UFC 242 Press Conference: Khabib vs Poirier
UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
Ahead of one of the most highly anticipated match ups of the year, lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and interim champion Dustin Poirier will take part in a press conference in central London to discuss their upcoming title bout.
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  • amaan hulk
    amaan hulk

    19:44 is that u yamimash?

  • Аликатор А-ЕВ
    Аликатор А-ЕВ

    настоящие воины ведут себя именно так,и на-ринге,и,просто в жизни:не петушатся,не опускаются до оскорблений!!!-БРАВО!

  • Omar Leg
    Omar Leg

    Ehhhh june

  • That Guy
    That Guy

    What is it about Russians that make them stone cold killers? Something about our society doesn’t breed men like them.

  • Michael Jackson
    Michael Jackson

    Poirier said 'he's good' mate he's way better than you bitch! He ain't just good! He's the undefeated lightweight champion, never lost a round! He's the best fighter in UFC history! And Poirier says "he's good" Well...Khabib is undefeated, Poirier has 6 losses (counting the loss to Khabib) Khabib has never lost a round, Poirier has lost many rounds...khabib is way better than Poirier...So shut the fuck up Poirier, he beat your ass bitch! And Poirier says "I will take him to places he has never been before" mate Khabib took Poirier to places he has never been before, he strangled him with a beautiful rear naked choke! So shut the fuck up Poirier! You suck! Khabib the king! The king of the UFC! Khabib The Eagle Nurmagomedov!!!

  • p3rsian immortals
    p3rsian immortals

    Most polite press conference?

  • Imran Abbas fans
    Imran Abbas fans

    Porior and khabib both are gentlemans

  • XXcoldvengeanceXX

    He sounds nervous not like he was with Conor or his last opponent he really sounds nervous and scared at the same time

  • XXcoldvengeanceXX

    I'm going for Dustin also I might be the only one that notices but khabib sound scared

  • tekun berniaga
    tekun berniaga

    i hear connor punch old man in the club couse dont drink he Whiskey hahahaha so miss conner slut their openen hahaha

  • Muhammad Arif Noor
    Muhammad Arif Noor

    look guys ISLAM is a Way of Life and very important for all Muslims so plz dnt ask again n again thay why Khabib advocates ISLAM everytime....Our Real life will starts in afterlife ...this Worldy life is just a Test by a GOD ALMIGHTY......But Non Muslims dnt understand this and they make Fun........Every human will be accountable for what he or she did in his or her worldy Life.... PEACE

  • Saad Khan Khan
    Saad Khan Khan

    Khabib. Asslam alaikum.. Khabib is tha best light ufc weight fighter in the world.. Love you my brother Allah bless you

  • Aytan Raxmanova
    Aytan Raxmanova

    KHABIB forever 😍

  • Rifki Mustofa
    Rifki Mustofa

    Lov u full khabib by indonesia

  • ayaana cade
    ayaana cade

    Our role model khabib we love You coz we all about muslim allah keep You every where and every time

  • Crit- PICKLE BOI
    Crit- PICKLE BOI

    god the guy is good at submission's

  • Dxpe Superfly
    Dxpe Superfly

    Poirier’s right ear is massive lol

  • Oldysrv


  • edobihac

    Like 28/0 like AlhumduliAllah

    • Kit Kat *please subscribe*
      Kit Kat *please subscribe*

      edobihac , My dear brother/sister *PLEASE* you must watch my very important videos in my *Playlists*

  • Abdigaming56

    After the fight

  • Human Thach
    Human Thach

    Talk shit about Conor all you want but he makes UFC way more entertaining lol

  • Sun0sky


  • Why are you gay?
    Why are you gay?

    Khabib win

    • Kit Kat *please subscribe*
      Kit Kat *please subscribe*

      Hamzie Plays , My dear brother *PLEASE* you must watch my very important videos in my *Playlists*

  • Beats by Jonny Modena
    Beats by Jonny Modena

    Man. What a fight. I respect both men. Poirier poured his heart out but was unmatched for the grapple based strategy. The respect shown at the end of this fight and the emotion shown by Poirier in regards to letting down himself and his fans... These are two great role models who deserve so much respect. This is the greatest sport in the world.

  • Beats by Jonny Modena
    Beats by Jonny Modena

    Man. What a fight. I respect both men. Poirier poured his heart out but was unmatched for the grapple based strategy. The respect shown at the end of this fight and the emotion shown by Poirier in regards to letting down himself and his fans... These are two great role models who deserve so much respect. This is the greatest sport in the world.

  • Riyaz Jeelani
    Riyaz Jeelani

    Insha Allah khabib win 💕🎊🎊🎉🎉❤🍓🎉💕💕🎊🎉🍓🎊💖💕💕💖🎊🎉🎉

  • Dysruptionz

    So i plugged in my amp, and held my breath, just to hear the conference. Wait, the TV's were louder than the people speaking? Did they plug the wrong cables in? oof mad goofed.

  • Alfonso Fulgieri
    Alfonso Fulgieri

    Khabib says he doesn’t miss fighting and Dustin is hungry. Just saying

  • Somebody Not superman
    Somebody Not superman

    Khabib vs Sound system guy. Pls

  • gamex gaming
    gamex gaming

    bruh cant hear shit

  • N2L SRG
    N2L SRG

    Please upload video Khabib vs poireir of IT-my..

  • D Crawford
    D Crawford

    18:25...... “self belief” I’m so glad Dustin turned left quick I so thought he was gonna pull a Rockhold moment and “believe, achieve, perceive” 😂🤣😂🤣

  • D Crawford
    D Crawford

    Okay, I honestly can’t pick!!! Khabib is such an amazing fighter who is unbeaten and his last fight was a well deserved win and Dustin is so humble and respectful and battled forever to even get this shot and he’s amazing fighter as well!!!! Plus in this sport anything can happen and one good hit in one second can be the end so I can really see it going either way !!!!!!! So excited!!!!

  • D Crawford
    D Crawford

    Well no matter what unless Khabib does a job on Dustin’s nose like Mike Perry’s lol there’s no hurting him there 😂. Dustin’s nose hurt me just watching this press conference.

  • Tera Baap
    Tera Baap

    16:20 khabib didn’t seem humble

  • Tera Baap
    Tera Baap

    16:20 khabib didn’t seem humble

  • KH4N Assassin
    KH4N Assassin

    Connect to a stadium speaker and put on full blast, might be able to hear a thing. You’re welcome!

  • Wow Smart
    Wow Smart

    25:53 🤣🤣 "I no understand question"

  • Safia K
    Safia K

    Khabib: "I have to do my job, like always" lol

  • Bgaming _
    Bgaming _

    Khabib very defensive when asked about going up a weight...

  • Teresa Church
    Teresa Church

    Kahbib is a animal abuser .That BABY bear had a muzzle on its mouth , and a coller on its neck .I hate people who hurt animals, especially BABY animals .

  • Hirr nurmagomedov
    Hirr nurmagomedov


  • Charlie Zelenoff Uncut
    Charlie Zelenoff Uncut

    SPOILER ALERT: Khabib & Dustin stand for 30 seconds, the next 20 seconds Khabib holds him against the cage, The rest of the first round is on the ground... BORING! Put someone in there like Nate who might be able to stop Khabibs ground game.

  • Charlie Zelenoff Uncut
    Charlie Zelenoff Uncut

    WTF is this shit... Get Khabib and Nate Diaz in the ring. Dustin doesn't stand a chance. BORING!

  • Taylor Mears
    Taylor Mears

    this was horribly recorded

  • Reza Dastran
    Reza Dastran

    I promise, khabib dosnt understand 90% of the questions.lmao

    • D Crawford
      D Crawford

      Reza Dastran it’s all good lol I don’t understand half his answers 😂🤣

  • Shahan Ansari
    Shahan Ansari

    guys plz anybody tell me what is the timing in india live fight

    • D Crawford
      D Crawford

      Shahan Ansari you asked the timing in India. The PPV main card start 2pm eastern time in the states which will be 10pm in India

    • Shahan Ansari
      Shahan Ansari

      @D Crawford match will start at 10 pm ?

    • D Crawford
      D Crawford

      So the main card starts at 10pm Abu Dhabi time

    • D Crawford
      D Crawford

      Shahan Ansari it’s an 8 hour time difference going by United States Eastern time zone since that’s what the PPV timing goes by.

  • Azir Besim
    Azir Besim

    Someone should make tehno song called khabib would be great for night clubs and gyms send me your location dof dof I will smash your guys khabib doof doof doof tehno

  • Sabina Umakhanova
    Sabina Umakhanova


  • Sabina Umakhanova
    Sabina Umakhanova

    Победы брат!

  • Chananya O'Brien
    Chananya O'Brien

    Khabib said he wanted to change the game and make it a game of respect rather than trash talk and I must say I prefer to watch this type of press conference over Conor babbling like an idiot for 45 minutes

  • Amirul Afiq Aizad
    Amirul Afiq Aizad

    I guess this sound guy is Conor’s die hard fan.

  • ofpie muhammad
    ofpie muhammad

    im moslems we love khabib

  • Caitie Wickboldt
    Caitie Wickboldt

    I absolutely adore khabib because he’s not in this for the fame he’s in it for the legacy, and he won’t feel accomplished until he fights and beats the best. I just think that’s fucking sick, man. The eagle🖤💕

  • Sabnam Khatun
    Sabnam Khatun

    Ya Allah khabib ko kamyabi mile is match me

  • Zaheer Ahmed
    Zaheer Ahmed

    Sound is so low :(

  • Christian Molina
    Christian Molina

    Poirier will win

  • عذالدين عثمان
    عذالدين عثمان

    I would like to see the sound system guy in the octagon vs khabib

    • نوح سام
      نوح سام

      Hahaha why

  • Yes Yes
    Yes Yes

    I think my airpods are broken

  • Jousef Rawas
    Jousef Rawas

    Khabib said he will change this sport and HE DID. NO ONE wants to be a dickhead like Conor anymore

  • jake briscoe
    jake briscoe

    Why is it Soo quite

  • badd dudey
    badd dudey

    had to turn on my earrape program for this one

  • Buster Hymen
    Buster Hymen

    Nate Diaz can beat Khabib w/ his Gracie jui jitzu. 🤷🏼‍♂️🍻

    • Jack White
      Jack White

      No diaz is sloppy

  • Supreme Kai
    Supreme Kai

    Even if you hate him you have to admit that atleast Conor made these press conferences really fun to watch

  • Ozla Tube
    Ozla Tube

    I can't hear shit

  • N.L38 Lj
    N.L38 Lj

    It would be great if Conor came in and scream at them both!! 😂😂😂 “ you will do NOOTHIN!!!””

    • ############

      No one cares about him anymore.

  • Prakash NB
    Prakash NB


    • hellonoitisnt

      @Prakash NB yw

    • Prakash NB
      Prakash NB

      @hellonoitisnt thanks

    • hellonoitisnt

      Happy birthday

  • eric mepho
    eric mepho

    Sorry Dustin you getting knocked out !

  • Jaidenati

    Khabibs gonna throw it



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