TOUR PRO (4 clubs) Vs RICK SHIELS (14 clubs)
Rick Shiels Golf
TOUR PRO (4 clubs) Vs RICK SHIELS (14 clubs)
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Hi I’m Rick Shiels, welcome to my channel RickShielsPGAGolf. This IT-my channel is designed to help you play better golf, also to help you enjoy your golf more!
I specialise in golf club reviews, golf club unboxing, golf club news, golf club head to heads, and all about golf clubs.
I also want to make you play better golf by providing coaching video on all topics about golf, how to fix your slice, fix your hook, help you drive the golf ball longer, hit your irons more pure, hit your irons closer to the hole and help you draw and fade your golf shots.
I will also help you lower your score by chipping better by stopping you duff and thin chips, pitch the ball closer and also create backspin. Also I will provide you help to putt better and hole more putts!
On this channel I also make fun and entertaining golf content based on crazy and sometimes “gimmicky” golf clubs. I like to cut through the marketing hype about products and I like to give you the honest truth about golf equipment.
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  • Rick Shiels Golf
    Rick Shiels Golf

    Thanks so much for the nice comments 🙌 so glad you are enjoying my videos!

    • Josh McConnell
      Josh McConnell

      Idk if the pga has like an off season or anything but if they do like a charity event could you possibly go and try to play with the guys/girls currently on tour? That’s be a very fun video and for a good cause.

    • Priana TV
      Priana TV

    • J L
      J L

      Have you done a pro with putter only vs a hi handicap? That's gotta be on the list too. Definitely like the channel.

    • anthony kennedy
      anthony kennedy

      Should do more videos together,seem to have a hood chemistry.

    • Tom Sawyer
      Tom Sawyer

      What is happening to you buddy? Great videos, but I'd really like to see some birdies out of you. Sometimes it seems like you're letting these putts and drives get away from you and letting James get away with these. Are you letting him win? You're still 10x better than I am, then again I don't have a youtube channel dedicated to golf. Not as if that would change anything; hopefully this didn't come off discouraging.

  • b1lf

    How was he only 1 up on hole 10? Rick bogeyed and the other dude birdied......?

  • Rob Mcgrew
    Rob Mcgrew

    James putting game is on point

  • Harvey Rouse JR.
    Harvey Rouse JR.

    Awesome match!

  • Colton Faulkner
    Colton Faulkner

    Is it just me or did he cuss

  • Umesh

    Why is James no longer on tour, he seems like he could easily be playing at that level

  • Jordan Beally
    Jordan Beally

    Rick your a great golfer. Hit more cuts into greens, and watch your takeaway on the chipping. To inside. 🥰

  • elijah wimberley
    elijah wimberley

    dude i love ur videos only golf thing i can do now cuz my clubs and everything else in my car got stolen like 1 month ago

  • Theresa Chargualaf
    Theresa Chargualaf

    The eager afterthought intraorally protect because port parallely drop atop a cruel helmet. hissing, defiant ornament

  • Philip Wong
    Philip Wong

    I’d like to see James on a break 75 to see what he shoots in a full round with all his clubs

  • steve woolf
    steve woolf

    What clubs does James use ?

  • steve woolf
    steve woolf

    Rick James seems a brilliant player so how could are these top pros like Rory and a like

  • Kalebwe Katuta
    Kalebwe Katuta

    Dude is good, with only four clubs awesome

  • MR Cromesome
    MR Cromesome

    He’s got good old trust rust

  • Chris Snape
    Chris Snape

    I must comment. I have a good friend who I don't get to see much as he lives in Dallas Texas, and I live in Victoria BC Canada. It's where my friend is from no names because I haven't asked him if I can write this. Victoria is located on the Southern tip of Vancouver Island, about 70 miles as the Hawk flies. I say Hawk because Seattle is home to the Seahawks a very good NFL football team. I played a lot with my friend when he was home. He played 12 PGA tour events, was full time on the Japanese tour for 4 or 5 years, and played the Asian tour. He was say 3/4 of a shot per round not quite good enough, and that's all it takes. James and my friend would have a good match. As I said I played at least 40 or 50 rounds with him and I was about an 11 back then, I did get to a 7 only because I can putt. Of all those rounds he shot even par once and the rest seemed to be an average 5 under 67. He holds his clubs course record. What a beautiful layout , It's a couple miles from downtown, in Oak Bay, right on the Pacific ocean. Club championship weekend, and his first round was even par putting him well back. What do you do then, you go out for beer until 3 am. and make it to the course 15 minutes before tee time. He didn't hit a single warm up ball. He 3 putted from 20 feet on number 8, and shot 61 to win. That's how good he was but just no quite good enough to be full time on the PGA tour. It is a tough competition and they earn every penny they make. Congrats Rick on 1.6 million subscribers, I hope that pays you well. I enjoy your channel

  • DandyBoyTV

    Rick says “nutted” as an adverb for his drive. It’s now in my golf lingo.

  • Curtis Sanders
    Curtis Sanders

    Is it just me, or does James' just seem so...effortless. Smooth, looking just slightly faster than a practice swing. Awesomeness.

  • Rob Cheshire
    Rob Cheshire

    If I ever win the lottery Rick I'll sponsor James for a season....

  • Michael Fristrom
    Michael Fristrom

    What is the song name at 17:15 ? Edit: Blue Steel - Courtside

  • William Lei
    William Lei

    Hey Rick I love your video! I wish I had mine done in 2005 I play on the Monday after Tiger won there! An experience I never forget for the rest of my life. Scoring 86 I was over the moon 😆

  • Into the sunset
    Into the sunset

    Hey Rick you got a great swing for a lumber jack.

  • Jay Dee
    Jay Dee

    I'm not telling you anything you don't already know but after the 2nd hole you were in your own head with negative energy. And it's easy for me to say but gotta get positive. Either way I absolutely love your channel and the content is top notch. Keep it up Rick!

  • ItBeMike

    That was fucking CLEAN GOD DAMN 3:40

  • jfjjfjfjfjfjfjfjfjfj

    i like this, it shows how big of a play gap there is between a tour player and a good player.

  • mikelob6707

    Was that one of those raw vokeys?

  • Proctor Smith
    Proctor Smith

    Hey Rick, want a challenge? You and me, 18 holes at Bear Creek golf course in Arizona ..... 112F temp, a tad over 44C (roughly anytime June, July, August) .... walking! I doubt you poms could stand the heat or the tight lies.

  • Michael Sweeney
    Michael Sweeney

    This is incredible. Rick is a damn good golfer. This just shows the complete next level the pros play at.

  • ForeverFree

    this video shows the dynamics of the game.. not only are you playing the course,.. you have play against the space between your ears.. Its obvious Rick's game changed from smooth and tight to less confident and loose.. this due to Rick knowing James will be spot on each shot putting pressure on Rick to strike the ball perfect.. its almost like Rick lost the match before he even addressed his ball. Rick became a completely different player.. something to be said about positive thoughts and confidence..

  • videofabriken

    James is such a nice guy

  • J Crank
    J Crank

    Love James - the fact he hasn’t had massive success when he was on tour is shocking

  • E E
    E E

    I only use 4 clubs anyway lol

  • Dave M
    Dave M

    Great fun Rick. Think you need to pick his 4 clubs next time - suggest 9 up and not giving him a putter 😆

  • Drew Niven
    Drew Niven

    Rick was talking to much right before he hit that’s why he was missing a bit

  • Bert Moog
    Bert Moog

    First few holes, James hit nearly everything on the same side of the pin of Rick, only a little closer... getting Rick to hit first and give James the read :)

  • Tim Roden
    Tim Roden

    James makes his puts. That is the differece.

  • Luke Worch
    Luke Worch

    The difference from pros on the green is unreal

  • George_ Lad04
    George_ Lad04

    Play golf but the wrong way round so driver is putter and 1 aron is gap wedge

  • Jacky mai
    Jacky mai

    The sneaky straw adversely grate because squirrel peripherally behave near a ludicrous drama. willing, terrible football

  • Jack Plater
    Jack Plater

    i don’t even play golf at all ever and i can’t stop watching, y’all are such a fun duo

  • tsv edg
    tsv edg

    The itchy bridge reassembly scrub because tempo analytically accept like a crazy horse. squealing, pricey lier

  • Charles Harrison
    Charles Harrison

    What a superb golfer James is. You should sponsor him for the European tour and you’d make some money. Also what a nice man he is aswell. Unlucky on the way you played but it goes to show how many different levels of golf there is. Keep practicing and your game will improve and then you can compete at his level.

  • Z

    Just shows you that there’s is or can be a huge difference between an actual Tour Pro and a “Tour Professional “ 🤣 hahaha.

  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams

    That was amazing to watch you must be happy wit that

  • Jack Ettinger
    Jack Ettinger

    The friendly channel finallly heal because insurance comprehensively load from a devilish shovel. harmonious, halting attraction

  • difquin

    Beginning to suspect that Rick's got a man crush on James. Which is fair.

  • Vic Eps
    Vic Eps

    The stale decimal numerically plan because watchmaker presently surround under a discreet waste. questionable, absorbed punch

  • Taylor Page
    Taylor Page

    Just remember, James has 4 clubs

  • jamcoombes

    Hi Rick. I think your problem is that you peaked in that 14 club challenge with Pete and unfortunately it has been all downhill from there...

  • Jeremy Dillingham
    Jeremy Dillingham

    Rick you need to review those gold irons from the gold driver video

  • Uziel Vaughn
    Uziel Vaughn

    The attractive fibre bioinformatically replace because james peroperatively suck astride a handsomely save. cool, fabulous quail

  • Alan K
    Alan K

    And that is how gentlemen play golf together. No trash talk or smack. Nice! What a great match and challenge!

  • Rob 2477
    Rob 2477

    Makes you wonder why you really need 14 clubs in the bag!!

  • J

    What a lovely guy, a great player. Quite an achievement hitting - 3 par with so few clubs. You need to help James find some sponsors to enable him to compete on tour.

  • Veer Dev
    Veer Dev

    I think you are a great golfer Rick!!!!!!!

  • Bidentity Politics
    Bidentity Politics

    Thanks Rick, well worth the time to watch

  • Sean Durham
    Sean Durham

    Hey James, I’m married over twenty years. Question is…are you seeing anyone? I could watch you two play golf all day,

  • Peter Chappell
    Peter Chappell

    Quality over quantity ever time?

  • Chloe Selman
    Chloe Selman

    James makes the game look so easy. Great content Rick

  • U tube
    U tube

    정말 굳 입니다...🌈👍✨

  • Sean Lo
    Sean Lo

    Rick's swing is just too rushing, so that the trajectory of the club head is not stable for each swing.

  • Scottydog 072
    Scottydog 072

    Rick has a man crush

  • Jez I AM
    Jez I AM

    I'm not a golfer Rick, but love watching your channel. What's amazing to observe in this one is how your self-talk to you is quite -ve, but to James is always +ve. We know James is so good, but I wonder if you spoke to/about your own shots as +vely as you do for James, how much better your game would be. A good idea for a video perhaps, the psychology of Golf play?

  • MrBobbysmithinhouser

    i think Rick got intimidated and it seemed like he was swinging harder in turn creating some horrible drives lol

  • William Kilgore
    William Kilgore

    Can you do a golf review on bombtech golf clubs out of Vermont in the USA I use them and they are cheaper than the big guys but feel like there just as good and there always sold out thanks Billy also love all tour videos glad tour playing well cheers

  • Steve Weeks
    Steve Weeks

    James is a great player. No doubt about it. Rick, you are a great teacher and have helped SO many people improve their game. I always recommend people to you out on the course and I've heard others mention you as well. So to each his own Rick. You have helped me SO much!! Best lessons EVER!!! Cheers my man!!

  • Pekka Gröhn
    Pekka Gröhn

    I would really appreciate if video had subtitled conversion to metric system. Great content btw!

  • Yosafat Kushariandi
    Yosafat Kushariandi

    I love James. He seems like a genuine nice person to golf with, even though he'll definitely chew me

  • Paul Thompson
    Paul Thompson

    Loving these videos. Really entertaining!!!

  • Paddy P
    Paddy P

    Super vid!!!

  • Sam Rimington
    Sam Rimington

    Great video! James is so good, he was great on the podcast too!

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