Check these videos too see how low safety regulation, cutting corners for bigger profits, and lack of skills can make devastating results. Safety first.
This is an arrangement of video clips that show common fails that occur at work place and facts about those situations and how to avoid them. Facts are also pointed to statistics of the work fails, their nature, protection of the workers, "how to" suggestions and main factors that lead to failures during the work process.

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  • Wojciech Pordzik
    Wojciech Pordzik

    No wonder Germany are lacking skilled labour as they imported too many unskilled workers, this is why the statistics are like this.

  • Lukáš Gratz
    Lukáš Gratz

    2:20 tak to jsme v piči XD

  • Uwaga 12V-24V Porucznik Borewicz
    Uwaga 12V-24V Porucznik Borewicz

    Makita best :)))))

  • Trixy Daltons wild west shows
    Trixy Daltons wild west shows

    7:11 bwaahahahahahahahahahaha

  • خلود الزهراني
    خلود الزهراني

    الكون الثاني المريض وعنده صيانه ليش

  • islem mmn
    islem mmn

    2:43 China faces big shortage of skilled workers ... ?? Stop the shit lying pls

  • Robert Wallis
    Robert Wallis

    Russian police like WTF?? Where do they find you ppl?...

  • Nesty

    The cops one looked like a beny hill comedy sketch

  • T. B.
    T. B.

    So the US only has 20% population of china but consumes half their alcohol intake.

  • Bruh_

    1:25 Top 10 bottle flip caught on camera

  • Joe eoj
    Joe eoj

    in Germany its s growing trend to let trainees do stupid Things because they dont know better and did not get proper guiding in how to do Things the right way sooo... that video has nothing to do with the lack of good worker in Germany


    super paperissima molto spettacolare complimenti carissimo mio grande amico buona felice giornata ciao da valerio il cantante 👨‍🎤

  • Анна Т.
    Анна Т.


  • Strong Independent Black Woman Who Need No Man
    Strong Independent Black Woman Who Need No Man


  • Владимир Краснобородкин
    Владимир Краснобородкин

    …. Как силовики преследовали бродягу , это не забыть никогда … Им всем , наверное , присвоили звание Героев России , включая дворников , которые помогли открыть правильно ворота …

  • ewstafii712 solneznii
    ewstafii712 solneznii

    Всем пацанам земли сейчас по ночам постоянно сниться сатанинская возбуждающая порнография и всех их растлил сатана сверхмощным кайфом онанизма.

  • Rob Fraser
    Rob Fraser

    2:39 Trying to catch that in a bucket. Only in China. Do they not teach basic physics in that country?

  • Nature King
    Nature King

    5:55 hahahahaha IDIOTS 😂😂😂 why theres isnt die.😢

  • Father Gabriel Stokes
    Father Gabriel Stokes

    Not the type of video I expected, but enjoyed it

  • Annabel Jarvis
    Annabel Jarvis

    Why would they take it out of the river then put it back in 🙄🙄

    • Rob Fraser
      Rob Fraser

      So it is no longer blocking that bridge/culvert and becomes someone else's problem.

  • Robin Jung
    Robin Jung

    There is no shortage of 1.6 million skilled workers in Germany. We have over 2 million unemployed and companies don't want to pay anything for well-trained professionals so they get the junk they pay for

  • Michael Straw
    Michael Straw

    The dude breathing heavily in a perfectly not creepy way while watching men unravel a spool in the last clip was unnerving lol

  • Earl Patterson
    Earl Patterson

    Where their common sense?

  • jakebluethunder

    The scene with the cops was hilarious. OMG! LMFAO!

  • TaintedMojo

    I guess a huge cargo van is not the best pursuit vehicle

  • Dopey NightlifeTV
    Dopey NightlifeTV

    1:03 🤣🤣 5:11 RKO!!!

  • KICZ XXI wieku - klasyfikacja mistyfikacji
    KICZ XXI wieku - klasyfikacja mistyfikacji

    River, plastic , great ,super

  • Stefan Press
    Stefan Press

    i love ALL of this clips :D the only one about i think: how stupid can a men be?!

  • Stefan Press
    Stefan Press

    dont say a word against Makita :D best machines all over the world :D (after Original Hilti) BUT: PLEASE push the button and use it :( how stupid can u be?

  • Ben Liu
    Ben Liu

    China steals

  • Stahlflug

    3:50 The Olson-Gang was filmed....

  • obsydian_ _xd
    obsydian_ _xd

    10 na 10

  • William Nelson
    William Nelson

    Meat wagon a tad overloaded?

  • Vojnov Sergej
    Vojnov Sergej

    Российские менты😂😂Вся Россия в одном видео.

  • Pixel

    This is not about fails, it's about dangerous work or stupid workers.

  • nodum zallel
    nodum zallel

    Lo bueno del primer video carne de cerdo gratis lool

  • Bobby

    I thought that my bacon tasted funny

  • Stefan .Stefanovic
    Stefan .Stefanovic

    second video coming from Serbia, our goverment and people who work for them are so stupid.

  • max macdonald
    max macdonald

    The guy at the end with the eggs 🤣

  • Xerxes 450
    Xerxes 450

    2:41 That idiot woman with her bucket

  • Just a pink 934 RSR
    Just a pink 934 RSR

    Judging the way russian law enforcement do things, i can pretty much do what i like and get away with it :)

  • Слава Ходаковский
    Слава Ходаковский

    2:00 Пасху напомнило..)

  • Nick Mosura
    Nick Mosura

    Lol wages are rising. Slavery is rising

  • Tyruiied Erttree
    Tyruiied Erttree

    3:25 Benny Hill Ending...

  • Дончо Стефанов
    Дончо Стефанов


  • Ahmad Alhaddad
    Ahmad Alhaddad

    The second was a smart one

  • chao shang
    chao shang

    accidents will happen anywhere. But if it’s in China, it’s because of unskilled workers. In other regions, it’s because of fun or accidents? plz, showing respect and no discrimination . Shame on u.

  • Yulius Prasetyo
    Yulius Prasetyo

    This vid really adds my knowledge

  • tristan brogdon
    tristan brogdon

    The Russian police chase looks like something out of a Benny Hill show🤪

  • The Hound
    The Hound

    3:50 Russian Police: Keystone Cops Division! Special Comic Relief Unit.

  • Ankeger NSK
    Ankeger NSK

    0:25 we'll all die of our stupidity.

  • Shaun0n-em-e

    @1:30 was covering my eyes thinkin he was going in.

  • Düşes Kedi
    Düşes Kedi

    “I was born to make mistakes, not to fake perfection.”

  • Tyrone Khan
    Tyrone Khan

    Omg 😂🤣 the dude with the electric saw

  • Tyrone Khan
    Tyrone Khan

    Police in the van were just hilarious 😆😂 🤣

  • пынеходы ходунки
    пынеходы ходунки

    Путинский спецназ угарен)) вот же олухи царя небесного🤣🤣😎

  • The 3D Kid
    The 3D Kid


  • Adam albright
    Adam albright

    I like how the boat driver blows the horn as if the pier was going to move out of the way

    • Daniel Loo
      Daniel Loo

      Or like, to warn unaware passerby.

  • Andrea94ITA F
    Andrea94ITA F

    Private cop agency so efficient ahahahha

  • Takitumu Maniapoto
    Takitumu Maniapoto

    Maumau Kai! Waste of food 😡



  • Deutsche Zugwagen
    Deutsche Zugwagen

    7:11 Hitler : Agree !

  • иван грозный
    иван грозный

    Половина видео больше на срашку похожа

  • Torsten Reupke
    Torsten Reupke

    Herrlich wieder die kanisterkopf aus dem Ostblock Deppen unterwegs

  • Leona Boydston
    Leona Boydston

    Pick up garbage from one side of the bridge but don't put it in a truck to be hauled away, just drop it into the river on the other side. Awesome! (Note sarcasm)

  • Sergo Khechuashvili
    Sergo Khechuashvili

    Simply Russians

  • Sofiane Bidouh
    Sofiane Bidouh

    ah the cop's

  • ΝΟΜΛ

    1:40 _"one giant leap for pollution"_ wtf?? No proof they were throwing trash into the river and not just regular dust and dirt. No proof they were fired.

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