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Trump's impeachment trial starts Tuesday so naturally he tweeted about it again today, Lev Parnas, one of Rudy Giuliani's associates, sat down with Rachel Maddow to spill some new details about the Ukraine situation, and Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner made the cover of Time Magazine.
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Trump Hates Kids, Sanders vs Warren & Articles of Impeachment
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  • Camila Corbin Luna
    Camila Corbin Luna

    I would watch the news every day if Jimmy Kimmel was the news reporter...

  • Mufaro Nyabereka
    Mufaro Nyabereka

    Jimmy my man you should run for president one of these days😎

  • J Brown
    J Brown

    It's the middle of July; impeachment already down the memory hole. Political theater at it's worst.

  • Janelle McCoy
    Janelle McCoy

    I talk him my fears...

  • Drudge998

    I doubt the phone call was perfect I haven't seen 1 instance of him using manners or proper communication skills.

  • Luke A
    Luke A

    "Your wife is hot" probably the most accurate and sickening

  • ysf_ar

    You just cannot hate jimmy man

  • somaric1

    trump sounds like a young boy who's parent's pretend to believe his lies

  • Luis G.• 15 years ago
    Luis G.• 15 years ago

    Trump be grabbing jareds wife by the p.... if u know what i mean😂😂😂

  • GeoDen

    Maybe Nunez was saying "Porn-Ass", give him a break!

  • Marcus Antonius
    Marcus Antonius

    Perfect call, in a sense that it was corrupt , treasonous & unwarranted!!

  • ꍞicole danielle
    ꍞicole danielle

    mira tu no puedo get in trouble para true news

  • sadboygreggy

    Not fair to judge anyone aging compared to Paul Rudd, everyone knows he has vampire genetics.

  • Yolanda Denny
    Yolanda Denny

    Like you said, DJT does not remember....He has the mind of a 7 year old, thus he doesn't remember much. Nunes has the same mind; doesn't remember either.

  • Wyatt Earp
    Wyatt Earp

    Trump biggest liar ever!

  • FPV Guru
    FPV Guru

    America, you are so stupid! You do not understand the whole world against you. Open your mind, just start to realize.

  • 9some

    4:44: u imagine dat thats a fake background by fox, that she aint there? LOL


    18 U.S. Code § 2384 - Seditious Conspiracy 18 U.S. Code § 1962 - R.I.C.O.

  • Kan

    As long as trump is the president, China is safe... all he tries to do are amateur acts that doesn’t harm China badly.

  • Alan Roberts
    Alan Roberts

    Where did all you people go to school anyway??? It's not even proper English to say a phone call was perfect. You could say it was a perfect-ly good call ?(lie) or a perfect blunder of a call(truth). But when trump misuses English I think it's because his sick ego tells him that it's just that he is so advanced that he is intellectually superior(the guy can hardly read) to other inferior humans. Also, it says it is the choose one, (feelings of grandiosity indicate narssisism).

  • Corsair Soul
    Corsair Soul

    The last time this happened people absolutely did have phones...

    • Can I Log In
      Can I Log In

      I think he was talking about the last *PRESIDENTIAL* impeachment trial, which was in 1999.

  • kd gc
    kd gc

    Orange thumbs.

  • Aclaim Rake
    Aclaim Rake

    Trump would be a great president for America in 2020 ( Change My Mind )

  • Thomas Alexander
    Thomas Alexander

    Don't believe everything the TV tells you

  • Nicholas Woods
    Nicholas Woods

    I Swear ALL of these people Defending Trump have something pretty major going on that NO ONE ELSE KNOWS ABOUT --- I Dont know what it is but Barr, Graham, Conway, Miller, Jordan, Nunez, Pence, Guiliani and Much More are up to their NECK in Something MAJOR---- Their all just Trying Way to Hard

  • Gypsy Sinclaire
    Gypsy Sinclaire

    Just looking forward for your meltdown after its dismissed!

  • Gypsy Sinclaire
    Gypsy Sinclaire

    Yeah its a perfect phone call.I read the transcript !no need to be a lawyer to understand it.they've been impeaching him even before he was sworn in

  • C3surfstheWeb

    Everyone like Jimmy Kimmel makes Jokes abt Donald Trump, and the show how crazy his lies and misbehaviours are. Thing is, he will win the next election. I don´t say this because I want him to (good Lord I wish he wouldn´t). But the point is, there is a change in the heads of the people throughout the USA. Impeachment could not change the pov of his followers. Any affairs or missbehaviour could not change that. And if you look at the on going trial, not a SINGLE Senator of the GOP will vote him out...even if the evidence would be overvelming. It´s this "All-In" thinking. "Ever-Trumper" or "Never-Trumper". And that´s what concerns me way more then 4 more years of Donald Trump as President of the USA.

    • Alan Roberts
      Alan Roberts

      are they taking odds in Vegas???

  • Ven ven's World
    Ven ven's World

    Of course kanye know what was going on 🤣🤣

  • Kimberly Childs
    Kimberly Childs

    Uh oh... You know if you're a Republican being interviewed on Fox News & the host asks, if you've "figured out the answers to any of those questions?" then your bullshit is becoming more & more difficult to overlook.

  • Candace Culverton
    Candace Culverton


  • Excuse Me
    Excuse Me

    I wish I could make perfect phone calls ... Best I can do is a half ass phone call

    • Alan Roberts
      Alan Roberts

      The phone call was only perfect in the sense that he got through to the person he wanted to talk to. Big deal. That even happens to me sometimes.

  • cocosongo1

    Dump the Fattie now....impeach the dictator

  • tiestu

    Son of a Mitch ! LOL

  • Mz. Lee Marie
    Mz. Lee Marie

    "Even Kayne knew what was going on!" 😂😂

  • Amsterdambaby

    hail TRUMP!!!

  • Trapti Kaushik
    Trapti Kaushik

    Your wife is hot , isn't she his daughter 🤔🤔🤔

  • Melchizedek Phuah Siow Jin
    Melchizedek Phuah Siow Jin

    Kellyanne Conway is the exact example of what the Bible says about a foolish woman being utterly ugly in her folly. No wonder, Donald Trump, the Disgraceful Moron™, Shithole personified holds her in high regards.

  • Venkat Babu
    Venkat Babu

    If you make a phone call it goes to Alaska.

  • eliades hidalgo
    eliades hidalgo

    I to when I go to a court would like to have no evidence an any revelan documents against me that incriminate me this senate is full of bs the law sucks , I can see now there is no justice what so ever we need to vote out a lots of this senator out first mr McConnell the snake he is full of bs

  • Giuliano Bravin
    Giuliano Bravin

    Jimmy is the best!!!

  • Aske Damtoft
    Aske Damtoft

    C'mon America cant you see this is propaganda against Trump! When all the people in powerfull position are against one person normal people should take note!

    • senni bgon
      senni bgon

      nice Florida Project reference

  • Sheldon Garcia
    Sheldon Garcia

    ????? 1:12 ? ? ? ? ??

    • senni bgon
      senni bgon

      Trump is right the phone call was perfect it got him impeached

  • TupacLebt ElvisNich
    TupacLebt ElvisNich

    Stupid republicans are going to save him to keep their power. That's all about they care.

  • vXxILiTYy y
    vXxILiTYy y


  • buzztrucker

    President Trump is getting impeached because he's doing what no president has ever done in the history of U.S. Presidents. He tried to gain leverage by potentially withholding foreign aid to try and gain a political advantage against a possible future political opponent.

  • sneakprev1984

    Jared Kushner sort of looks like the attorney the first order from star wars would hire to defend them in a class-action lawsuit xD

  • Gina Kay
    Gina Kay


  • __________________________________

    Jimmy "I don't even do this with my mother" Kimmel

  • Thebearcat66

    All true. Yet he WILL NOT be removed from office because it will cause civil unrest. And further more he WILL BE voted back in. Nothing but BS STUPIDITY

  • Kevin Robertson
    Kevin Robertson

    Irans got a 3 million dollar hit out on trump hurry everybody send money to Iran to up the ante!!!!!!!

  • SirKks1

    Kimmel is a slimy twit

  • Johnny Schmidthorst
    Johnny Schmidthorst

    This is why I don’t watch Jimmy anymore!

  • Burnell Browne
    Burnell Browne

    trump* would lie on his own Mother just to get his way. trump* lies for fun and his klan love his lies they live for them.

  • Shirley Sipho
    Shirley Sipho

    Kellyann did admit that Trump knew, she just did it in a very slick manner, they didn't catch it!

  • randrianoromalala valisoa
    randrianoromalala valisoa

    Love this show **Jimmy Kimmel Live!** !! And finally find all the outfits of these greats hereee ** spotern.com______Jimmy+Kimmel+Live **

  • Kenneth Emmanuel
    Kenneth Emmanuel

    Is 1:25 to 1:47 real or a bit?, seems very real tho

  • bouytt guyt
    bouytt guyt

    Trump is right the phone call was perfect it got him impeached

  • bugzone

    nice Florida Project reference

  • Carsten Schröder
    Carsten Schröder

    Trump answers like Armstrong. Hmmm. Maybe we should call Oprah? :)

  • bonzo1200 goTrump
    bonzo1200 goTrump

    Dumbass Trump is in Switzerland will he come back or not? If he is found guilty I do not think he will come back.

    • bouytt guyt
      bouytt guyt

      Good thing big orange man can't be president in 2020 cause he was impeached. -liberals in 2020

  • Beverly Leslie
    Beverly Leslie

    Talking in circles

  • Carol Ann Johnson
    Carol Ann Johnson

    Trump can’t be honest about nothings

  • SweetJungThang

    Jimmy, most American media folk are pronouncing the Russian last name "PAR-nus" like you did, however, it is actually pronounced "par-NASS", as Nunes would know only by having been introduced to this person he claims he never met. What a tell.

  • Saynoto Socialists
    Saynoto Socialists

    Where’s the juggies , dimmy ?

  • Mouse 79
    Mouse 79

    It used to piss me off that Conway could never answer a direct question with a simple yes or no, but now it's just pathetic.

  • Gina Kay
    Gina Kay


  • Dorian Maldonado
    Dorian Maldonado

    ? 0:47 ? ????

  • Stephen Stoner
    Stephen Stoner

    And working with canada and causing more problems in the world and his white purest groups

  • John Dintrono
    John Dintrono

    53 sec!! Love it

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