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The Minecraft Glow Squid is here..

  • TheRedSpade

    Glow squid: “Exists” Dan: HES TO DANGEROUS TO BE LEFT ALIVE

    • TheSpencer channel
      TheSpencer channel

      0.1% of replies: about the comment 99.9% of replies: *YOU GIT PINED OMG HAHAAAA*

    • TheSpencer channel
      TheSpencer channel

      @Ì Ãm ĶèvıñBB4 bot located

    • XanMan1015

      @Nash Tornado what

    • Nash Tornado
      Nash Tornado

      @XanMan1015 ?

    • XanMan1015

      @Nash Tornado don’t do ittt

  • Magzfam05

    How do u get this update? I play on xbox but I checked and it said it didn't have any updates.

    • Mega Lucario
      Mega Lucario

      It's a snapshot. You need Java for that though. Console players can't play snapshot.

  • landon plays
    landon plays


    • Mega Lucario
      Mega Lucario

      Dream stan

  • Kazuki Potter Hashimoto
    Kazuki Potter Hashimoto

    um dan my dad said they arent in minecraft yet

    • Mega Lucario
      Mega Lucario

      It's a snapshot

  • Aidan Amundson
    Aidan Amundson

    I found a shiny Pokémon then someone walks up to you and says that is a squid

  • Adrienne Marino
    Adrienne Marino

    You have the best friend

  • Adrienne Marino
    Adrienne Marino


  • Heather GRUBB
    Heather GRUBB

    And TDM club sweet-and-sour and a large diet Dr Pepper school I am for you I play Minecraft

  • Heather GRUBB
    Heather GRUBB

    And TDM club sweet-and-sour and a large diet Dr Pepper school I am for you I play

  • Tha Double A P YT
    Tha Double A P YT

    I wanted that Chilliger mob

  • Blazing Pyronite
    Blazing Pyronite

    if u say its bad one more time imm unsubing

  • iiStas ఌ
    iiStas ఌ


  • Hrky

    This video is a perfect example of "A beautiful picture of trash"

  • Max 2.0
    Max 2.0

    What update is this ?. Is it 1.17 ??

    • Mega Lucario
      Mega Lucario

      It's a snapshot

  • pooman the42st
    pooman the42st

    thats such a useless feature

  • Sean Rueter
    Sean Rueter

    i subed

  • MJ Carter Shaw
    MJ Carter Shaw


  • OreoCream Cake
    OreoCream Cake

    5:02 your in creative mode

  • hector vazquez
    hector vazquez

    21w07a: we are adding new generation to Deny dantdm from being able to play in his survival world and if he does his hacking again he will be greeted with the following: chunk errors (ones that jet out from the ground) , biome overlaping (possible chance for mountain to cover everything) , height error (height is increased to 512 in the previous snapshpts)

  • Troy Ganotice
    Troy Ganotice

    Hey Dan I'm a big fan of you when i was 10 y/o yaaah

  • ruby mccright
    ruby mccright

    Do you want to play among us with me dan

  • Sadaoui Nassim
    Sadaoui Nassim

    Glow squid: *de-spawns Dan: Wait that's illegal

  • awesome872gaming

    Axolotl is pronounced axo-lot-e

  • OB - 05NN 808314 Massey Street PS
    OB - 05NN 808314 Massey Street PS

    dan: is it shiny me: dan its not pokemon

  • mr nightmare ن
    mr nightmare ن

    Hi me i hate glow squid 👎👎😠💔

  • ishmaelrayyan marohom
    ishmaelrayyan marohom

    The axolotl sound cute

  • Jaxon Bowman
    Jaxon Bowman

    Nobody: Literally Nobody: Dan: yeah your right 👁️👄👁️

  • Mr.Josho1

    Looking back from 4 years ago wenn he hit 10,000 subs.and today is just so sad it made me cry.

  • Madison Goosey
    Madison Goosey

    i’m not new i just haven’t been here in abt 4 years

  • AC - 05MV 801127 Mount Royal PS
    AC - 05MV 801127 Mount Royal PS

    When are you going to do a another hardcore episode?

  • Kim Arizobal
    Kim Arizobal

    Dantdm○ ● ____

  • Dash Szabo
    Dash Szabo

    U should use the glow lichee for a path in ur hardcore world I think it would look cool

  • Elita Locmele
    Elita Locmele

    Axotols kill glow squid

  • Himino Shanky KaigaiNiki
    Himino Shanky KaigaiNiki

    Glow squid actually made the sea more beautiful and alive

  • Kevin Kozak
    Kevin Kozak

    i need to download minecraft again bc right before the update i got minecraft :3

  • Iphone Ee
    Iphone Ee

    Wow I don’t know glow squires came

    • 「roses」

      @Iphone Ee Squires

    • Iphone Ee
      Iphone Ee


  • Porgzs

    The glow squid being in this game is just weird

  • Lucas Harding
    Lucas Harding

    Dan: Let me kill it!!! 10 seconds later... Dan: Look at em there... beautiful!

  • Jen

    You guys on pc are lucky because you guys get it fust

  • GamerGuy 21
    GamerGuy 21

    how to pronounce LIE-CIN

  • DanIsWholesome

    dan:thers no light underwater me:sea lanterns :)

  • Dark

    My childhood remade

  • funtimeaidan

    It seems normal minecraft on the switch does not have these

    • 「roses」

      its a snapshot, its only on java edition on pc

  • funtimeaidan

    It is NOT out for me :(

  • chonky dino
    chonky dino

    This has his old minecraft mod review vibes : )

  • X_gaming Marco
    X_gaming Marco

    Axelots kills elder guardians and normal guardians

  • X_gaming Marco
    X_gaming Marco

    Honestly i voted glow squid becouse it would light up the sea so i wont be blind. But i think the ice evoker was better...

  • ꧁AleksonYT - Aleksritchboy5000꧂
    ꧁AleksonYT - Aleksritchboy5000꧂

    You Should start playing VR again☺☻♥

  • •CocoaPuffs•

    I haven’t watched DanTDM in so long...

  • LitRandomness

    I hope we get the moobloom in the next update

    • 「roses」

      @Geese Teeth yes

    • Geese Teeth
      Geese Teeth


  • LitRandomness

    Where is his beard this is so sad

  • SkyPie

    YES YES KILL IT!!!!!

  • Morin Duo
    Morin Duo

    There in the game I can’t find them

  • Overlord Rexomnius
    Overlord Rexomnius

    Glow squid: *de-spawns Dan: Wait that's illegal

  • Broccoli boi
    Broccoli boi

    The next elytra u get name it "Le fly" or "Le flap"

  • Lily Chupp
    Lily Chupp

    I think it works on the ps.

  • Ailani Martinez
    Ailani Martinez


  • The Hemenbros
    The Hemenbros

    Who here remembers dr trayorus or how ever you spell it

  • Meme Regards
    Meme Regards

    no cave update yet?

  • Fikin27

    Only ogs remember the original lab eith dr.trayorus idk if thats how you spell it

  • **Cøøkìê Gãłàćtîć**
    **Cøøkìê Gãłàćtîć**

    Glow squid: "came to mincraft" Dan: GET OUT OF MY SIGHT

  • the gaming limon
    the gaming limon

    Mouth not but

  • Stella Kellim
    Stella Kellim


  • Titan Eater Of Crayons
    Titan Eater Of Crayons

    Go commit newest snap shot they added a lot including cave generation

  • Shiny Games
    Shiny Games

    Since when is the glow squid in the game

    • Geese Teeth
      Geese Teeth

      You can only get it on java

    • Juncel Bagnol
      Juncel Bagnol

      It's not yet in the game.

    • Juncel Bagnol
      Juncel Bagnol

      It's just a snapshot.

  • Idk Really
    Idk Really

    lol 😂

  • Herotor xp
    Herotor xp

    i knew it hahaha dan will put glow squid sucks in this video🤣🤣 but now i feel scared

  • FoxPlayz


  • bentley fox
    bentley fox

    Hey there Dan! I have a plush of the Glow Squid, And there are these white parts that glow green in the dark! Hope you know I have not watched your videos in a year... But I still love your vids!

    • Juncel Bagnol
      Juncel Bagnol

      Uhmmm it's almost impossible for him to see this comment this on his latest video...

  • Pug AK-47
    Pug AK-47

    Sea lantern

Prossimi video