They added a SNIPERS ONLY mode and they built them wrong..
FaZe Jev
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  • Luksa Fergenstein
    Luksa Fergenstein

    Is he using aim assist on a controller?

  • Braiden Savage
    Braiden Savage

    Use the hdr is really fast

  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando

    Challenge accepted: do 2 challenge accepted at once

  • Rodolfo Rdz
    Rodolfo Rdz

    HDR has more ads speed in that mode

  • lemunz

    Can you check business emails please?

  • B1ackf1re

    @Jev where'd you get that shirt, its dope

  • john candlewick
    john candlewick

    i ax 50 has so much sway thats one way im terrible with it

  • Xuga

    Controller and talks about Muscel memory? Your Controller do the stuff with muscel memory....

  • Austin

    I always drag scope and flick shot even tho WW2 was my first cod😂😂


    An they still didn’t fix it...

  • Cameron Ross
    Cameron Ross

    You're the last real faze member. Dont go anywhere

  • Tsusana Kuruto
    Tsusana Kuruto

    Go back on Omegle I want to see ur reaction in how it changed pls!

  • Rakeyme Banks
    Rakeyme Banks

    i think its funny that people say it isn't you when you can't duplicate names

  • PyroShark Games
    PyroShark Games

    Yo that dragon ball z shirt

  • brandon gildersleeve
    brandon gildersleeve

    Ukw I think would be fun to watch? Jev and Agony 1v1

  • Jarrod

    Yo that aim assist is insane!

  • RVDS

    I got the drag scoping still from the mw2/mw3/bo2 days haha

  • Dom

    I need that shirt!!!

  • VSM Yh
    VSM Yh

    1.03 is the reason I don't play MW...

  • Goated_Chaos

    What I haven’t gotten ever: 1:10

  • Aron Nel
    Aron Nel

    HDR had fastest ADS speed just saying

  • thedogefogx420 thedogefox420
    thedogefogx420 thedogefox420

    I've noticed something sometimes when I ads I can walk like normal walking speed but sometimes just really slow is this a Glitch or do I have something enabled I don't know about

  • Abdul Awan
    Abdul Awan

    “Good luck on Faze5” is the best passive aggressive insult

  • Tyler Moore
    Tyler Moore

    I was littrealy watching a vid and dis popped up on the top of my screen

  • Papa Bear
    Papa Bear

    Jeez faze jev looks bad

  • gghh

    Literally just got the notification for the Video Jev 4 DAYS LATER! I watch you every single day and this is just a let down

  • Noah McCoy
    Noah McCoy

    Nah cause then the hdr wouldn’t work it’s all balance

  • Abdullah 9810
    Abdullah 9810

    This mode shows who’s good and who’s just sweaty smg and rifles users

  • Phasma M3
    Phasma M3

    I loved the intro but then I spotted Faze. No thank you.

  • Uriel Zaid
    Uriel Zaid

    Jev Ik you aint gonna see this but i can relate to that reticle problem for me is just i feel insecure and think its not there and that the game wont register the shot but even when i quicscope i do a very small movement to make sure its there but love the vids keep it up and keep on clapping faze 5 kids

  • Larry Beal
    Larry Beal

    Think they should have bolt rifle only 6v6 no scopes

  • Angelofdeath65674

    The ax 50 got a buff for ads also was always faster that the spr after the patch

  • Kevin Albea , II
    Kevin Albea , II

    Bro real live having fun 😂👌🏾

  • Kzroh

    I always drag scope and it messes me up I alway gotta remember to not do that😭. Bo1 my favorite cod and so used to it

  • Gamer's Paradigm
    Gamer's Paradigm

    Man your skill is UNBELIEVABLE, no hate there at all but how are you going to bitch about getting pistol whipped in Snipers Only saying they should disable that in this mode but at the same time fire off endless Precision air strikes!?!? STFU 🖕🏽

  • Crissik83

    That bro stop has me creasing

  • Yaboyoovuujava Applesauce
    Yaboyoovuujava Applesauce

    Isn’t faze jev the guy who screamed on mw3 about some big black dude named requse holding a pillow case over his head and skull fucking him

  • Roxxzzo

    You have to be a certain type of person to like Jev... I like jev. Other people like jev. Those people are my people 🤪

  • Myles Brackenbury
    Myles Brackenbury

    “good luck on faze 5” 7:30 COLD

  • Mikizushi

    I should stop looking at comments before I watch the video. I’m ruining the video for myself

  • Sada Baby
    Sada Baby

    This is how your supposed to play

  • Sada Baby
    Sada Baby

    Recommend I JOINED FAZE bro bro bro bro bro bro bro... bro I wanna be like you I’m the best

  • Cruinh1 _
    Cruinh1 _

    good thing shipment is here though yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  • Cruinh1 _
    Cruinh1 _

    idc about the ads speed this looks fun as fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck ( honestly i wish i played it )

  • Nate Films
    Nate Films

    They should add a playlist called Freaky fun house where it makes everyone the saw skin and other stuff and fog as well

  • Andrew Rafferty
    Andrew Rafferty

    They didn't build them wrong they built them like snipers are supposed to be used. The creators still kinda hate quick scoping

  • Jacob Gabaldon
    Jacob Gabaldon

    I cant wait till the guys who talk shit see this video & feel as dumb as they sound 🤣

  • CarrotMan

    Where did u get the shirt

  • qvietly

    Jev genuinely looks like he had fun for the first time in like 2 years in this game. Bring this mode back. Keep it there forever.

  • Psychedelic Monster
    Psychedelic Monster

    i wanted to try this mode and I played 4 games where in 2 of them people already found an exploit on how to bring their own guns (AND AR'S) and after my 4th game they changed the playlist.. but i loved this mode.. its well balanced

  • Dayday Mckinley
    Dayday Mckinley

    What is Marathon sniping?

  • RR Gaming & reviews
    RR Gaming & reviews

    Love the video

  • Joseph Phipps
    Joseph Phipps

    Now PS4 parties are monitored, everyone is just using game chat instead 😂

  • خالد الخالدي
    خالد الخالدي

    Play hide and s


    It’s 3v3 tdm now they updated it, absolute shit stains. I give that 10/10 shit stains. Not even fun haha.

  • Jacques Black
    Jacques Black

    imagine a noob using the mk2 with fast ads. he ain't gonna hit anything

  • Lol Bang
    Lol Bang

    4:30 literally me using a snipet

  • Antonio pain
    Antonio pain

    this looks so much worse than bo4's sniper playlist

  • KingGlo

    How r u in faze when I can play betta den u🤣💯

  • Henry Daniel
    Henry Daniel

    you lookin great bro. the beard and your hair I'm really liking it.

  • VL animal adventure
    VL animal adventure

    I probable would of enjoyed this game if I wasn't so bad at it.

  • Devan Palacios
    Devan Palacios

    I also drag scope A tonnnn

  • Isaiah Lee
    Isaiah Lee

    THAT T-shirt hard asf

  • Andrew G
    Andrew G

    Jev I love you so much❤️❤️❤️

  • Jabarie Hall
    Jabarie Hall

    The “good luck on FaZe5” absolutely sent me😂😂

  • Isaiah C.
    Isaiah C.

    I have that same issue with dragscoping and I hate myself for it, like I'm absolutely cracked but I waste a few milliseconds with that movement

  • Isaiah C.
    Isaiah C.

    Yo I fucking love your content man, kinda pissed that I knew about you and finally watched one of your vids and found out your one of my favorite cod content creators

  • deltafire12

    Remember when Season 6 dropped and every lobby was a sniper lobby because of the SP-R 208 bug? Ahh the good times ❤️

  • Reaper

    I have to dragscope in any quickscoping scenario, be it cod4 or block ops 2 or even halo 3

  • James Lawson
    James Lawson

    Does "I hope not" mean you hope it comes sooner or never?

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