This Amateur Physicist Built a Fusion Reactor in His Backyard
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There’s no telling what you can do when you put your mind to it. Take Richard Hull, he built a small-scale fusion reactor-in a shed, in his backyard. A retired electronics engineer, Hull took a special interest in nuclear fusion. He lives in Lakeside, Virginia, with his cats and likes to pass on his knowledge and collaborate with others on projects. So he invites amateur scientists from all over the United States to meet at his home once a year to check out his reactor and share their inventions.
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  • Mohamed F. El-Hewie
    Mohamed F. El-Hewie

    I am still waiting to see the fusion sh_t. All I hear is an old loser bragging nonsense.

  • João Junqueira
    João Junqueira

    Some of the greatest scientists of all time would be considered "amateurs" nowadays.Bravo!

  • random269

    Just because he doesn't have a phD, does not mean he doesn't know what he is doing, he could be an expert on his subject.

  • francis short jr
    francis short jr

    Like tony stark

  • shresth jain
    shresth jain

    Whenever I hear the dosimeter clicking I remember Chernobyl


    Is this safe

  • Vampire

    Now iron mane suit is possible

  • Secret Agent
    Secret Agent

    So editor change that. As I know this guy isn't the first to accomplish the fusion reaction. In the United States of America

  • Secret Agent
    Secret Agent

    He wasn't the first amature scientist to build a fusion reactor. I can definitely tell you that for sure. And especially not in the U.S.A. I made my own back in 2009. And I've made 2 of them since. I live in Utah for which is in the U.S.A. All fitted with radiation glass and a machined chamber. And I was 9 back then. I'm 20 now. So I can definitely say for sure he wasn't the first in the U.S.A to make a fusion reactor. He is maybe the oldest person to make one. But not the first in the U.S.A. And I know a guy who made a fusion reactor back in 2006. He did it in his shop. So I'm also definitely not the first person to make a fusion reactor in the U.S.A. So you should change that producer and editor. I am in fact the first middle schooler to make a fully functional and working fusion reactor though. And I'm number 10 out of the 26 people who have successfully maintained the fusion reaction for 60 seconds.

  • Phi1point62

    This fusion process is known as Inerita Electrostatic Cofinement and is based on the work of Philo Farnsworth. Look for the Geek Group video on how to make one if you're interested.

    • Tslayer247

      But in reality he just smashed 2 atoms together

    • Tslayer247

      I think it's kind of misleading that there saying "he created nuclear fusion in his shed" because most people would probably think he did muon magic or acctualy built a tokamak reactor

  • John Simon Wijaya
    John Simon Wijaya

    then, why he don't use that reactor to bring energy for his house or something?

  • cherubin7th

    Why didn't you link to some sources how his machine works? If you don't share the details of the discovery, it never happened.

  • Desert Lizard
    Desert Lizard

    if you are into the never ending science, you life will pass so quickly without noticing it.

  • Manj Sher
    Manj Sher

    No he didn't.

    • Da ve
      Da ve

      Wot ya mean he didn't what 😂😂😂

  • Dr. Thomas Catalano
    Dr. Thomas Catalano

    You relay to all and any others don't bother that Dr. Thomas Catalano is the first & only to successfully complete nuclear fusion as a engineered and built system in AD 2012 and then started Catalano Concepts LLC. in AD 2013 that has been producing energy continuously since AD 2012. Report on the continuous attempts of murder on his life instead.

  • SamuraiKage1

    What are the practical application(s)?

  • japrogramer

    i want to build a net positive self sustained fusion reactor but am also lazy

  • Zheqing Zhang
    Zheqing Zhang

    amateur scientist = 民科?

  • Elemental RT
    Elemental RT

    Tony Stark was able to build this in a cave! With a box of scraps!!

  • Muhammad Asif
    Muhammad Asif

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  • john doe
    john doe

    Our education system is just a barrier. Allow people to self educate. Test and verify their knowledge. A 40 hour course shouldn’t take 4 months.

  • Delia D'sa
    Delia D'sa


  • Yazmin Soto
    Yazmin Soto

    Btw: easy way to make a reactor (not fusion or radioactive but same concept) get a big container to put a ton of water in than get something to heat the cup so much that the water in it melts and the steam goes through a tube in the cup and goes to a fan and the fan starts spinning cuz of the steam coming at it and BOOM power! (Connect the fan or something to a wire to actually make electricity)

    • Da ve
      Da ve

      Sounds like a steam engine/generator 😭

  • Richard Vasquez
    Richard Vasquez

    The guys are amazing! I'm in LA, but I feel like his backyard is my "Graceland": I must visit his fair!

  • Andrew Rentuaya
    Andrew Rentuaya

    Is it possible to build a fusion reactor like those in the gundam series?? Like minovski fusion reactor

  • Tyrone Taylor
    Tyrone Taylor

    Flux capacitor next.

  • THAT Guy
    THAT Guy

    “Ive always viewed eating and sleeping as a waste of life” Your belly says otherwise there bud.

  • functoravatar

    Bullshit. Another so-called "science report" just taking the guy's claim as truth without verifying whether it is true. No way he built a fusion reactor. How is he creating the necessary pressure and radiation to ignite fusion? How is he keeping the plasma stable? Where is the computer that controls the magnetic field? He is at best burning hydrogen gas or whatever flammable gases he was talking about...

  • gobravo123

    This Amateur Physicist is not an amateur anymore

  • Crysta Hornung
    Crysta Hornung

    The only website that works for me personally and sends me free likes and followers is SMM EMPIRE, just google it - But, I have tried many different websites too but none of those really work just like SMM EMPIRE hehe

  • OFB - DIY Guppy Breeding
    OFB - DIY Guppy Breeding

    But what he gon do with it though

  • CaptainTalon448

    So where’s his Iron Man armor? There has to be an Iron Man armor somewhere in that shed powered by a smaller fusion reactor

  • pezpeculiar

    Oh gee Rick I don't know about this one

  • Lum Nunz
    Lum Nunz

    I agree sleep is a fucking waste

  • testicular oxide
    testicular oxide

    I like turtles!!

  • Mikes Science
    Mikes Science

    How do I attend?

  • ceber54

    Perhaps is better equipped than the fusion lab of my physics institute here in México, when i saw the NIMs definitively i think that he got serious.

  • Robere M.
    Robere M.

    I thought Ford made the fusion

  • Diamond Griffen
    Diamond Griffen

    Is this nuclear fusion or fission because a nuclear fusion reactor has not been yet possible to stay active for more than 4mins

  • Đeath Vader
    Đeath Vader

    So did a little kid. "Doing fusion" lol

  • Furrowed Brow
    Furrowed Brow

    Let's see his Delorean.

  • Mario Stelzner
    Mario Stelzner


  • Mario Stelzner
    Mario Stelzner


  • Personal Racing Day
    Personal Racing Day

    i coulda swore i saw a 12 year old do this in the news and the feds had to come decontaminate the neighborhood

  • Mason Bohrer
    Mason Bohrer

    To get real as possible on this, he lives not far at all where i live. An i didn't know he built one 0_0.

  • Goblinbutter

    Lmao it’s just bismuth

  • MrWarThunder 1
    MrWarThunder 1


  • Quantum Inc
    Quantum Inc

    Well technically nuclear fusion is really simple, you just need to recreate the conditions found in the center of the sun using materials that would instantly vaporize in those conditions. You just need to squeeze some hydrogen harder than anything has ever been squeezed, and squeeze it without touching it.

  • Alexander G
    Alexander G

    We need somthing like this in Ontario. I don't think I would come home anymore if I had a group of like minded individuals doing amateur research.

  • LastFree Generation
    LastFree Generation

    eating and sleeping is a waste of life hub??? like he has done quite a lot of eating tho 🤭🤭🤭

  • Zangief The Red
    Zangief The Red

    My backyard built bullshitometer has just blown up...

  • Notmy Name
    Notmy Name

    Call one of these mf a boomer an they gonna blow the whole US.

  • Clay More
    Clay More


  • King Super Saiyan
    King Super Saiyan

    Got all those tech and still has 110v 50hz instead of 220v 60hz

  • LongboatGaming

    Fusion is very hard. Fission is what we know more about right? This is kinda sus . If someone knows more I'd like to be corrected if im wrong

  • bob murphy
    bob murphy

    These old guys forgot more then I'll ever know :-)))

  • G C
    G C

    Hell, I created fusion in a ceramic bowl after eating a Taco Bell extreme burrito once!

  • igoodboyMC

    I wish the general populace took to science in this way.

    • igoodboyMC

      ungratefulmetalpansy tbh l was just playin, but they are homophones. They should be pronounced the same. If you find out otherwise I’ll be confused.

    • ungratefulmetalpansy

      @igoodboyMC they don't sound the same either

    • igoodboyMC

      ungratefulmetalpansy Oh no! Confusion between the spelling of homophones? This is an unforgivable error. My apologies sir.

    • ungratefulmetalpansy

      I wish people could tell the difference between populace (the people as a whole) and populous (the quality of there being a lot of people).

  • Rise and Reborn
    Rise and Reborn

    Hes not amatuer if he can make fusion reactors

  • MrWildbill47

    Not to say huge advancements can't be made by backyard/basement scientists, they certainly can, however the fusion he is talking about is not a self-sustained and controlled fusion reactor that we read about in the press. There are plenty of labs that can do fusion on this scale so it is not like he has made a breakthrough in fusion no matter how cool it is :)

  • द वैभव तिवारी शो
    द वैभव तिवारी शो

    So why is this not public yet?

  • Andreas Galih
    Andreas Galih

    when your neighborhood cat start talking and have 2 heads, you should question this gentleman

  • Toffue

    Fusion reactors are unattainable right now, did you mean fission? There is no material strong enough to withstand the immense heat, energy, and pressure created by the reaction that occurs inside of stars that currently exists.

  • Byron Co
    Byron Co

    Amateur scientist my ass! these are full-blown geniuses!

  • J. T.
    J. T.

    Is that get together open to curious positive people?

  • Arpit Sharma
    Arpit Sharma

    Fallout is coming...

  • C Ritter
    C Ritter

    So this dude is doing fusion in his backyard, but our government, along with others, needs billions of our dollars to build ITER in France?! I call bullshit on ITER.

  • Gordon Chiew
    Gordon Chiew

    Looks like flat earthers, but geniuses instead

  • MarbRed Fred
    MarbRed Fred

    It’s a damn shame they didn’t give us more time with this wonderful gentleman!! 3 1/2 minutes isn’t enough to get his story or even show his fusion reactor!! Motherboard needs to get over there ASAP

  • Bxbble Cxkes
    Bxbble Cxkes

    Love how they can do complex reactions comparable to the sun and it’s not illegal at all.

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