Today, I saved my dogs life... (scariest moment ever) | FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug
That was so scary wow.
So today my dog Bosley fell into the pool and started drowning because he doesn't know how to swim, and luckily I was outside to save his life. GO TO MY INSTAGRAM TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY - rugfaze
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If you read this far down the description I love you

  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug

    That was definitely a scary moment for me.. So glad I was there at the right time. Love Bosley

    • Jesper Haugen
      Jesper Haugen


    • RT K4M
      RT K4M

      The way that he throws bosley 😂❤️

    • Galaxy_Siphon


    • Frothy Pine
      Frothy Pine

      FaZe Rug make sure your dog is ok

    • Ida Zoe Soto
      Ida Zoe Soto

      ;^; I feel you man.

  • Leah Dawn
    Leah Dawn

    2:40 his giggle is so cute

  • juan Amezquita
    juan Amezquita


  • Priscila Olea
    Priscila Olea

    My dog died u always will proct me I will play with him when he died I was crying so hard for days it like broke my hart that’s when I never talk

  • Don't read my name Stupid
    Don't read my name Stupid

    Song time bump bump bump bump bump pugs can't swim and that's a fact they sink to the bottom and don't flow back but take it from me Neil crepitus the flotation expert I jumped in the pool saved its life and and then I said " it didn't die and I was popular all around"

  • Woofy

    I don't like talking about pets cause I lost mine T-T

    • Woofy

      he prob passed away

  • Subbing to everyone who subs to me very quickly
    Subbing to everyone who subs to me very quickly

    I just got the recommended this after mom and papa rug posted the vid about Bosleys eye

  • Darius Dewortor
    Darius Dewortor

    2 years later bosley has to get his eye removed😭😭😢

  • Christopher Sinks
    Christopher Sinks

    One brave soldier

  • Rayyan Alaeddin
    Rayyan Alaeddin

    Rugs main concern: " my pants are a little wet my shoes are messed up"

  • Bmb .a3
    Bmb .a3

    I hope he good

  • Cale

    wait did bosley actually almost drown or was it a prank i dont get it?

    • Kareem Hajeer
      Kareem Hajeer

      Cale don’t ever watch IT-my again

  • Eric Vazquez
    Eric Vazquez

    He would not have drowned cause of you weren't outside he would not go outside

  • Santigo Hernandez
    Santigo Hernandez

    Why dont u ever show us what happened with bosley

  • Synxx

    Dogs can’t drown on less they are like a year old but every dog can swim 👌🏻

  • CU_cristian

    I watched the video when Anthony's dog died and faze rug mlm akes me happy even tho I'm still sad

  • Kevin Esquivel
    Kevin Esquivel

    Did faze rug throw bosley😂but it was still sad or....

  • Jillian Labbe
    Jillian Labbe


  • Leon goldsmith-squire
    Leon goldsmith-squire

    I know how bosley will feel cause I’m blind and nothing can be done but it will get easer for him but harder for u I don’t wanna make u feel worse but coz u dont know as much u worrie more but I promise from you xperience it will get better

  • Isaiah Dennis
    Isaiah Dennis

    I thought blood was not allowed into yt

  • Fc Barcelona & Messi Fanboy
    Fc Barcelona & Messi Fanboy

    Bosley is the cutest dog i have ever seen. I love Pugs💕

  • tat gaming sis
    tat gaming sis

    I have a pug and she's a girl they had to take out her eye😖💔 but stay positive

  • Julia Renee Mua
    Julia Renee Mua

    When mama rug cried I cried too because I felt that


    Poor bosley

  • Pooja Basra
    Pooja Basra

    Are you ok

  • Just Jonce
    Just Jonce

    3:13 Oh F**k

  • Fresa

    I hope Mosley doesn't die like hammy

  • Barry Shaw
    Barry Shaw

    2018 saying he's gonna do giveaways monthly and now its 2020 and yet to see any

  • Barry Shaw
    Barry Shaw

    That Louis Vuitton shirt is dope as shit

  • Faisal Abdurrahman
    Faisal Abdurrahman

    yea love btw when was Bosley in your family

  • Bridziey Zuniga
    Bridziey Zuniga

    Would you do it for your dog or your nee

  • Stephanie Rios
    Stephanie Rios

    Pick me

  • [drippy zxmmy]
    [drippy zxmmy]

    I need a go pro for my face came IT-my video

    • its me ronnie
      its me ronnie

      This video was posted 2 years ago he isnt gonna look at your comments idiot

  • Regina Allen
    Regina Allen

    Poor dog 🐶💙🤧😭

  • Elizabeth S.
    Elizabeth S.

    The word is veterinarian, not a dog doctor. Why would a human doctor take out a persons eye? That is kinda funny, yet it is sad.

  • BlazeStar & SilverStream
    BlazeStar & SilverStream

    Man, I have two dogs and if that happened to either of them.....I don't know what I would do if one of them died. Already one of my dogs has a sight problem in her left eye and she's only 2 years old.

  • Ttv xx_ysw
    Ttv xx_ysw

    Rug: no no no..... Rugs: mom don’t scream it’s not BEER Rugs: screams AHHH ITS BEER

  • Tilly Knight
    Tilly Knight

    Your such a hero you saved your hamsters live now bosleys your a hero!

  • Philani Mapisa
    Philani Mapisa

    Bluetooth speakers

  • Krispee Keidee
    Krispee Keidee

    Bruh mama rug should learn how to swim

  • Follow me in TikTok 123
    Follow me in TikTok 123

    You should put a fence around your pool

  • Gaming With Crist
    Gaming With Crist

    To be honest I’ve never seen bosley run

  • Deb RW
    Deb RW

    I like=100 prayers for bosyley

  • Hayden Saunders
    Hayden Saunders

    Good job brian

  • Brenda Macias
    Brenda Macias

    My pug is blind and they had to remove one of his eye. It's really sad 😢

  • NGC Razor
    NGC Razor

    Bosly can run hmm i thought he was lazy but i love Bosley

  • Reinis Lasenbergs
    Reinis Lasenbergs

    I started almsot crying listening to mama rug

  • Guitar Boy
    Guitar Boy

    1 like=1 payer to bosley

  • Gamer XX Martinez
    Gamer XX Martinez

    Plz god rug 🙏🙏🙏

  • tik tokss
    tik tokss

    0:0 be like

  • tik tokss
    tik tokss

    2:34 rug throws bosley

  • MrPakkmann


  • Gamer- Joe
    Gamer- Joe

    I really feel bad for Bosley, I hope he doesn't get blind.

  • Jrlara84gaming Lara
    Jrlara84gaming Lara

    It is was a prank

  • Adam Vair
    Adam Vair

    Rug throw Bosley so far

  • sports fan rambow
    sports fan rambow

    Thay had to cut his leg he has had surgery

  • sports fan rambow
    sports fan rambow

    My dog broke his leg and his rib

  • Bryan Juarez
    Bryan Juarez

    Dog almost drowned oh no my shoes

  • Tripute Duke
    Tripute Duke

    God bless Bosley

  • Alan Beltran
    Alan Beltran


  • Martin Pecha
    Martin Pecha

    Aww what a cute dog

  • JJ53talman

    That was dramatic save I would have just got in the pool calmly and took him out he was just on the third step

  • Fernanda Martinez
    Fernanda Martinez

    I luv bosley ,i mean he was the reason why i ever even wanted a pug abd HE IS NOT FAT HE US SIMPLY JUST BIG BONED JUST LIKE MY DOG HE THIK

  • bigga

    it's okey mamma>> don't cry!! brian save him...glad that bosely is okey!!🙏❤️❤️🐶

  • Brianna Martinez
    Brianna Martinez

    I’m praying for you Bosley 🙂❤️😇

  • Eliana Bloom
    Eliana Bloom

    When I moved from Indiana to Texas I had to leave my dog behind :(


    He doesnt know doggystyle??? Swimming duh.

  • Aslam Shaikh
    Aslam Shaikh

    Euh you look réally handsom

  • xXRepearXx BG
    xXRepearXx BG

    My dog went blind when he was like 4 mounths old. He is Black Pug whit a white chest

  • Zarna Ahmed
    Zarna Ahmed

    Love you faze rug

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