TO CATCH A PREDATOR! | Predator: Hunting Grounds (w/H2O Delirious, Ohm, Rilla, & Squirrel)
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    I farted when he asked who farted lol

  • Andy Schaffer
    Andy Schaffer

    Cartoons is going to be the predator

  • Lucas Sowers
    Lucas Sowers

    You should show your face

  • Prince Rathalos / Power Balance
    Prince Rathalos / Power Balance

    I wish I could play with you guys. Sadly I don't have a PlayStation

  • theBeardedBuggle

    Would kill to play with you toonz!!! Anyone got predator hit me up!!!!


    GAME MODE IDEA: Predator free for all.

  • Adrian Landess
    Adrian Landess

    14:40 misspelled "retrieve "

  • fulldrillout

    How do you get this game??

  • Kire667

    This is what I buy these games for. But ends up some Fortnite god ruins the fun and dominates every round regardless which side he's on.

  • Merp Merp
    Merp Merp

    From what i know of you only growl when you have your cloak activated so hide in the trees without ur cloak and snipe them

  • Kaige Moore
    Kaige Moore

    he just sucks guys

    • Kaige Moore
      Kaige Moore

      maybe not

  • Project Gemini
    Project Gemini

    how is he level 25 but has a minigun I have to wait till I am level 60 to get one

  • {Cyber Ego Terrorist}
    {Cyber Ego Terrorist}

    You guys are the best posse.

  • Mr. Outlaw
    Mr. Outlaw

    22:05 Am I the only who noticed the Predator hugging the tree there?

  • thomas moore
    thomas moore

    Do you have any video of you playing as the soldier

  • Tim West
    Tim West

    11:32 LOL! that rabbit 😂

  • Bryce McKenzie
    Bryce McKenzie

    That was legit awesome

  • Joe Palmer
    Joe Palmer

    I just purchased this game and I can't wait to play. It's awesome you let them play a little and not ruin the experience lol.

  • Zay2raw 007
    Zay2raw 007

    I don’t wanna be the last alive!😂

  • Danny Morrissey
    Danny Morrissey

    So this is what the game looked like before they nerfed all the VT and Medkit spawns...

  • Hemi Nathan
    Hemi Nathan

    This is for cartoonz for more content intead of killing the predeter what about working together its your choice cartoonz

  • ShadoHuntr

    My friends would hate me for not just outright killing them.

  • Mark Aguilar
    Mark Aguilar

    Terrorizer should play and he will make arnold impressions

  • Chickadeekiko

    Showing great gamemanship letting them play and get a feel for the game instead of just just wiping them out. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Ruskad

    Predator is way too easy to see/find. They seem to prefer balancing around damage but the directional audio cues and visibility in cloak are a bit much.

  • LemonChello

    Damn no one talking about how my boy Mr. Sark is in the game tho :(

  • Abdulrehman jazeb
    Abdulrehman jazeb

    i love the dethp vids

  • Queen vixen
    Queen vixen

    10:33 Cartoons : thanks for the money.... *honey*

  • FUN Happy
    FUN Happy

    Hahha he scared as hell hahhaha

  • Coa Langley
    Coa Langley

    Who draws your thumbnails

  • Elijah Bryant
    Elijah Bryant

    12:27 that is the best way to break up a fight in a video game nice job cartoonz

  • FrozenFox Games6
    FrozenFox Games6

    They need to play this game with Terroriser, I swear.

  • Tamika Taylor
    Tamika Taylor

    I thought u liked the scout

  • Erik Conradt
    Erik Conradt

    Loving the predator uploads

  • Prank'd


  • Ryan Haines
    Ryan Haines

    You should play Flickr

  • Eman Silver
    Eman Silver

    On the ps4 this shit is trash

  • Steven Barry
    Steven Barry

    Hansen shows up and kill them all

  • Alana Marie
    Alana Marie

    I love this game I just wish cross play wasn’t such a shit show. Otherwise I have nothing bad to say, it’s addicting and I love being the predator. The funniest thing to me in game so far was a friend was making fun of the sandals predators wear (he’s an alien fan) and I came flying out of a tree screaming to “eat my predicure”....he laughed so hard he couldn’t even shoot he was just trying to run away, easy kill. I’m still laughing at it so I had to share my stupidity 😭

    • Danny Morrissey
      Danny Morrissey

      What do you mean about crossplay being a shitshow? I don't understand? I play PS4 with crossplay on, and haven't noticed any issues but then again I'm new to this so probably wouldn't notice... And I'm going to use the sandals diss from now on🤣

  • Korey Crawford
    Korey Crawford

    Cartoons a real one for letting them have a good time

  • Gage Patterson
    Gage Patterson

    To be honest your friends aren't that bad. They can see you in stealth in the trees thats more than I can say for some random that you've slayed

  • TheDemoSpy 91
    TheDemoSpy 91

    This honestly looks like Evolved if anyone remembers that, 4 hunter vs 1 monster

  • Bradley Mikesell
    Bradley Mikesell

    I need to get this game I would be freaking out a lot hahahah

  • Manny DZ
    Manny DZ

    Remember": be the hunter, don't be hunted. 💀👹😂

  • Oliver Oshields
    Oliver Oshields

    good shit! ive been waiting on this game since predator concrete jungle!!!!!!!!!

  • Derrick Head
    Derrick Head

    this shit is beasty lmao

  • Sean Vinyard
    Sean Vinyard

    You're the best cartoons you have such great videos keep up the great work

  • John Nelson
    John Nelson

    Wow this game actually looks good, it looked like shit on the trailer

  • arif aditiya
    arif aditiya


  • Joe Spires
    Joe Spires

    hunters:he's in the trees cartooz:behind a building

  • Blenderis YO
    Blenderis YO

    Holy hell I didnt know about this, This need pc version and be optimised. Also Im sure my pc will flame on with requirements for this game.

  • Jake russell
    Jake russell

    How evolve should have been

  • Dixin Sider
    Dixin Sider

    "toying with them"

  • TLP Gentoo87
    TLP Gentoo87

    A stealth staff kill should be an insta kill not a combo

  • james shanklin
    james shanklin

    its almost like the predator saying OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOF

  • Ozias Lopez
    Ozias Lopez

    This game looks sick

  • Travis Nelson
    Travis Nelson

    Voices in my head.......

  • joe figueroa
    joe figueroa

    I wish they kept the healing animation/sound when the predator roars in pain from the blue stuff. I would love the guys to flip their shit at the sound. "WTF WAS THAT AAAHHH"

  • jack baggaley
    jack baggaley

    Was hoping for more atmospheric lighting effects or like better graphics but the game looks cool

  • AdeptKing

    Are Cartoonz, H20 and the others all just really good at noticing things or is the Predator actually relatively easy to notice? I feel like it shouldn't be that easy to see him if he's far away.

  • R BP
    R BP

    what is with the janky running animations when you are playing a solidier?

  • Jamal Noye
    Jamal Noye

    I wish everyone would be muted and all u can hear us the predator

  • smiley satanson
    smiley satanson

    cartoonz: *becomes the predator* a wild chris hansen apears: please... take a seat

  • the momosexual duck
    the momosexual duck

    its weird to think this game is basically evolve

    • YUT Torres
      YUT Torres

      i miss evolve

  • Christian Sikes
    Christian Sikes

    Anybody ever notice how Toonz kinda sounds like MGK?😂😂

  • Tsula Agenati
    Tsula Agenati

    10:19 wow, he actually sounds like a predator

  • Elwoppo Tv
    Elwoppo Tv

    Who’s has ps4 and wants to play this with me when it’s comes out

    • Danny Morrissey
      Danny Morrissey

      3 weeks late but I'm PS4, PSN VENN7EANCE 👍🏼

  • Ethan Richmond
    Ethan Richmond

    annoying group

  • Light Wolf
    Light Wolf

    28:40 - 28:42 he killed wildcat

  • Ana Estima
    Ana Estima

    I love you cartoonz, idk why I just comment this but it is what it is

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