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    Me and my drunk college buddies.... 2:34

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    Which game was at 21:02

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    Poopy Peepod

    In an online session in RDR2, me and my sister were running around when I noticed a clone of my own character walking around. We tried to kill it but it only fell down and then began to run very fast into the woods. It was spooky bc when we found the body, she glitched and looked like she was dragged away.

  • Ethan Olarte
    Ethan Olarte

    what game is at 12:15

    • Barteq1203

      Far Cry 5

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    4:53 game? and 6:48

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      For Honor Assassin's Creed Origins

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    17:38 when you see porn in 1 person xd

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    Guy: literally kills person in front of girl Girl: *im going to find whoever did this*

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      Far Cry 5

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