Top Best Funny Car Commercials Compilation Ever
Jean Gixxer
The Best Funniest Car Commercials Ever.
Super Bowl 50 Ads.

  • laday niles
    laday niles

    the one with kevin harts really got me 😂😂😂😂😂👌👌👌💖💖💖👏👏👏👏

  • Ezra Tambo
    Ezra Tambo

    kia is retarded

  • John Andrews
    John Andrews

    love the 12 point jackhammer a mans tool for sure

  • MrMisterock

    you missed the best one ever

  • Overhand Golf Channel
    Overhand Golf Channel

    You can't take the "idiot" out of a prius driver ...

  • Tronman63

    So how many knew the source material for the first commercial was from the "Wacky Races?"

  • Abdullah Zaidi
    Abdullah Zaidi

    That cartoon Damn..... I almost forgot about it ♥♥♥

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  • pakachakawaka

    the toyota with the genie was really bad. there was nothing in the commercial about the product at all until the end commentary (sort of).

  • Demon Dutron
    Demon Dutron

    10:01 aliens are greater than God I don't know that

  • Haakon Dahl
    Haakon Dahl

    The bass toward the end of the PeugeoPepup French car commercail was on point.

  • Joe

    Wot a load on shit.

  • HAZEX shigameh
    HAZEX shigameh

    That prius isnt fast. Crown vics drivers are just stupid

  • Gabriel Coronado
    Gabriel Coronado

    The Toyota commercials aren´t funny (or believable) at all...

  • Chandan Kumar
    Chandan Kumar

    Experts say that till today the PRIUS is chasing that PRIUS... lol ^_^

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  • Gewgulkan Suhckitt
    Gewgulkan Suhckitt

    How many people recognized the Hanna Barbera "Wacky Races" references in the first commercial? I'm assuming the girl at the end was Penelope Pitstop. The anthropomorphic dog was Muttley.

  • Stephen Sellers
    Stephen Sellers

    Toyota Prius took the vanishing point movie scene it takes a Mopar to catch a Mopar

  • BobUrbanVideo

    No they're not... this compilation is:

  • Hu Man
    Hu Man

    Skoda commercial, best creative direction

  • Mister Turnbull
    Mister Turnbull

    See, they knew KIA is poor quality, can't even touch it

  • Venugopal Asokan
    Venugopal Asokan

    1:48 what if he took the car for test driving and crashed

  • TC1TheOrginal

    Love the Wacky Races cartoon nice to see it brought to life.


    What does have Toyota with get away cars?

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  • Cat El
    Cat El

    The Mercedes Benz Cat commercial. 😹😹😹👍🏼

    • Rahul Mukhia
      Rahul Mukhia


  • Dianu Kensaja
    Dianu Kensaja

    3:20 "PRIUS is EASY TO GET STOLEN" is what I think.

  • DasPolarlichtlein

    that prius commercial is the most stupid, embarrassing and hypocritical i've ever seen. most americans don't care about gas mileage and environmental protection - they only care about: 1.having big suv's or pickup trucks or offroaders with big gas engines. 2.having as much cars as possible (every person have one car, driving alone - instead of 4 people using one car together).

  • AR极乐世界

    2:14 2:42

  • Paget Maximiliam
    Paget Maximiliam

    8:41 I wish a lot of millions of dollars....ahahah

  • ExperiencedGhost

    10:31 Look at the hand of that man, again freemason crap signs for retards.

  • henry bourdon
    henry bourdon

    when shit box's have no style they must resort to other things to focus on to sell their shit. get tricked and wait your whole life for anything to happen except nothing will, except payments with interest.

  • Ben Thompson
    Ben Thompson

    gave up after the third unfunny commercial.

  • kw0s

    Oh, I love the Prius police car. Also the last one, a cat was sliding over a Mercedes car top, near the end, a Thump. BTW, someone did a lot of work to make those super machines, such as 2:16, a V8 lawnmower. Upon closer look, the V8 has no exhaust manifold?

  • Ralf Häggström
    Ralf Häggström

    That Peugeot-commercial was GOOD ! ...................

  • Danijel Android
    Danijel Android

    2:15 I want that grass mower.

  • Najiv Isaacs
    Najiv Isaacs

    Toyota GT86

  • 4Foxsnakes

    I swear Kia has the most arrogant and fucking stupid car commercials ever imaginable

  • Joseph Johnson
    Joseph Johnson

    starts at 3:13 FUCK YOUR PRIUS....

  • Saul Linseth
    Saul Linseth

    I'm still waiting for the "Funny Car Commercial"

  • xaenon

    2:01. Where do I get me one of them robots?

  • Chris Mel
    Chris Mel

    The first commercial was great. Why don't we have funny car commercials in the U.S.?

  • Mike Howard
    Mike Howard

    Penelope Pitstop!

  • Jeffery Didomenico
    Jeffery Didomenico

    I thought you said that they were funny;( oh that's right, most think stupid is funny 😐🤨🤔😎

  • Common Sense, Politics!
    Common Sense, Politics!


    • Common Sense, Politics!
      Common Sense, Politics!

      The Millennials probably liked it. Now, what does that tell you about our future??? GOD BE WITH US!!!!!

  • Magnetic Fishing Madness
    Magnetic Fishing Madness

    That 3rd commercial tho, what the ?

  • Achelṓios

    Love how Heart is under a Cobra lol

  • Spike

    Funny? No accounting for some peoples sense of humor.

  • Mike Wasfaret
    Mike Wasfaret

    The Prius commercial used a line from a movie " it takes a Mopar to catch a Mopar".

  • Kenneth Connors
    Kenneth Connors

    fun watching

  • Lisa Santos
    Lisa Santos

    IT-my Wacky Races cartoon if you don't understand the premise of the Peugeot commercial.

  • Shawn Miller
    Shawn Miller

    A Prius? LMAO 😂 A real Police car would have immediately squashed it and chase over. The Dad eyeballing everywhere his kid goes - a riot!! 🤣 The Kia changing hands and ends up sucking through a wormhole to the Incas? 😂

  • TraustiGeir

    The fact that Toyota acknowledged the joke/meme and decided to run with it makes the ad an instant win.

    • troy seaburg
      troy seaburg

      Yeah that actually had me laughing. XD

  • Chris Toff
    Chris Toff

    Sponsered by Kia and Toyota.

  • Elmware

    Toyota. Let's crash into places...


    Great commercials.

  • SnowbordrWRX

    The FRS one was cool, but not funny at all.

    • JR Harryman
      JR Harryman

      What country is the frs or GT86 as they called it from? It's right hand drive yet they are driving on the right side of the road?

  • G. Confa
    G. Confa

    Pierce Brosnan's amazingly clean and decent ad.

  • James Idoni
    James Idoni

    Laugh Olympics

    • Mike Howard
      Mike Howard


  • Steven Mitchell
    Steven Mitchell

    ohhhhh Penelopy Pitstop

  • Michael Pullen
    Michael Pullen

    That Prius commercial though. HAHAHAHA

  • microbusss

    is it wrong that I wants the Prius police car?

  • Martin Kuba
    Martin Kuba

    2:44 #bestcarever

  • Imgonnagogetthepapers getthepapers
    Imgonnagogetthepapers getthepapers

    1:58 it looked like he was starting to dance

  • Mr Celsupralex
    Mr Celsupralex

    Poor Mutley fucked out of the car, he must be gonna shag her pink pooosay......

  • jilo kizito
    jilo kizito

    Skoda got crazy massive engines!

  • Shanan Alexander
    Shanan Alexander

    Remember Penelope Pit Stop?

  • Elim Garak
    Elim Garak

    Mmmmmm. Penelope Pitstop.

  • Mick Carson
    Mick Carson

    Car ads don't impress me one bit. Typical bullshit at the most, and cars aren't great, just fatted up disposable shit boxes.

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