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  • Zach King
    Zach King

    oh...this is ackward...hi

    • Alexroblox877

      Yo bro

    • Blueberry and Luigi's Adventures
      Blueberry and Luigi's Adventures

      His magic is so kewl

    • William Seddon
      William Seddon

      This is just as a clears for me

    • Sloffiee

      You are the most famous person on tik Tok but you can’t spell awkward

    • Cristiano Argontaldo
      Cristiano Argontaldo


  • Reina Osborn
    Reina Osborn

    00:11 - Every famous person are just using a service named ^^^ TTFOLLOWERS。COM

  • Nils Peterson
    Nils Peterson

    “Simps are powerful” -lazarbeam

  • Liam Messenger
    Liam Messenger


  • Daly Cai
    Daly Cai

    The David do brick one it looks like me after eating chapolay

  • paulzuel3

    man this is way better then fortnite i havent watched this channel since those days

  • heather keeton
    heather keeton


  • qt leah hehe
    qt leah hehe

    mom got moves her:are you sure about that, *falls*

  • Jacob Giddis
    Jacob Giddis

    Lannan is now a 2020 worker tux and shorts classic

  • Gavi Kaur
    Gavi Kaur

    addison is gay

  • Reaper Gaming
    Reaper Gaming

    It’s called elephant toothpaste

  • Jesse Arriaga
    Jesse Arriaga

    But the caught him

  • Jesse Arriaga
    Jesse Arriaga

    My cousins dog climbed a ladder and almost got out

  • Roger Farley
    Roger Farley

    Your girlfriend was her

  • Delirious Gamer
    Delirious Gamer

    Addison ray must love simps for getting her views

  • Brooke Latham
    Brooke Latham

    That girl who dose the face thing she... can be cringie

  • Reece M
    Reece M

    Hi laser beam

  • Kama

    zach king probly made everyone veiw his tiktok with his magic lolhe deleted the others and he made his one all over lol not a hate comment

  • Stop Motion
    Stop Motion

    Hi haf no de Bols 😆 😆😆

  • Cornel alexandru Ailincai
    Cornel alexandru Ailincai

    How did i Not know there was a door there

  • Matei On combat pro
    Matei On combat pro

    It’s not toxic waste it’s elephant tooth paste

  • Presley Hudgens
    Presley Hudgens

    Laser beam please respond to this

  • Presley Hudgens
    Presley Hudgens

    Hey Zack King

  • Moi

    Simps gave you views 15000000

  • English Steps
    English Steps

    Me after 2 seconds in quarantine: 0:02

  • star shyne123
    star shyne123

    I new m to the b was going to be there

  • ExoticGhost 7
    ExoticGhost 7

    Hi zach king

  • video boy
    video boy

    Anyone else notice how he said don’t snitch on me after listening to 69

  • Zachariah Leverton
    Zachariah Leverton

    I love yore videoshou long have you been doing videos for

  • Kinky StepBro
    Kinky StepBro

    I think i’m bout to simp for lazar

  • Björn Paeger
    Björn Paeger

    Pls cut your hairs😂


    lol when you said simps give me views you got 15mil views lol

  • Kravith_

    Every zach king video ever Me: oh I've seen this

  • Flory Dsouza
    Flory Dsouza

    7:06 I thought bill gates entered the room 😂😂

  • Angela Wells
    Angela Wells

    How doess lanan know how to do it then


    can l have 50000000$ in a 1v1 my name on fortnite VaehVeaeh201

  • XXINFINTEXX jardines
    XXINFINTEXX jardines

    When the mom fell hahahaha

  • Michelle Cheney
    Michelle Cheney

    You are the best laserbeam

  • StreetboiNoodl

    Lazerbeam I haven’t heard that name since 2019

  • Gavin Womack
    Gavin Womack

    Lazarbeams mind YEET

  • Gavin Womack
    Gavin Womack


  • Wolf Alpha
    Wolf Alpha

    The giant toxic waste is elephant toothpaste or devils toothpaste

  • Engie Edits
    Engie Edits

    1:16 you can jump in it just after like 20 mins

  • Leo Estrada
    Leo Estrada

    Why does Laserbeam have a mullet

  • sidahmed khemidja
    sidahmed khemidja

    best youtuber over seen very funny

  • Jessica Semrani
    Jessica Semrani


  • Patrick Clauser
    Patrick Clauser

    5:25 fun fact: he had to watch this while editing the video

  • 301 jp
    301 jp

    “ I just have to become an adorable female “ - LazarBeam

  • Alex Lopez
    Alex Lopez

    You know he still watched the Addison Rae one because he had to edit it

  • idiot sandwich
    idiot sandwich

    2:15 why did I weirdly say plz don't question us GEN Z'S

  • thekidvicsterrr

    2:45 he really said: *im the coochie man*

  • Mafuu


  • Lisa Wilgosz
    Lisa Wilgosz

    Pugs are cute

  • Lisa Wilgosz
    Lisa Wilgosz


  • Dwight Shrute
    Dwight Shrute

    4:15 what if he walked into a job interview like that

  • Manuel Arriaga
    Manuel Arriaga

    It did give you views

  • Nathan Detty
    Nathan Detty

    This is my first lazarbeam video

  • BTS ARMY방탄소년단
    BTS ARMY방탄소년단

    Have you accepted God in your life yet???

  • Grace Capogrosso
    Grace Capogrosso

    the chemical reaction that was supposably toxic is elephant toothpaste and is not toxic at all i would know because i licked it, it tasted bad and made my stomach hurt for a little

  • Giovanni Piña
    Giovanni Piña

    6:57 wait wut how less then Addison Rae tho????

  • Shane O Mac
    Shane O Mac

    I laughed so hard when he did the wap dance

  • Julie Garibaldi
    Julie Garibaldi


  • Justin Farless
    Justin Farless

    Was he not wearing pants?right?!?!?!

  • Carter L2’s kids
    Carter L2’s kids

    Lazar did better then addisone

  • zance morris
    zance morris

    When he said we're my views

  • Lily The gacha bot not really
    Lily The gacha bot not really

    4:06 I would want to leave too, do you see how shitty that pen looks?

  • Peyton Duty
    Peyton Duty


  • Mrfresh egan
    Mrfresh egan

    And I am waiting for Zach king to come out of his pfp and start running all over my screen

  • Mrfresh egan
    Mrfresh egan

    That dog biting the nugget should be For Ilsa

  • chillflame

    8:46 and so that the meme was born

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