TYPES OF STUDENTS IN CLASS ||Funny Back to School Students by 123 GO!
123 GO!
We’ve all been to school. But not all of us experience it the same way.
Today we’re exploring the many different kind of students you’d find in the classroom, the good, the bad, and the ugly.
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Class is officially dismissed, friends!
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  • Whale Gacha
    Whale Gacha

    4:36 the answer is 12

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    Carla Rodriguez

    I am The miss I-Know-IT-ALL

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    Natalie Garcia

    I felt bad for Bella how Sophia looked at her🥺

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    Brandon Brobbey

    My crush likes me because I'm ditch and famous like wtf

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    Michelle Muzar

    I love Amy😍

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    melin 87

    I’m grabbing a hamburger

  • Sara Cates
    Sara Cates

    Who else is every one of them except the farter especially the popular girl I'm really popular in my school

  • Nelson Ramirez
    Nelson Ramirez

    How do get up so quik after hitting a locker

  • Ryan S
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  • Maureen Brito-Coll
    Maureen Brito-Coll

    I am decently the cheter the eater the two love berds the disterber and the music licener the macup queen love your number 1 fan ever in the hole world.p.s always spacle

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    Anthony Poole

    I used to be the sleepyhead 😂

  • Ava on the block
    Ava on the block

    1 2 3 go you the best you make me happy and you make other people feel good because you make the best

  • lena zahri
    lena zahri

    In my class its a whole story they are talking all day all night😑

  • Nimco ibrahim
    Nimco ibrahim

    Relatable I'm the eater 😂😂😂😂

  • Nathalie Campos
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  • Kylah Brewer
    Kylah Brewer

    the answer to the math problem for the know-it-all is 11 3/4 😂

  • Melissa Medor
    Melissa Medor

    She so cool 👩🏻‍🦰👩🏻‍🦰👩🏻‍🦰👩🏻‍🦰👩🏻‍🦰👩🏻‍🦰😁😁😁

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    Jamie Schanilec

    My mom is late for ork

  • xpert emmanuel
    xpert emmanuel

    I am the sleepy head

  • Syafiqah nabila Bella
    Syafiqah nabila Bella

    The teacher is scared of me so... I'm the creepy kid

    • Kaushik Chakraborty
      Kaushik Chakraborty

      Wow I’m a nerd 🤓

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    kim Smith

    I love your video

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    Move Fast

    I am miss know it all and the sleepy and cheater

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    Cutie bears -

    I love 123 go

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      Kaushik Chakraborty

      Cutie bears - same

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    Lourdes Iniguez

    I em the. One. Who 's. Always. Late😥!

  • Llyra Hafley
    Llyra Hafley

    I was always the beautiful girl in class. Ew.

  • Ava Dickson
    Ava Dickson

    Sofia shod not be the cool kids😂😂😂😂😂😂😂(jk)

    • Ava Dickson
      Ava Dickson

      I meant to say should

  • Olivia Ritchie
    Olivia Ritchie

    When your the miss know it all 😂😂😂 ⬇️ Anyone with me

  • Olivia Allen
    Olivia Allen

    Bruh they literally made a jack for everyone of thed

  • Kate Blakeney
    Kate Blakeney

    3:42 she da boss

  • Vinod Kumar
    Vinod Kumar

    BBQ try j vacuum l ah n

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    Brittney Cunningham

    I like your videos😊😊

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  • Loudjina saint victor
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    Daejanique Patterson

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    Lovebirds 🥰😘😍

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    SophiaCallie Brewer

    10 : 30

  • Baby Tastebuds
    Baby Tastebuds

    Eww I’m going to vom

  • pusheen poop
    pusheen poop

    The farter is me defo

  • Alex tff
    Alex tff

    In school my name was Cat girl or Cat lover

  • chandrasekhar chand
    chandrasekhar chand

    i am a disturber and i know it all

  • harold luzong
    harold luzong

    5 munite craft girl

  • vanessa millan
    vanessa millan

    Its me again i have a makeup gueen also her name is k'nya

  • vanessa millan
    vanessa millan

    Im kind of the cheater im in second grade and almost in third grade i live in america it is january 18 2020 and i cheat because when your in second grade you might go to third grade or reset to second or first grade please make a diy video

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    Christopher kratz

    Hello myself my car things I am cool

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    Galaxy Dog

    You alwaya have the tik tok dancer

  • Luis and Yasmin Diaz
    Luis and Yasmin Diaz

    Amy is not cool. Amy and Sofia have yellow teeth. Ewwwwwwwwwwwww. Amy and Sofia should not be in any video so as Helly

  • Marc Calcote
    Marc Calcote

    Amy and Olivia will you be a lot of toys please and thank you for the being a best friend and the movie send to

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    Maryangel Rojas

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    Charlie Liu

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  • Tara Caldwell
    Tara Caldwell

    I am the popular girl in school because my name is August and I have Gucci and Lv

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    Hi i see you video all day i love them

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  • Saha Player
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    in my class i have all of them expedition the Miss know IT all

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    The creepy kid 💀

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    I love the creepy kid

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    Ashley oromashi

    I'm the music listener The late kid The person who always borrows stuff The person who sneaks candy in And the tomboy

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    S m B

    Some one ☝️ in my class is called kasper and he’s so smart and rude

  • Racha Sabih
    Racha Sabih

    The make up queen is cool

  • linden bruk
    linden bruk

    For “ two lovebirds”, that’s like me in class if my crush sits next to me

    • Ava Sitka
      Ava Sitka

      What's your crushes name

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