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Ryland Adams
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  • Ryland Adams
    Ryland Adams

    Hey guys. I hear you and it breaks my heart that the idea of this video hurt anyone’s feelings. The goal of my video was to show that you don’t need money to have fun with your friends and I wanted to show that in a fun way. I changed the thumbnail and title because I completely agree that it looked intensive and I should have thought that through much better. Ive gone through financial struggles myself and I didn’t even know what Gucci was for most of my life. I never want people to think that having money makes you happy because it doesn’t. I’m grateful and proud that I was able to work hard and afford things I never could as a kid but that doesn’t equal happiness. Spending time with my friends for free was the most fun I’ve had on my channel in a long time and I hope that message shines through. I’m so sorry for offending anyone and I really do just wanna make you guys happy with my videos. Looking back I should have focused more on the message rather than trying to make it funny. Please know my heart is always in the right place.

    • Antisocial Aimee
      Antisocial Aimee


    • Jose Meraz
      Jose Meraz

      Fuck you bitch for attacking Twaimz just for taking a break! You dumb cunt Shane did the same thing! He literally sold out after making bank on the few series that he did! I don't give a fuck if he told us about the break he was going to be taking because he still sold out at the end of the day! Fuck you! You dumb fucking fake ass twat! Burn in hell bitch! I never liked your fake ass!

    • cheeto dawson
      cheeto dawson

      Ryland Adams ❤️

    • cheeto dawson
      cheeto dawson

      Ryland Adams LAST COMMENT

    • Miley Seliquini
      Miley Seliquini

      @natalia heredia He was only doing this for entertainment purposes. I really don't think it's that offensive, but you have a right to your own opinion..

  • Anime Lover
    Anime Lover

    get someone who makes u a pbj sandwich like Andrew...

  • Rita Flores
    Rita Flores

    Why do i feel the need to drive to 711 for a payday and slurpee with Garrett

  • R i s e a n d s h i n e
    R i s e a n d s h i n e

    7:26 Ryland: “my mom” Morgan: *aM I A joKe tO yOu?*

  • Neha Misra
    Neha Misra

    Ryland and Morgan are the best brother/sister duo, they literally do everything together and have fun even in serious moments- they aren't ever malicious or using each other and thats so cool to see!

  • fufa family
    fufa family

    Were can I buy a garret!

  • Caitlyn Lafferty
    Caitlyn Lafferty

    16:33 who is in the back seat??

  • Cypriana Tweeten
    Cypriana Tweeten

    And now I will just daydream about Andrew making me a sandwich until I die, don't mind me.

  • keepingupwith thedolanz
    keepingupwith thedolanz

    Ryland: drinks old water Morgan: EWWWWW EEWWW Ewwww also Morgan: eh i would have done it

  • Amber Keown
    Amber Keown

    Garrett reminds me of Jim from Friday night dinner 🤣

  • Megan Crane
    Megan Crane

    If you ever need free coffee hit up a car dealership

  • Jazmin Diaz
    Jazmin Diaz

    Who's that?was behind the camera u can see him 11:36 👇 👇 Like pls I never got a like before :,(

  • Alanny Del villar
    Alanny Del villar

    It’s funny how they tagged Garett 😂😂

  • BERRY 101
    BERRY 101

    Thanks I've been doing this ALL week, lol

  • Sarah Saccucci
    Sarah Saccucci


  • Kim Sando
    Kim Sando

    I love Costco 💕

  • Candice McDowell
    Candice McDowell

    Omg garret reminds me of when I was pregnant and had no money for food and was in a rough place with my family and my friend came all the ways to me and brought me food. People like that are honestly some of the sweetest souls

  • Sara993

    Garret is the cutest also is that how I spell his name?

  • Alexandra Chronis
    Alexandra Chronis

    How does Honey make money??

  • Ciara Lopez
    Ciara Lopez

    Morgan is so pretty ❤

  • slowturkeys

    omg morgan is so gorgeous😍

  • Emma Re
    Emma Re

    ewa ewa ewaaaaa aaah iwould have done it LMAO ;]

  • BiadoreAble

    Garret is so cute

  • Reeva Sharma
    Reeva Sharma

    um... love the video. but @clickfortaz did it way better. she is a uk youtuber who does tones of videos like this and it is actually living off 1 pound. like no friends, no pre made foods etc.

  • Angle Dust
    Angle Dust

    Am I the only one that ships Garrett and Morgan....

  • Ileana Santoyo
    Ileana Santoyo

    I want to become famous just to be Garret’s friend T^T I wanna be part of the squadddd! I would love to have friends that won’t leave me...

  • Maizie Higgins
    Maizie Higgins

    Garrett is literally so kind lol

  • Bella Richardson
    Bella Richardson

    11:37 who is that?

  • Mila Lilith
    Mila Lilith

    Ryland: Oh there’s water from the Gym three days ago! *drinks it* Morgan:EWWW EWW EW Ryland:*continues to drink it* Morgan: Eh I would’ve done it

  • Carey Rondelet
    Carey Rondelet

    I have to say kudos to Brian and Morgan though especially Ryan damn you're doing a damn good job especially looking for that coffee going and asking people for coffee and s*** you know that's what I guess people would really do if they had no money good job guys love you

  • Carey Rondelet
    Carey Rondelet

    Try living month-to-month and maybe go to a soup kitchen see how y'all like that

  • BleepBloop Blep
    BleepBloop Blep


  • Bella F
    Bella F

    Garret is so adorable

  • Katie McGowan
    Katie McGowan

    I will say that Ryland does lay it on a little thick in the beginning with the dramatic sound effects, but he is such a goodhearted person, and is clearly just thinking about how to do fun, free stuff with your friends. Also, he and Morgan both talked about really not having any money (when he moved to LA and she moved to Hawaii) and them having to hustle their asses off, so he DOES know what it's like to be broke and have to live on nothing. This was a funny video (especially when Garrett comes into the video!) and I hope people stop hating so much on every little thing he does.

  • alexis lee
    alexis lee

    go to the dealership for free donuts the donut shop for free coffee

  • Julianne Smart
    Julianne Smart

    Garrett has me dead

  • Rachel Gardnerღ
    Rachel Gardnerღ

    22:45 Garrett did the Shane voice

  • Home Skillet
    Home Skillet

    You're driving a G... that's not free... none of this is free. Another poorly planned poorly executed fail. Samples, asking for handouts etc isnt free it costs others. This is so entitled. Expensive scooters.

  • Home Skillet
    Home Skillet

    You're not bougie you're thirsty for fame. You're videos suck you got really lucky shane likes you.

    • Whereisthepizza Aaa
      Whereisthepizza Aaa

      Ok boomer

    • savana fehr
      savana fehr

      Ok boomer

  • Mother May I
    Mother May I

    I ❤️ Garrett! Friends like him are hard to come by!

  • OfficiallyEllxe

    When the video was published on your birthday when you still had no clue who ryland Shane Garrett and Morgan was 😂

  • pumpken_playz

    Garret looks so cute and sweet in this video!!

  • SillyLollipopRomance

    Andrew is soooo cute!!!

  • Abigail Zackasee
    Abigail Zackasee

    why is no one talking about the camera man? TBH i cant tell if its andrew or not... but like still *laughs*

    • Jammin_purple

      Abigail Zackasee it’s not it’s some other person

  • Peachilism

    First step: get friends

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover

    3:46 "murded"

  • Jiliana White
    Jiliana White

    okay I want her apartment

    • Jammin_purple

      Jiliana White her apartment is my future dream apartment!! I love the brick wall! 😍

  • cg standing
    cg standing

    Andrew and Garret are so fucking sweet

  • Mira and Ruby
    Mira and Ruby

    Ryland:I am gunna start saving money Also Ryland:But what a shame I got a sponsor look like I’m gunna save money No hate this is a joke

  • Felizya Desjarlais
    Felizya Desjarlais

    Why is Garrett literally my dad.

  • Syd Sully
    Syd Sully

    Raspberry preserves? SHANE WOULD NE-VER!

  • Lav R
    Lav R

    Morgan’s thicker then a snicker 😍😍😍

  • Ella Stanton
    Ella Stanton

    if i get hit by a car i gonna be pissed my life

  • Stacy Foureman
    Stacy Foureman

    Autolube has very strong free coffee.

  • Really Though
    Really Though

    If you can’t afford to dress all in designer everyday then it really looks stupid when you have like one random designer item worn with target clothes. Just. Keep. Your. Money. It’s not that serious guys

  • AustinPlaysSomeGames

    I’m sad that he didn’t think of the fact that banks tend to ALWAYS have coffee inside

  • AustinPlaysSomeGames

    As some one who did most of these things growing up I don’t find how this is offensive. He was trying to show how to have fun on 0 dollars and that’s what he did.

  • Bella Hernandez
    Bella Hernandez

    I love how excited Garett was 🥺 he’s so genuine and he was like “I don’t hold luncheons often but,” ❤️ he’s so sweet I’m sorry


    i love garret


    Honestly wow Garrett is life, like who does this he’s so cute 😕💘

  • K A R M A
    K A R M A

    Good video. Have you tried this without a car?

  • Anna Cutbirth
    Anna Cutbirth

    Banks always have free coffee!

  • Erykah

    Andrew is so sweet . I love the ending

  • Melanie Gutierrez
    Melanie Gutierrez

    When my sister worked at Ulta their is a rule that a employee has to destroy the pallets like the video in snap chat the series where you destroy makeup it was like that. My sister was the employee that destroyed the palletes/lipsicks

  • Mercy Elle
    Mercy Elle

    Andrew is the best 🤣🤣🤣

    • Whereisthepizza Aaa
      Whereisthepizza Aaa

      He wasn't there in this video

  • Iman Hussain
    Iman Hussain

    There is a lot of brown people where I live so my friends and I sneak into costco by saying our parents already went in. You dont need a membership to buy the cafe food, so thats what we do. #toobrokeforacostcomembership

  • ashley nicole
    ashley nicole

    Don't understand why anybody would be offended by this. It's crazy how people will turn things into such a big ordeal over nothing. If someone is offended then they just shouldn't watch. I hope you guys do some more like this!!

  • Kdotdior

    Paydays are life

  • Eliza MarieTV
    Eliza MarieTV

    28.00 you can see Shane sitting on the couch in the back round

  • kris

    9:27 Yo Ryland, is that a pack of Swishers on your floor there? lmaoo. They kind of look like Tropical Fusions (stoners will know)

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