Top 5 crashes of 2019
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  • tj t
    tj t

    This is dangerous..

  • Rama Ramadhan
    Rama Ramadhan


  • R-B33

    Where is Zarco when he got knocked down by Lecuona's bike?

  • Charles Koushik
    Charles Koushik

    I mean im not a motogp guy but no2 the red guy landed on his neck/backbone... Im surprised hes walking... Very dangerous sport this

  • fluttershy77x

    And they are not broken? Incredible.

  • harshixt 7
    harshixt 7

    these guys literally take off during accidents


    Like that

  • Sirijan Thakur
    Sirijan Thakur

    4:45 'the only man he didnt knocked out is his teammate' hahaha 🍀

  • muhammad shofwan
    muhammad shofwan

    #OOT. I think this kind of stuff makes Motogp more spectacular than F1, the margin of error in GP bikes is so little. a bit too early on throttle you'll thrown away from the bike. Braking a bit too late you'll get lowside. F1 on the other hand seems quite forgiving

  • Frank Burdo Drums
    Frank Burdo Drums

    So far marquez has the #1 and #2 best crashes for 2020.

  • Putra Adi
    Putra Adi

    Few of the accident because marc, quart in silverstone just breaking unstabble coz marquez slip, petrucci get lost coz he contact with marquez

    • El Diablo 20
      El Diablo 20

      That was rins slip in turn 1 silverstone not Marc

  • Willy Strike 17
    Willy Strike 17

    Who came here after marquez injury in spanish gp.. (he broke his arm)

  • Ivan Miracle Flix
    Ivan Miracle Flix

    For those who are laughing Fucking stop it please because they can almost die

  • stringsnare

    can someone explain how these guys are not dying please

  • stringsnare

    i think i just got diarrhea

  • Rum rumiah
    Rum rumiah


  • brahim boukthir
    brahim boukthir

    well that's a bad title

  • H DHIL
    H DHIL

    When will they add a halo for the bike

  • Damien Designs
    Damien Designs

    Football/Soccer players: gets touched a falls down and doesn’t even get up MotoGP riders: go down at 190mph/320kmph and gets up like nothing happened

    • The Kid
      The Kid

      Because they want the referees to hand out yellow/red card

    • Tanay _21
      Tanay _21

      @John Ass what the fuck is your channel photo

    • Frank Burdo Drums
      Frank Burdo Drums

      @Damien Designs I saw it live. marquez is the best at crashing. They should invent a crash contest just for mm93. He'll definately take 1st place. Or he should try rodeo.

    • Afzal Ahmed
      Afzal Ahmed

      U haven't played football bro. That's why u r saying that

    • Damien Designs
      Damien Designs

      Frank Burdo Drums watch Marc Marquez at Mugello crash

  • Gilaku XNXX
    Gilaku XNXX

    Best crash

  • Comrade 9
    Comrade 9

    0:23 i believe i can fly

  • Purwanti Allan
    Purwanti Allan

    The numbers 5 and 2 are so damn brutal

  • Chronic-187

    I love how Moto GP knows we love the crashes

  • Street Triples Stoney
    Street Triples Stoney

    Thank you, and God bless all riders.. Amen

  • Virtual Ruffian
    Virtual Ruffian

    2020 MotoGP Calendar released, amid Coronavirus pandemic 👇🏼 👇🏼

  • Makhwax

    1:10 map not loaded

  • KiwiKing353

    How many of these is Marquez involved with?

  • huy trần
    huy trần

    Ôi ko 93

  • reihan ananda
    reihan ananda

    Lorenzo is the best in motogp

  • MC Cheez Strings
    MC Cheez Strings

    Unless you get PROPERLY flinged in the air how is it even possible to get hurt in MotoGP you’re basically wearing an invincible suit


    0:08,0:48,2:17(2:39),3:14big Crash,&4:12 yeah! this is on the minute 4:12 i so not happy 99,12,&46 my idol but,Marquez 93 not crash&Winner i happy

  • Imran Hakimi
    Imran Hakimi

    Now we knew why one team has two riders...


    Oh my God. This is a terrible accident. I hope these motorcyclists are in order. Then I found everyday accidents...

  • ColdBoltz


  • Shauqani م ح م د
    Shauqani م ح م د

    Bike accident near the death 👇

  • Layla's Recipe
    Layla's Recipe

    Bike Crash dangerously seee now Link :

  • DrAce

    I was thinking what on earth was more dramatic than no.2 on the list.... No.1 shows... oh no... the the memories 😭😭😭

  • Julio De Los Santos
    Julio De Los Santos

    Megusta las drenalinas

  • BalazsTheBest Pro
    BalazsTheBest Pro

    1:59 touching ass

  • Geddy V
    Geddy V

    I'm big into watching supercross, outdoor mx, gncc-style offroad races etc but moto gp is very new to me - it's unbelievable to me that there aren't dozens of brutal crashes every race. These guys have some crazy talent and massive cojones. Edit- can someone explain to me why there seem to be a lot of fires when these bikes crash? Is everything just super lightweight so the tank is fairly easy to rupture during a slide, and the dragging metal sparks it up?

  • Ashish Mourya
    Ashish Mourya

    Nice ,,add more videos

  • Legendary Warrior
    Legendary Warrior

    Guys, Im'ma ask if you have experienced this type of moment that you, what does it feel?

  • Eny Susetyoningsih
    Eny Susetyoningsih

    3:31 what a save by an airbags(see dovi back)

  • Squiddy

    0:09 My man tried to run!

  • Tipah 2
    Tipah 2


    • Tipah 2
      Tipah 2


  • G Car
    G Car

    I would say the safety technologyy is incredible but the drivers are just good at not landing badly

  • Ashwinee kumar Rout Ray
    Ashwinee kumar Rout Ray

    Repsol repsol repsol

  • Mikael Anselmus A
    Mikael Anselmus A

    Should this be Dinoco's all mine?

  • Fahrul Rizal
    Fahrul Rizal

    When Vallentino rossi crash, i turn off the tv.. haha

  • BlackDevil INDO
    BlackDevil INDO

    Gara gara malaysial anjnk

  • Mirian Hernandez
    Mirian Hernandez

    tenkiu and casrd serdh

  • Iron Engine
    Iron Engine

    3:15 I Love Emilia

  • Pirk_Thai official THAILAND
    Pirk_Thai official THAILAND

    *Wow Security Staff Thailand 👍👍👍😲😲😲🙏🙏🙏🤟SA WAS DEE KA I'M FROM THAILAND*

  • Sahil Nadaf
    Sahil Nadaf

    I am coming

  • Dwi Kris
    Dwi Kris

    Yes 500 comment


    0:07 Monster

  • Aaron Cook
    Aaron Cook

    🔥🔥🔥 🏁🏁🏁amazing what he did🏎️🏎️🏎️ 1:03 💟💚🔥 👇💗

  • StayWithMoto

    sad rossi.. :-(

  • iwetimer x
    iwetimer x

    Walk away from the crash with hot gals always amazed me🔥

  • Ian On The Go
    Ian On The Go

    4:29 He's riding his bike upside down.

  • Gabriel Andrade
    Gabriel Andrade

    Tô nem ai

  • Sebastian Davies
    Sebastian Davies

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🏁🏁🏁best race ever🏎️🏎️🏎️ 1:13 ❤🔥 👇💯

  • Matteo Tate
    Matteo Tate

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 🏁🏁🏁you have to look all the way🏎️🏎️🏎️ 1:30 💯💜 👇👇

  • Buff Tammy
    Buff Tammy

    Marc marquez needs to get off the race track.

  • STU _ PID
    STU _ PID


  • Shivam Kumar
    Shivam Kumar

    0:18 is there airbag in back of his suit ?

    • Cereal Killer • 99 years ago
      Cereal Killer • 99 years ago

      @MC Cheez Strings dianese has them on their site for sale. It's damn expensive though

    • MC Cheez Strings
      MC Cheez Strings

      Willy Fajar Ramadhan woah fucking cool

    • Willy Fajar Ramadhan
      Willy Fajar Ramadhan


  • Satrio Ramadhani
    Satrio Ramadhani


  • Matteo Tate
    Matteo Tate

    🔥🔥 🏁🏁🏁interesting race🏎️🏎️🏎️ 1:04 💗 👇👇👇👇👇💟

  • D. international
    D. international


  • final wars da way
    final wars da way

    mooore pleeeeese

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