TikToks that keep me up past my bedtime v2
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  • Jarod O'Bryant
    Jarod O'Bryant

    The first one made me cry cause I had to dogs and one died and now I’m really sad and my other dog is depressed

  • Chloe Adelaide
    Chloe Adelaide


  • yurika Love
    yurika Love

    Then: we will have flying cars in the future 2019: 2:43

  • Pokémon Person
    Pokémon Person

    5:46 “empty-handed”

  • XxOceanGurlxX Love
    XxOceanGurlxX Love

    8:42 man that dog must have got that phone bites idk maybe cracks

  • strawberrymilk

    8:22 hey everyone welcome to my vlog!

  • Kelli Peters
    Kelli Peters

    Its 11:12 ri now forreal its PAST my bedtime

  • Goat Cheese
    Goat Cheese

    Watch 2:39 at a high speed. 🤣

  • Big Bro
    Big Bro

    0:43 i recognize the voice and the music, but i don't remember where it's from, CAN SOMEONE PLS TELL ME?

  • Kateryna Serhiyenko
    Kateryna Serhiyenko

    2:40 1 like one repeat button 2:40 2:40 2:40 2:40

  • IIAcapella GachaII Hello!
    IIAcapella GachaII Hello!

    7:13 i was thinking about that tik tok earlier xD

  • some random person on the internet
    some random person on the internet

    2:04 ohhh my favorite diabetes in a cup

  • Solar Eclipse205
    Solar Eclipse205

    ;_; agree (with the name of this video)

  • Feverisheagle07

    0:12 no one gives a shit about your phone XD ( I know it’s fake so calm down )

  • Abigale Willcock
    Abigale Willcock

    4 year old me: daddy ? Why is my toy in the pool? Dad: 3:20

  • Sunsuki The Potato
    Sunsuki The Potato

    4:12 - 4:26 My class:

  • Angel _gachawolf
    Angel _gachawolf

    ....it’s 3 in da morning we’re I live....OMG IT WORKED!

  • Hello World
    Hello World

    7:43 I have a plan for you. Step 1. Gather all belongings Step 2. Buy bombs Step 3. Place bombs in house Step 4. Buy matches and gasoline Step 5. Pour gasoline everywhere Step 6. Light match, throw, and run Step 7. Go outside to watch Step 8. Buy a new house Step 9. Be happy This was unnecessary. I know.

  • Alyssa Amazzalorso
    Alyssa Amazzalorso

    1:52 What kind of diabetes in a glass is THIS

  • Lucy Cobb
    Lucy Cobb


  • Gacha ANIME
    Gacha ANIME

    Flowers are rainbow Rainbows sometimes mean gay But I'm not is that okay?

  • Gacha ANIME
    Gacha ANIME


  • KP Seahouse
    KP Seahouse

    2:04 I need a milkshake like that rightttt now

  • [ inexperienced lazariy ]
    [ inexperienced lazariy ]

    My two words: *Oh never* Sentence: *oh never happening.*

  • [ inexperienced lazariy ]
    [ inexperienced lazariy ]

    Who else wants to see the phone after the dog stole it

  • Faygo Blu razz
    Faygo Blu razz

    8:16 If David dobrik was a dog

  • Hermione Jean Granger
    Hermione Jean Granger

    5:45....I did it and it said didnt happen....now I’m sad I need a boyfriend

  • Lexi Henson
    Lexi Henson

    I did the page 30 love life thing and it said “don’t know”

  • Dawn DownPlay
    Dawn DownPlay

    Ricardo milos + cat = Ricato Meowlos Also 5:53 is what i think when i do something embarrassing

  • Johnson Tv
    Johnson Tv

    0:19 Shouldn't you be, uh, driving?

  • Gachadiamond 101
    Gachadiamond 101

    My love life has been described as you up 😂

  • JJ Fan48
    JJ Fan48

    2:46 what’s that song

  • Ella Lowe
    Ella Lowe


  • hi everyone ?
    hi everyone ?

    More atiktoks there the best

  • Lee Petty
    Lee Petty


  • Diana AlZregat
    Diana AlZregat

    5:50 Mine were 'don't be' and after those were scared Pray for me

  • Molly Westerback
    Molly Westerback

    It's 10:00 PM for me

  • Czar Martinez
    Czar Martinez

    10:10 the only one the made me laugh

  • Tais the angle
    Tais the angle

    Guys if you listen closely in the eighth ticktok it says Cameron dies in July you and I will forever watch 🤭😓😥

  • Jessica Brewster
    Jessica Brewster

    4:00 am anyone?

  • Gacha _lacie
    Gacha _lacie

    0:13 she be bragging bro

  • Queen Cloverpaws
    Queen Cloverpaws

    2:04 That’s pure diabetes

  • Alison Sheridan
    Alison Sheridan


  • Petra Benko
    Petra Benko

    11:58 is my favirote

  • Liliana Grado
    Liliana Grado

    Anybody watching at 4:39 am on Wednesday July 17 2019

  • Msavvyboy213 0826
    Msavvyboy213 0826


  • Mali Clement
    Mali Clement

    1:18 first of all CHASE HUDSON and secondly Darla and Nemo should not be near each other

  • 100 subs without videos
    100 subs without videos

    I turn to page 30 it says Never you I felt that

  • Shawn and Jocelyn D
    Shawn and Jocelyn D

    When it said turn to page 30 and read the first two letters and it will describe my life the first 2 letters where dumb dog

  • Ziona White
    Ziona White


  • Gracie's Theatre
    Gracie's Theatre

    1:58 When girls are on their period

  • XxPheonixPlayzxX

    5:12 "ThErE yOu aRe"

  • Lane Hyde
    Lane Hyde

    I just ordered a new phone yesterday and it’s supposed to come tomorrow but 10:27 is me today 😂☠️

  • iiKitKatOcelott

    I was supposed to sleep at 10:50 it’s 3 am

  • Kiera Da Silva
    Kiera Da Silva

    Well I mean the tittle isn't wrong, when I'm typing this it's almost 1AM

  • TUG Reaperr
    TUG Reaperr

    what is 2:33 song nevermind the fbi did it for me literally put in hey

  • Abigail Staples
    Abigail Staples

    I was not expecting The Bro Duet. And ecspecially not such a beautiful rendition of it.

  • Brianna Amador
    Brianna Amador

    5:43 The first two words of my book said "an emerald..." *my minecraft cat named Emerald passed away 4 days ago ;-;*

  • Amanda Bihn
    Amanda Bihn

    Omy gooooooooooo its cheese

  • DJGAMING 599
    DJGAMING 599

    At 8

  • Lilacx beauty
    Lilacx beauty

    11:58 is my fav

  • Cori Urey
    Cori Urey

    Repeat of 4:46

  • Dolphin_007 Nothing
    Dolphin_007 Nothing

    Did you hear in on of the videos it says camron dies in July!!!!!!!

    • I.Am.Babet

      It sounds like it says “Cameron dies mid-July you and I will stay forever young “ It really says “summer nights mid-July you and are forever young”

  • dOrA eXpLoReR
    dOrA eXpLoReR

    I have a meme Napa (the town) is ya know sittin around and then good air quality comes in the room and then Napa says WHO DAT BOI WHO HIM IS????

  • Mc Donutswirl
    Mc Donutswirl

    5:45 my two words were “ain’t happening”

  • Limelights 4 ever
    Limelights 4 ever

    5:11 so that’s where I put the cat.....

  • Limelights 4 ever
    Limelights 4 ever

    0:00 I do.... I need you to be my best friend

  • Renegade Raven!
    Renegade Raven!

    1:56 omg my stomach hurts

  • Everything Time
    Everything Time

    0:12 the only thing you did wrong was buy apple

  • After all it’s not like I Cared
    After all it’s not like I Cared

    5:43 Mine was it’s a I’m confused

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