TikToks that keep me up past my bedtime v2
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  • Cool Person
    Cool Person


  • griffling


  • Lacy Ryan
    Lacy Ryan

    2:18 soo true

  • Doodle Dude
    Doodle Dude


  • Madison Foxy_galaxy360
    Madison Foxy_galaxy360

    5:46 I did that and my book said,"I play Innocent"

  • lolipopularity 1029
    lolipopularity 1029

    0:37 what's the song?

  • Sophia and Liam potatoes
    Sophia and Liam potatoes

    0:54 where the Canadians at????? 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  • Animal Jam
    Animal Jam

    It’s currently 2am lol

  • Ïm Brøkëñ
    Ïm Brøkëñ

    5:45 I grabbed every book i could find and flipped to page 30, all of them were random...oh shi-

  • MinuteStream316Films

    5:45 mine was destroyer then

  • Abbyfication

    i did what you told me to i flipped to page 30 and read the 1st 2 words.. this is what it said: watch out! im reading the ocarina of time manga btw

  • Mr. Egg
    Mr. Egg

    what song is it on 4:53?

  • Brie

    6:57 What's funny is that the fact that they're household rules implies that's there's a reason they were made into household rules

  • jackoblllllllll

    7:33 the only other woman that brave that I know of was Ellen Ripley

  • Mousey Heart
    Mousey Heart

    i found this looked at the time i go to bed at 9 ish or 10 and it,s 11:06

  • animationBoi andStuff
    animationBoi andStuff

    Roses are red Idk what to say So I wanna tell you Have a nice day

  • Memes McCann
    Memes McCann

    Diabetes on a plate 2:05

  • Ligma Cough Drops
    Ligma Cough Drops

    8:21 a day in a life of a doggo AM I right ahahahaha

  • Tria Bagwell
    Tria Bagwell

    At 1:19 the boy on the right is so cute

  • Love Bug
    Love Bug

    4:22 that one dumb kid at school

  • idk idk
    idk idk

    apparently a lot of people wanna stay up past their bedtime

  • Molly Sheridan
    Molly Sheridan

    7:03 that scream tho😂

  • vRetroKarma


  • satuitzel

    Where did she get that Ouija board crop at 3:03?? Bro I need that

  • Pearl Matts
    Pearl Matts

    Dog: I’m looked good today I need a selfie *sees phone* Dog:MINE

  • Diana Sheeder
    Diana Sheeder

    5:53 Me: 😂

  • D_rayk_E

    I just wanted you to each me on my god I just about dropped my life out the window oh I did.when I was born

  • Babe Perry
    Babe Perry

    2:03 where can I get me one of these?!!!

  • Grant Sanborn
    Grant Sanborn

    3:18 he to angry for gravity😂😂😂

  • Logan Spears
    Logan Spears

    5:50 my words were goat, No.

  • Arman Aryan
    Arman Aryan

    5:43 "That's enough"


    8:51 clown :D

  • Rylie Bidelman
    Rylie Bidelman

    3:10 me running from all the hoes in my school

  • lilly sheets
    lilly sheets

    do you ever feel like a plastic bag floating though the air

    • lilly sheets
      lilly sheets

      every one

  • Jake Sanchez
    Jake Sanchez

    Me: *blows on a daisy* Mario and Luigi: ()_()

  • molepurr

    I did that book page 30 love life thingy and I got "won't hesitate" hh

  • Lou La
    Lou La

    11:13 And I oop-

  • Lou La
    Lou La

    4:46 literally my dog

  • Lou La
    Lou La

    2:41 that made me laugh way harder than it should’ve done! 😂😂😂

  • Kadyn Saunders
    Kadyn Saunders

    I saw this when I was supposed too be a sleep

  • Alyssa Perez
    Alyssa Perez

    9:40 song?

  • Aerin Gamer
    Aerin Gamer

    5:44 I did that and the 2 words were around he what's that supposed to mean?

  • Lily Mae Brannon
    Lily Mae Brannon

    Roses are red My face is too I got a like!!😁😁 Wait why is it blue!?😩😫😢

  • Gimmme Joshua
    Gimmme Joshua

    7:39 I would move

  • drawing Editz
    drawing Editz

    8:19 Best vlogger ever

  • Monika

    Annoying AF

  • Kassy's weird gacha's bloop
    Kassy's weird gacha's bloop

    I did the one with the pg.30 of any book, the first two word were which one...... My bisexuality in a nutshell

  • Cool Beans
    Cool Beans


  • Sajeev Nair
    Sajeev Nair

    8:10 Bottle is one of the best characters but the person using it didn’t know how to play. He ends up crashing to a wall. smh

  • Roblox life
    Roblox life

    0:14 way to flex🙄

  • Sarah Xaidi
    Sarah Xaidi

    The Doug dima tik tok ruled!!!

  • Potato Toast 1015
    Potato Toast 1015

    2:44 is my favorite I can’t stop rewinding

  • GTX Kullanan Adam
    GTX Kullanan Adam

    00:10 imama gelmek demek budur herhalde aq dmfhşlkagmhşasdh

  • Kryptic_Spades Gaming
    Kryptic_Spades Gaming

    2:33 - 2:38 mmmmmm that was amazing

  • Army Blink
    Army Blink

    11:38 if only i had the amount of shirts to do this

  • Grace Nanquil
    Grace Nanquil

    The first words will describe your love life: My book (pg 30): it's weird

  • luvlowkey vlogsss
    luvlowkey vlogsss

    I literally, LITERALLY almost dropped my iPhone 6 32GB Gold with a 24 month Vodacom monthly airtime & data top-up contract, after seeing 0:14 😭💀😭😭

  • CorkyPlayz

    1:52 if that aint me, idk what is lol

  • Purpleey

    5:04 they ain't lying

  • Tina Nguyen
    Tina Nguyen

    5:50 take a look at the chapter name

  • Me hp
    Me hp

    11:49 this reminds me of k-12

  • Jessica Wood
    Jessica Wood

    5:45 I tried that and the first two words on page 30 where well said in the second book of Harry Potter the chamber of secrets

  • Koyain luv
    Koyain luv

    6:52 I’m ded 😂

  • Eggz and Baconz
    Eggz and Baconz

    *takes a book and flips to page thirty* me : wonder what it say's- *He looked* me : w h a t?

  • Michelle R
    Michelle R

    0:00 i do want to be his best friend

  • julie empric
    julie empric


  • Floral Foam
    Floral Foam

    12:05 *error has occurred*

  • Gabby LuvsGacha
    Gabby LuvsGacha

    i should be sleeping by now

  • Dora Cross
    Dora Cross

    Sat cat must be a blood😂😂👌👌👌👌👌👌❤️B4L😂😂😂👌

  • Arnel H
    Arnel H

    5:42 Me:takes harry potter and the order of the Phoenix : I heard😑

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