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  • TheGoldenRaptor

    As mad as I am about vince leaving Toronto I can’t denie his dominance

  • rattlehead54321

    Hes got to be a Hall of Fame

  • flyingchimp12

    It definitely was the playoffs cause the fans had all the same shirts

  • Elizabeth Halverson
    Elizabeth Halverson

    October 4ths my bday

  • FTC_Recking 15
    FTC_Recking 15

    I saw that documentary check it out it’s really good

  • Isaac Rafail
    Isaac Rafail

    in the playoffs buzzer beater


    The documentary is the carter effect

  • Lamaz 97
    Lamaz 97

    Vince carter is Kind of a modern day Dominique Wilkins

  • Matias Ghelfa
    Matias Ghelfa

    So wytf isn´t the footage where he dunked literally over a 7 footer playing for the us national team

  • Thomas Spelman
    Thomas Spelman


  • Shooting Hoops With Noah Smith
    Shooting Hoops With Noah Smith

    3:30 That play had me with my mouth open

  • Tyler Martin
    Tyler Martin

    What about his 2000’s Olympics dunk over Fredrick Weis

  • Devin Booker
    Devin Booker

    Why did i JUST NOW get this noti

  • Daniel Lorde
    Daniel Lorde

    This man's basketball knowledge is impeccable

  • Hamzah Yousuf
    Hamzah Yousuf

    8:50 that was the playoffs

  • Hudson TheGreat
    Hudson TheGreat

    Is this the dunk contest compilation is just vc hillight

  • SalamiEater9000

    Kenny it was the playoffs if you look at the board padding it says Playoffs on it

  • Derek Wang
    Derek Wang

    Vince Carter won a championship with Dallas.

  • Mason Nolan
    Mason Nolan

    Zach lavine is better

  • Maggie Schwenk
    Maggie Schwenk

    This man dunked OVER Tim Duncan.😮

  • Sman305

    Okay but how wasn't the lob where he caught it waaaay behind him in this video???

    • Sman305

  • Anton Tan
    Anton Tan

    Yes the game winner was in the playoffs. Search it up

  • Austin Mayfield
    Austin Mayfield

    What clip is the thumbnail from?


    The movie was carter effect

  • Kody Colson
    Kody Colson

    Kenny got exactly 10 minutes

  • ST Piano
    ST Piano

    It’s probably the playoffs

  • Xander Miller
    Xander Miller

    That was the playoffs against the spurs, you can see it on the basketball hoop, the padding

  • Rohan Karnani
    Rohan Karnani

    I forgot how good he was

  • Jallen Basker
    Jallen Basker

    Last player from the 90s still goin

  • Estevan Hernandez
    Estevan Hernandez

    He’s retiring 🥺

  • Easton Rindy
    Easton Rindy

    Do Dwayne wade

  • BriGuy 13579
    BriGuy 13579

    How did they forget about Vince JUMPING OVER A MAN FOR TEAM USA?

  • mop

    Day 1 of asking Kenny to react to tmy Duncan

  • Zarek Mak
    Zarek Mak

    Where is the Olympic dunk

  • The Bilbo
    The Bilbo

    2000 dunk contest not count?

  • Jax

    The Netflix documentary is the Carter effect

  • Cameron Ferguson
    Cameron Ferguson

    VC’s run with the Mavs was tough. He really put in work with them. I’ll always be mad he wasn’t there for the title run though. That was when I really realized he was a bucket fr and then I went back and watched his older highlights.

  • 2K Gang
    2K Gang

    It's still on Netflix

  • Anders Bergman
    Anders Bergman

    The documentary is called “carter effect”

  • Jordan Johnson
    Jordan Johnson

    i dont think it was the playoffs

    • Call Me Sweaty
      Call Me Sweaty

      Jordan Johnson can u sub to me

  • Leinyy

    Hopefully he never gonna say LOOK AT CARTER!

    • Leinyy

      Chris Gaming why

    • Call Me Sweaty
      Call Me Sweaty

      Leinyy can u sub to me

  • Teo Cruz
    Teo Cruz

    They didn’t show him in FIBA when he jumped over the 7 foot center

  • William Moll
    William Moll

    We need Timmy Duncan in here bro

  • Daniel Schmitz
    Daniel Schmitz

    Kenny pls do a baron davis reaction

  • Migs Guerra
    Migs Guerra

    Is it called the Carter effect

  • Migs Guerra
    Migs Guerra

    October 4th is my B-day

  • Bliots

    Do penny hardaway

  • Thomas Galloway
    Thomas Galloway

    tony parker highlights ?

  • Matteo Moretti-Fulli
    Matteo Moretti-Fulli

    Kenny: tell me I don't know my history Me: knowing so many more plays than him and watching 1 game a week

  • Matteo Moretti-Fulli
    Matteo Moretti-Fulli


  • Eli Cannefax
    Eli Cannefax

    I’m a mavs fan that was playoffs to go to game 7

  • Kyle Lowry
    Kyle Lowry

    What it do flight crew FTC

  • Jaylon Shaghasi
    Jaylon Shaghasi

    it was the playoffs when he was on the mavs

  • Nathan Kendell III
    Nathan Kendell III

    yes the shot against the spurs when he was with the mavericks was a playoff game i was watching it live!!!

  • ChubbyPompie

    vince need to go to the clippers or lakerrs and get that rings

  • Ivan Bradić
    Ivan Bradić

    Day 2 of asking Kenny to do the ''Hardest and probable impossible rebuilding challenge'' he has ever done. Rules:1. play Cristiano Felicio and Robert Covington at SF as the no.1 scoring option 40 minutes per game first season, 2. their teammates have to be lowest overall generated players possible, 3. you can not trade your 1st round pick for 3 years because you have to draft players (upload draft classes), 4. play as an expansion team Good luck! You have 5 seasons to win the championship.


    watch penny Hardaway highlights to show how good he was

  • Noah Anderson
    Noah Anderson

    That was a playoff game winner, the crowd had the all blue shirts that they handed out before the game

  • Andre Williams
    Andre Williams

    Hey Kenny you should check out evin gualberto. He has clips of individual players’ defense or a single skill .

  • Flex on them_haters
    Flex on them_haters

    Wait why isn’t the one where he jumped over the guy in here????

  • KlockWerks 12
    KlockWerks 12

    The documentary on Netflix is called the carter effect

  • Matt Crouch
    Matt Crouch

    October 4th is my bday and also droses so that’s probably why October 4th came up in his dream

  • Rocco Pavone
    Rocco Pavone

    Kenny that was the playoffs and it was against the Spurs team that destroyed every single opponent except the 8 seed Mavericks who they took to 7 games

  • jack barrow
    jack barrow

    brandon roy

  • Drew Heiser
    Drew Heiser

    Do a Shawn Kemp highlights video

  • LJ Peterson
    LJ Peterson

    I would’ve loved if every time Vince did something crazy against Toronto he said this is my house

  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith

    9:15 Kenny pulled a Draymond Green

  • Gavyn Reed
    Gavyn Reed

    i was in the arena in memphis when he hit from near full court

  • Aidzilla16

    Kenny you should watch one of those videos that’s just stories about wilt. Those are always very entertaining.

  • TKd Vibe
    TKd Vibe

    If you can find a Brandon Roy ,TMac, or ray allen compilation that would be clutch

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