THINGS DADs DO! Funny relatable musical by La La Life
La La Life
Oh, all that dad jokes and silly things. Dads are dads... But, on the other side, isn't it hard to be a father for teenage daughter? Show this video to your father and ask him what he thinks =)
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00:00 Mom's leaving
00:30 In the car with dad
01:10 Dad is reading the chat with the boyfriend
01:44 Who is Billy Eilish
01:55 When the daughter swears
02:36 Dad is trying to look young RAP
02:53 Where is the iron?
03:29 You didn't leave me any choice
04:45 The walk with the daughters boyfriend
05:08 Dad is cooking
06:41 Telling my dad I've got periods
07:06 The new romantic boyfriend
08:31 Are you ready for kids photos?
08:55 Dad is talking dirty!
09:48 The dad's song
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    Which of this situation you can relate to? Tell us!

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  • Mir Kim
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    Whan she ask her mum wear is the ian she was holding the phone upslide down

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  • Yara Dominguez
    Yara Dominguez

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    Tiffany Camarines

    Dad loves he's little girl

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    Elijah Gimenez

    When daughter swears is not relatable first of all if I swear I would have gotten beat my butt cheeks will be gone third I thought is a dumb enough to swear

    • Veronica Helen Chinyere
      Veronica Helen Chinyere

      I would have got slaped in the butt with a belt or remote or whipping stick

  • Elijah Gimenez
    Elijah Gimenez

    First of all in the car with Dad is not relatable it's not relatable first of all if that's your father's car he would say no because you don't have a driver's license no kid would say I'll drive your home Dad

  • Hawwa Zahira Ali
    Hawwa Zahira Ali

    Just half the pie

  • Hawwa Zahira Ali
    Hawwa Zahira Ali

    When she called her mom the phone was upsaid down

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    may vbautista

    I hate this video

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    Savannah Michael

    Uh siri who is willy eilish- I know I may have spelled that wrong but eh XD

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  • Tian Islam
    Tian Islam

    4:46 that boy is 123 go adam

  • Jihan Makilan
    Jihan Makilan

    I hate the dad so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much he is so wierd and so mean and i hate him so so so so so so so so sos o so so so so soso so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much exept the anding it is so cute auw i love it so much i auw

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    ignacio flores

    I hate this

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    Hi La La Like l am Your biggest fan

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    Tatiana Tatrans

    Your father is terrible

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    Why did she throw the shirt she can iron it againπŸ‘š

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    Kristoffe Carl Marfori

    Emily's dad its so stupid

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    Ny'yas Falloon

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    Ny'yas Falloon

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