These Guys Again ("Up" But Everything Is Even Worse)
Danny Gonzalez
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The gang from "What's Up" is back and worse than ever
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  • Debbie M
    Debbie M

  • taylor margulies
    taylor margulies

    get this to 50 likes because i have something super duper secret... greg. no, egg. what does that spell? COUNTRY BREAKFAST

  • GoldenGuardian


  • Gigi Carpenter
    Gigi Carpenter

    ^😡^ / \ Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhwwwwwwrrrrrr raaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhwwwwwwrrrrr

  • Gigi Carpenter
    Gigi Carpenter

    How much hairspray did Amanda use on her bangs!?!!?!??!

  • Gigi Carpenter
    Gigi Carpenter

    8: *9;;@ *9 “8=3 285( 5(3 #178443”#,,,, Try to decode it

  • Basor`s Aviation
    Basor`s Aviation

    What do you mean "even worse" than up?

  • MintyFresh Colgate
    MintyFresh Colgate

    ok so were just not gonna talk about "breakfast with nuts"? hmm

  • COVID 19
    COVID 19

    Me on December fist 20:43

  • Brown Snake
    Brown Snake

    13:12 Anybody notice the knockoff Cars poster in the background

  • Olivia Lee
    Olivia Lee

    "im Chinese and the robot isn't speaking Chinese its just gibberish its racist" its almost like we all know that and its almost like the point of this video is to say the video is racist

  • Mario_MarioPlushBros.

    Dr.Crumb sounds like a knock off Dr.Eggman

  • Emerald sword Games
    Emerald sword Games

    Dr. Eggman seeming kind racist

  • gingercube

    Why is 7/8 of the screen covered by an add for bread?? Like I'm about 8min in and after the add started it just took over and now the video is just a thin strip at the top?

  • BluSpectre7

    #JusticeForGunto Apolgies to any gunto fans (as am i) i have no hecking idea how to spell his name.

  • Paulina Holguin
    Paulina Holguin

    Did any body hear his voice crack? 10:53


    Good videos for your share this videos

  • Puppet police
    Puppet police

    Are you my dad? I’m pretty sure you went for milk 12 years ago

  • izuku midoriya deku
    izuku midoriya deku

    Why are the movie need to make fun of Chinese people and i live in Hong Kong. We don't say like that 3:01

  • I guess this is now My name
    I guess this is now My name

    “It must have a virus”

  • Lyla Muniz
    Lyla Muniz


  • Krtxy


  • Zaria Jeneé
    Zaria Jeneé

    Lol the hair probably vibrates because the animators aren’t very good. Their rigs are probably glitching

  • Eddy BurbackJr
    Eddy BurbackJr


  • Rafael Márquez
    Rafael Márquez

    Eres muy buena onda me alegra ver tus vídeos eres latino te guste o no

  • theblack dogma
    theblack dogma

    That's a normal coffee mug in the rest of the world man

  • Pixl V
    Pixl V

    3:22 Did anyone else realize he said "it must be a virus" and the conversation is basically about the chinese? How did this movie predict the virus

  • 박예슬

    the chinese part made me really angry, it doesn't even sound chinese nor does it make any sense whatsoever

  • QueenOlivia

    26:56 Guys, remember that time Mommy bought us a wii? Good times, right

  • josh patterson
    josh patterson

    As a Texan, that "country breakfast" is actually insulting. A real country breakfast should make you so full you won't be able to move for the next 3 hours.

  • Beetle Beadies
    Beetle Beadies

    20:45 i guess you could say they busted a nut on them

  • Ezzy 989
    Ezzy 989


  • Brógán Smith
    Brógán Smith

    I love how he reviewed these in the wrong order as that is how I first saw them when they were released on dvd.

  • AbhiEncoded

    A clown serving meals with names like breakfast delight How did you not think of McDonald?

  • Brady Williams
    Brady Williams

    I have the same shirt as danny

  • Mordy Walker
    Mordy Walker

    Bro what the frweak is this off brand krogers movie

  • Silas Bandeira-da-Silva
    Silas Bandeira-da-Silva

    Brazilian Gregs rise up, finally our cinema is being recognized

  • Lilia


  • Mihika Tillu
    Mihika Tillu

    Anyone else notice "egg" on the floor It's visible at 10:57

  • Luna XOXO
    Luna XOXO

    Danny you should watch goat story Spoiler: It's really traumatizing

  • yinyang 28
    yinyang 28

    y'all see that fake Cars movie poster in the background? XD

  • XxKit_ KatxX
    XxKit_ KatxX

    G Gr Gre Greg Gre Gr G

  • YouTube Comment Agent #55
    YouTube Comment Agent #55

    I thought this was made in blender but now I realize a kid could make something better than that with blender

  • CoolMilk

    When I wake up in the morning I prefer a balanced serving of the *F%CKING SUN CAUSE I AM GOD NOW-*

  • TuneyToonz

    Despite Gunto being the annoying little brother, I find him the most tolerable character

  • Hey Hi
    Hey Hi

    I guess you can say dr. crumb, is very crummy

  • James is Gay
    James is Gay

    I’m pretty sure it would have rocked his sh*t😂😂


    POV: we're netflix and chillin and i hit you with the sexy hot green ball

  • Saurino the Spinowing
    Saurino the Spinowing

    We need to help Gunto. petition to stop Gunto from being bullied like if you agree.

  • Book lovers forever
    Book lovers forever

    This is the only danny video I didn't watch apart from this video's part one. I can't stand the animation.

  • Humphreys Home
    Humphreys Home

    12:36 killed me

  • grace bill
    grace bill

    I'm starting to realize my best, and only friend I see irl, is a dick. And I can't say this to anyone else I know. using this comment for cathartic secret vent

  • Fred Robertson
    Fred Robertson

    Pleeeaaase don't talk to me until I have my shotglass of cofee

  • Blu Colour
    Blu Colour

    They... They literally have a salt. g u n. Gunto (sp???) was even playing with it earlier and could have had it at the movie theatre. It would... It would have made so much sense. Imagine he's just applying salt to his popcorn. Imagine... if this movie made sense.

  • Flubber Bands
    Flubber Bands

    who else still doesnt understand mschf

  • Aphrodite!

    I'm so offended and I'm not even asian-

  • Saurino the Spinowing
    Saurino the Spinowing

    22:50 well that was 35 seconds of my life I can't take back.

  • Cwafflezz

    justice for gunto plz

  • UWUMaster 2020
    UWUMaster 2020

    When cocomelon and MMD have better animation than this

  • Trash can
    Trash can

    so im watching this before the up ripoff video, so im watching a prequal reaction of a prequal made after the first video of the second movie

  • Randomness Central
    Randomness Central

    Us goonto stans need to fight the power, baby!

  • Li Pening
    Li Pening

    I'm from china and what the robot said was just NONSENSE

  • snowyrosepanda

    Fun fact: some turtles breathe through their ass ;-;

  • It's Eve
    It's Eve

    Why did the nutcrackers shadow vibrate tf

  • J29117

    Gunto be dead. That meteorite thing would indeed have thrown him into last week.

  • The Negative Demon Under Your Bed • 3 years ago
    The Negative Demon Under Your Bed • 3 years ago

    I can fluently speak Chinese because of most of my family, and what that robot was saying was NOT Chinese. They were literally just saying sounds that sound chines which makes it even more offensive.

  • AriTheWolf Does Gacha
    AriTheWolf Does Gacha

    “I happen to be a pretty big Gunto stan.” Me: Same. *Same.*

  • Poppy Seed
    Poppy Seed

    "He got that ice creaaaaaaaam" you mean he got that yummy 😋 😂

  • Black

    16:00 I can imagine that happening in real life XD

  • Siow Paung Yin
    Siow Paung Yin

    When robot make fun of chinese i am pissed cause i am chinese

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