TOP 100 Dunks | 2019-20 NBA Season
Ahead of the NBA Restart beginning July 30th, relive the TOP 100 dunks from the 2019-20 NBA season so far! Drop which dunk was your favorite in the comments!
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  • rob gonsalves
    rob gonsalves

    Sorry lebron's dunk is number 101 jajaja

  • rob gonsalves
    rob gonsalves

    Lebron number 1?? Come on man, his dunk is number 50 jaja

  • Van Derrinx
    Van Derrinx

    They forgot Thanasis poster dunk against Magic 😒

  • mu1rur1

    I wish they had the player's names as well

  • SandboxArrow


  • Mandla Mofenye
    Mandla Mofenye

    I don't get why that dunk is at now, really... there's better ones before that...

  • Pancakes611

    11:25 porzingis is useless like always

  • your mom
    your mom

    Ah yes, it's finally at the point where the NBA is a bugger LeBron D-sucker than Flight is with Curry.

  • Min Oddly Satisfying
    Min Oddly Satisfying

    imagine iff ja had made that slam over love ...

  • Kyleigh Kitchens
    Kyleigh Kitchens

    I am instantly in love with anyone who dunks on Aron Baynes

  • Lorna Flores
    Lorna Flores

    nba orlando magic si guillo dunk 2020 😎 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


    Excellent. How to dunk at 5'5? Fitness program for more info

  • steve remo
    steve remo

    can u imagine stewart scott calling bam adebayo highlights

  • LaahLaah

    the amount of disrespect to norman powell

  • mudit rawat
    mudit rawat

    Good Game :)

  • DanTheMan

    Dunk like a pro

  • Gina Colau
    Gina Colau

    caruso the goat

  • Sir Disney
    Sir Disney

    Guys voice sounds like a bass guitar 3:19

  • Sanjay Ramroop
    Sanjay Ramroop

    Do the WNBA next... o wait

  • Kelton buege
    Kelton buege

    25 was maybe worthy of the 75 spot

  • Assi Army
    Assi Army


  • Leandro Mallari
    Leandro Mallari

    This is not top 100, these are 100 top 1

  • Drew Diaz
    Drew Diaz

    Lebron is 6’8 and did a one handed dunk on someone the trying to take a charge and of course it’s number 1 because the nba kisses up to him, the guy didn’t even move that much

    • Everythingsdonewrong

      Haters mad😴

  • C Cレモン
    C Cレモン


  • feaskoh

    these announcers sucking them jock straps like sweet tarts

  • •Reaper •
    •Reaper •

    Very soon that lonzo zion halfcourt lob will be unstopable

  • salo mallo
    salo mallo

    7:48 joel makes steps ı think

  • Erdogan Oztuncman
    Erdogan Oztuncman

    hows lebrons dunk first all they do is to hype “the king” and nemanja didnt had to stand for a charge there he did that on purpose bc that would be a charge in the euroleague since nemanja played in the euroleague for a long time but things are just different in the nba 🤷‍♂️

  • Kimberling Guzman
    Kimberling Guzman


  • Will Cleverley Beats
    Will Cleverley Beats

    That’s flights typa shot

  • Carlos Rosa
    Carlos Rosa

    Lonzo and Zion 🤘🏻

  • Jyry Aalto
    Jyry Aalto

    0:51 Trae young should have sprinted to block that dunk. But ik Aaron would've done regular dunk or layup

  • Birdman Dk
    Birdman Dk

    Flights reaction when he sees Lebron get the number 1 spot: 👁👄👁

  • Sergio Navadijo
    Sergio Navadijo

    these dunks don't even make top 100 Vince Carter rookie dunks

  • MitchB13

    100 dunks and no one dunk of the man who dunk the most in nba, my man Rudy Gobert, WTF ??!!! What is the problem whith him ?!

  • Anne Tetialou
    Anne Tetialou

    How about corona dunnking over the whole world

  • Gustavo Martins
    Gustavo Martins

    follow @basket_analises on instagram

  • Henry Bolch
    Henry Bolch

    How is Dame's Dunk over 4 players not no.1 and only 72!?!

  • jayjayart1

    We not gonna talk bout those lonzo lobs to zion 👀

  • N21

    55 and 53 were in the same game. That game was insane to watch

  • Nathaniel Sivori3
    Nathaniel Sivori3

    Ja was better than lebron

  • Randy Randerson
    Randy Randerson

    Sekou should be way higher

  • Simon Blaser
    Simon Blaser

    None of zions dunks deserved to be above 75 @ me if you dare

  • Simon Blaser
    Simon Blaser

    Y’all can try and stay sleeping on ja but he still on the come up. ROY no question.

  • Simon Blaser
    Simon Blaser

    Nobody: Zion Williamson: makes mildly contested dunk off lob from lonzo ball. NBA IT-my channel: ROOKIE OF THE YEAR

  • jonvh

    why is this only in 720p its 2020

  • DJTravTV

    Most of these dunks aren't even that impressive tbh

  • Thomas Jefe
    Thomas Jefe

    Surprised zions morning shit didn’t make it on this list

  • max Armstrong
    max Armstrong

    donovan mitchells at 95?????? shouldve been top 10 without a doubt.

  • KDsATM

    They didn’t put zions windmill against the twolves In here bruh smh 🤦‍♂️

  • Rose

    "Ja dropper" Pun of the year

  • Brendan Little
    Brendan Little

    Zion wide open alley oop at 50..... LMAO OK

  • Islenity


  • Thomas Riep
    Thomas Riep

    If lonzo ball makes shoots like he makes passes, he will be the best shooter all time 😂

  • WarKoala233

    Number 40 should have been in the top 10 in my opinion

  • Mitchell Rivera
    Mitchell Rivera

    A 100 reasons why this current generation doesn't get the respect they deserve and this is only a highlight reel of 2019-20.. Btw I'm 42.

  • TႬპტ

    imagine put the russ dunk against celtics in 61th

  • Houston Trashtros
    Houston Trashtros

    There’s a lot of Zion and lebron bias in this video

  • Kevin Revels
    Kevin Revels

    The one against the suns

  • Kevin Revels
    Kevin Revels

    Aaron Gordon's 360 should of been top 20 who makes this list aaron gordon 360 should of been 15

  • Alperen Bekçi
    Alperen Bekçi

    Zion is overreated

  • Jesus Is Lord
    Jesus Is Lord

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  • Ashwin Radhakrishnan
    Ashwin Radhakrishnan

    The disrespect to jayson tatum and timelord

  • Xav1er __
    Xav1er __

    Istg if that lebron dunk is number 1 I’m never watching a nba list ever again

    • Xav1er __
      Xav1er __

      It was number 1😐

  • Jon C
    Jon C

    Demar #1

  • Epic Nathan
    Epic Nathan

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  • ramere fauntleroy
    ramere fauntleroy

    #70 dunk he carried the ball

  • Nezar Gatere
    Nezar Gatere

    Not even one Ben Simmons dunk? Come on NBA

  • Xavier Morgan
    Xavier Morgan

    Commentator: He's inhuman Me: of course he is

    • Xavier Morgan
      Xavier Morgan


  • Ryan Lee
    Ryan Lee

    This sucks. I love the nba. But they are the worlds biggest human rights hypocrites.

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