two can play at that game
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  • Ebic Gamer
    Ebic Gamer

    Bruh I have 69.can I play that game?

  • bob vella
    bob vella

    man, you'd be good to have around at nintendo switch rooftop parties.

  • Anti-Aim

    who else searched up the ofher videos

  • Some Random Guy on the Internet
    Some Random Guy on the Internet

    This was glorious

  • Ace1602


  • Mineit909

    Okay but what was the two player game he spoke of with a knife

    • Vox Populi
      Vox Populi


  • Cameron J. Smith
    Cameron J. Smith

    If one purchases the expansion for Scythe, six can play at that game.



  • Artmeat J
    Artmeat J

    You should reupload with real annotations

  • Gregory Lin
    Gregory Lin

    You should put the actual tags to the two videos now that you made them

  • Patrick Fox
    Patrick Fox

    You call that a knife

  • Dennis Kwang
    Dennis Kwang

    He sounds like Keanu Reeves

  • EVCoobie

    Fifteen can play that game: Four Souls review

  • Hieronymus Pseudonymous
    Hieronymus Pseudonymous

    I know he's a fellow gamer, but I don't expect it in his short videos. :) 8 - Captain Sonar 9 - Sidereal Confluence 10 - Codenames 11 - Western Empires 12 - The Resistance 13 - Deception: Murder in Hong Kong (with the expansion)

  • K Serra
    K Serra

    This is like a high budget Vine movie.

  • Sal A
    Sal A

    Why is this not on tiktok

  • Tom Jackal
    Tom Jackal

    hell yeah scythe i wish anyone wanted to play it with me or that i could afford it

  • Hull_K0gan

    Holy shit. I’ve just been seeing what a fucking asshole you are online.

  • Cameron Smith
    Cameron Smith

    Let's collab and put an end to this *SOYTUATION*

  • Goldenaed The Golden
    Goldenaed The Golden

    Me: Doing absolutely nothing. IT-my: Recommend this.

  • DarkZero

    34,2759264950189948748917485 can play at that game

  • TehDarkrai

    notice the upside down mustache

  • jordan sanders
    jordan sanders

  • Toilet Wine_29
    Toilet Wine_29

    Lol you should put the links to the other videos on this one

  • The Key Smasher
    The Key Smasher

    Why did I expect him to sound like he was from The Godfather

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith

    You can shop at 5 or 6 stores, or just 1. I don't need friends; they disappoint me. *swagmove*

  • sweesbees

    the only acceptable form of asmr

  • Nicholas Phan
    Nicholas Phan

    Unintentional ASMR

  • Austin Fletcher
    Austin Fletcher


  • TheDriver458

    Is there any game that 0 people can play? Asking for a friend.

  • Avalon Perez
    Avalon Perez

    Holy crap those are all wonderful indie games, well done ProZd. I've been dying to play Scythe.

  • Tyler Darlington
    Tyler Darlington

    im pretty sure terraforming mars can support 4 and Scythe can play five? not sure abt power grid i havent played it in forever but i think your numbers were off. was there a point to that?? Or did you just think people wouldn't notice/care oh my god am i the person from the THATS A PSP video now

  • Tsukuyomi Sasami
    Tsukuyomi Sasami

    wait a second what's the game that two can play

  • Brione

    *looks at solitaire* But only one.... can play at that game

  • ChandlerWithaZ


  • code rainbow
    code rainbow

    I have the same knife as you

  • Random Banter Vids
    Random Banter Vids

    This man would be the most intimidating man on a discord call

  • jlomax215

    Omg I dislike you for that lmao😂😂😂

  • Herb Derbler
    Herb Derbler

    Not gonna lie, I'd watch Raspy Knife-Man game reviews just for the ASMR.

  • ChaosRayZero

    It _just_ occurred to me that he finally got an actual knife instead of his usual plastic one.

  • Foxu

    8 can play at that game Super smash bros ultimate

  • TechnoHighlander

    This is the type of joke you would expect to see in the Airplane/The Naked Gun movies.

  • thechancel0r

    Anybody else now actually wanna see ProZD review some of his favorite obscure board games?

    • ChaosRayZero

      That was his plan all along- to plant that idea in his fandom's heads! _His machinations lay undetected for years, for he is a master of deception!_

  • Bryce Cohen
    Bryce Cohen

    i was told to comment but have nothing to contribute. I am a mindless drone

  • UNSC_AlphaWolf

    What I love about this is the fact that he actually made the other two videos, a true content legend.

  • Mr Smoko
    Mr Smoko

    But I don't want to play

  • foopyu nooui
    foopyu nooui

    "Two can play at that game" *Gives him the Player 2 controller*

  • Max Injic
    Max Injic

    Finally something funny on the trending page

  • Maverick Loggins
    Maverick Loggins


  • Commander Goblin
    Commander Goblin

    You put the links in the video 6 days before they where even uploaded!

    • foopyu nooui
      foopyu nooui

      It's Asian hitler

  • Anna Scanlon-Kimura
    Anna Scanlon-Kimura

    This guy was the vine before during and after vine

  • A Thousand Year Old Fossil
    A Thousand Year Old Fossil

    The madlad made those annotations into real videos

  • Spiff

    He uploads the two videos at the end :///


    ?? 1:26 ? ? ? ? ??

  • TheDoc

    You might as well actually link the "six" and "seven" videos at the end now you've made them

  • Memed up Gamer
    Memed up Gamer

    You know what game we can all play at? *THIS VIDEO'S SPONSOR, RAID SHADOW LEGENDS*

  • Taaaangerine

    This is so stupid.

  • BloomFilms

    I didn't even notice the mustache was upside down

  • Ross Long
    Ross Long

    You need to put actual annotations on the video now.

  • Ji Guppy3
    Ji Guppy3

    He needs to make the new videos actually linked

  • The mooncake Hunter
    The mooncake Hunter

    It's Asian hitler

  • Neal Boonyarit
    Neal Boonyarit

    I thought the end cards would be real now that they are actual videos :sad:

  • Siddhant Banerjee
    Siddhant Banerjee he gonna make those annotations real now?

  • 陸

    yes but what is the game he talks about at the start, please raspy knife man I don't have enough friends to play any of the other games you recommend

  • Daddy Smash Mouth
    Daddy Smash Mouth

    Please make the annotations real. *We need this Sung Won*

  • Luuk Swinkels
    Luuk Swinkels

    1.5K dislikes, but I really think this video is funny. lolololol

  • Grenadier on beans
    Grenadier on beans

    This is the definition of the internet. If the advanced alien race gave me the task to use their time machine and explain to medieval catholic monks what is internet then this would be the only video that should be shown.

  • brown bird
    brown bird


  • TheFirehands150

    So... I watched up to Seven can play at that game... and I still dont what game you can play at 2.

  • Riley Decoteau
    Riley Decoteau

    How do I like comment and subscribe to the mustache knife man?

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