Try Not To Say WOW Challenge ... (IMPOSSIBLE)
Try Not To Say WOW Challenge ... (IMPOSSIBLE)
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Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to Try Not To Say WOW Challenge ... (IMPOSSIBLE)



  • LchevyBoy

    u lost

  • Christopher Peña
    Christopher Peña

    Azzy have you ever heard of a gar

  • Mark Vago
    Mark Vago

    She said wow 3 times without noticing like if you saw tyem

  • Athena Marie Ong
    Athena Marie Ong


  • D for diya
    D for diya

    i live in India

  • Zhalgas Ospanov
    Zhalgas Ospanov

    I won

  • Jasmin Nielsen
    Jasmin Nielsen

    I diddent said wow one time

  • pawandeep singh soul
    pawandeep singh soul

    Onestly I didn't say wow

  • pawandeep singh soul
    pawandeep singh soul

    Actuly you lose already

  • pawandeep singh soul
    pawandeep singh soul

    You said wow but you didn't count

  • carmen iglesias
    carmen iglesias


  • Joslyn Johnson
    Joslyn Johnson

    I still have 💜💜💜💜💜 hearts :/

  • King Godzilla
    King Godzilla

    I didn’t say wow 1Time.

  • Aranxa Martínez
    Aranxa Martínez

    Azzy I sit no wows

  • Sandra Gorman
    Sandra Gorman

    you said wow three extra times

  • bloom

    Azzy said wow so many times without noticing😂🤣

  • morne schutte
    morne schutte

    You said wow and there was still a hart

  • Matthis Henquinet
    Matthis Henquinet


  • John Mwema
    John Mwema


  • Hasufel y Arod
    Hasufel y Arod

    0:42 GARCÍA, that's my last name, actually.

  • Leia Mac
    Leia Mac

    I love ur videos azzy I hope ur ok

  • Lol Linus
    Lol Linus

    2:59 ha say Wow

  • Vila Jiam
    Vila Jiam

    Thailand the traffic bit

  • Vila Jiam
    Vila Jiam

    The scatebord is a centapide

  • Louise B
    Louise B

    How many times has she done this. Still luv YAH tho

  • Maritess Garcia
    Maritess Garcia

    Taht is kind of funny azzy

  • Chase Garza
    Chase Garza

    She said wow wow

  • Pvvrkraju Idib
    Pvvrkraju Idib

    Azzy you are caught red handed saying wow on 4:54

  • Eaiddee Ruth Quiambao
    Eaiddee Ruth Quiambao

    No its manila

  • Myleigh2011 Kaeff
    Myleigh2011 Kaeff

    I said I wow 0 times

  • Heidi Cameron
    Heidi Cameron

    i didnt say wow :) roast ME

  • Marlena Thompson
    Marlena Thompson

    Baby is sooooo good

  • Marlena Thompson
    Marlena Thompson


  • Ca1m11e E
    Ca1m11e E

    So cool.

  • 6cinalynn

    U siad wow it look like Hart and something

  • Halliegh Lands
    Halliegh Lands

    I did not say wow

  • Cierra ritchey
    Cierra ritchey

    2:58 she said wow and didn't notice

  • Vismely Perez
    Vismely Perez

    Azzie land I love you 1000 times more than my name

  • The Yeet Sheldon
    The Yeet Sheldon

    Oh she lost

  • Bailey Williams
    Bailey Williams

    0 hearts lost

  • mariachastain05

    Azzy u said wow before the danceing babys

  • Caroline Daugherty
    Caroline Daugherty


  • Kyla Simpson
    Kyla Simpson

    i love your chan

  • Amy Young
    Amy Young

    I had 4 Life the whole entire video

  • Charlotte Munro
    Charlotte Munro

    2:26 mins in and shes already down to 2 lives

  • Kristin Gann
    Kristin Gann

    Azzie I didn’t say wow at all

  • Alexis Johnson
    Alexis Johnson

    You see wow and you didn't lose a haret

  • Itzchelsea Xo
    Itzchelsea Xo

    You said wow oops you said w and you didn’t noticed

  • Khadija Zara
    Khadija Zara

    She should do it


    i agry

  • Anish Ahuja
    Anish Ahuja

    On 2:89 she said wow but didn't remove a life

  • Dréa Dréa
    Dréa Dréa

    30000,0000000000 time I said wow😂🤣🤣🤣🤦🏽 whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyuy

  • Nylaa H
    Nylaa H

    Stop Mersin

  • Violet the Fox
    Violet the Fox


  • nadia mihalcea
    nadia mihalcea

    Your a winner azzy why imposibile.

  • Eden and Beyond
    Eden and Beyond

    How many likes my comment gets is how many times azzy said wow

  • Jeremy miller
    Jeremy miller

    I hate AzZY AHAhaHa

  • Jeremy miller
    Jeremy miller

    Azzy sayed wow but she did't remove a life she is cheating Like if u beleev me

  • Jane Abou Halloun
    Jane Abou Halloun

    You said wow 3 times without knowing not even while editing

  • Anjane Longacre
    Anjane Longacre


  • Prăsneac Laura Andreea
    Prăsneac Laura Andreea

    At the minute 4:55 u said wow and u didint care

  • Alissa Watson
    Alissa Watson


  • Monica Parrish
    Monica Parrish

    Azze you lost your last life and you said wow three more times🤬👿👹!!

  • Monica Parrish
    Monica Parrish

    I don't even know who you are anymore 😭😭😭😫😫😢🥺🥺

  • Monica Parrish
    Monica Parrish

    Azze your a cheater!!!!👹👹😤😤🤬🤬🤬💀💀💔👿👿👿👿👿😈😈😈

  • Monica Parrish
    Monica Parrish

    You lost before cheater👹🤬💀😤!!!!👿😈

  • Baddass Adams
    Baddass Adams

    You also said wow but you still had 1 heart how did you not notice azy and you are the best youtuber Ever and so is your friend I love your videos and your friends

  • Baddass Adams
    Baddass Adams

    It wasn't that 1 you already lost you have no more hearts because you accidentally forgot that you said wow but you Lost

  • Isabella Rodriguez-Gardner
    Isabella Rodriguez-Gardner

    you said wow and did not remove a life!!!

  • Alexander Mavila
    Alexander Mavila

    2:58 she said the word but didn’t realize so she she lost the game before time

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