Tony Ferguson calls recent losses a blessing, expects to fight for another 10 years | MMA on ESPN
Tony Ferguson calls recent losses a blessing, expects to fight for another 10 years | MMA on ESPN
Tony Ferguson joins Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show to discuss how he got into training at Wild Card Boxing, why he decided to get rid of some of his coaching staff, his recent losses, what he learned over the years, his upcoming fight at UFC 262 fight against Beneil Dariush, if he thought about quitting after the loss to Charles Oliveira and if he thinks a fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov could happen down the road.
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0:00 Tony Ferguson on training at Wild Card Boxing.
5:00 Ferguson says he wants to see the sport in the Olympics.
7:00 Why did you get rid of coaches you had for years?
10:10 Ferguson on what he learned after his recent losses.
11:00 Ferguson calls his recent losses a blessing.
12:00 Ferguson says time management is the best thing he has learned over the years.
18:25 Did you feel like quitting after the loss to Charles Oliveira at UFC 256?
19:40 How did it come about for you to fight Beneil Dariush?
20:10 Ferguson says he is waiting for Khabib Nurmagomedov to sign on the dotted line for a fight.
28:25 Ariel Helwani asks if he would want to fight Nate Diaz.
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  • Brandon LeBourdais
    Brandon LeBourdais

    Tony the type of guy to tell Ariel what questions to ask him

  • mArked4death 07
    mArked4death 07

    Eventually tony has to claim what type of guy he really is and fianlly put an end to all our speculating haha

  • Kanak Shukrey
    Kanak Shukrey

    Another Diego Sanchez in the making, only better at fighting.

  • Brent Vargas
    Brent Vargas

    Tony the type of guy to brush his teeth with soda and gummy worms to train his enamel.

  • Brent Vargas
    Brent Vargas

    Tony the type of guy to stare straight into the lights to look on the bright side of things.

  • Adam Combs
    Adam Combs

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to kill two stones with one bird

  • Mads

    Why does Ariel get busted on so much? I think he is an excellent journalist. I honestly haven’t figured it out yet

  • STU377

    Translation: I know I might be washed up, but a fellas got to make a buck,... somebody stop him.

  • Sarhan 556
    Sarhan 556

    It's really sad that he still thinks about a Khabib fight. Khabib ain't comming back. If he's not comming back for GSP, he's not going to come back for anyone else.

  • Sarhan 556
    Sarhan 556

    Tony is the type of guy that hit pads to recover

  • Angry Machu Pichu
    Angry Machu Pichu

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy that sounds crazier that Diego Sanchez


    Tony is definitely Diego 2.0. My man went from saying he outgrew his coaches to saying he's very coachable. He contradicted himself so many times in this interview it's making me wonder if maybe he's already showing signs of CTE. Tony talks like he's some amazing world beater, all he's ever really done is shown he can take punishment and Outlast people. Technically speaking he is trash...

  • Jason Carby
    Jason Carby

    Tony Follows David Goggins on Twitter Just to Remind himself of the minimum bar to reach

  • sulaiman kamara
    sulaiman kamara

    Tony you’re a old dude U just need to retire becuz I’m not sure if you’ll be able to touch that belt becuz these guy’s that are around the belt rite now they’re going sharper everyday no chance for U bruh although U are looking for opportunity for these guy’s to get injured. That sucks

  • Anthony V
    Anthony V

    Tony Ferguson the only type of guy to not know what the f*** he's talkin about and keep talking about it not knowing what the f*** he's talkin about . yeah that guy 😂

  • The kustom Knight
    The kustom Knight

    Wow all the comments are tonyis the type of person that ..?.......... Come on man lol . Haters going to be like let's bag out Tony we have nothing else to do .

  • Anthony PUKY D Holland
    Anthony PUKY D Holland

    Poor tony...trying to convince himself that hes not finished

  • odeh odeh
    odeh odeh

    Coach Freddy coach

  • Heavy D
    Heavy D

    He needs to stop calling himself "el cucuy" and call himself something else

  • Keith Odell
    Keith Odell

    Training has a rest from Tony

  • Oliver Govrik
    Oliver Govrik

    Dariush gets the dub

  • mfdotbmoore

    Tony is crazy but you gotta watch when to let him go off and when to get him focused. Tony went into fights ill prepared and act surprised by the results?

  • Andy H
    Andy H

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to ware digital watch while practicing 12-6 elbows.

  • Kevin Jacobson
    Kevin Jacobson

    Tony the type of guy to eat the crust but not the pizza

  • Armando Roa
    Armando Roa

    Ariel: did gsp give you any advice Tony: he called me champ

  • Scott N
    Scott N

    That was painful . He’s a walking contradiction. “ im a good coach and very coachable “ yet “ I only did 4 hrs of ju jitsu before my last fight”. Against Olivera? Not too smart

  • Will .G
    Will .G

    First time Tony making some sense for me for the first 8 minutes now turning it off

  • Johnathan Brown
    Johnathan Brown

    Hold on Brotha I’m wrestling

  • Johnathan Brown
    Johnathan Brown

    UFC don’t feel the same at 155 since Khabib ain’t there slaying MFS

  • Johnathan Brown
    Johnathan Brown

    Tony better win this time come back boggie man but beneli tuff

  • Alexandros Geromarkakis
    Alexandros Geromarkakis

    Wow, this interview is so exciting and insightfull, i hope EL CUCUY comes back with a vengeance 💪💪

  • Gary Vlahos
    Gary Vlahos

    You go from winning 12 straight fights , to losing back-to-back and badly . AND you’re pushing 40. I love you Tony, but It's over , mate . At age 37 and having taken so much damage lately, making "adjustments" won't be enough against the murders' row making up the Lightweight Division .

  • Michael Garcia
    Michael Garcia

    Tony is the type of guy to be my number 1 fighter for life.

  • babylayne

    Tony the type of dude to comeback and win the title

  • nessim boubaker
    nessim boubaker

    Tony the type of guy to ask a retorical question and for you to answer

  • Joey Mac
    Joey Mac

    Tony has the most sunken cheeks I've ever seen..

  • Jonathan Merrill
    Jonathan Merrill

    Tony sounds really focused, I hope he can make a super comeback and clean out the Lightweight division once again!!!

  • bdoubleu6

    Tony the type of guy to dress up like a can of raid to train with Freddy roach

    • bdoubleu6

      @Tee Bone that’s was the point my man

    • Tee Bone
      Tee Bone

      worst joke I've seen in the past 5 years of the Tony the type..

  • Incognito Picogram
    Incognito Picogram

    Ariel has always been the best in media still can't stand him though

  • Nito Mutan
    Nito Mutan

    Tony can do better, mostly with a different preparation (athletically, mentally more than technically)

  • Haddie Mo
    Haddie Mo

    I could not get to the comments fast enough lol

  • freethinker

    10:25 : That silence...

  • Mario Pejic
    Mario Pejic

    Tony is the type of guy who would say to yall stop this whole phrases thing its so lame and annoying

  • Joe Benson
    Joe Benson

    Why did they put Tony's head on Brock Lesnar's body?

  • Monster Munch
    Monster Munch

    Nothing would make me happier than seeing tony get that belt! He’s the champ that never was but deserved it more than anyone.

  • Arran Robeson
    Arran Robeson

    Tony Still my favourite fighter on the roster 💪 one of the last real ones 💯

  • natura project
    natura project

    Tony ferguson the type of guy to divide his opponent and dana white at the staredown

  • Mario Garcia
    Mario Garcia


  • smokinnplatez

    I made it 14min youre too nutty to listen to tony

  • Donnie Darko
    Donnie Darko

    Tony the type of guy who should've been undisputed champ. FU uncle Dana and Conor for holding up the division for 2 years. If Tony loses this fight I'm done watching the UFC. It's become all about politics. The guy was on a 12 fight win streak and never even got to fight for the undisputed belt. Talk about an absolute crock of BS.

  • ShadowNinjaBot

    Tony the type of guy that wears a tin foil hat to avoid a reality check, they are all after him! xD

  • Christian D'Cruz
    Christian D'Cruz

    But fr Do you know the difference between chicken salad and chicken

  • sosa reyez
    sosa reyez

    Tony the type of guy to wear his own gear to a fight😂

  • Justin Lee
    Justin Lee

    Tony sounds great.

  • The Gremlin
    The Gremlin

    Tony the type of guy to watch cooking shows to stay hungry

  • Casual Dreamer
    Casual Dreamer

    Tony the type of guy that ankle picks the mailman when he gets his electric bill.

  • I dont care anymore
    I dont care anymore

    Tony's just being humble. He'll fight for another 50 years at least.

  • Justin Fever
    Justin Fever

    Tony Ferguson is the kind of guy that orders a diet coke while eating a Pizza and ice cream for dinner.

  • Imran Khan
    Imran Khan

    Tony is the type of guy to fight Thanos for the time stone so he can fight Khabib.

  • SeanTheBaptist

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy who knocks on your door with a spinning elbow.

  • sanaz atabaki
    sanaz atabaki

    Tony retire man, you proved yourself on your prime no one had a chance against you we all know it. Way too many war you had man. UFC aint been good to you eighter 12 winin streak not a single tittle shot

  • Lang Yang
    Lang Yang

    Tony the type of guy to bring a tent to training camp

  • Adam

    I feel bad, he's delusional and heart broken. It's truly sad to see one of my favorite fighters like this.

  • Cursive Speaking
    Cursive Speaking

    10:25-10:35 Ariel sorting through Cucuy-approved responses: 1) faith, family, friends 2) I don’t have coaches, I have an academy 3) American made w Mexican parts 4) yo estoy muy inteligente y pelea fuerte para my gente y yo, mijo, Univision Sábado Gigante 5) imma be real

  • Kheiry Kheiry
    Kheiry Kheiry

    Tony the type of guy to purposefully let someone hyperextend his elbow in an armbar in order to mentally break his opponent.

  • Eva Gabriel
    Eva Gabriel

    Ariel: *stays silent to allow good Tony content for the internets*

  • arana001

    Tony the type of guy to throw trash in a litter box

  • Antonio Abarca
    Antonio Abarca


  • Φώτιος Τσακωμάκας
    Φώτιος Τσακωμάκας

    Tony the type of guy to fight for another 10 years

  • Alex Gorchkov
    Alex Gorchkov

    I wish to see him against Khazmat Chimaev

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