in my opinion. This #SpookyScarySunday was a 10.. EASILY.
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  • _ArMaNdO

    Anyone know what the code in the intro says? I just did the 0:01 part It says "If you are readin"

  • Allan Fenton
    Allan Fenton

    One of the best SSS I've ever watched!!!

  • nat suar
    nat suar

    I thought your name was cary kh. I can't believe you used his brothers music. He is already that famous. 😁😁😁😁

  • Digitize Us
    Digitize Us

    When theres an add about an app that you already installed: I am four parrelell universes infront of you

  • Erin Donohoe
    Erin Donohoe

    but but Cory the last one wasn't a animation tehehe please don't hate me now haha love you

  • Jiro LikesGirls
    Jiro LikesGirls

    Ok but like our pockets are kinda small and it's better than putting it under out pants and we don't lose it if it's under our boob

  • V Saxena
    V Saxena

    YO, the sandwich story was off the chain!

  • Kyran

    cory rlly said: come on come on jump scare me do it *screams* lol

  • DeSean Gilbert
    DeSean Gilbert

    did you see the cuts on there arm it wan mr pinki'ys fingers

  • Mentlegen

    *ravioli ravioli*

  • Jayda Greene
    Jayda Greene

    *smack* incredible 👍🏼😁

  • Venita Harris
    Venita Harris

    U are the best

  • Tristan Ting
    Tristan Ting

    The most disgusting one was make me a sandwich.

  • Cam'ron Mock
    Cam'ron Mock

    30:04 look at his eyes in the bed

  • Vendge

    “You ever just get a hair in your toe”

  • R D
    R D


  • Samurai dwnx
    Samurai dwnx

    Cory y’all ever got a hair in ya toes Me bruh wtf

  • Assata Bell
    Assata Bell

    nba - yougn

  • metro yt
    metro yt

    I hate how his mic is louder than the video😒 like bruh

  • Jamie Butterfield
    Jamie Butterfield

    I'm gonna say something that's bothering me... After watching the sandwich video thing I immediately WANTED a sandwich and made the same sandwich that was in that video. The other weird part, I hate mayo and will rarely have it so I have never made that kind of sandwich before in my life 0-0

  • Chloe Murray
    Chloe Murray

    that one with the kids was just sad, :( and stuff like that actually happens irl, and one time i used to live next door to abusive parents :/

  • •It’s April Uwu•
    •It’s April Uwu•

    Okay i imagined my mom eating a glass sandwich, *horrible*

  • Spazz

    *what people ment when they said "you wanna jawbreaker"*

  • 1k subs for a normal egg
    1k subs for a normal egg

    Home alone 3am fullscreen no lights

  • Aliana

    The first one had me holding onto my jaw

  • Adriel Giwa-Amu
    Adriel Giwa-Amu

    Dude I was eating during the first two

  • Beatrice

    30:03 did ya'll see that?

  • Frylock Jacques
    Frylock Jacques

    Bruh them fnaf vids be the filler episodes but them llama arts be them season finales

  • matt leggat
    matt leggat

    hey cory u got somthing on ur face just so u know

  • ༼Planet Clairø༽ · 79 Years ago
    ༼Planet Clairø༽ · 79 Years ago

    Im a month late


    cory:killing some one us:o me:reeeeeeeeeee

  • LaurellCrowned

    I never got scared watching SSS but somehow at 28:07 my soul left my body

  • Peppermint BlackTea
    Peppermint BlackTea

    Best way to keep things safe is sticking em in your bra. I usually put my money in there ngl.

  • QueenOfRussian 890
    QueenOfRussian 890


  • Alastor from hazbin hotel
    Alastor from hazbin hotel

    Jaw breakers u get the joke hahaha but they do seem like a delightful treat but i don’t wanna eat that one

    • Alastor from hazbin hotel
      Alastor from hazbin hotel

      Keylan Davis may I ask what u mean

    • Keylan Davis
      Keylan Davis

      Hey, could you I like your video

  • Twiztid Tony
    Twiztid Tony

    SSS is always great cause your a great host/personality...

  • Adrian Smith
    Adrian Smith

    Did this man just said the f word

  • ReplayZ Avinet
    ReplayZ Avinet

    Bro no capp that third animation hit different with them damn chills 🚫🧢😧😧😧😧

  • Mal descendants
    Mal descendants

    (After he got broken from the jaw breaker 2) me: DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT CURSING -_-

  • La'Reina Hairston
    La'Reina Hairston

    slice that like buttun

  • johnathan burnett
    johnathan burnett

    “Double cheeked up” Had me deeeaaaad lol Cory couldn’t help himself😂😂😂😂

  • Logic Sonic Playz
    Logic Sonic Playz


  • Logic Sonic Playz
    Logic Sonic Playz

    Wow I guess that guy had nothing inside him until now. 🤔

  • Berenice Alcaraz-Tova
    Berenice Alcaraz-Tova


  • Fredbear demons
    Fredbear demons

    I saw jawbreaker 2 and almost had a heart attack so ima mute it and look away for the first 1

  • Zucchini Suddon
    Zucchini Suddon

    Anyone notice that the kid in the wheelchair has a bicycle in his room??? That’s so messed upppp

  • Zucchini Suddon
    Zucchini Suddon

    The sixth animation isn’t an animation

  • cool boi
    cool boi

    The moment when Ed and Eddy gets their revenge, years later. LOL

  • Jayden Thomas
    Jayden Thomas

    “The bite of 84” my cousin watching markilpier “WAS THAT THE BITE OF 87!?

  • Kalea Rhooms
    Kalea Rhooms

    I'm so disappointed that lady black and she investigating instead of calling and running.I care about the kids too but once my lights off ima dash

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy

    the second one is just karma

  • Jessica Brockway
    Jessica Brockway


  • A cup of Tae with Suga and Kookie
    A cup of Tae with Suga and Kookie

    Miko just opened his eyes while sleeping! 30:03

  • Kayla Madel
    Kayla Madel

    I love spooky scary Sunday wach it every Sunday or when I'm done with school

  • wisecrack27


  • simp slayer
    simp slayer

    remember when cory left us for 1 year so we had to watch his old videos

  • Just A Snail
    Just A Snail

    Nah when the lights turned off after that woman was crying I said some nope so ima just hide in the comments now

  • JustaWatcher 1912
    JustaWatcher 1912

    Can anyone explain the ending to the third one? I thought she was going to discover the bodies and call the police but instead she became the mum? Is she trying to escape it or something and made up her own reality? Of her being a good person? Confuuuuused

  • Some_rando_in_your_closet

    That Ed one made me wanna throw up lmao

  • Some_rando_in_your_closet

    I regret it I regret it I regret it I don’t wanna do this at this time lmao

  • Rhaquis Thomas
    Rhaquis Thomas


  • Rhaquis Thomas
    Rhaquis Thomas

    Aye if you said jawbreaker is sweet have some of my poundcake :)

  • Ayla Bennett
    Ayla Bennett


  • Ayla Bennett
    Ayla Bennett


  • Miguel Raya
    Miguel Raya

    One of the best channels EVER!

  • Kaylee Stutting
    Kaylee Stutting

    i made multiple accounts just to sub xD im late but goodluck my homie :D!

  • CoralCloudClan

    So for those who don't understand "Knock Knock" I'll explain it for you in the best way possible. So basically in the video you can see that the woman lives next to her neighbor with 4 kids and in the drama she seems very abusive to her children, at the end you see the children locked in the freezer and she starts screaming at them, so let's break this down. So how do I say this, well, there's only one house. The character displayed in the video is schizophrenic. Those children are actually her children, she doesn't have a twin house, it's just one house. She killed the children and in her imagination she still believes they are all there. When she enters the "second house" which is her house, she opens the freezer up to see 2 of her dead children, which are the children she killed, and she gets a terrifying realization, that those are her children, that it's her house, which is why she starts singing, and then eventually the other side of her awakens. And as you can see at 13:47 she's banging on the freezer, yelling at the "children", which are dead. She cooks food and leaves it at her porch to bring her satisfaction thinking she's helping the kids in the other house. The child you see running around in the footage of her upstairs, is her dead child taunting her. Basically, shes both the abusive mother and the neighbor, but she didn't have the ability to comprehend it until she saw her children were dead. The child you saw asking "Why" when she walked down the stairs was her the ghost of her child asking why she killed them. The water you saw she touched that turned in to blood represented the melted ice from the freezer and the blood that was shed when she killed them. When she heard them being hit and the vase shattering, it was a memory in the past of when she killed them, but which still haunts her, but she does not have the ability to comprehend it. The good neighbor trying to help them is actually a voice in her head. Summary, there is no good neighbor trying to help the children in the other house, there are no children, there is only one house, it's all in her imagination, This is actually based off of a true story and is very sad, if i'm not mistaken, i believe she called the cops to address the situation but then after research they find out it's her. Schizophrenia is such a terrible illness :(

  • Mr. Frickskito
    Mr. Frickskito

    I tried to translate the binary code, and I would have, I'm just too lazy to look up and down at the screen getting the numbers in perfect order. Plus its alot to put in.

  • Caelan Tallungan
    Caelan Tallungan


  • Harmony Playz
    Harmony Playz

    Imagine that it was actually the time at 26:44

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