This Is How We'll Die...
Unus Annus
There are so many ways that our mortal souls can perish, but today we find out EVERY possible way that they could drift into the great beyond.
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.

  • Douglas Palace
    Douglas Palace

    getting cooked in 10 different cakes and peoples eat all of them

  • Douglas Palace
    Douglas Palace

    get on a chopper and then a huge worm come out from the underground and eat's it

  • Douglas Palace
    Douglas Palace

    being part of an experiment and then became dangerous and they had to take me down with tanks and shit like that

  • Douglas Palace
    Douglas Palace

    i want to be the guy who invites people at home and start murder all of them and then the swat come in and i blow up the isle making a massive hole and all the water of the ocean drop in and everybody dies

  • Matt

    Am I the only one who doesn't want Unus Annus to end?

  • nightmare muffin
    nightmare muffin

    muffin muffin

  • Mattie Gonz
    Mattie Gonz

    Fucking perfect... I've never seen a masterpiece like anything else in my entire life

  • jojo cäfer
    jojo cäfer

    Nice ranks F E D C B A S S+ and the best of all Bruce Willis tear

  • John Duffy
    John Duffy

    Okay, but hear me out on this. What if you're just a thirty-three year old guy trying to leave a peaceful, uneventful life. But then some high-schoolers, a grad student, and a manga artist start tracking you down to kill you because they don't approve of your hobbies. So, you set-up a trap to kill your pursuers, but something goes wrong and you have to disable the trap. And then you have this epic battle against them, relying on your instinct and skill. But once it becomes apparent that they have you cornered, and you're about to get beaten to death, BAM! An ambulance accidentally backs over you. Killing you instantly. But it only gets worse, because now you're a ghost. And you meet this other ghost who has some sort of grudge against you. And she tricks you into being dragged down to Hell. How would you rate THAT death?

  • Quiet Fox
    Quiet Fox

    Any Bruce Willis death is a worthy one.

  • Kayden Hammond
    Kayden Hammond

    32 shark kills in 2018

  • Cailyn Starnes
    Cailyn Starnes

    As soon as S+ tier came, things got WAY out of hand 😂

  • Kai w
    Kai w

    Just wanna point out that you missed out at least 4 Starvation Dehydration Suicide Overdosing

  • GizmoThePieFaceMan

    What about Hamilton

  • Claire B
    Claire B

    Hear me out, what if you were sent to space to see what planets were able to be colonized, but went into a wormhole that allowed you to control all matter. The only downside is you died of thirst/hunger. What would you rank it

  • Keith McCauley
    Keith McCauley


  • ophelia w.
    ophelia w.

    I want to die in the beautiful niagara falls

  • ItsAlex Gaming
    ItsAlex Gaming

    i want one of the God ranks thank you😂

  • Nox Illum Dragoness
    Nox Illum Dragoness

    What about being the person who gets hit by a small meteorite? I mean that would be a hell of a way to go.

  • Nox Illum Dragoness
    Nox Illum Dragoness

    Ethan: "big rat man" SKAVEN INTENSIFIES

  • N2 DaBot
    N2 DaBot

    Imagine being killed by a Peanut

  • killer 175000
    killer 175000

    Marks wearing a tshirt with my name on it........LIFE IS BETTER

  • xXThunder DragonXx
    xXThunder DragonXx

    Assassin so I can have an Ubisoft game based on my death

  • Mad Doc
    Mad Doc

    I don't know why but I feel Falling to death from a high spot or death by your own hand are the best ways to die

  • TheBilchaMan

    The asteroid is a death timer just like this channel 🤔

  • Eragon Brightscales
    Eragon Brightscales

    I wanna die like Chewbacca. Just get hit by a moon

  • kim jong unnie
    kim jong unnie

    I’ve fallen down the stairs so many times that that’s probably how I’m going to go.

  • One Conn
    One Conn

    Bear would be the best way to die “Oh how did he die?” “He hugged a bear”

  • Monkeybros

    Momento mori. Unus annus.

  • Gingerer Pipkine
    Gingerer Pipkine

    They should’ve added “death by exploding office chair” to the list

  • FramRoos


  • Dartace2ace

    Being frozen in a great pose and becoming a eternal statue of epicness. That would be my ideal way to die. The only downside is what happens to a frozen body when it melts.

  • GummyBearsAtWar

    I like these kinds of videos they do because they’re not being stupid or trying to make comedy out of everything. They’re just having a conversation with each other. It’s funny sometimes and serious at others. I love the other videos but these ones remind you that they’re just every day dudes doing their own thing Edit: I commented this before I got to the part about Bruce Willis and everything😂

  • kobe_skrobe

    Just some constructive criticism for the editor. All of the slow zooming and jump cuts to different zooms is extremely distracting. I'm not talking about zooming to or tracking something specific, just the constant general zooming in and out. Also, that has to add so much unnecessary editing time. Anyway, great videos guys, keep up the good work!

  • Max Towers
    Max Towers

    Bruce Willis God tier

  • KazTheImmortal

    death by steamroller? did you mean: Death by DIO!?

  • FaithInstinct Gaming
    FaithInstinct Gaming

    When youre on fire you cant breathe so u inevitably end up dying of suffocation, which doesnt take that long

  • Brendan Rickey
    Brendan Rickey

    I'll take choking to death on Albanese gummy bears. I could then die a happy man.

  • Evan Ybarra
    Evan Ybarra

    But if the asteroid is big enough, it would cause more fallout than a nuke

  • Song Spell
    Song Spell

    burning to death at a point you finally lose your nerves and dont feel anything a few seconds before you die.

    • Song Spell
      Song Spell

      we dont ask why i know this....

  • Clesh HK
    Clesh HK

    16:36 Mark: STEAM ROLLER The version in my head: ROADO ROLLER DA!!! ゴゴゴゴ

  • Mind Blown
    Mind Blown

    what does the timer represent

  • WhiskeyandChips

    Space, that’s where I’ll die (hopefully)

  • Aria Wolf
    Aria Wolf

    Worst way to die (in my opinion): drowning in poop

  • KoolAid GamingBoi
    KoolAid GamingBoi

    Getting stabbed with a pencil, by a clown performing a magic trick.

  • Jennifer Corey
    Jennifer Corey

    I want to die by getting sucked into a Black Hole.

  • Shyguy_tyler

    You guys do know duels can be just till blood is drawn?

    • Shyguy_tyler

      So like... if you both miss then that was the duel

    • Shyguy_tyler

      Or like with dueling pistols its only one shot each

  • Novi

    I’d die from atomic bomb. Going out fallout style.

  • NachtaraGames

    I want to get eaten by a vegan

  • Cosplay Clown
    Cosplay Clown

    My grandma died, because she didn’t take her water pills.

  • NovaStar Entertainment
    NovaStar Entertainment

    y'all didn't have freezing to death- i'd call that A tier bc it's slow, *very* painful and kinda lame, but at least it's peaceful

  • CMHR_ MM88
    CMHR_ MM88

    I’m late on this video but mark wearing a St.Judes shirt hits me hard my sister was born with a brain tumor and we had to go to there it was a hard time for my family and every family doesn’t have to pay a dime. From charity’s and I have mad respect for people who do and I cry every time I think about.

  • Adam S
    Adam S

    If the duel lasts longer than a minute, I'd put it at S rank. Like, if I get a hit in with the sword, or bean a fellow with my 12 ga before going down, totally badass and worth it.

  • Nolan Kling
    Nolan Kling

    when he said steamroller all i could see n my head is austin power

  • Georgina Adame
    Georgina Adame

    Y’all should send this to the Rank King, Eugene Lee Yang

  • 葉亞倫

    If you die in a duel, what if both of you die in the duel? one after the other? both at the same time? like Mark said, "I'm going own, but I'm taking you with me."

  • tash _
    tash _

    Death by uwus

  • Rayce Nelson
    Rayce Nelson

    13:36. Mark: STEAM ROLLER!!! Dio: ROADA ROLLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pimzie the Badgeroo
    Pimzie the Badgeroo

    There have been at least three times in my life I thought the world was ending. One time, about a week ago, it snowed like hell. Like more than a foot of snow in one night. I was in the kitchen cooking when the house started to shake. The light from outside of the window was cut off and it was dark. With one final thump, everything silenced. Having run out of paper bags, I just laid down on the floor and waited for death. I thought the world was ending, but to my disappointment, it was only the bulk of the freshly fallen snow on my roof falling off and blocking the window. I hope you got my HGTTG reference. If ya did, good for you.

  • Quirky YT
    Quirky YT


  • Blupikachu Gaming
    Blupikachu Gaming


  • Sky Marjamaa
    Sky Marjamaa

    fuck head

    • Sky Marjamaa
      Sky Marjamaa

      haha BITCHASS

  • Madeline Jennings
    Madeline Jennings

    my grandfather was struck by lightning twice and was in the Vietnam War and he is still alive.

  • Silver Siren
    Silver Siren

    Well, see, I'm a pussy, so I'm not going to go into a meteor and detonate bombs myself

  • Rynny winchester
    Rynny winchester

    I wanna be eaten by a shark

  • DONKEZ123 PS4
    DONKEZ123 PS4

    10:10 hotdiggeydemon good reference from his really funny work called Sonic:Too fast? Go check it out.

  • Fandom Trash
    Fandom Trash

    You should’ve added dying by being in a animatronic (the spring locks crushing you)

  • Kc 600
    Kc 600

    I Will die watching anime

  • x.sammi joanne.x
    x.sammi joanne.x

    Mark & Ethan: everyone wants to die that way Me: wants to be eaten by a dinosaur

  • Ryo Yami
    Ryo Yami

    The sixth sense one

Prossimi video