Trying to find a Perfect Spongebob Popsicle (again) #shorts

  • Simon ghost Riley
    Simon ghost Riley

    If I saw him in public I would I would run in the opposite direction of him forever

  • Jamela Valdez
    Jamela Valdez

    Reinforcing endocrine industries wherever wbodvfifndudvdid endocrine however Athena eeoeveivπŸ””

  • Anthony Then
    Anthony Then

    Yum icecream my favorite flavor is chocolate

  • Joe Blden
    Joe Blden

    Are you the one who always makes me not able to get SpongeBob Popsicles and enjoy them because every time I go to my local Circle K they never have any

  • Anthony Gomez
    Anthony Gomez

    He says that the SpongeBob popsicles are running out but in reality it's him buying all the popsicles!🏝️🧽🍍

  • Funtime Torrson
    Funtime Torrson

    Brents tiktoks always make me smile, no matter how bad of a day im having. Keep up the good work, Brent πŸ‘

  • knucklehead acres outdoors
    knucklehead acres outdoors

    Dude you been making everybody buy them and I just want every week to eat and I go in the gas station there out

  • Kimbra Harper
    Kimbra Harper

    Video so I can see it and even go to 7-Eleven is in Rusk Texas I really want you to say which state you are living in I love I love watching your videos I got I got a SpongeBob popsicle today it wasn’t perfect I thought it up and put it in a vase in a cup in my freezer I love I like I love your videos bye version

  • sara-grace kissinger
    sara-grace kissinger

    On my first popsicle I got a perfect SpongeBob one do you want to know how it's cuz you need to see where's the eyes are you need to check the eyes

  • Ice age kitty127
    Ice age kitty127

    I am sad because he Took all of the spongebob popsicle

  • I can’t think of a name
    I can’t think of a name

    Stop. This is stupid. You guys are buying all the gumball eye popsicles trying to find a perfect one. It’s a huge waste of food for people who actually want to eat them. Stop.

  • Zulema Vega-Bello
    Zulema Vega-Bello

    So fdvdf Fed fWe veg fdvlv of vegetables

  • Kendra Avery Tan
    Kendra Avery Tan

    i am a little kid im 6 ! Mom is cool

  • I aint your mama
    I aint your mama

    Good Luckin today spongebob πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜”βœŠ I Believe in you you will get the Perfect spongebob πŸ™‚

  • Ntumwa Kalema
    Ntumwa Kalema

    Brent you are waiting popsicles

  • Ethan & Sissy's House of Games
    Ethan & Sissy's House of Games

    And spongebob should sponsor you

  • Ethan & Sissy's House of Games
    Ethan & Sissy's House of Games

    Where did you get the outfit?

  • Jennifer Dymond
    Jennifer Dymond

    The derpy ones should be named spoong bob

  • All around Emma-Lee
    All around Emma-Lee

    I’m subsrubed and I wonder What do I do with the popsicles so u eat them or throw them out

  • _k.qtelyn.com_

    starfall, vibes when he said. β€œCome on, let’s go! Goodbye.”

  • future tom
    future tom

    I think I got a perfect but I ate it πŸ˜”

  • aiden wood
    aiden wood

    Bro what's up with sponge bob pop sicles it's just cold candy

  • Taisian Beckstead
    Taisian Beckstead

    You are upset with SpongeBob

  • Naomi Broshar
    Naomi Broshar


  • Bonggingzen Demetrio
    Bonggingzen Demetrio

    Brent: *gets all popsicles Other youtubers: where the is the popsicles!??!

  • Antonio Baca
    Antonio Baca

    You stop make me wanna have the last four of SpongeBob popsicles in my freezer

  • @_@y0ur_l0cal_Art fan_β€’0$
    @_@y0ur_l0cal_Art fan_β€’0$

    This why I love you

  • Kathy Christofaro
    Kathy Christofaro

    That 3rd one though I’m going to have nightmares again πŸ˜‚

  • BraydenGames

    I want one.

  • sausage pancakes
    sausage pancakes

    Do you eat the spongebob popsicles that aren’t perfect or do you Chuck them away?

  • Bianca Castillo
    Bianca Castillo

    I love sponge bobπŸ˜ƒ

  • Γ—wolf josh games
    Γ—wolf josh games

    Why its not perfect cuz it melt or it just shake

  • The night wolf
    The night wolf


  • Jason Alvarez
    Jason Alvarez

    The thing that made me laugh so hard when like he was getting ready he just had a little voice crack lol πŸ˜‚

  • Henry Boarman
    Henry Boarman

    Nice πŸ‘

  • Josh Henson
    Josh Henson

    I got the golden plate creeper first project

  • Josh Henson
    Josh Henson

    Unfinished Diamond first try in a mine

  • Josh Henson
    Josh Henson

    Stories SpongeBob popsicles perfect first try

  • Edward TiscareΓ±o TV
    Edward TiscareΓ±o TV


  • FoodieFood πŸ”
    FoodieFood πŸ”

    Why is nobody the 'unperfect" SpongeBob

  • Emma

    Guess what

    • Emma

      In Soccer

    • Emma

      I found the perfect SpongeBob popsicle

  • Narnia lover Forever
    Narnia lover Forever

    I apart of the cult now

  • Narnia lover Forever
    Narnia lover Forever


  • LunarEclipse _
    LunarEclipse _

    this company single-handedly makes 99% of their profits off of THIS MAN

  • Pepo Gaming
    Pepo Gaming

    Bro the hell man come on you get a waste of money and then they're gonna be sold out from you

  • Lilah McLellan
    Lilah McLellan

    I love your videos

  • Rayan chaabane
    Rayan chaabane

    EAT IT OK πŸ‘Œ

  • Paula Kinsella
    Paula Kinsella

    What do you do with them all

  • Mika Langlois
    Mika Langlois

    Why do you need perfect ice cream πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

  • gamer boy
    gamer boy

    100 episodes later /budget 0

  • Laquwanda Roberts
    Laquwanda Roberts


  • Dawn Boggs
    Dawn Boggs

    Where do you get a SpongeBob popsicles at

  • Michelle Jefferson
    Michelle Jefferson


  • DabbinSquidie

    He goes out in public like that??? I sound like a mom lol

  • Pixel pup
    Pixel pup

    1.teeth messed up and missing an eye 2.not too bad but the teeth and the eyes were so close 3.had some rabbit teeth staring at me blood on the side scary 4.not bringing any luck

  • Redninja47 King of ninja team
    Redninja47 King of ninja team

    You should wear that black shirt that you found the perfect SpongeBob popsicle in and maybe I will get you good luck

  • Chuck The Canadian
    Chuck The Canadian

    So does he eat all those or what

  • Matt Lutz
    Matt Lutz

    Does he have a life or does he just make shitty little videos and mooch off of his parents

  • Core Edits
    Core Edits

    "Oh No, Spongebob Pop Guy? What could he Possiblt want? **4 for 1 Sale** Dah! M-Mr.Krabs!!!!!"

  • hoening bros
    hoening bros

    Do you eat them

  • lyktah lyktah
    lyktah lyktah

    The one perfect popsicle will rule then all

  • Ari V.
    Ari V.

    I love watching your vides

  • Adnan Ad
    Adnan Ad

    I think that third one was a cannibal murderer

  • Abhinav Sunil
    Abhinav Sunil

    Plot twist : there is no perfect popsicle nobody is perfect

    • Β· CΓ¦k Β·
      · Cæk ·

      That's a wholesome plot twist

  • Fatoumata Doucoure
    Fatoumata Doucoure

    Do you even eat the popsicle

    • Outernet

      He and his family does.

  • Gale Moore
    Gale Moore

    Tyrone stop messing with my daddy

  • jenerously ˊˎ-
    jenerously ˊˎ-

    I feel bad for u

  • ツ Δ±llΔ±llΔ± ΞΉΟ„z_sορhΞΉΞ± Δ±llΔ±llΔ± ツ
    ツ Δ±llΔ±llΔ± ΞΉΟ„z_sορhΞΉΞ± Δ±llΔ±llΔ± ツ

    Maybe they lied and there is really no perfect one

  • Rip Lil Loaded♿️
    Rip Lil Loaded♿️


  • Peglen P
    Peglen P

    Uuu daddy

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