Tiger Woods Fixes Amateur Golf Swings
Golf Digest
A few weeks ago we asked fans to take the ultimate leap of faith by submitting a video of their swing to be critiqued by none other than Tiger Woods himself. Quite a few took the plunge, and Woods didn’t hold back with his analysis putting his golf IQ on full display.
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  • Robert Thurston
    Robert Thurston

    Keep teaching us Tiger👍👍👍

  • Val C
    Val C

    this guy looks like a pro golfer

  • boomshizzIe

    You can tell for the better golfers he’s giving more thoughtful advice 👌👌😉

  • nolski2003

    T, You are the man.

  • Steffen Hammerby
    Steffen Hammerby

    Pretty sure Tiger would be the best coach in the world if he put his mind to it. Heck, he might even help Phil to another major :-)

  • Russ Davidson
    Russ Davidson

    this guy should be pro or something, seems like he knows what he's talking about

  • Burt Suda
    Burt Suda

    Tiger sees it and I'm just so amazed on how so little of corrections just opens my eyes on each swing displayed. Tiger you are awesome.. can't wait to see you on your again.. hope I can send my video in one day, thanks again Tiger and your partner on this video..stay safe..

  • Dave Porter
    Dave Porter

    This is Tiger at his best. Glad he's willing to help people.

  • Jay Smooth
    Jay Smooth

    I watch my takeaway as a drill to get thru the ball better. If nothing else is off u don't have to stare at the ball. I've played good rounds that way too. If u struggle getting thru the ball at times and have solid fundamentals try it, it works

  • fww w
    fww w

    Tiger woods has a 145 IQ making him well over genius. Obama’s IQ is 120 and trumps is 155 for reference. I also suspect tigers IQ to be underestimated because he has focused so much on golf. He is probably more like a 150

  • Tatted Golfer
    Tatted Golfer

    He doesnt know what hes talking about lol...jk love tiger woods, my favorite player

  • James Collins
    James Collins

    brill to see tiger helping out

  • Earl B
    Earl B

    4:24 - dam. Women with a fat booty who golf...love that sht

  • Ciaran Cosgrave
    Ciaran Cosgrave

    Is Tiger playing Rugby these days?!!!

  • Trevor Allen
    Trevor Allen

    Gave her the tip

  • golfmaniac007

    tiger is very impressive at analysing. so spot on.

  • Henry R
    Henry R

    Is he good at golf or something?

  • John Morales
    John Morales

    The G O A T !!

  • Andy Mankey
    Andy Mankey

    that billy ponch guy at 3:28 makes Michigan state look bad

  • René Cloutier
    René Cloutier

    Très bon vulgarisateur Tigers ! Quebec Canada

  • Mark Duncan
    Mark Duncan

    Henni, Is that Burhill GC?

  • Jman 2_0
    Jman 2_0

    all of the swings he is reviewing are so much better than mine

  • Reml8877 نيسان
    Reml8877 نيسان

    🤔 not sure who this guy is .... but I guess he might know a thing or 3 😂

  • RedTwixy

    Still waiting for charles barkley

  • HaveAtIT

    Which "tip" did Tiger give you?

  • Carlos alem
    Carlos alem

    hola!!! la verdad muy bueno video me encanto necesito el siguiente grabación me voy les dejo kisses gracias

  • Karen Aniston
    Karen Aniston

    shorturl.ca/lovesex257easmr තීරණය තමා යන්න ප්රශ්නයට පිළිතුරු

  • Christopher W
    Christopher W

    Why is Ken Griffey jr teaching golf?

  • Johnathan Turner
    Johnathan Turner

    The real Tiger King

  • Michael Macaluso
    Michael Macaluso

    The 4 year old has a better swing than me lol

  • Noonelikes PatrickReed
    Noonelikes PatrickReed

    He has a hard time explaining because he is too calculated. Not a Phil fan, but he can explain this better because he wants to talk.

  • Vince Styles
    Vince Styles

    Yeah tiger tell us how you thrust 😂 Tiger is and will always be the most famous golfer ever to play the game

  • Frank

    1 like

  • Frank M
    Frank M

    Tiger is the best man, so happy to see the way he's bounced back.

  • Idrissa Gandega
    Idrissa Gandega

    This guy seems like he knows what he is talking about. I doubt even he can fix my swing after quarantine ruined the little progress I made to my golf game. it-my.com/watchvideo/video-XrsncN-oz7A.html

  • Agent kennedy
    Agent kennedy

    I’m 50 years old I got serious about golf about the time Tiger came into the lime lite about 1997 I got down 2 a 5 hdcp thanks you Tiger you have always been my fav please break the record this year love you tiger your a true gentlemen

  • Wenceslaus

    Thanks for the tips Goat 🐐.

  • E. Rivera
    E. Rivera

    There's no way that is in Tiger's house. He cant afford it.

  • reviewfor thetube
    reviewfor thetube

    The shape he is in right now is insane lol

  • henry mcvey
    henry mcvey

    The first kid has a perfect swing

  • Exciter

    I'm still using the 2001 Titilest Driver that Tiger use to use back in the day.

  • Cormac

    Anyone who wants to learn Tiger Woods, read Tiger Woods by Jeff Benedict and Armen Keteyian

  • Randy Zeitman
    Randy Zeitman

    When he says "keep your butt behind the ball" is that the same as "don't more laterally on the downswing"?

  • Nick Nichilo
    Nick Nichilo

    Wow this guy is pretty good at golf I’m in impressed, has he ever played in an amateur tournament? Anyone know is handicap?

  • Highgate Handyman
    Highgate Handyman

    Tiger is an expert on the subject of golf

  • Lisa LaMagna
    Lisa LaMagna

    Can Phil coach my putting?

  • K QH
    K QH

    Looks like Tiger's lost some weight

  • Curtis Fisher
    Curtis Fisher

    Oh I loved this so much, great tips, great banter, y'all are awesome!!

  • Clinical Trader
    Clinical Trader

    Thank you Tiger.

  • Kumaran Suppiah
    Kumaran Suppiah

    🐯is very fit & getting ready for Golf 🏌️ War ... 👀waiting in anticipation 👍🏼

  • Bustavegas

    Tiger is the man.

  • SouthPaw State43
    SouthPaw State43

    He should also teach us how to drive intoxicated

  • Mark McGinness.
    Mark McGinness.

    You would think that the guy has won a major or something!

  • Carl

    Tiger Woods billionaire, you would think he'd have something better than a calculator to video chat on. Gotta say love the new Tiger. Wish he'd been more engaging years ago.

  • LK

    GolfDigest using comment bots huh? I'm scrolling down and seeing the exact same comments multiple times

  • swilto

    what a dream come true to be coached by Tiger

  • Jacob Ryu!
    Jacob Ryu!


  • Roger Lowry
    Roger Lowry

    I have The same driver cover

  • Joshua King
    Joshua King

    What I really want to know is how to bag all those women 😋

  • Huggybear 2Gunz
    Huggybear 2Gunz

    Lol good stuf

  • Jessica Star
    Jessica Star

    shorturl.ca/lovesex455bxmom කාලය ඇය බව දැක කාර්යාලයට ඇතුල් වූ

  • Master Shots
    Master Shots

    The second guy is my dad

  • Joey Matrix
    Joey Matrix

    tiger is looking solid right here. im ready for 20 major wins! you got it! everyone is rooting for you tiger!

  • Benjamin Wadsworth
    Benjamin Wadsworth

    I never knew drivers shafts bent so much.

  • Makai Mauka
    Makai Mauka


  • Evan Miles
    Evan Miles

    Jeez it must be really cold in tiger’s house

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    Poly Max Extremes

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  • Solo Fullblod
    Solo Fullblod

    I really appreciate your detailed explanation and exercise on how to move the knees in the downswing. To "rotate" the right knee. Very helpful, thank you!

  • Ac Plumbing Construction
    Ac Plumbing Construction

    Can someone please help me 🐅 please

  • malayaleeking

    I tried to implement all of these tips at once and now the golf mat is on fire.

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