This Turns COKE Into WATER! Testing 7 Futuristic Tech Gadgets!
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0:00 - Should We Review La Croix?
1:24 - Reverse Osmosis Jones
3:43 - Travel Without Wearing Masks?
6:40 - You'll Float Too
9:52 - Writing With Metal
13:13 - Getting Permanently Lit
16:21 - What's The Difference Between The Sun And A Lightbulb?
17:48 - Shock Therapy Challenge
21:01 - Coke Water Taste Test

  • Mike

    Now turn cocain to water

  • Abigail Valdez
    Abigail Valdez

    tanner: hi me:su- tanner: im waiting for you to say hi back THATS SO RUDE me: s u p tanner: oh you said hi back :)

  • pup avakin
    pup avakin

    so its just actually you and tanner now :(

  • Jonathan Angelo
    Jonathan Angelo

    As soon as tanner started those wine “tricks” I knew that glass was doomed

  • Emmeline Waggoner
    Emmeline Waggoner


  • Ben S.
    Ben S.

    oh sorry Tanner, i just ate something and i thought it would be rude to speak with the mouth full, but i saluted

  • Shelly Sutton
    Shelly Sutton

    pib 987 ertt ,yyyyy

  • Daymion Nebar
    Daymion Nebar

    This was 30$ at winners

  • Dale Odom
    Dale Odom

    have a good laugh 9:05

  • Orliinn

    I never said hi back

  • grimlock59 The Super
    grimlock59 The Super

    I want a machine that turns water into coke

  • Tractor Man Vlogs 4949
    Tractor Man Vlogs 4949

    Fake you just put water in the one side and if it did work there would be no more coke and the water level is the same level the coke was when they pored it in so #FAKE

  • Seth Nerone
    Seth Nerone

    when you both forget about social distancing 3:49

  • micklee2604

    Aight. So first of all why would you even want to turn coke into water you can literally go to your tap and have infinite water for free coke costs money

  • Andras Szabo
    Andras Szabo

    Maybe you should pee in that machine to get some water out of it.

  • Patrick Gellen
    Patrick Gellen


  • T J
    T J

    If you reverse it I will buy it for any price

  • Ajfarm 713
    Ajfarm 713

    I miss this channel when it was smaller

  • Rkaos45

    Stopped watching cause Tanner is so annoying. Thought I’d give it a try again and guess what still extremely annoying. Ruins the show.

  • lenny face
    lenny face

    If matt wasnt married what would happen with tanner and matt? Naughty stuff.

  • kelika aiona
    kelika aiona

    Why does Tanner look like Macaulay Culkin if he would’ve done okay after child fame?

  • High Bot
    High Bot

    filter milk

  • Holly Moore
    Holly Moore


  • Vihaan Kapoor
    Vihaan Kapoor

    So wait... If Patrick’s first name is Osmosis... The his name is technically O. P. Jones That’s MEGA

  • GachaPotatoIzz Hall
    GachaPotatoIzz Hall

    I was offended when they said that a vat19 vid was cringe. I love vat19

  • AxisX7

    Connor's laugh has always been one kind of contagious. Pat's laugh on the other hand...this is a new brand of contagious right here~

  • Jake Moya
    Jake Moya


  • Kenshi Playz
    Kenshi Playz


  • Kenshi Playz
    Kenshi Playz


  • Kenshi Playz
    Kenshi Playz


  • Active Boi
    Active Boi

    filter pee

  • Frenchie Boy
    Frenchie Boy

    Why dont you just buy water insted of coke

  • Whit Solo
    Whit Solo

    Putting Weird Things Through a Water Filter... Rhett & Link 👀👂🏻

  • Exploisem 23
    Exploisem 23

    Who else thinks that Matthias looks like Mercmusic 👀

  • Angel’s Lab
    Angel’s Lab

    _____ Patrick Jones

  • Chloe Lawrence
    Chloe Lawrence

    Ayo Tanner, that's not what double spacing is 😅

  • Aaron Gonzalez Ricardez
    Aaron Gonzalez Ricardez

    bruh y didnt you went to youtube it will show u

  • Hunter Christensen
    Hunter Christensen

    Try it with redbull

  • Tropical Swish
    Tropical Swish

    Sry I’ve been gone for like 4 months but when did Matt become bald

  • wither soul
    wither soul

    if u have all this money then why don't u buy me a Nintendo switch (lol)

  • Michael van Esch
    Michael van Esch

    Funny moment at 2:40

  • Eshan Joshi
    Eshan Joshi

    Who will waste money to buy a device that turns coke to water ... Just open ur tap and drink some 🤦🤦🤦🤦

  • Nicole DuPont
    Nicole DuPont

    Matt: Who has that problem? Me: Everyone who is left handed. Hated smearing pen and pencil, only used pens that don't smudge.

    • 19videogame

      As a righty I have the same issue.

  • Wes Awesome
    Wes Awesome

    drink the coke after it has been filtered

  • Liam Elm
    Liam Elm


  • Tina Official
    Tina Official


  • kenison massey
    kenison massey

    Pure ecstasy

  • Dela Cruz Michelle
    Dela Cruz Michelle

    Metal pen from vat 19

  • Heydyn Liu
    Heydyn Liu

    To be honest it would be cooler and more useful if it turned water into coke.

  • Megan Cardiff
    Megan Cardiff

    Pat's laugh though... Cracks me up every time!!

  • Ilovetacos

    Tanner: hay Me: hi......

  • R Y A N
    R Y A N

    im john cena in real life you can't see me

  • Monster slayer31
    Monster slayer31


  • Omega Kirby
    Omega Kirby

    You'll float too

  • SharkMan

    We just watch osmosis Jones in biology class

  • Dr Noodles
    Dr Noodles

    5:05 my god

  • Peter Mashall
    Peter Mashall


  • Asher Frech
    Asher Frech

    9:06 caught me off guard

  • 420 Isourname
    420 Isourname

    U should being dope week back lowkey

  • MRAlien51

    I thought tanner’s hair became red in the middle of the vid but it was just the light 2:40

  • MRAlien51

    When he said hey I didn’t reply but then he said why u guys don’t reply and then I said hey and he said thanks 😂

  • Sam G
    Sam G

    Why would you want to turn coke into water?

  • Harleý Quińń
    Harleý Quińń

    Tanner my name is havana tanner. so don't make fun of names ok

  • Samantha Weber
    Samantha Weber

    I love Vat19 though... the metal pencil one is stupid though... please do a video of all Vat19 products!

  • Slomith

    if u guys still have the pen try it on a normal piece of paper

  • Slomith

    why not just buy water or get the coke to drink the coke 😂

  • Mr. SNAFU
    Mr. SNAFU

    Can we do the opposite?

  • Gray_ Plays
    Gray_ Plays

    i like your cut g

  • James Walsh
    James Walsh

    Just imagine if it worked the other day

  • Cristian-Beniamin Bodis
    Cristian-Beniamin Bodis

    🤔🇨🇳 #tripaloski

    • Cristian-Beniamin Bodis
      Cristian-Beniamin Bodis


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