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The FaZe House gets romantic featuring @FaZe Teeqo @RiceGum @Cizzorz & @FaZe Kay
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  • EliteXND

    Funniest video I've seen during quarantine

    • John Rhee
      John Rhee

      Minecraft shitty fart

    • Gorilla Gaming
      Gorilla Gaming

      EliteXND same

    • Lil Loyo
      Lil Loyo

      Yh if only they didn't get ricegum

    • Āmž

      The Anomaly no cap

    • Shush_ Reverse
      Shush_ Reverse

      Watch does the shoe fit Footasylum

  • LBK Toxic
    LBK Toxic

    kay : not a simp rice: meme teeqo: nice cizzorz: SIMP

  • Dark Champion
    Dark Champion

    She’s hotter than his ex, mainly because of her thickness 😂. If you look at least a 6/10 and you’re thick I’m automatically Interested.

  • Gloria Alorwoyie
    Gloria Alorwoyie

    Lexi is weird!! Who agrees with me??

  • David Ttv
    David Ttv

    I feel like Frazier is making a big big big mistake

  • Dimey Dave
    Dimey Dave

    Amazing we need more

  • Lil Snow
    Lil Snow

    Frazier needs game

  • DeAndre Dhenin
    DeAndre Dhenin

    Tell me why the girl that cissors got is the best one there no cap

  • Tricky215

    4:52 anything from this moment is lies (Joke )😂

  • Cxnfident Clan
    Cxnfident Clan

    Bruh Frazier

  • MohammedRaheem01

    If kay was playing it cool wid lexi he could’ve bagged that baddie 😎

  • Saul Dominguez
    Saul Dominguez

    Frazier is no simp

  • Typical Thief
    Typical Thief

    Rice just seems like a huge simp in this video🤣🤣🤣

  • ZONA

    Frazier a real one 💯 he ain’t playing with these ....!

  • Josh Babrour
    Josh Babrour

    Feel bad for Kay

  • Tidal Fn
    Tidal Fn

    i say jack and teeqo did the bes

  • Im_PhoE _
    Im_PhoE _

    If they had eye trackers omega lol😂

  • plussizejen


  • eddie Rich
    eddie Rich

    Kay and teeqo got not sauce 😭🤣

  • Helen Musa
    Helen Musa

    I successfully got access to my Ex account with the help of 59CODEHACKER on I.G, the dude is real

  • Brenden Cavanagh
    Brenden Cavanagh

    Teeqo n kayla would actual b good

  • Jake _TTVC
    Jake _TTVC

    😂😂😂 all of them getting boners 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • azizaoujdia

    Teeqo and that girl he was dating actually are pretty good tegetter

  • bacalolo

    Simps rank 1ricegum 2frazier 3teeqo 4sizzors If you disagree tell me your ranking

  • DeadpoolLover :3
    DeadpoolLover :3


  • DeadpoolLover :3
    DeadpoolLover :3

    I like that everyone is taking it seriously and jarvis and Lexi playing around

  • GlyphFN

    Frazier be like ahhhh this girl wants me


    why does rice read so goddamn loud

  • _Monty97

    Girl wit the ak on her stomach was the baddest

  • Brian Rodriguez
    Brian Rodriguez

    No cap Teeqo and that girl need to get Together 🥺


    Scissors got the ugly ugly so did rice


    And she got some 🍰🍰🍰


    Frazier got a hottie 🥵🥵🥵

  • Frank Santana
    Frank Santana

    ricegum was lowkey trolling his date lamoooooooooo

  • Mixer T1D
    Mixer T1D

    I like how Frazier said trust when he doesn’t mean it 😂

  • Carlos Felix
    Carlos Felix

    Teeqo a whole ass king bruh fr

  • Los 4 Takuaches
    Los 4 Takuaches

    Rice gum still funny asf 😂😂

  • nikita soo
    nikita soo

    hahahah Faze Kay and Teeqo is so fun to watch

  • Asian_Star21

    Make another video

  • Miguel Alvarez
    Miguel Alvarez

    Frazier’s ex and her kinda look alike

  • Simon Bawi
    Simon Bawi

    I’m only watching because Rice is here

  • John Garcia
    John Garcia

    No part 2?

  • Colby Plattner
    Colby Plattner

    When Kay had to answer that ft I was weak

  • Colby Plattner
    Colby Plattner

    Kay got done dirty

  • Harold Herrera
    Harold Herrera

    Cizzors reminds me of Paul Gasol

  • Joseph McGrath
    Joseph McGrath

    “ but I think you badder 👁👄👁”

  • Gur Dhanoa
    Gur Dhanoa

    Kay wasn’t having it😂😂

  • Osiris

    Did this nigga rice jus dab 😭

  • MottledGrain879

    This is the best video they’ve had so far😂

  • o s c a r Clapz
    o s c a r Clapz

    Rice was just cringe in the vid 😕😂

  • Xidi Munene
    Xidi Munene

    Everyone had a good date except frazier😂😂

  • Y

    You should have switched the girls around like sdmn and see who has more chemistry

  • William Lindon
    William Lindon

    R.I.P Frazier

  • Sammy P!
    Sammy P!

    Cringiest shit I’ve seen...... gold shovels all around

  • U L T I M A T E G O D M O D E
    U L T I M A T E G O D M O D E

    1:47 nope Kay dip outa there

  • Kronos Playz
    Kronos Playz

    Fraizer got the hottest and said no why lol i would say yes

  • Edgar Herrera
    Edgar Herrera

    Girl: do you want kids? Rice: yea like 30 or 40 😂

  • fetty Ex
    fetty Ex

    Fraizer prolly eight bout 15 chilis

  • Ironic Rozz
    Ironic Rozz

    Were is Jarvis

  • Alfie Playfor
    Alfie Playfor

    teeqo and that girl should get together fr

  • Kiaan Nagji
    Kiaan Nagji


  • Aaron Contreras
    Aaron Contreras

    The girl that Frazier was talking to only ate two chilies and can't handle them

  • Jaw Ehkueyou
    Jaw Ehkueyou

    8:44 percent rice’s face

  • Jassie Singh
    Jassie Singh

    omg, pls tell me Jacob and Kaylah are together now? There was a little something something there.

  • Snowbreaker 1010
    Snowbreaker 1010

    Lmaooooooo this is so funny funniest video I have seen in quartine

  • Daniel Krupa
    Daniel Krupa

    Wow blonde girl not the brightest and very full of herself

  • Archyyy_

    I want to know if any of them ended up smashing

  • Rayan Nasiri
    Rayan Nasiri

    Kay is actually toxic

  • Ethan Lindo
    Ethan Lindo

    Teeqo is the nicest faze clan member it's just facts

  • Keon Clealand
    Keon Clealand

    Jack was simping hard

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