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  • Funny Vines
    Funny Vines

    Sorry for the re-upload everyone! We discovered an issue with the previous video that needed to be fixed. Enjoy and have a great day!

    • Steven Ryan
      Steven Ryan

      That’s ok that vidio was awesome

    • Official Tiktoks
      Official Tiktoks

      Funny Vines who is the one tiktok account about the sleeping with the bf trying to find it rn

  • 1 2
    1 2

    not funny, laughed

  • Tyrone Smith
    Tyrone Smith

    The roommate one 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sam Plays 21
    Sam Plays 21

    He's having babies

  • Security Safe Hydro Dipping
    Security Safe Hydro Dipping

    Bro how tf you get the spitting in the face video!!!! That’s me and my girl wtf

  • Crina Vacarciuc
    Crina Vacarciuc

    This is hilarious

  • Darielle Barlow
    Darielle Barlow

    06:31 .. mannnnnnnn, at the end... he bout committed involuntary manslaughter .. fr, it isn't funny.... but it is though lmmfao!

  • Fabitrap G
    Fabitrap G

    NOT FUNNY! I almost felt asleep

  • Life Hacks & Experiments
    Life Hacks & Experiments

    Your smile lights up the room

  • Joseph Ndiga
    Joseph Ndiga


  • Funny CPH
    Funny CPH

    Wanna reach 2000 sub

  • Funny CPH
    Funny CPH

    Trying to grow my channel please help me grow

  • Mike Nakh TV
    Mike Nakh TV

    keep up the good work!

  • adalina brown
    adalina brown

    who here uses snap chat????? i need more friends :( u should add me, itzadalina

  • Abby Hogan
    Abby Hogan

    This I what my friends said.. cool nana nana ha

  • jerry pula
    jerry pula

    7:13 I'm pretty sure that sea horse is giving birth and btw did you know Male sea horses give birth not females

    • sաɨʄt Ҡıٳٳ{ʄ}
      sաɨʄt Ҡıٳٳ{ʄ}

      Yeah, but the females give the males the eggs.

  • Brittany Carpenter
    Brittany Carpenter

    Haha so lame

  • AFK

    10:16 how to do this effect. Please tell

  • TLCMN Reunited
    TLCMN Reunited

    wat 1:08

  • Hettie Essex-Brooks
    Hettie Essex-Brooks

    2:12 doesn’t look funny too me looks more fightie LOL LOL LOL 😂

  • shae salins
    shae salins

    A tiktok hahahahah

  • Emmanuel Reynoso
    Emmanuel Reynoso


  • JadeAvenue Curl
    JadeAvenue Curl

    So funny ya,ll

  • CoolSpechGamer 925
    CoolSpechGamer 925

    Didn’t even laugh a little

  • Krillin Bob
    Krillin Bob

    Vines are not funny who else think the same

  • Kim Hubbard
    Kim Hubbard

    This is so funny

    • Kim Hubbard
      Kim Hubbard


  • Big Savage
    Big Savage

    I like

  • Quinn Blackburn
    Quinn Blackburn


  • Snazzee


  • BGCP Student
    BGCP Student

    i am in the school and i dont need to laugh so hands down

  • Patrick Walker
    Patrick Walker

    this is not funny!

  • Axa Chihuahua
    Axa Chihuahua


  • ShredaSpud

    2:03 Battle of the psychics on South Park

  • CinexEmpty


  • Woltrayn


  • Norman Fabregas
    Norman Fabregas

    1:52 hahahahahHa

  • oFaze

    i laughed -1 times

  • good karma
    good karma

    Not at allfunny

  • MB Films
    MB Films

    Just started my first channel and I would really love if I could get some support from anybody!!

  • Neo Neo
    Neo Neo

    Awesome ;)

  • Neo Neo
    Neo Neo

    Nice one :)

  • ristuksenvittu

    The girl at 9:45 reminds me of uma thurman.

    • Lacey Bug
      Lacey Bug

      I thought she looked like Mathilda from Leon the Professional

  • Trinity M
    Trinity M

    The first one wow I didn't even know that was a baby

    • Trinity M
      Trinity M

      Oh how?

    • CoolSpechGamer 925
      CoolSpechGamer 925

      I kinda did 😁

  • thepuppydoglover 21
    thepuppydoglover 21

    There not funny

  • Random Owl
    Random Owl

    This isnt try not to laugh Its people being asses

  • Steven Ryan
    Steven Ryan

    He is is a l e g e n d a r y

  • Steven Ryan
    Steven Ryan

    He keeps saying coffee !👺👺👺👺🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Steven Ryan
    Steven Ryan

    Come on this was a big scream

  • David L
    David L

    nah didnt like it

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler

    This is funny.....jesus christ.

  • 《Softie Waffles》
    《Softie Waffles》

    I laughed so hard I cried 😂🤣😅

  • Jared Hernandez
    Jared Hernandez

    7:13 the seahorse is giving birth.

  • Jennifer Vega
    Jennifer Vega


  • Slayer 45
    Slayer 45

    This was garbage....absolute trash like honestly I've seen better videos from a damn bird.

    • Giulia Tordi
      Giulia Tordi

      @sean smith, please keep your opinion to yourself. People work hard to create these vines. And if you don't enjoy them, that's okay. Just don't ralph it in the comments section, please.

  • Gamingwithzakiya123

    Hi bud your vid is not funny video


    10:16 thats me lol wtf 😭 @victxr916

  • Hannah King
    Hannah King

    why do fights always happens at mcdonald's

  • Blurry _Bluez
    Blurry _Bluez

    1:27 mmm yeah

  • •Emma Rebolà•
    •Emma Rebolà•

    Hehehehe I just made this 112 when it was 111

  • •Emma Rebolà•
    •Emma Rebolà•

    I just made this 112 when it was 111

  • Lydia Lee
    Lydia Lee

    Why can't I look up a video that isn't from tiktok

  • Ricky Marckstadt
    Ricky Marckstadt

    that Sea Horse is making life

  • Maria Acevedo
    Maria Acevedo


  • Belai_The_Bee

    Try not to laugh or Try to laugh??

  • Melissa Ortega
    Melissa Ortega

    So funny

  • c u t e v x b e s / s u n f l x w e r
    c u t e v x b e s / s u n f l x w e r

    Why doest this people really have to fight at the best fast food

  • Beasty Kid
    Beasty Kid

    These are TikTok

  • Viggo

    8:11 SAAATAAAN Plz kill 100%

  • Viggo


  • Viggo

    1:15 SAAATAAAN Plz kill 100%

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