Top 5 last lap battles in 2019
We were treated to numerous last lap battles in 2019 - here are our top 5!
How would you rank them?
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    Smangat team Honda sang juara

  • stunnymega

    Marquez's/Honda's worst tracks, still manages a win and 4 seconds... not a champion they say... If Rossi is so great where was he here? oh yeah he would beat Sete and Biaggi in his prime, Marquez beats the 4 aliens in his rookie year and is now an 8 time champion. His domination isn't shown too often but if it was then half the comments would be it is boring. Thats why you guys are seeing him lose here, so you guys can see it can be close

  • Hendra Aja
    Hendra Aja

    Marques number 1

  • Rian Nirwana
    Rian Nirwana

    Tetap rossi lah. Yg hebat.. gak da tu semua

  • Piotr Kobielus
    Piotr Kobielus

    Australian GP

  • Jasrudin Labase
    Jasrudin Labase


  • jose minyety
    jose minyety


  • Irham Irham
    Irham Irham


  • Danial Khan
    Danial Khan

    Why it's always Marquez vs somebody?

  • Lalasyaa Lam
    Lalasyaa Lam

    Marquez is good but not good enough


    jonathan young

  • Nathalie Paris
    Nathalie Paris

    la vitesse de axel c est important pour la compétition et bravo lorenzo

  • Nathalie Paris
    Nathalie Paris

    c est canal plus qui suit honda axel et marc marquez c est des grand pilotes la pervection et deja sur l equipe fabio au complet

  • Nathalie Paris
    Nathalie Paris

    c est des fanatiques de la moto protection de honda grace a canal plus c est des pilotes force a vous

  • Suryadi Smith
    Suryadi Smith

    British gp & austrian gp more dramatic

  • Mhd Ammr._
    Mhd Ammr._

    6:57 Fabio Vs Marc. Both have his own title "The youngest MotoGP Racer"

  • Mochammad Lutfy Rivaei
    Mochammad Lutfy Rivaei

    No Marquez No Party,,

  • ド素人


  • Paulo Silveira
    Paulo Silveira

    Nos 6.25 o narrador teve quase um filho kkkkkk

  • Fais Channel
    Fais Channel

    kompilation crash Marques

  • anton Saputra Vlog
    anton Saputra Vlog

    Mantaaap...tolong bantu subscribe juga yaa...anton saputra vlog... mksh

  • Anto Lef
    Anto Lef

    ah nggak asik masak setiap markues kalah aja di tayang kan tolol lu

  • Jakub Bláha
    Jakub Bláha


  • Suhari Harianto
    Suhari Harianto

    The best in MotoGP ....rider-rider MotoGP Marquez,Dovizioso,Valentino Rossi ,Vinales and Fabio Quartararo very good 🙏👍👍👍😎.......( HARI BIKER'S 🇮🇩 )

  • kuznetzov1995

    Alguien puede explicarme como carajo hizo eso Rins?

  • Vedant Satpute
    Vedant Satpute

    1:00 just pause the video..and see It looks like playing a realistic arcade game.

  • Bboy Santi
    Bboy Santi


  • Bboy Santi
    Bboy Santi

    Mst riding hai

  • Bisagu roy
    Bisagu roy


  • Abdul Rehman
    Abdul Rehman

    Title should be marquez last lap battles lol

  • anisa cumie
    anisa cumie

    Wawww the besssss marqez

  • alzajr

    Amazing power of ducati moto

  • ェカィゥ

    Baby alien amazing performance

  • Ferry Goed
    Ferry Goed

    Disini sy tau klo marquez itu yg terhebat..bisa fight semua rival

  • Strawhats Gamer
    Strawhats Gamer

    marc marquez is my #1 idol in moto gp

  • Hey Ho
    Hey Ho

    Ternyata lebih seru ya klo marquez dikalahkan

  • Gowtham Rock
    Gowtham Rock

    MM 93 VS everybody

  • Lingling Widjaja
    Lingling Widjaja

    Marce marqese alu mendykum mu

  • Η Ζωή σε 2 ΡΟΔΕΣ
    Η Ζωή σε 2 ΡΟΔΕΣ

    Battle No.3 with Marc Marquez and Alex Rins was out of this world!

  • Isan channel
    Isan channel

    Semua favorite battle ada marquez... Tapi yg herannya masih ada juga manusia goblok bilang marquez perusak motogp 😆 taulah fans siapa ituh

  • junaidi saputra
    junaidi saputra

    Klo mau punya kamar tidur yg cantik SUBSCRIBE mi channel

  • Bario Guam
    Bario Guam


  • XSIDAHMED_44 _
    XSIDAHMED_44 _

    It's top 5 last Marquez lap 😂😂

  • Malcolm Abram
    Malcolm Abram

    Sorry, but you can stuff F1.

  • mas bro shot
    mas bro shot

    Fans roosi r i b e me ..

  • Ben Chad
    Ben Chad

    Valintino rossi will rise up again..

  • mohd zubir sarbini zubir sarbini
    mohd zubir sarbini zubir sarbini

    Tiada sudah nama Rossi... Berarti era Rossi sudah berakhir

  • Hali Lan
    Hali Lan

    93 selalu di hati

  • Hamba Allah
    Hamba Allah

    Rin is the guy eho make blue line on track video game.

  • Bikers On Call
    Bikers On Call

    The reason Marc Marquez is so much better than you and me is because he has a super fast bike , really , that's it , fast bike, I have proof: 5:14 : )

  • Bikers On Call
    Bikers On Call

    15 commercials in the middle? Why MGP ? 'Dislike' . Give me commercials in the start and end , don't screw up the whole thing with constant interruptions,,,, plezzzzz!!

  • Bikers On Call
    Bikers On Call


  • Bikers On Call
    Bikers On Call

    'DISLIKE' Videos with commercials in the middle seriously MGP, wtf ? Put them in the start and end.

  • Farhan Indonesia27
    Farhan Indonesia27

    Salah judul Harusnya, 4 kekalahan bodoh Marquez, 4 empatnya video Marquez kalah aja!

  • Navin Raj
    Navin Raj

    Marquez, I have my respect for you,, you've always been a great competition..

  • Astryd Ketty
    Astryd Ketty

    Dovizioso ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Santoso Santoso
    Santoso Santoso

    yaelaaahhh coba aku yg pake mtor dovi pasti seneng

  • Sony Atmaja
    Sony Atmaja

    marquez is fast on the straight hardest in braking but slowest in corner

  • Makeluck365

    Dovi' pass on Marquez in Austria is so amazing

  • Lalu Hendra
    Lalu Hendra

    wow wow wow😎 nice one👍

  • dony damara
    dony damara

    Marquez vs everybody last laps battle, and lose, so sad

  • David Parsaulian
    David Parsaulian

    Yes, i enjoyed so much. Really really race.. so powerfull race

  • Bonny Bonny
    Bonny Bonny

    I never watched Motor GP before but I am here to see marquez literally pushing that honda to the limit. WOW

  • zuraid gulgam
    zuraid gulgam

    i m am fans rossi stoner marquez hola hola

  • Giovanni .'
    Giovanni .'

    Solo vs squad,. Marquez vs everbody

  • i wayan pratama
    i wayan pratama

    i love rossi but marc is truly has a skill

  • Timor Channel
    Timor Channel

    Win betle but not win word jp i think Mark very consisten and the best rider

  • Chintia Chintia
    Chintia Chintia

    Tetap aja MM93 juaranya.....

  • Abel99 Sinclair46
    Abel99 Sinclair46

    Marquez Will Be The Legend And Quartararo Is The NEXT ROSSI



  • Azka Bayu
    Azka Bayu

    The legend is so good But marquez race use the brain

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