tori & beck | AU
woo old childhood show edits!! sorry i've already used this song.. i couldn't think of another song that would fit. but this is my first edit of 2019! woohoo LOL. many of you seemed to like my previous tori & beck edit so i decided to make another one. i tried to be creative with this one.
the storyline goes like this if you couldn't understand it:
Tori is forced to transfer schools after getting kicked out of Hollywood Arts by not being able to pass her audition for the new principal (makes more sense if you know what episode I'm talking about in Victorious). Beck doesn't want her to go, but she has no other choice. After transferring schools, Tori's persona completely changes. One day however, Beck sees her at the new school. (In my mind I thought Beck moved to Tori's new school on purpose to see her but you can interpret it however you like lol). The two then reunite and finally get together in the end.
coloring: eightiesparadise
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