Trump Is Not Racist: Change My Mind | Louder With Crowder
Steven Crowder takes Change My Mind to the White House to have real conversations with real people on hot button issues. In this edition, Trump is not a racist.
Insane Anti-Trump Protester goes BERSERK on Crowder! | Change My Mind
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  • StevenCrowder

    In this Change My Mind we discuss the claim that Donald Trump is a racist. Which arguments did you find the most compelling? And which were the most ridiculous?

    • Georgia Gal
      Georgia Gal

      26:45 min ---BOOM💥 Germany is a Sh!thole country.

    • Sharon P
      Sharon P

      My European husband says we don't have complete freedom of speech because one can sue for defamation. He believes you can sue someone if they swear at you and you have proof that it harmed you mentally or whatever. He also says that America is not the only country with freedom of speech. How do I reason with him?

    • White Obama Is Beta O'Rourke
      White Obama Is Beta O'Rourke

      @Sonny Lopez He can charge him after his presidency???? LOFL!! We have been telling you losers Russiagate is a hoax from day 1. We have been laughing at you the entire time. You sickos have no Common sense mechanism in your brains, its absolutely hilarious, and you wonder why Trump is getting elected again.......Trump is Liberal Karma and its Glorious.

    • Angry Panda
      Angry Panda

      hey Steven who knew that you had a butt? you have a bigger butt than captain marvel herself

    • Lucid Jaguar
      Lucid Jaguar

      That dumb bitch freedom of speech

  • Seahawksl1969

    She's a complete idiot.

  • Sam Week
    Sam Week

    Ya know wha im sayin

  • Chris Howard
    Chris Howard

    When "Action" is taken during hate speech, then it is Illegal . Protect our Rights. All our Rights should be Protected, especially because our Government is trying to separate the American People from Our Constitutional Rights ?!!

  • Chris Howard
    Chris Howard

    So, when "PELOSI" has a wall or fence around her personal home or residence, is she "RACIST" ?! Security of ones Home or Property should be Implemented when threats are growing ?!

  • Andy M
    Andy M

    I agree with everything he said but to say white terrorism is worse in Europe than America is clearly not true. Also American's please don't compare one country to a continent it makes you look dumb

  • NoBreadNation

    1:45 Crowder is thicc change MY mind😂😂

  • Joshua Sampson
    Joshua Sampson

    Her mental Gymnastics could earn a gold medal at the next olympic games!

  • Zactivity

    “Eat My Butt!”

  • Gingrr HunBun
    Gingrr HunBun

    Fact: people are arrested in Germany for speech. Libtard: (actually not knowing any fact) NO!!!

  • Strantz Lowkococcoa
    Strantz Lowkococcoa

    Fml. There was a fine balance of reasonable and irrational Damn, ty-ty!

  • Rachael Elizabeth
    Rachael Elizabeth

    supporting the wall is racist because the wall won't actually do anything to keep anyone out of our country. the wall is just a symbol to show the world we don't want immigrants entering our country, especially not immigrants that aren't white. also, you need more proof that trump is racist? look at the muslim ban; look at him saying a judge should recuse herself purely because of her heritage; look at him calling Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas and referencing the Trail of Tears when tweeted about seeing her on the campaign "TRAIL;" look at the way he refers to black people as "the blacks," this is an issue because it's a way of "othering" them, basically treating black people as a uniform mass rather than individuals, Nazis did when talking about "the Jews" and homophobes do it when talking about "the gays," look at his pitch to black voters: "you're living in poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs, 58 percent of your youth is unemployed, what do you have to lose?" as if all black people live below the poverty line and he's using "urban" and "inner city" as code for black people, especially when talking about black crime; look at how he reacted to Charlottesville, he pandered to the white supremacists by saying both sides had hatred, bigotry, and violence worth condemning, yet I fail to see how white supremacy and Nazism is equal to liberals trying to fight that (yes, there are better ways of doing it, but I still don't think they're equal in that). look at his history before the presidency where he refused to rent ot black tenants through lying to them about whether or not apartments were available, claiming that the federal government was trying to get him to rent to welfare recipients (and if so, why does that matter?); look at Kip Brown, a former employee of Trump's Castle, who said "when Donald and Ivanka came to the casino, the bosses would order all the black people off the floor;" look at how he wanted to bring back the death penalty in New York because of the "Central Park Five," who were cleared of all convictions because of DNA proof yet he still believes them to be guilty; look at this quote of his "Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes every day. ... I thiink that the guy is lazy. And it's probably not his fault, because laziness is a trait in blacks;" look at how he treated Obama when he was president, demanding to see his birth certificate and even his university transcripts because he didn't believe Obama could've been a good enough student. he's a racist. plain and simple. let me know if you need my sources because I'm more than happy to give them to you

    • Rachael Elizabeth
      Rachael Elizabeth

      lmao also you saying "look at the cabinet he's appointed" makes it sound like you're using the "well I have black friends so I can't be racist" argument. aaaand we have more than just one white supremacist terrorist, also the majority of the terrorists in the US are white. also, trump wants stronger border control only at the US Mexican border because he doesn't want Hispanic people in our country, which I would say is racist. also, illegal immigrants pay taxes and don't get any of the benefits that legal citizens do. barack obama didn't separate families long term like trump is doing. the cages were meant to be temporary holding for illegal immigrants to be deported from briefly after being put into them. it's still not right, but I'd say keeping families in cages for 6 months or longer with no access to clean water or soap or any way to properly feed or cleanse oneself is much worse than 24 hour holding time Obama's administration kept to.

  • Danny Joyce
    Danny Joyce

    Didnt al sharpton and jesse Jackson give Trump awards for outreach to black Americans?

  • frank p
    frank p

    Oh my god ... i dont know how many more of these idiots i can watch , these kids are idiots, how many more years do we need to get rid of the race card, when does that card expire

  • Brian Hetzel
    Brian Hetzel

    Cry baby liberals. There biggest debate skill is to 😭

  • R.D. Henderson
    R.D. Henderson

    Crowder killed that black lady with the TRUTH LOVE THIS DUDE

  • eternal Simba
    eternal Simba

    Knowing how you debate is a blessing man,the patience u have for somebody saying something cleary stupid for they themselves to understand it is eye opening

  • M1F-invest CantStop
    M1F-invest CantStop

    You should've asked her & how many Germans got stabbed by Illegals muslims

  • TheSpicyTomato

    Take a shot every time Tyesha says “you know” and “you know what I’m saying.”

    • TheSpicyTomato

      Giorgio Petrangeli x.x lol

    • Giorgio Petrangeli
      Giorgio Petrangeli

      TheSpicyTomato hard mode: when she says “at the end of the day”

  • Andreas Arvanitis
    Andreas Arvanitis

    germany accepted all the refugees....... Im Greek let me laugh abit on that remark!...HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!

  • Roland Lee
    Roland Lee

    Germany does have freedom of speech, man. At least by law it does, article 5 of the German constitution. There are things you arent allowed to say, such as anything that may be considered offensive by others, which includes stuff like insults, but that mostly is limited to media not individuals. Most countries do in fact have freedom of speech. The extent to which that is being upheld though is a matter of debate. I dont really understand where you got the idea that only the US has freedom of speech. Speech in the US is not unregulated either. There are many things you cant publicly say in the US. Should you be able to? Perhaps, but the reality of the matter is you cant. In Germany accusing someone of a crime, for example, is illegal because it has real world effect.. you cant write it of as just speaking, just saying things. Its an accusation that has effects beyond just a statement. And stuff like that is illegal everywhere. Unlimited free speech would allow to disclose state secrets that compromise national security, for example. Its again something you are by law not allowed to say. So there is no unlimited free speech anywhere. Granted it may be the least regulated in the US, not sure, but its not absolutely free and unregulated in any case. Statements that have legal or economic liability are regulated. False accusations, false advertising, distribution of copyrighted material, making threats etc.

  • fpshooterful

    I agree that America is doing better overall now, NOT because of Trump, but because of Technology and the power of the internet. Trump may have some hand in it, but it was Obama who fixed the issue, where Trump just walked into a fixed situation.

  • Roland Lee
    Roland Lee

    This is how it works... SJW: Trump is racist! You: Why? SJW: Because of what he said? You: So what did he say? SJW: Its not really what he said, its what he did. You: So what did he do? SJW: Well, nothing.. but.. well.. uhmm... You: So how is he racist? SJW: Fuck you, fuck this, fuck that...

  • fpshooterful

    my gawd.... that guy with the megaphone... just yelling non stop.

  • bahilleli

    @27:20 LIBERTARIAN - NOT liberal! It's so strange, funny, disturbing how she immediately relaxes, & suddenly agrees Crowder is indeed NOT a racist RIGHT AFTER he gives her the 'textbook definition' of limited government... It's quite the transformation from fully triggered SJW to an almost reasonable person... *Your Kung-fu is strong on this one Sifu Crowder.* Signed a Canadian having a good day ...Q: why? _A: bc Trudeau is not!_ LOL, wait, *Breaking News, they just found yet another brown-face (visage brun :D), number 57.* At this point they are suspecting a real life Trudeau-look-alike-of-color as nobody could possibly wear brown & black face that often (Who said Castro?). This may be what we need to finally rid us of his gorgeous, empty head. *I digressed, but I did it well.*

  • JH

    32:28. It's either raining, or it's not raining. There's a 50/50 chance that's it's always raining guys - that's exactly how it works. LOL.

  • topgunjager

    I live in the Silicon Valley. I'm only racist when I drive my car or ride my bike. Saved my life a bunch f times.

  • Stolid Liquid
    Stolid Liquid

    No!!! I don't shake with you!

  • Nicholas Sparks
    Nicholas Sparks

    Wow the guy in the beginning was a loony toon!

  • zachcam1918

    And people think Americans are ignorant...

  • dhoni01001

    "Just make them legal." 🤦‍♂️

  • BH Paradox
    BH Paradox

    Trump is not racist he just doesn’t want illegals here if he was Africa’s president he would make sure people even his own race wouldn’t get in people think just because he builds a wall doesn’t mean he is racist people need to think before they open there fat loud lying mouth

  • The Division
    The Division

    Steven Crowder never changes his mind. These videos are really just his hearing other opinions and then asserting his own. "Change my mind" is simply an invitation to hear what Steven has to say.

    • Stolid Liquid
      Stolid Liquid

      Clearly, people never come with a valid argument. He would likely change his mind if they used logic, as that is what he uses for most of his decisions...

  • Joseph Rhodes
    Joseph Rhodes

    Who else thinks trump is a good president.

    • ScarLeedge


  • Jonathan Esayias Berhe
    Jonathan Esayias Berhe

    So because of this video I ended up watching the whole Charlottes Ville interview, Trump gave (after his Infrastructure meeting) and I was pleasantly suprised he condemned NeoNazi's/Nationalist. But something I struggled fact-checking was that the "Zero-tolerance" policy started with Obama. From what I have been able to find, only the Trump administration has separated kids from their parents. And the only dozens claim I could find that Obama started child separation policy and Trump is bringing them together was Trump himself. So to anyone who claims Obama began separating the children from parents, let me know where steven Crowder got that from

  • Hayden Smith
    Hayden Smith

    do one about saying the pledge. I think you should say it and everyday in class we stand and I say it but other people don't and it pisses me off that they dont

  • 3941602

    Them tight jeans crowder squats are paying off lol

  • 3941602

    Crowder gotta booty!

  • Windwar attack
    Windwar attack

    That Black womans ignorance was so insane and off the charts it just amazes me how her brain had enough smarts that it could send a signal to her heart to complete a functional contraction to keep her alive

  • Jade Carter
    Jade Carter

    Well he did say those boys deserve to die from when they see us with no physical evidence so there’s that! If they were white would he have said the same thing

  • Purple 911
    Purple 911

    nice ass Crowder!!!!!

  • Topsilend61

    Steven: Why is trump racist? That black woman: At the end of the day, absolutely, totally, but like I said, at the end of the day, at the end of the day, overall, totally, you know? But like at the end of the day, totally.

  • Hector

    “Oh I thought you were saying that he’s gay”

  • Breanna Hamilton
    Breanna Hamilton

    "why are you the only country that needs a wall?" Because the United States is the only free country... People want what we have (and what some take for granted) we have to be alert and protect ourselves...

  • EJ The School Kid
    EJ The School Kid

    I dont like Donald Trump but I have to agree he's not racist

  • Melvis Fernandez
    Melvis Fernandez

    Was trump racist in 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011? Dick suckers.

  • Melvis Fernandez
    Melvis Fernandez

    One or two Democrats and media maggots, when someone hit them in mouth with baseball bat,the racist crap will disappear.

  • Danny Burke
    Danny Burke

    Theres so many easy points to pick and they all picked the wrong ones like theres literslly the lawsuits from 1974 where he admitted to not renting to people because theyre black (im aware thats an over simplification)

    • Danny Burke
      Danny Burke

      "So interesting to see “Progressive” Democrat Congresswomen, who originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe, the worst, most corrupt and inept anywhere in the world (if they even have a functioning government at all), now loudly ... ... and viciously telling the people of the United States, the greatest and most powerful Nation on earth, how our government is to be run." This would also work

  • Phantom Ops
    Phantom Ops

    The first lady's problem is that she can't seem to mentally separate a nation from it's people. Germany =/= Germans.

  • Roland Attinelli
    Roland Attinelli

    That first lady looked cross eyed.

    • Roland Attinelli
      Roland Attinelli

      Second lady said youowahmsayn

  • Sniiidder S
    Sniiidder S

    Completely agree. Trump is not racist. Leftist hear what they want to hear

  • Złamana Stopa
    Złamana Stopa

    "because we know, how hard it is going through war" hehe

  • heyturnkey

    Pogo music in the background...nice

  • Suma

    Well, at least the weather was nice! MAGA🇺🇸😁👍

  • Arlene Johnson
    Arlene Johnson

    She works in media. That explains all her lies and idiocy.

  • Arlene Johnson
    Arlene Johnson

    I wish Steve would have cited examples of people arrested for hate speech like hes done before instead of arguing yes and no with that idiot.

  • Tom H
    Tom H

    I don’t like trump but my god these people have problems 😂

  • chapmasi

    Trump has been in the public eye for what... 5 decades? and not a single time claim of racism was thrown at him, not once..... Not until he ran against the Democrats. Just think about that for a moment

  • Luke Vernon
    Luke Vernon

    Nah actually he should have showed it because it’s real. It just made me feel bad.

  • Luke Vernon
    Luke Vernon

    Shouldn’t have shown the interview with the black chick. It’s not her fault. It felt mean, she’s not ready for her world view to be shattered

  • The Kriptoker
    The Kriptoker

    All these closet socialists want another Hitler and don't even realize it.

  • xander turner
    xander turner

    wait? its racist to think that a primarily white country is a shit hole country?

  • blackout betty
    blackout betty

    No, I don’t know what you’re saying.

  • graeme Orr
    graeme Orr

    Not all people from Europe are as fucking dumb as that German girl

  • swtiris denslew
    swtiris denslew

    Im from greece and our biggest problem on immigration it's that Germany and most of EU don't take immigrants to there country. We have an incident that summer who thousands immigrants they have gone in Athens train station with purpose to leave from the country and greek government forced to take down all the train lines for a day in order to don't let them leave. Just say..

  • Phylli Cheeze
    Phylli Cheeze

    I think that Trumps "racism" is something that's subtle in many Americans. It's like those well-meaning sentiments that can easily be interpreted as racist, when really it's just ignorance of other races. For example, when A$ap Rocky was incarcerated and Trump tweeted that the African American community had been let down by it. I'm sure he meant well but it's really ignorant to think that just because A$ap is black, the entire black population of America gives a shit about him being arrested and detained in another country. Or Trump's Cinco de Mayo tweet where he's holding a taco and saying he loves Mexicans >_> Trump is an egotistical asshole who only cares about what people can do for him, and sometimes his rhetoric (or the way the media twists his rhetoric sometimes) can be kinda seen as fuel to a fire, but liberals are also pretty crazy (queue megaphone guy). I think classist or even opportunist better describes Trump

  • Raven Baxter
    Raven Baxter

    Steven thicc af

  • LiwenDiamond

    "I can deal with all walks of life, I don't have prejudices." Literally opened her argument 10 minutes earlier by saying Trump is racist because he was born rich... Jesus Christ these people will give me an aneurysm one day. It comes down to this : From the very start, they hate Trump because deep down they are jealous of his success, because of superficial elements like his ugly old orange mug and and the fact that he isn't as suave as Obama was and because of his obnoxious narcissism, which admittedly is a decent reason to dislike a person. From their very first impression of the guy, they hated his guts. And then the media used that innate hatred to murk the waters with endless propaganda about Trump's every little faux-scandals for three years straight, brainwashing the masses into believing he's the second coming of Hitler, and now it takes a figurative mountain of actual evidence just to make them budge from "Trump is racist and every idea he supports is terrible" to "Oh, you're a liberal then? I understand where you stand on things, but I still don't agree with anything you've said for the past 25 minutes." Crowder was just barely able to convince them HE isn't a monster, let alone Trump! I don't know where he finds the patience to deal with this wall of regurgitated nonsensical and bigoted leftist rhetoric every time he sits at that table. I understand these people aren't all bad and we don't want to alienate them if we want them to eventually "take the red pill", but there are times I just want to cry, so utterly dumbfounded and dejected I am to be exposed to such stupidity. Is this what happens when you listen to CNN long enough? You're brain becomes so clogged with lies it turns into mush and you lose all ability to think critically? Or are they just that scared to be proven wrong? Man the Matrix was right on the money with its analogy. People just prefer the comfort of lies to the true harsh nature of reality.

  • Rabbiddogg 1000
    Rabbiddogg 1000

    I’m Mexican-American and I approve of the wall... does that mean I’m racist against my own race? 😱😱😱

    • ScarLeedge

      My leftist brother is triggered cuz I went to the rally and ofc threatens to use violence

    • Rabbiddogg 1000
      Rabbiddogg 1000

      Makes sense

    • Brian Coughlan
      Brian Coughlan

      Rabbiddogg 1000 yes it does😂🤣

  • Oh Billy
    Oh Billy

    That chick got up in front of a crowd and had a legit conversation. Even if she was very uninformed and didn’t know what she was talking about. Imagine if she was just holding a megaphone mindlessly shouting from the sidelines ? Imagine how annoying it would be if someone was doing that?

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