They Were Talking CRAZY SH** & Wanted To Fight!! 5v5 Basketball
nick briz
5v5 basketball at the park was crazy man. I love the energy but some people do too much ! It’s all love at the end of the day basketball isn’t a no contact soft sport. It gets physical and intense and I love every bit of that. CANT BELIEVE THIS HAPPENED AT THE PARK

  • Xavy

    you owe him his dub

  • Bread 'N Budda
    Bread 'N Budda

    Replace Carlos w me my guy, games will go alot smoother & quicker 😂

  • known505

    This needs to be a rematch it was a tied 3rd for best man

  • Tobias Esslinger
    Tobias Esslinger

    Zoo vibes check

  • God Speed
    God Speed

    Actually they do make those flash jerseys to the dumb ass that said they don’t smh 😂

  • Zach Jordan
    Zach Jordan

    Lol tall dude in red shorts didn’t do shit and talked a big game it’s funny just walking around 😂🤡

  • Ionut Vulvoi
    Ionut Vulvoi

    Ex esports player, I am not into 🏀 but damn love the competitive feeling in this video and of course, the end.

  • James Delaney
    James Delaney

    this people talk too much, and lose more hahaha

  • C T
    C T

    Shit don’t look fun lol.

  • Dusan Gajanovic
    Dusan Gajanovic

    This is like live trash talk on x box

  • Dirte's Garage
    Dirte's Garage

    I love how when brothas cant do shit they start the fouling/ cheatin and cryin victim

  • Alpha Omega
    Alpha Omega

    Black Lives Matter?

  • Erik Nikishkov
    Erik Nikishkov

    This video makes me racist

  • Zillakami Only
    Zillakami Only

    He's fouls him bcuz he sucks, even though he's making super difficult shots your team while trying to grab him , but yet you fouling him cuz you mad that you ain't making no shots. You only made one layup, stfu bro😂😂

  • Preston Wyatt
    Preston Wyatt

    There’s always that one tall light skin dude that can’t hoop but loves to talk shit lmaoo

  • Lebang Nong
    Lebang Nong

    “Everytime I touch the ball y’all…” 👀👀👀👀👀

  • iceburger

    Requis on the sideline: HE BIG FOR NO REASON nick: aye you play basketball? Requis: nah i just talk

  • PbsCris 4viewerslikeu
    PbsCris 4viewerslikeu

    These dudes summ clowns fr

  • PbsCris 4viewerslikeu
    PbsCris 4viewerslikeu

    Nick needa talk back more

  • patavelli317

    Carlos do owe man dubb tho...

  • stranger Lucky
    stranger Lucky

    11:15 lol this is dancing or judo shit not basket ball WTF

  • Alaneon Ford
    Alaneon Ford

    2:53 let’s talk about how yo barber fucked yo shit up

  • RaW Chief
    RaW Chief

    bozo in the red shorts talked mad shit and ain't score one point lmao, sorry ass

  • Bartlomiej Pytel
    Bartlomiej Pytel

    They look like they are having fun

  • Jimmy Bredesen
    Jimmy Bredesen

    Lol. Someone forgot their ADHD medicine and a kiss from mom before heading to the court.

  • ShaRMz6g

    Everyone loves to talk, and very loud, during these pickup games

  • Malcolm Slack
    Malcolm Slack

    Nick you need to work on using your right fam

  • Jr Belanger
    Jr Belanger

    Not to be a nerd or anything but the reverse flash was faster than the actual flash😂😂

  • Peristhetics

    so toxic

  • Sentra Zyven
    Sentra Zyven

    This gives basketball a bad name.....the grossest people I've ever seen play. They don't deserve the game

  • Adam Narkon
    Adam Narkon

    I love how tough ricky martin actin lol

  • Desmonetizados


  • Dave

    This is some of the worst overall bball I have ever seen. I played JCC games that would wipe this the fuck out. gtfoh.

  • Dalrola Alorlad
    Dalrola Alorlad

    A grammar teachers nightmare

  • Carles Gabernet
    Carles Gabernet

    13:35 man that guy was talking mad trash and he shoots like this??? JAJAJAJAJJAJAJ "That's off that's off"

  • Dalrola Alorlad
    Dalrola Alorlad

    Yes…we know what you sayin

  • Faye ベット
    Faye ベット

    i don’t understand anything but i like it

  • Dayy

    That man Carlos is a liability 😐

  • Florenz Gulane
    Florenz Gulane

    90% talk 10% basketball

  • Mike Mike
    Mike Mike

    Another day at the park. This is what makes and breaks men

  • Dionigi Cesare
    Dionigi Cesare

    Sono italiano e non ho capito un cazzo, però GG

  • Patches

    Bruh are you afraid to play defense ???

  • Dylan Roderick
    Dylan Roderick

    Bro you play like alex curaso

  • Christian Tafoya
    Christian Tafoya

    Red shorts talking shit the whole game and didn’t score. 😂 Carlos had him on lock, too. 💪

    • archiemaate

      brah fr he should of been the last person to tallk

  • Ramon Anzures
    Ramon Anzures

    17:48 dude was bout get jumped if he escalated it more

  • Em Wee Z
    Em Wee Z

    Playing with people with sub 80 IQ is not good for your health.

  • Ty Hens
    Ty Hens

    Man in camo cargos peaked in high school

  • Ty Hens
    Ty Hens

    I love how they ain’t say nothing positive the entire time. They so busy tryna bring other mans down they forgot to gas each other in a positive manner 😂

  • sound SHAPE
    sound SHAPE

    Yo, I don’t remember which vid it was... but Brizz was out here subbing Friga saying we ain’t about that peace and positivity bullshit. We out here playing real ball, real shit talking, real street ball. I love the energy! And he catching up on subs!

  • Chris Chamberlain
    Chris Chamberlain

    Whiteboy just plunked out . You won the first game , what did he give you. They pushed your ass around like a little bitch and you just took it . And then they cheat like hell and won a game which made it 1to 1 and you gave up your shirt . You punked out

  • Chris Chamberlain
    Chris Chamberlain

    Look at that one nigga standin on the side talking shit . He wants to flex a muscle so bad he can’t stand it . Lookin like the house man in O pod

  • Chris Chamberlain
    Chris Chamberlain

    Prison ball

  • Mark Rodriguez
    Mark Rodriguez

    People usually use their hands and feet to play basketball. Thats what you get for running your mouth to much.

  • Alex Ormiston
    Alex Ormiston


  • monti lewis
    monti lewis

    If Carlos ain’t gonna do nun else.. he gonna talk some shit 😂😭

  • Roadman Yoda
    Roadman Yoda

    They broke someone’s nose and still moaning ab how they can’t land, shi don’t add up

  • druken94

    Puro chupones

  • PrettyGirl Bri
    PrettyGirl Bri

    You should come to Charleston

  • Sonny by Design
    Sonny by Design


  • Owain Paton
    Owain Paton

    you are like a wanna be tristan jass

  • Tim Haut
    Tim Haut

    Carlos the most annoying dude on every court

  • William November
    William November

    Carlos ass 🤣 but he got hurt though.

  • Giorgi Shervashidze
    Giorgi Shervashidze

    guy with dreads is actually goated

  • anna marie delerio
    anna marie delerio

    hahaaha try in mindanao ph bsketball much worst there haha

  • SmouDh

    Gan sta

  • Joash Naag II
    Joash Naag II

    I don’t think this is how basketball is supposed to be played.

    • Azekiel Fenton
      Azekiel Fenton

      This is street ball its a different type of basketball my guy

  • Deft

    어후 다들 존나빡세네

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