. I just hope even in off screen Jen will reconcile with her real Ross

  • Chris Steiger
    Chris Steiger

    Yeah she is a freaking T-ranny!!! YUCK!!!

  • Zahra Dizdarević
    Zahra Dizdarević

    I can't help but notice that the video is titled how there is more to J. A. than we think, and how at beginning it criticizes those who talk about her relationships when she has so much more going on, and then, it gives us her dating

  • Beverley smith
    Beverley smith

    Never see him look at ange the way he looked at jen, pure love and he actually liked jennifer. U can see it the ange photos he aint truly happy or at one with himself. Jen allowed him that. X

    • Beverley smith
      Beverley smith

      @dvchel hiya still think he looked more interested in jen like he never had been with maleficent x

    • dvchel

      @Beverly Smith Not sure. Even with Jennifer at those premieres and others Brad Pitt still looked stoned and uninterested. Glad he got into rehab and fixed himself in 2017 for his alcoholism and drug abuse that had been going on since the 80s.

  • Lloyda Lakard
    Lloyda Lakard

    She overrated. Shes not that good of an actress! She said:"It was just luck" Dont get me wrong shes charismatic and likeable...she hasnt made any good work or movies after Friends!

  • 「мαriα」

    She’s such a beautiful and lovely person ❤️

  • Molly Marshall
    Molly Marshall

    She has never had it easy and this just shows how hard she worked to be where she is ❤

    • Beverley smith
      Beverley smith

      Watching her the year after the breakup on 20th anniversary oprah I was impressed with how jen was so doing so amazingly, wow, dear jen, one of a kind. Didnt say one word about him....pure class


    Linda chica Jennifer🌹

  • Michał Piekarski
    Michał Piekarski

    She's amazing. I used to be Team Angie since I can remember but now that I've grown I see as a man that the Jennifer Aniston type of woman is wife material. She's smart, beautiful and has a good heart.

    • dvchel

      @Michal Piekarski Not to forget Jennifer Aniston is a woman that wants to do good. No matter because of her own flaws that she calls evil spirits into her life, she learns and gets better. That's how you see the difference between Pitt's and Theroux's divorce. An important lesson remains to call the right people into your life.

  • Ken John
    Ken John

    Was hoping that you would've mentioned her role in 'The Object of my Affection' she and Paul Rudd were close friends after film, just figured it would be nice in the video. Still liked it though

  • X 13
    X 13

    Brilliant individual.

  • Sophia Tariq
    Sophia Tariq

    This woman is my Favourite no. 1 actress for last 2 decades. She is so beautiful, grows even more beautiful year after year. Love her work and is Brad Pit so regretting his divorce to Jen. Now,. Big mistake Brad. Jen should get a restraining order 😂 Love this babe of babes and look forward to many more films of hers in the future. Can't wait for friends reunion, murder mystery 2 and then some more serious films for her. Meryl streep stylee 😎 Good luck Jennifer, hoards of more success to you America's sweetheart ♥️

  • Lily Solis
    Lily Solis

    I love her😍😍

  • Pubali Dutta
    Pubali Dutta

    I love Jen..but its not possible that you are a successful actress but you don't want to be followed by paparazzi..i mean u r lucky that paparazzi following you..making you more and more famous...

    • 「мαriα」

      There’s a huge difference between the work you do and your PRIVATE life!!!? They are well known for being creepy stalkers, they would do anything to capture a photo and sell them to magazines in order to make up stories, in the end it’s all about the money. I think it’s disgusting .. Imagine a life like that, followed by every step you make, how is that a part of your career? Waiting for you to leave the house, that wouldn’t give you a safe feeling right? And her being famous has nothing to do with the paps lol, she got more recognition for the movies and shows she did. :)

    • Molly Marshall
      Molly Marshall

      But it's not fair that they stalk u and take pictures of you when your in your won garden or house she dosent need anymore fame that's not what she is about

  • jigyanshu shrivastava
    jigyanshu shrivastava

    She is making a movie on the book called Counterclockwise by Ellen Langer.

  • - ramaaa -
    - ramaaa -

    Poor Rachel :(


    There are no regrets in life only lessons:- Jennifer Aniston

  • Nidhya Joseph
    Nidhya Joseph

    That's what happens to Women in the industry. Not recognised for their work but personal life. It's much the case when you're a man.

  • Justyna P
    Justyna P

    She is an amazingly good actress, bad and good moments in life happen to everybody and she is strong enough to still come up with these creative projects. I like her a lot and I am sorry paparazzi have been all over her. She is an example to young women.

  • Em B64
    Em B64

    Well, thank you.

  • Pallavi Tyagi
    Pallavi Tyagi

    She is really classy woman i ever saw in media world ,she is really inspiration to young woman how to handle low moments in life .🤟 i really admire you mam.

  • a

    A lot of people coming here with their hate comments about how they don't want to watch Jennifer Aniston's story. And yet , here they are.

    • dvchel

      @aditya I haven't seen them. Not to forget it doesn't take much time or difficulty to read about it. Either as simple as Wiki or watch one of those Friends documentaries/interviews out there. A lot of the same stories in this clip come back there, and even more. This includes how Jennifer in fact hated The Rachel, because of 2 reasons she said: 1) It became such an obsession and she wanted to be known for more than just her hair; 2) it took her 2-3 hours a day by a hairdresser to get it into shape, considering she is a natural brunette and has curly hair.

  • Hamish Reddy
    Hamish Reddy

    It's ironic that brut is talking about her personal life, while the entire video is about how she hated paparazzi and media popping through her personal life.

    • dvchel

      @Ash True. Not to forget being a point of reference to learn. E.g. Just because Jennifer Aniston says she hates Paparazzi and the media going through her personal life, it doesn't means she hasn't made decisions and did things that called it into her life. At the end of the day she, like us, is responsible for her own life. She obviously wasn't taking enough back in the 90s and 00s looking at how the drama came to unfold with Brad Pitt. They clearly had flaws, and then, it just better to live a low-profile and low-key life. But they both didn't. They that dance pay the fiddler. Doesn't mean it justifies making outright lies, but it's something that comes with the territory when wanting the attention.

    • Ash

      But someone have to change the perspective right.

  • Sai Ram
    Sai Ram

    Is this really a Indian channel

  • Harshit Rao
    Harshit Rao

    her "alex levy" from the morning show is one of the best acting performances I've ever seen (along with billy crudup)

  • Memcha Laishram
    Memcha Laishram

    Brad Pitt cheated on her. Angelina ruined him she didn't let him meet his children ,karma

    • PureSparkles22

      he has met his kids. we;ve photos of them together and brad does have shared custody of the kids

    • Dena Campbell
      Dena Campbell

      @Memcha Laishram people don't win rights. Rights are inherent before we are even born. He already had the right to be with the kids and the judge saw it that way.

    • Memcha Laishram
      Memcha Laishram

      @Rajendra Kumar Jolie is so mean Brad Pitt took her to court because he was not allowed near her children . Brad Pitt won the case. He won the right to see his children . Jennifer was better than Jolie . Jennifer deserves better then cheating Brad Pitt

    • Rajendra Kumar
      Rajendra Kumar

      So true

  • Aditya Singh
    Aditya Singh

    Another glorified thot.

  • Kyara Deruwez
    Kyara Deruwez

    this is so good

  • Mark Clotworthy
    Mark Clotworthy

    Because that's all I do all day, thinking about Jennifer Aniston. Lol. Get a life, dude. There's more to life than thinking about celebrities all day. Yes, she's a great actress, and I enjoyed friends a lot, but.. provide some interesting news. We don't even know her as a person. We know the characters she's played. Why care so much about someone who you don't even know personally.

    • a

      You know I've seen so many like you. Why do even open and view these videos if you hate them so much.

    • Gandhiwadi

      Reply under his comment bro 🤣

  • Ray Lars
    Ray Lars

    ... blah blah blah , Jennifer who ... What's w the sudden over reporting of her ? ... she's the same as she ever was , cept older

    • Molly Marshall
      Molly Marshall

      Why u commenting if u dont like it just leave because no one asked for your opinion

  • boss life
    boss life


    • Tuhin Roy
      Tuhin Roy

      @Stephanie Knowles Awesome Stephanie ... appreciate it :)

    • Stephanie Knowles
      Stephanie Knowles

      @Ajay Augustine Your name is Ajay, I suppose its a Hindu name and if respecting Hinduism makes you feel less white, superior or human then I think your Libtard ways are poopworthy

    • Ajay Augustine
      Ajay Augustine

      Another Bakth..

    • Stephanie Knowles
      Stephanie Knowles

      Yoga and Hinduism is the oldest of all and the basis of mankind. Best thing is it respects all religion rather than conversion. Huge respect for that!

    • Gandhiwadi

      Ma chuda Har cheez m hindu Hindu

  • Ninja Furry
    Ninja Furry

    Can you make portrait of people who not also actor or actress but they affect of many people by they arr thought in any field

  • Nandini Shah
    Nandini Shah

    You should've mentioned the fact that she was a painter and even had a painting displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art at 11

    • dvchel

      @Nandi Shah Yep, multi-talented. Because, she also sang on TMS and of course together with Dolly Parton on her movie Dumplin.

  • MetaSploit TM
    MetaSploit TM

    Her smile is killing arrow!!

  • Vineet

    I'm watching friends in the lockdown. God I miss her!

    • Pratabh010

      @Gandhiwadi the above mentioned Akshay Kumar's comedy movies came and went but friends is going on and on since 1994 and that too all around the globe, there's got to be a reason for that. You wouldn't get it anyways if you're one of those "patriots" who thinks preferring western movies/shows over indian ones is seditious. PS those Akshay Kumar movies are shit compared to friends.

    • Michael

      @Veronica B In most countries except for the U.S. it's still on Netflix.

    • Big Ulf
      Big Ulf

      Did you buy it cause it’s off Netflix

    • Politically Incorrect Bender
      Politically Incorrect Bender

      @Gandhiwadi stfu and stop picking fights with people.. let people watch what they want.. doesn't matter..

    • Veronica B
      Veronica B

      Just out of curiosity where are you watching it?

  • Aswathi Menon
    Aswathi Menon

    Karma now Brad is like begging

    • dvchel

      @Aswathi Menon Doubt it, considering they're amicable exes for some time now following the divorce in 2016 and Brad fixing his alcoholism and drug abuse by going into rehab.

    • Aswathi Menon
      Aswathi Menon

      @grace is maria 😂 actually i am big fan of her and what she went through being so beautiful and still man left her for somebody hurts because it happens with many people and she is a celebrity she also need a privacy which she never got but we her for what she is she is an inspiration for many women

    • grace is maria
      grace is maria

      @Aswathi Menon well it looks like u are the jennifer of this comment section.😄

    • INVICTA Language
      INVICTA Language

      @Gandhiwadi Get lost mate, she's mine.

    • Gandhiwadi

      @Aswathi Menon give me your telegram I'd I will give me yours No cheating I can help you in maths

  • Nidhi

    U see a "hotter" woman and, u forget abt your wife! Some men have no class or, character! We need to work on ourselves.... character, first! Our sense of loyalty, trust, everything! And, then, negatives won't be the deciding factor!

    • Tushar Dua
      Tushar Dua

      @Siddhi Shah its not pseudo if you are not ready to accept it

    • Siddhi Shah
      Siddhi Shah

      @Tushar Dua You seriously trying to justify cheating with some pseudo-science you read in a book? Come on man..

    • Tushar Dua
      Tushar Dua

      @Pratabh010 Read evolution, men have always been polygamous while woman have not been to the same extent, woman may be somewhat polygamous after modern society but when bearing babies the instinct is to search a provider and be monogamous, a simple google search will suffice your queries, also a species doesn't share the same natural instincts over gender

    • Pratabh010

      @Tushar Dua in what book did you read that exclusively men are polygamous? I don't know anything either but I'm educated enough to know that if men are polygamous so would be women because a specie shares same natural instincts regardless of gender. And it was never mentioned in the video that men are polygamous, it said that monogamy is man made, which basically resonates with what I've said earlier.

    • dvchel

      @Nidhi Not to forget some "women" don't have class or character either. But it's a common issue that actors don't have a sense of taking responsibility of their own lives, because everything is being done for them by agents, publicists and the industry people. Hence, it took until 2017 and after the divorce with Angelina, for Brad to finally go into rehab to fix his Alcoholism and drug abuse.

  • Yesh Pannu
    Yesh Pannu

    Amazing content

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