Tom Segura Discovers Bert Kreischer Drinks A Gallon Of Kool-Aid A Day | 2 Bears 1 Cave Highlight
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How would you react if you found out your best friend started the day with half a gallon container of Kool-Aid, and that they drink between 1-1.5 gallons of it DAILY?

  • Liz Kubis
    Liz Kubis

    When Bert gurgle laughs I can physically feel it in my throat 😂

  • Wade Bogart
    Wade Bogart

    “it really is good” BURT KILLS ME

  • jackal1221

    I hope Bert lives to see his daughter graduate.

  • The Normal One
    The Normal One

    I love how Bert says "I try to drink two every day" as if it's something healthy...

  • ScheffCityVibes

    Bert's laugh legit turns into baby pterodactyl cries.

  • Noah Delano
    Noah Delano

    I can't stop watching this

  • Corey497

    Fuck that, I'm in my 40's and still drink koolaid by the gallon...

  • brotherbells

    It looks like Segura's entire ass is hanging out of his pants

  • Andres Bonifacio
    Andres Bonifacio

    It's amazing how the funniest shit is about real life

  • Allagí

    Bert Kreischer: "Yeah I try to stay healthy, I run 4 miles a day, I do hot yoga, I go to spin class." Also Bert Kreischer: "I drink *120 oz* of kool aid every day." Bro that's 3.5 liters, just under 1 gallon. WTF Bert!!

  • Christopher

    Best podcast moment ever.

  • Derek Brown
    Derek Brown

    Sounds like two cate stuck in a dryer

  • Dante Chappell
    Dante Chappell

    Tom laughs at the stupidest shit and absolutely loses it 😂 brings me back to life

  • Joe Luis
    Joe Luis

    Lol my dads 65 and prefers kool aid and tang over sodas

  • Neal Strege
    Neal Strege

    Come back regularly just to laugh till My gut hurts! Love these guys. Thank you!

  • Seabass McBigFat
    Seabass McBigFat

    Why does Bert aggravate me so much

  • Lucas Ottens
    Lucas Ottens

    Bert is so fat.

  • Justin Franks
    Justin Franks

    Sugar really isn't that funny... The funniest thing about it is them laughing, about.... nothing... Otherwise this is stupid as fuck

  • DJ Danny D
    DJ Danny D

    ‘I don’t know you were in to cool aid’

  • DJ Danny D
    DJ Danny D

    This video makes me so happy! Some piss came out

  • Andrew Alarcon
    Andrew Alarcon

    4 months later and this is still my favorite 2 bears moment

  • Travis Sztumerski
    Travis Sztumerski

    He says I haven't taken my blood pressure medicine yet.........

  • Jesus Rodriguez
    Jesus Rodriguez

    his alcoholism and insane sugar intake has to be catastrophic for his pancreas and liver.

  • Aaron Jones
    Aaron Jones

    I gallon = 128oz

  • Peterson Conald
    Peterson Conald


  • Bateman61405

    I tried to take a drink during this.....mistake Hahahah This is hilarious

  • InGothamWeTrust

    How does Bert NOT have diabetes?? 💀

  • Joshua Towers: Radio
    Joshua Towers: Radio

    Nothing to see here, just getting my daily pick-me-up from this clip... Have a great day!

  • Mary Dragonee
    Mary Dragonee

    the pure elated shock tom goes into when he pours it into the cup is incredible

  • John Dee
    John Dee

    This is something nuka zeus does to change his color if you know who that is

  • Ron LaFlamme
    Ron LaFlamme

    I no longer think drinking alcohol is the reason Bert has high blood pressure

  • Egglord

    Everytime a have a bad day, I come back to this. It ALWAYS helps.

  • lalloligyst718

    Im failing to see the comedy in this. I drink a gallon of kool aid every day too. Im a diabetic beached sea cow but the kool aid is sugar free.

  • NipItInTheBud100

    Tom Segura! One of the funniest guys on the planet! Oh and Bert’s pretty funny too....OOHHHHHHH YEEEEAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!

  • Shampoo Fully
    Shampoo Fully

    I laughed at this video as if me, Bert and Tom were at a sleepover together

  • Ambiguous Dust
    Ambiguous Dust

    That part that kills me every time is when Tom is trying to recoup at 4:08 because he's exhausted from losing his shit and says in a super exasperated tone "man that is so much Kool aid."

  • APM M
    APM M

    I am literally wiping the tears from my eyes while typing this 😅😅😅

  • John Wilson
    John Wilson

    Let’s be honest, as depraved and wrong that Tom is. Bart broke him this time 😂

  • Byron ‘92
    Byron ‘92

    Jesus Christ those laughs 😂🤣

  • Zombo Jones
    Zombo Jones

    When Bert dies of a heart attack NO ONE WILL BE SURPRISED

    • Yes sir
      Yes sir

      Hey guy.. stfu. Bert is immortal, and will live forever.

  • ChristoThor

    I think what I love about this is he had talked a lot of shit in a previous episode about your life being out of control if you eat ice cream and he is walking around drinking at least 1 gallon of kool aid every day.

  • Chris young
    Chris young

    That’s definitely the hardest Bunz has ever laughed.

  • Escobar Rich
    Escobar Rich

    This is insane

  • a single white female
    a single white female

    What kind of watch is Bert wearing?

  • You Lyin
    You Lyin

    Tom turns an entirely different color from 0:42 to 1:05

  • Austin Hall
    Austin Hall

    Only true Kool-aid connoisseurs call Kool-aid by its color, not flavor.

    • 3lectronaut7

      Lol. And we still dont even know what flavor it was. Theres many red koolaids.. cherry, black cherry, tropical punch, fruit punch, strawberry... jeez bert.

  • Luc Welner-Monchuk
    Luc Welner-Monchuk

    2:45 That’s an “oh my god my stupid friend is gonna die” double face palm

  • Ryan Anthony
    Ryan Anthony

    I’ve seen it a few times and it always puts a smile on my face

  • Poodude Loodude
    Poodude Loodude

    “Take me through your morning” always gets me

  • S K
    S K


  • Jason Simmons
    Jason Simmons

    “...I shower in the pool...”

  • ste** Best
    ste** Best

    I love their relationship, krystal loves when tom laughs at his antics.

  • slopcrusher

    128 fucking ounces of Kool aid a day. Let’s assume he’s diluting it by 1/2. That’s still 200g of sugar in the kool aid alone.

  • Jason Showalter
    Jason Showalter

    The only reason Bert is laughing at this is because Tom is. But he doesn’t know why Tom is cracking up.

  • David Douglass
    David Douglass

    I'll never forget, I was on a 14 hour drive, going through El Paso just absolutely belly laughing at this

  • BlazerDuck07

    That Kool-Aid is cut with about 2/3 Tito's.

  • The Alpha Beaver
    The Alpha Beaver

    Tom "what kind" Burt "Red." Respect burt, the hood sees you.

  • brandooooon5

    Who ever is laughing in the background is making it 1000 times funnier

    • Kyle West
      Kyle West

      That would be Nadav. Love his laugh haha

  • jhughes19851

    This video is so perfect. This is Bert's whole life in a nutshell. The recklessness, the childishness, the delusion... It has everything Lol

  • deedee kay
    deedee kay

    the chemicals in toms cup are much worse for him than a pack of sugar

  • Aaron C
    Aaron C

    Someone deffs ripped one @2:02

  • Nick Pappas
    Nick Pappas

    Dude has a half gallon of kool-aid and 3 sodas lined up in front of him how is he not dead

  • Craig

    'i dont know if theres another adult man in the country with a gallon of kool aid' oh there is tom, there is

  • Teddy Graham
    Teddy Graham

    He's a raging alcoholic. I don't think the sugar is the thing that's going to get him.

  • Nick Pappas
    Nick Pappas

    How tf do they just gloss over the fact that he showers in the pool?

  • S

    The first ten seconds is the best because Tom double takes and looks at the clock lmao

  • Reksrat

    I don't even drink koolaid like that and I'm BLACK. How the fuck is the god damned MACHINE more black than I am?

  • Reilley Kendall
    Reilley Kendall

    This is me and my best bro when we smoke together lolll

  • sfqueen85

    My God ! What a gem.

  • Leslie Brywn
    Leslie Brywn

    Burt's laugh sounds like your killing every animal in a zoo at once

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