Trying A New Foundation Technique I Thought I'd Hate...
Jackie Aina
So I tried something different with my foundation routine, something I have seen other professional artists use (also on me) for years and I got tempted to actually try it for myself. See how that goes on todays video!
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tatcha liquid silk canvas
farsali haldi eyes
laura mercier translucent powder
covergirl trublend concealer
fenty refreshing spray
loreal infallble concealer
kevyn aucoin sensual skin enhancer
maybelline super stay foundation
natasha denona biba palette
yanga beauty ara lash
mufe liner "502 infinite sand"
marena beaute sweet brown blush
natasha denona lala lipstick

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    • Krystle Sykes
      Krystle Sykes

      Nicolein78 ... I have been scrolling forEVER trying to see if anyone mentioned what foundation brush she is using! Looking at NYX’s website, there are only two that look like the one she’s using, and I’m PRETTY sure it’s the NYX Pro Multi-Purpose Buffing Brush. Hope this helps! 😉👍

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