Titans vs. Chiefs AFC Championship Highlights | NFL 2019 Playoffs
The Tennessee Titans take on the Kansas City Chiefs during the 2019 AFC Championship Game.
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  • jesse williams
    jesse williams

    6:50 right there you knew there was no way Mahomes was gonna let his team lose

  • AVC IV
    AVC IV

    Im here after the Eagles lost to the Seahawks

  • Nissan370Z

    Chiefs whooped that Nashville ass!

  • Jessica Ortiz
    Jessica Ortiz

    Go KC city


    I love seeing that "Sea of Red" on our defense man.

  • StarWarsMarvel

    Question: Why werent we like this the first time we played them

    • Nissan370Z

      Chiefs blew that game at the end, and the defense improved big time since that game.

  • Happiness Lit
    Happiness Lit

    "we arent the texans" every single titans fan in the world

    • Sime'on Manzac11
      Sime'on Manzac11

      Oilers: (Crying in the background)😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • unknown 13
    unknown 13

    titans were so close why did they have to lose to the chiefs smh..

    • Sime'on Manzac11
      Sime'on Manzac11

      They just ran out of gas.

  • Jesse Garcia
    Jesse Garcia

    He Slings It Down Field For WATKINS SAMMY WATKINS For The Touchdown

  • Xavier Vega
    Xavier Vega

    Jesus Christ that last passing TD by Tannehill was beautiful

  • ALF Raydough
    ALF Raydough

    This was so difficult to watch because I was rooting for both teams! Sad somebody had to win and lose.

  • Jayne Gilman
    Jayne Gilman

    titans: we have a derek henry chiefs: we have a patrick mahomes titans again: crap

  • venom snake
    venom snake

    Tennessee did really good they didn't make it to the Superbowl but they made it all the way to the AFC championship

  • Will Lowe
    Will Lowe


  • Chris Lopez
    Chris Lopez

    I wonder how many hall of fame players we had on our squad this year ???

  • Amanda Lykins
    Amanda Lykins

    Tennessee good Georgia s

  • Steve J
    Steve J

    9:05 Kudos to Hill for avoiding the expensive camera lol

  • bolt man
    bolt man

    Down by 4 points going in to the second half and still have no idea why the Titans gave up on running the ball. Bonehead decision

  • Todd P
    Todd P

    Derrick Henry is STILL sitting on the bench at Arrowhead.

  • StarWarsMarvel

    It gives me chills how full the stadium was, the crowd cheering during a td, and the fact that millions were watching

  • Aarushi Garg
    Aarushi Garg

    Whos here after Kansas won the NFL super bowl

    • Any One
      Any One

      No one because it was KC Missouri, not Kansas...

  • Anthony Withers
    Anthony Withers

    How bout them chiefs 😈

  • Kylie McPherson
    Kylie McPherson

    this was one of my favorite games

  • Javier Zelaya Perez
    Javier Zelaya Perez

    Que tremendo robo a los titans

  • Bartos Robert
    Bartos Robert

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    • Any One
      Any One


  • TNGam3rz

    Looking back at this game, not a lot of respect for the titans making it to the afc champs by taking down 2 top seeded teams straight out of wildcard. Despite one of the teams being a mirror of what they were at the start of the season.

  • Chris Melahn
    Chris Melahn

    Pay Pat a little less than what everyone thinks he’s gunna get paid and get Derrick Henry.... then you’re set up to dominate the NFL for years to come

    • Bring that same energy
      Bring that same energy

      Then you woke up

  • Patrick Hickey
    Patrick Hickey

    10:01 that throw tho

  • Turbo Teli
    Turbo Teli

    Who’s here after Mahomes winning the Super Bowl?

  • Alfonso Miyares Diaz
    Alfonso Miyares Diaz

    great game titans, love it.

  • 19_843 Gaming!
    19_843 Gaming!

    Dolphins were the real mvp

  • Snowflake1 Ilove
    Snowflake1 Ilove

    Watching this after winning the super bowl! What a journey it has been.


    9:23 whoops

  • A King's Kid
    A King's Kid

    Just came back to say HOW BOUT THOSE CHIEEEEEEEEFS !!!! 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  • Zapo

    Who’s here when the Chiefs won the super bowl 🏈


      Zapo hey.

  • skitz m8
    skitz m8

    you know why you're seeing this

  • Zimm Can
    Zimm Can

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  • Xiel

    Who else is watching this before the super bowl starts

  • Bravo B
    Bravo B

    I’m just getting started into American Football, those Chiefs man, they’re something.

    • American Sports Fan
      American Sports Fan

      tripod How about them baby

    • tripod

      how bout them Chieeeefs !

    • American Sports Fan
      American Sports Fan

      They’re World Champions* Waited my whole life for KC to win a superbowl (let alone make an AFC Championship until last year) let’s gooo

  • sweartagod -
    sweartagod -


  • sweartagod -
    sweartagod -


  • Manendra Madena
    Manendra Madena

    A rugby player would have tackled Mahomes even before he gained a couple of yards🤣

  • Talking Freinds games Clips
    Talking Freinds games Clips


  • steve clapper
    steve clapper

    The Titans have my interest.

  • Jay Nguyen
    Jay Nguyen

    I bet if they put Mariota in, they wouldve won.

  • James Powell
    James Powell

    Yes that's true,a patriots free super bowl,but they sure was a dominant team for years and had the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history,Brady was a bad dude during his career.

  • Chris Nelson
    Chris Nelson

    Patrick Mahomes Just Proving that Super Strength is Real u Just have to Drink lots of milk right

    • Cam Nadi
      Cam Nadi

      Chris, people also forget that Mahomes had that knee injury against Denver. Check out my latest video for the Super Bowl where I give 3 x Picks. Keen to know your thoughts mate. cheers

  • Bree Williams
    Bree Williams


    • Cam Nadi
      Cam Nadi

      Bree, check out my latest video for the Super Bowl where I give 3 x Picks. Keen to know your thoughts mate. cheers

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  • sweartagod -
    sweartagod -


  • LeAndrew 3
    LeAndrew 3

    This is a dream come true my favorite team is going to the Superbowl

    • Cam Nadi
      Cam Nadi

      Check out my latest video for the Super Bowl where I give 3 x Picks. Keen to know your thoughts mate. cheers

  • boris brian
    boris brian

    Why tf do u have to cut to the referee I'm soccer fan watching football highlights And it annoys me

  • Smokey One
    Smokey One

    I cant even sleep waiting for the game

    • Cam Nadi
      Cam Nadi

      Trouble sleeping Smokey One, then you should definitely check out my latest video for the Super Bowl where I give 3 x Picks. Keen to know your thoughts mate. cheers

  • Briankitis

    Mahomes is going down just like his buddy Rodgers

    • Briankitis

      @Any One When the game is rigged not much you can do about it. LOL hold your scandal.

    • Any One
      Any One

      This comment didn't age well... LoL, hold this L

    • Briankitis

      @yourfreechicken LMAO pretty much knocked him down. The DB put his hand on him first and he pushed him off which didnt even affect him making the catch. Just go back to MIn and NO the other year. Same crap different call.

    • Briankitis

      @Cam Nadi Refs on the chiefs side gave them the questionable td and took 3 points from the 49ers away before halftime.

  • KayJay

    Just got done watching a Tyreek hill highlight reel and now it seems like everyone is running in slow motion

  • Diana Martini
    Diana Martini

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  • sweartagod -
    sweartagod -


  • TheWhitestWeenie

    6:55, look at 37. Has to be one of the most ineffectual tackles I've ever seen. Plus you've got 35 giving Mahomes a nice little nudge into the endzone. Baffling.

    • Aaron Vossler
      Aaron Vossler

      TheWhitestWeenie he was trying to strip him because that was the only way they could stop them from scoring at that point

  • Chan soo Ock
    Chan soo Ock

    No.15 who is he? Yes. King of Chiefs

    • Look ma no clothes
      Look ma no clothes


  • Alhagie Daffeh
    Alhagie Daffeh

    It looks like Mahomes is going to take "Golden Jubilee" to Kansas! What you say 9'9?? Play good game!

    • Any One
      Any One

      It's KC Missouri not Kansas...

  • R.W. Skinner
    R.W. Skinner

    11:26 is where frank clark eats that lineman with the epic spin. Since apparently IT-my goes brain dead when you search for that specific play

  • Nolan Craig
    Nolan Craig

    Go Chiefs!

  • MrCnote1993

    The Chiefs will trail by at least 2 TDS against the 49ers. Chiefs still win by 10+ points.

    • Any One
      Any One

      WoW what a good call!

  • Lojack Dizzle
    Lojack Dizzle

    Mahomes is a Champion

    • Lojack Dizzle
      Lojack Dizzle

      @Look ma no clothes told ya so🤑🤑🤑

    • Look ma no clothes
      Look ma no clothes

      Getting your whining and excuses ready now. Good to see you proactive

  • TM6

    Can’t wait to watch the 49ers Defense battle both the Chiefs and the Refs. It’ll be intense

    • Look ma no clothes
      Look ma no clothes

      Getting your whining and excuses ready now. Good to see you proactive

  • Sikcel

    10:01 gave me goosebumps. "SAMMY!!"

  • Playboi Polo
    Playboi Polo

    I made a video running all over the defense with Derrick Henry in madden 20

  • DrGanja99

    The 1 in the 15 stands for First Ballot

    • Look ma no clothes
      Look ma no clothes

      Stands for 1 broken leg In next game

  • SandboxArrow

    Titans are garbage!

    • Emperor Krtek
      Emperor Krtek

      They made the AFC championship. They ain't garbage.

  • donte hatchett
    donte hatchett

    It look like maholmes jogging out the pocket

    • Telltale Twotones
      Telltale Twotones

      donte hatchett I think of it as a scamper, like a puppy, lol. Does the job.

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