Top 10 Victorious Songs
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It was hard to pick just 10 out of so many but here it is! all of them are on youtube if you cannot find them let me know and I will send a link of the song(s) also comment below what videos you would want me to upload next.
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  • Raining Insanity
    Raining Insanity

    Wish u included shut up and dance

  • Abbey P
    Abbey P

    Song 2 You, 365 Days, LA Boyz, Countdown, and Make It In America were soooo underrated

  • Abbey P
    Abbey P

    I was never a big fan of All I Want Is Everything or Faster Than Boyz.

  • Jerry FAM
    Jerry FAM

    The 365 days song Andre made for jade was the best song victorious ever came out with idc idc idc

  • Thea Sharpe
    Thea Sharpe

    No particular order but i love Beggin on your knees All i want is everything Heres 2 us Tell me that you love me Shut up and dance

  • Sabrina Neely
    Sabrina Neely

    Elizabeth “louder” 🥰

  • Keanu Figueroa
    Keanu Figueroa

    Oh yea I love this show ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • m_us_ician

    Andre was hella underrated

  • Rhys Trenerry
    Rhys Trenerry

    The boys in the take a hint song were so stupid didn’t know jade and tori hate them

  • Denielah Crooks
    Denielah Crooks

    Jade you no that Beck do not live you be love Tory

  • Denielah Crooks
    Denielah Crooks

    Nice song Tory And the other guys beck I no that you and Tory love each other

  • ayo rezzy
    ayo rezzy

    I like best friends brother la boyz and shut up n dance begging . On ur knees and you dont know me

  • Hala Elsharkawy
    Hala Elsharkawy

    Best songs: Take a hint Here’s to us Song 2 you Give it up

  • Stephanie Wood
    Stephanie Wood

    Take a hint should have been first.

  • Purple Queen
    Purple Queen

    1. Take A Hint 2. Give It Up 3. Beggin' on Your Knees 4. You Don't Know Me 5. Shut Up and Dance 6. Finally Falling 7. 365 Days 8. Countdown 9. BFB 10. Freak the Freak Out I mean still the real number one and two are Chicago and Broken Glass...

  • Jk Sn
    Jk Sn

    Ok so they could have added L.A Boyz

  • Kian Parvaresh-Ghajar
    Kian Parvaresh-Ghajar

    Countdown is underrated

  • Romaryo Victor
    Romaryo Victor

    This show has amazing music

  • clara ao melody
    clara ao melody

    Imagine. A boy with major musical talent get's to go to Hollywood Arts, despite his family struggling with his grandma slowly losing her mind and her memory. The boy is extremely focused on his career and his pursuit in music. Despite all the hardship he faces in his home life he is one of the greatest song writers in Hollywood Arts and always keeps his friends in mind, giving them singings roles in his music and advancing them in their musical career. He never really complains about his hardships and is always there for his friends. André would have made a great protagonist.

  • 안지영

    I don't believe that You don't know me is ranked on third place It should be no.1

  • IIaestheticMe!II

    Where is La boyz 😪

  • Lengerdy_bacon _roblox
    Lengerdy_bacon _roblox

    Where is broken glass and I think your swell? Because you didn’t like both those song then You not real victorious fan.

  • Aaliyah Morris
    Aaliyah Morris

    Umm what about The song “Best-friends Brother” that Tori , Andre , & Cat did on the prom episode 🤨 that song was Fire and soooo underrated 😩🔥💕

  • katelynn smith
    katelynn smith

    my top 10 1. give it up 2. tell me that u love me 3. take a hint 4. you don’t know me (i love this song sm) 5. beggin on your knees 6. song to you 7. la boys 8. all i want is everything 9. make it shine 10. shut up and dance

  • Kit Cat
    Kit Cat

    I agree with the choices! I always loved you don’t know me, because it reminded of those emo girl bands like everescence

  • C𖦹n

    My fav songs for victorious: .Broken glass .Cats and Robbies bad news songs :P Yes

  • anonymously mariama !
    anonymously mariama !

    I think the victorious would have been better if they let all the other main characters singing and be like a musical group together instead of tori's friends always being her backup dancers/singers

  • Roblox Videos
    Roblox Videos

    Like I think take a Hint should have been first then freak the freak out.

  • sunflower Honey
    sunflower Honey

    Honestly this is how I think the characters should be Robbie, Rex, Cat, Jade, Trina, Beck, and whoever else should stay the same Andre should be the main character Tori should be the one to normalize the show because honestly I don’t think she was the most amazing singer not saying she’s bad tho

  • artistic persona
    artistic persona

    where's *freak the freak out* ?

  • So Groovy
    So Groovy

    Andre is the most talented victorious member, close second or arguable first is cat

  • KB Smith
    KB Smith

    My top 5: 1) I think you’re swell(no one talks about this and I LOVE IT) 2) Take a Hint(everyone loves) 3) Give It Up(so talented) 4) Five Fingaz to The Face (just great I love the bus and this whole episode) 5) You Don’t Know Me(Jade is the best??)

    • KB Smith
      KB Smith

      That was #6😳

    • angel '
      angel '

      what about broken glass😭

    • KB Smith
      KB Smith

      Honorable Mention: Chicago

  • George Williams
    George Williams

    I miss Victorious so much

  • That one guy who killed Kenny
    That one guy who killed Kenny

    Am I the only one who likes “Five Fingaz To The Face” and the bad news song Robbie and Cat sang for Beck? 😂😂

  • nadhiraa putri
    nadhiraa putri

    My top 10 1.Give it up 2.Five fingers to the face 3.You're the reason 4.La boys 5.Freak the freak out 6.You don't know me 7.Make it shine 8.Leave it all to shine 9.tell me that you love me 10.Beggin' On your knees

  • Aaliyah Morris
    Aaliyah Morris

    I feel as though the song that Andre wrote and sung when he had a crush on Jade should have been on this list 😭 because that song was fire 🔥

  • Tiffany Mark
    Tiffany Mark

    Victoria's voice is like butter to my ears honestly~ The slight rasp *sends me* 3:48 *YAS*

  • Caitlyn McMichael
    Caitlyn McMichael

    Unpopular opinion: Cat and Andre would have been a cute couple

  • SunnysRoyalSkipper

    Liz Gillies is a star. She and Ariana made this show.

  • Aislinn Ginley
    Aislinn Ginley

    Am I the only one who likes Victorious better than iCarly and Sam + Cat

  • Abbey P
    Abbey P

    My personal favorites (no order): Song 2 You You’re the Reason Beggin’ on Your Knees You don’t know me Take a hint

  • Abbey P
    Abbey P

    But seriously, we all know what the best one is.... *I’ll eat ice cream cake, ‘til my tummy aches*

  • Abbey P
    Abbey P

    Song 2 U should have been higher

  • Mini Skyblazer
    Mini Skyblazer

    I'm in love with victorious down load Netflix and watch victorious

  • XxDisgraceGachaxX Gacha
    XxDisgraceGachaxX Gacha

    My favorite group song was shutup and dance like do I even have to explain? Also Trina deserves a chance to sing well, she could actually sing amazing 🤧🤧

  • Minnie Mouse
    Minnie Mouse

    Nice view of toris armpit every single songggg she singss 🙋🏾‍♀️

  • The Bored Girl UwU
    The Bored Girl UwU

    Netflix didn't divide the seasons properly. It said that it only has 3 seasons but they didn't divide it properly.

  • Mr Waddles
    Mr Waddles

    3:39 André: Faster than boys Tori: Faster than bOyZ

  • Nadia Xx
    Nadia Xx

    8 😍😍😍 and omg wish Tori and Andre dated 🤩🤩🤩

  • kajikne

    guys where can i stream s4 its not on netflix :crying emoji: :crying emoji:

  • Catalina Barrera
    Catalina Barrera

    My favorite song is begging on your knees

  • Ashley Deardon
    Ashley Deardon

    Leon and Victoria together work so well together tbh

  • Cooper The Dog
    Cooper The Dog

    I love Victoria Justice, but Tori was such an annoying character. Like it seemed like she thought she was the best singer, and she got every opportunity even when she didn’t deserve 3/4 of them. All of that is because she was just the main character, even though the main part could have been played by any of the girls, and it would have been better. Also, most of the songs she sings are famous because: well, the theme song, and because of the other people singing or playing with her. Like, when she performs with Jade, cat, or Andre, I so much want to hear their voice then hers. But, this is just my opinion, but let me know what u guys think.

  • Evelyn Johnson
    Evelyn Johnson

    My top 5 victorious songs 1) Take a hint 2) Beggin on your knees 3) Countdown 4) Give it up 5) All I want is Everything

  • Madeleine Haddad
    Madeleine Haddad

    10. All I Want is Everything 9. Tell Me That You Love Me 8. Countdown 7. Broken Glass 6. LA Boys 5. Shut Up and Dance 4. Give It Up 3. Take a Hint 2. Begging on Your Knees 1. You Don’t Know Me

  • twicent

    Victorious songs is so litttt

  • Nina’s Story
    Nina’s Story

    5:43 they have it wrong it was season 1 episode 19

  • OK Howard
    OK Howard

    I just can't stop looking for weird shit knowing about Dan Schneider now? Like all these scenes just seem sexual now. Ick

  • Yunng HB
    Yunng HB

    Bring back good memories 🗣💯

  • Thanos


  • Jung shOoK
    Jung shOoK

    Why isn’t SHUT UP AND DANCE here?? It was great

  • brokenpoloroid

    Give it up episode is wrong

  • TheLeah2344

    My favorite Victorious songs 1. Take a Hint 2. Give it up 3. My Best Friends Brother 4. All I want is Everything 5. Make it Shine 6. You don’t know Me 7. Begging on your knees 8. Freak the freak out

  • Forever Smiler
    Forever Smiler

    where’s LA Boyz?? tht one was definitely my favorite

  • Scott Crow
    Scott Crow

    song 2 you is number 1

  • emma claire
    emma claire

    song 2 u was my fav

  • Natsagdorj monhuchral
    Natsagdorj monhuchral

    Victorious song cool

  • copycat brain
    copycat brain

    Tori does not deserve the hate she gets I hear silly and invalid arguments stating that she's mean annoying and bratty but no one ever says that to Jade who is an even worse who pretends to hate Tori and goes as far as to draining her blood in order to get a leading role or how kat ripped out Jade's eyebrows Tori really doesn't deserve the hate she gets if you come to me saying that Tori is bratty or annoying without any evidence to back it up then I will destroy you

  • -`安 ́-
    -`安 ́-

    Y'all be sitting over there not listening to tell me that you love me and it really shows

  • Basketball fan 787
    Basketball fan 787

    Where’s Countdown?

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