Treasure Hunting in Abandoned Ghost Town
Sam and Colby
Sam and Colby return for XPLR season 3 by exploring an abandoned ghost town called Cerro Gordo to start treasure hunting! The journey to this treasure is very dangerous...
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Big thanks to:
- Brent Underwood (owner of ghost town):
- Christopher Langley (Lone Pine historian):
- Previous Owner Robert Desmarais
Friends in Video:
Edited by: @Hayden Hillier-Smith
#SamandColby #Exploring #TreasureHunting
About: Sam and Colby create haunted, exploration videos on this channel. Some series include Stanley Hotel, Witch Forest, The Graveyard UK, the Castle, and Return of the Shadow Man Florida Series. Subscribe to the channel to explore, travel, and watch some scary content!
Treasure Hunting in Abandoned Ghost Town | Sam and Colby
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Sam and Colby

  • Sam and Colby
    Sam and Colby

    Season 3 is HERE! Hope you guys enjoyed and get ready for part 2 NEXT SUNDAY @ 1:14pm PST! Let's see if we can get 300k likes, and don't forget to grab the new XPLR merch :)

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    • doha abu
      doha abu

      We want haunted

    • Amanda Threlkeld
      Amanda Threlkeld

      can’t waitttt

    • Noah Sturtevant
      Noah Sturtevant

      If you see this Sam you have to like every comment

    • Juice 999
      Juice 999


  • Lauren Costello
    Lauren Costello

    Bro, I literally live here. It’s crazy to hear that no one has heard of it

  • Reece Weston
    Reece Weston

    I love how much research sam does before visiting a place

  • Chessa Lowery
    Chessa Lowery

    Me home alone listening to him talk about the light coming on Me 3 minutes later noticing that the lights in the basement turned on 👁👄👁

  • Roflmeel _
    Roflmeel _

    Sam on your phone we saw the script bro

  • Leila Sheets
    Leila Sheets

    Jakes outfit is a true eboy move 😆

  • Kaz

    I swear they turning into jojo characters.

  • Ashleigh Stacey
    Ashleigh Stacey

    are we gonna ignore the fact that when they were leaving colby sam and corey were all suited up, then jake just had mc donalds lmao

  • Chrisline Osengeo
    Chrisline Osengeo

    He went from 17 years old to 27 in 7 months like wtf

  • Nathan Callahan
    Nathan Callahan

    12:25 There probably was something. Metal detectors can detect stuff much further than that.

  • Amy Ketchum
    Amy Ketchum

    They literally are willing to go to a ghost town and see a potential serial killer. 😂

  • largen tards
    largen tards

    Colby has a ugly mustache

  • Tristell Pawloski
    Tristell Pawloski

    Okay was it just me that noticed when they metal detected jakes pant and it went got me wondering what’s down there like seriously

  • lilgoat _gachaYT
    lilgoat _gachaYT


  • Nick Lopez
    Nick Lopez

    Season 3, when did season 1 start?

  • Nick Lopez
    Nick Lopez

    13:18 I don’t get why he snitching over this crap if I saw you guys or just be like I’m not saying anything as long as you guys don’t say anything

  • Nick Lopez
    Nick Lopez

    9:15 what jake said sounded very western

  • Nick Lopez
    Nick Lopez

    That beginning felt like you were filming a music video

  • Green Haired Adventures
    Green Haired Adventures

    We love a good blm protest by Sam and Colby

  • Briana Villa
    Briana Villa

    BURGER KING!!!!! Jake couldn't wait to smack some burger king lmfao. TE AMO MI AMORS

  • Rachel Rae
    Rachel Rae

    I do love that you guys added the Indian history element!! We (white Americans) treated them like complete savages and I think it’s important to remind everyone of that! Pocahontas and Sacajawea are just stories we have changed so much to fit the historical narrative of a white man. Thank you guys for this! ❤️❤️

  • Nathan Drone
    Nathan Drone


  • Jordan Leland
    Jordan Leland

    what if its not something people wouldnt watch 1.5 million views later

  • Silas Fabian
    Silas Fabian

    Sam and Colby look more edgy every time they take a short break

  • April Noel
    April Noel

    Jake be looking like Ronald McDonald at the beginning of this video 😂

  • Isabella Neilson
    Isabella Neilson

    “You MIGHT no make it at 8:30” matee, sundown for us is 5:00

  • Katy Scott
    Katy Scott

    Ronald McDonald has nothing on Jake ✨



  • Storme

    GUYS! I know it kinda seems strange for someone to decide to live all by themselves in the mountains but that's a straight up ol' son.

  • Olivia Schulz
    Olivia Schulz

    Ya'll should go RandoNauting. I think it'd be super interesting for you guys considering the videos you've made before.

  • Long Kongy
    Long Kongy

    Bruh they really went treasure hunting with a tiny ass shovel

  • aliyah fabian
    aliyah fabian

    Yo I fallow the Owner of Cerro Gordo on Tic tok

  • wolfy squad
    wolfy squad

    My last name is Catches Enemy

  • wolfy squad
    wolfy squad

    Im Indian

  • Daniel Leonard
    Daniel Leonard


  • dragon 82
    dragon 82

    Jake looks like McDonald in the beginning

  • Valentiness

    Didn’t know holes was being remade

  • Sophie Mills
    Sophie Mills

    That chair is from ouija movie, it’s the same 😮 as the one in the movie. 😯

  • Gacha_ Joy
    Gacha_ Joy

    These wholesome guys actually caring for native Americans and thinking that it’s not fair that the white people stole that land☺️✨

  • Aryadog_ 123
    Aryadog_ 123

    Silver isn’t metal detected tho???

  • Mart Barbon
    Mart Barbon

    Idkw your videos are always entertaning

  • Broken-Unbelieve r
    Broken-Unbelieve r


  • Yuki scarletmoon
    Yuki scarletmoon

    Me: well seeing as you guys are alive you didn't get crushes in a cave in.. But never do this again..

  • Elizabeth Carpenter
    Elizabeth Carpenter

    why does Corey wearing the sweatshirt in the desert remind me of harry styles say "its warm outside, I wearing a coat, no body knows why"

  • Hasiger Hase
    Hasiger Hase

    now that that lake is dry, you should easily find the sunken ship lying around on solid ground, and nobody surely got the silver out before you found it.

  • xRoyal

    Emo gang

  • Maddie Cavin
    Maddie Cavin

    Even if you guys don’t find anything this is still rlly interesting and fun to watch

  • Liyah Williams
    Liyah Williams

    why this dude got a hoodie on..

  • Dango Bear
    Dango Bear

    Is this holes 2.0?

  • Isabella Star Gamer
    Isabella Star Gamer

    Finally the squad is here again

  • Tobie Spanos
    Tobie Spanos


  • YB kxnny
    YB kxnny

    look on jarvis channel he went there

  • Gab Mo
    Gab Mo

    As the intro I was doing some music like a movie

  • max heart of galaxy
    max heart of galaxy

    You guys are dope af

  • Jani An
    Jani An

    finally you're back

  • Chopper Pvz
    Chopper Pvz

    Who else thinks the intro is dope

  • Sarah lklll
    Sarah lklll

    i miss the paranormal stuff

  • Brody Robertson
    Brody Robertson

    Where is is there 1# fan Emma


    I saw the owner of the town on tiktok

  • Isabel Gorton
    Isabel Gorton

    SAM COLBY 10:31 wtffff who is that? Right behind you guys

  • Brooke Pendell
    Brooke Pendell

    So we’re is your Netflix show guys

  • Gamingwith Elements
    Gamingwith Elements

    500,000,000 million 500,000,000 million u know I can do with that I spend 5.5 million on a molded house buy 2 cars for me and buy 1 for my mom an keep the rest of the money until I need again

  • Angel Osorio
    Angel Osorio

    whats the name of the song with the guitars tho??

  • Vivid_ Jaylen
    Vivid_ Jaylen

    Outer banks season two

  • Hailey Gambrel
    Hailey Gambrel

    Bro I learn more history and anything at all in theses videos then in school lmao this shi got me messed

  • Kerma

    Anybody know what that song in call in the intro?

  • Evan McCauley
    Evan McCauley

    Netflix should hire you guys

  • Alex Ransone
    Alex Ransone

    I love sam and xolby keep up rhe grind my bros

  • Jayden Camarena
    Jayden Camarena

    Bro Netflix is not better then sam and Colby no cap

  • Fantage Anime Lover
    Fantage Anime Lover

    My dad has the same shirt as Sam in the beginning 😂

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