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President Trump’s Tulsa rally had a lower turnout than expected after TikTok teens and K-Pop fans flooded Trump’s campaign with false registrations, and Trump seems noticeably disheartened by the low attendance. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Trump
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  • Vladimir the Degenerate
    Vladimir the Degenerate

    Watching Trump talk at his rally is like watching a terrible stand up, that’s forced to add fake laugh audio if it’s ever recorded lol.

  • CaptEoNinja83

    I've always been indifferent to Tiktok and K-Pop, but now I love them!

  • john satterlee
    john satterlee

  • Terri Quinn
    Terri Quinn

    Why can't Trump just admit that his intelligent dropped the ball on this one and he was successfully trolled ... by kids

  • yeet meat
    yeet meat

    He doesn't need a Scooby Doo mask. He already has one made of fake tan.

  • Cheesyegg69

    I’m lowkey ashamed of being American

  • theglitch055

    this is epic

  • Oompashreka The dumbass
    Oompashreka The dumbass

    I got a ticket, but I had to walk my caterpillar and burn a trump sign ;-;

  • Moonrise Howler
    Moonrise Howler

    How does generations before us expect us to do better when they themselves can't even make an example 😔🤦‍♀️at least our great king showed us how to drink water with one hand. 💪

  • ღícσn wєndчღ
    ღícσn wєndчღ

    I've got an ad and it was about the blm. Perfect 👌😔 thanks, I really needed it.

  • Gulnaz Bedelbaeva
    Gulnaz Bedelbaeva

    Is this why he wants to ban tiktok?

  • Hyunjin's Veggiemate
    Hyunjin's Veggiemate

    U welcome ❤👁👄👁 Trevor We K-pop fans Love U 🔥

    • jimins leftcheek
      jimins leftcheek

      hello fellow stay ❤️✨


    Us kpop stans will do anyrhing in our power to stop Trump from doing anything stupid 😌

    • jimins leftcheek
      jimins leftcheek


  • Ben Sanders
    Ben Sanders

    I'm pretty sure he using rallies for venting/ranting

  • prisha wini
    prisha wini

    he care about seats than population what a man????

  • Caramel Honey
    Caramel Honey

    A win for Gen-Z

  • ElectricPickleAttack

    This is totally unrealistic. There is no way an American schoolkid would know the meaning of the word "lauded."

  • SleepySnoopy

    I can't believe our president is doing a rally while a pandemic is going on, talks off topic, talks like this, and does nothing good for our country. Shame on the people who voted for this man.

  • beavis and butthead
    beavis and butthead

    Hah nice



  • akuma !!
    akuma !!

    I am proud of my community :)

  • Chiamaka Nwaekwu
    Chiamaka Nwaekwu

    TikTok Is the app of change we are here messing with Americans president Even if I am from America he’s not mine

  • Chocolate waffle
    Chocolate waffle

    Gen Z coming thru

  • Isaiah Saul
    Isaiah Saul

    “I’m being baked like a cake” if he’s a cake, he’s a cake without sugar.

    • Dashawn Allen
      Dashawn Allen

      Caramel Honey oh shitz😭😂😂

    • Hello Bee
      Hello Bee

      Just replace the sugar with salt

    • Isaiah Saul
      Isaiah Saul

      You have a good point

    • Caramel Honey
      Caramel Honey

      Nah man look at him. HE ONLY EAT SUGAR! 😂😂😂

  • Vicky T.
    Vicky T.

    You need to fear Generation Z, we eat Tide Pods for fun, protest against the government and cyberbully serial killers and we can’t even vote yet... 🧚👑🌟✨🎀💕💖🔮

  • Blue Cat
    Blue Cat

    Normally I don't like tik tok or k-pop but this was okay in fact well done

  • Divine B
    Divine B

    I feel like they put the poc in the front on purpose😑

  • Savera J
    Savera J

    I just realized that trump is actually more funny than Trevor 😂 , Trevor you should worry about your job now 😂😂

    • Savera J
      Savera J

      @jimins leftcheek yup you're right. Trevor is making us laugh bc of his sense of humor while trump is making everyone laugh bc of his bad decisions

    • jimins leftcheek
      jimins leftcheek

      is he funny or just stupid? with trevor we’re laughing with him with trump we’re laughing at him ✨

  • pieceoftrash okay
    pieceoftrash okay

    now I can say I did something great in my life

  • Yashas Kashyap
    Yashas Kashyap

    That's why Trump is planning to ban TikTok.

  • Caitlin H
    Caitlin H

    Genz bruh (;

  • Coulter Mooney
    Coulter Mooney

    U know we have a great country when we celebrate drinking water wth ur hands

  • Magni56

    And now he's so butthurt about it he wants to ban TikTok.

  • Rachel Durham
    Rachel Durham

    Kpop and TikTokers will roll the world. Teenagers are still gonna rule the world

  • Prickly Cactus
    Prickly Cactus

    "Leather bottom shoes. Good for walking on flat surfaces, not good for ramps." I'm sorry, I was under the impression that ramps were flat, my bad, I must be mistaken.

  • Scare the bean
    Scare the bean

    Dude I actually felt kinda bad for trump watching him walk home all sad . . . Then I remember he is making I don’t have any rights. Dude what this lil, ol transgender man do to you to make you hate me so.

  • toxic monsanto
    toxic monsanto

    Losers ah ha ha, Trump 2020!

    • jimins leftcheek
      jimins leftcheek

      on a grave stone😻✨ settleforbiden2020

  • soapng2001

    So this is why Trump wants to ban Tiktok?

    • CaptEoNinja83

      I'm pretty sure it's also because Sarah Cooper uses Tiktok.

    • Izza Amazing
      Izza Amazing

      I was surprised to hear about this last night on the news

    • Oompashreka The dumbass
      Oompashreka The dumbass

      Yes Sometimes, I just wanna take a thing And make that thing go gratatata

    • Hello Bee
      Hello Bee

      He's such a narcissist sjsidnks

    • Drew Senna
      Drew Senna

      Big oof for that boomer

  • SJ _LunarArtist
    SJ _LunarArtist

    Idk if it's everyone, but Ik at least my friend group go from saying so weird stuff to discussing how to solve political issues 😅😂

  • T McGe
    T McGe

    This guy is only about HATE....Soon his Hate will be toward George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Benjamin Franklin and he will not stop there. He'll also HATE our Flag, he'll hate the National Anthem and Church, moral values....This clown has NEVER been to Tulsa, he could careless for Oklahoma or Arkansas or Texas or any state that doesn't agree with his SOCIALIST IDEOLOGY OF HATE!!! Do not be fooled, his goal is to divide and conquer!

    • T McGe
      T McGe

      @Hotdiggity11 Not really....I don't even live in the US. Here is joey on BLM:

    • Hotdiggity11

      You seem angry. 😂

  • Autumn Brackett
    Autumn Brackett


  • flxneurr

    i love my generation

  • Angeline Bena
    Angeline Bena

    Trump got cheered for drinking water😂 I think the reason is because he spent nine minutes talking about how people thought about his walk

  • Carsch A
    Carsch A

    Dude, take a vacation cos you're just full of it.

  • おはよう アメリカ
    おはよう アメリカ

    Trump is definitely paying black people to be at his rallies there’s always one black family behind him to his right

  • Murithi Nick
    Murithi Nick

    Of late, the USA has become my favorite comedy.

  • Kris Gacha meme
    Kris Gacha meme

    **Happy because I helped to inflate the numbers**

  • D

    Mary Jo and all tik tok pranksters broadcasting what they did to Trump instead of shutting up about it, they guaranteed that they will never ever be able to pull that stunt again. Plus, now the entire world knows that the poor turnout had nothing to do with Trump ... Good!

  • james kenyon
    james kenyon

    I was impressed seeing Trump drink a glass water with one hand, I heard he had trouble pouring piss out of a boot with the directions even with the directions on the heel.

  • omsrushti gharge
    omsrushti gharge

    Trump should become a comedian

  • SourSoul

    its so fun to troll trump, gotta be proud of small victories

  • natalley-

    im so proud of my GenZ Tik Tok Kpop Community Lmao 🌸

  • Ludmilla Gutomo
    Ludmilla Gutomo

    he can drink with one hand because he's cognitively there..

  • Petzi _
    Petzi _

    Is Trump a Stand-up Comedian?

  • puja mankar
    puja mankar

    how dumb do you have to be to not see trump as a joker?i feel pity for the people who follow him.if hes elected again,well then Americans deserve it.

  • Hauwa Bashir
    Hauwa Bashir

    i laughed when he said "i came home,i had a nice tan",as if hes not the colour orange already

  • Cheyenne White
    Cheyenne White

    Yes!! 💪🏽😭 still the best part of 2020

  • Incorrect 03
    Incorrect 03

    America really do have the funniest memes, however I think that making your country a meme is a problem 😅

  • Mama's Little Man
    Mama's Little Man

    I'm really surprised I haven't heard any one mention the fact that in front of the entire world he wasted a glass of water. I know that sounds dumb but there are people in AMERICA that don't have clean drinking water let alone the other countries that suffer from water issues. Trump is the worlds biggest douche.

  • kiesha2k11

    That walk of shame 😅 with that stupid ass maga hat in his HAND 🖐☠️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’m done! Priceless!

  • Molly Monagle
    Molly Monagle

    Ok fellow TikTokers, attack Pres. Trump in four... three... two... one...

  • swordarto166 big brain
    swordarto166 big brain

    7:29 me and the bois

  • Dr liki Loko laka
    Dr liki Loko laka

    Now I know the reason Trump and Pompeo want to ban tiktok😂

  • Abina Basheer
    Abina Basheer

    Y didn't I die b4 I saw this......please take me awaaaayyy!!

  • Shanon Kulkin
    Shanon Kulkin

    Whats red and hangs in Putins face? Ans: Donald's tie!!!! LMAO

  • SeniorSuiki


  • Lala Lyons
    Lala Lyons

    Tulsa rally a flop for President Trump?? That is idiots always say about the President Trump. Yet 🙄Joe Biden is some backyard 12 people in these doing good.Eating snake biting look good and make the present do does 1,000% more than anybody else make look bad. And Trevor Noah is an idiot

  • Lawson Acton
    Lawson Acton

    I'm a tulsan

  • Chandler Cornell
    Chandler Cornell

    When ur president has a hard time walking down a ramp

  • April moreno
    April moreno

    HE DOESNT EVEN SOUND LIKE A PRESIDENT, just a stand up comedian that SUCKZZ! But yes i'm proud of tiktok :)

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