UFC 244: Press Conference
UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
Ahead of UFC 244, UFC will host a press conference with Dana White, Nate Diaz, and Jorge Masvidal on Thursday, September 19 at 7 p.m. ET at The Rooftop at Pier 17 in New York City.
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  • Toja Pramatis
    Toja Pramatis

    pretty shit fight if you ask me

  • Aris DiBiase-Stephen
    Aris DiBiase-Stephen

    Were those pussy chants for Colby

  • Andres Valentin
    Andres Valentin

    The highlight of the press conference was Masvidal walking out in a Tony Montana suit. That's what I call character.

  • Jordan C
    Jordan C

    I just wanna see all those Kevin Lee haters talk shit now

  • smoothcollected

    The ufc fan base is totally dorky as fuck

  • smoothcollected

    You know it’s something up with the climate when you can be in fkn New York in November in a t shirt

  • Gerald Overholt
    Gerald Overholt

    Dana White your a fucking crook

  • Gerald Overholt
    Gerald Overholt


  • Gerald Overholt
    Gerald Overholt

    Fight was bullshit and we - the fans were played. Dr stop so they can do it again and we get to PAY

  • fusionaut23

    Looks like Dana is slimming out. Keep it up Dana.

  • fusionaut23

    NATE beat his ass in grand fashion.

  • Bruno Paredes
    Bruno Paredes

    Guauuu Perú y cuba en la casa estamos con masvidal

  • Bruno Paredes
    Bruno Paredes

    Guauuu Perú y cuba en la casa estamos con masvidal

  • Fitter Krueger
    Fitter Krueger

    Nobody: Diaz: yo

  • Zach Wells
    Zach Wells

    Lets, Get, It, ON!

  • Andy Boyd
    Andy Boyd

    9:13 - 'i'm deaf' - White grabs another mic - LMFAO!!!!!!

  • 1UP R
    1UP R

    Does anybody know if i can watch this fight on dazn ....please help

    • yo mama taste good
      yo mama taste good

      @1UP R no problem man enjoy

    • 1UP R
      1UP R

      Thank u brother

    • 1UP R
      1UP R

      @yo mama taste good thank u beother

    • yo mama taste good
      yo mama taste good

      @1UP R no just google vipbox its a free site where you can stream any live sports event or payperview event, i havent payed for a ufc pay per view event for years you can even watch boxing or wwe pay per view events for free too, oh and another goodsite for free streaming for movies and tv shows is moviesjoy.net

    • 1UP R
      1UP R

      @yo mama taste good is it a app

  • Ivan A
    Ivan A

    So much respect for jorge but both did good 👏👏

  • fuhjrvr

    I’m watching this and the canelo fight but let’s be real canelo will have more views. Calm the fuck down Dana, you know damn well canelo brings in more views than these two fighting if they fight at the same time.



  • D S
    D S

    This Saturday, everyone commenting here will be an expert in UFC.

  • nick

    Both fighters probably smoked together before this lol. I hope this fight leads to a trilogy of legendary proportions!!!

  • Jeff Vintinner
    Jeff Vintinner

    If the fight is about who’s the best fighter, where is Khabib? He is the greatest so he has to be involved

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    A joint preferably and you Nate yeah if I win LMAO you're going to win Nate so go get that joint ready


    15:33 - Joker laugh !!!!!!!

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Nate all the way bro

  • cisuris

    BMF title fights will be bought by me every time, no delay. Good call.

  • andsowot

    Fuckin awful suit when he stood up. Badly fitted!

  • Anibal Puerto Rico
    Anibal Puerto Rico

    George us in miami know you got hands behind kimbo you were the best .good luck manito !

  • Celine Hübner
    Celine Hübner

    Your Sound guy sucks

  • Andrew Collazo
    Andrew Collazo

    The Mic is undefeated vs Nate Diaz lmfaooo....Mics never work for him

  • Piyush Kuril
    Piyush Kuril

    What's up New York? "Mic's not working"

  • Dedi Suganda
    Dedi Suganda

    Diaz win ..

  • RHECTennessee VFL
    RHECTennessee VFL

    Isn’t 244 tonight ?

  • pedras misteriosas
    pedras misteriosas

    Masvidal vence facil essa

  • The Reaper
    The Reaper

    God damn my nipples are hard.

  • Lord Hughes
    Lord Hughes

    The Diaz brothers are fighting legends! Masvidal is a cool guy but I’m always going for a Diaz I wish they would have shook hands because you know they both respect each other. Nate just basically have masvidal a promotion by calling him out and Masvidal is certainly thankful for that.

  • The Thriller
    The Thriller

    Video got ruined by mic issues

  • Jared Vergara
    Jared Vergara

    What happened at 3:54? More mic issues? Maybe hungry thinking about the 3-piece and soda...

  • Buck Buck
    Buck Buck

    Fuck new york bullshit

  • Juan Suarez suarez
    Juan Suarez suarez


  • peace and love
    peace and love

    I hope Masvidal is still the bad ass he was and didn't become too Hollywood. He was a hungry beast back in the day.

  • Daniel De Leon
    Daniel De Leon

    Is it just me or does Nate’s chin keep growing into a Fred Flinstone chin..🤔

  • G Vonta
    G Vonta

    2 weeks away!!!

  • joe nugent
    joe nugent

    Fuck u white ya bitch .. White has held Nate up Cause nate ain't a little bitch

  • joe nugent
    joe nugent

    Nates mic is sabotage

  • Cricket Shoes
    Cricket Shoes

    When half a dozen Danas start clearing the stage 19:55

  • George Wardell
    George Wardell

    Jorge masvidal hands Diaz a Florida Backyard BBQ you heard it here first this is not going to be a three piece in a soda this ain't going to be a buffet this is going to be a Florida Backyard BBQ

  • Vic B.
    Vic B.

    209 killa Nate Diaz straight checked papa Dana. Said get that shit right I was Defending the BMF .. yeadat

  • Cali

    Diaz !!! Diaz!!!! Diaz!!!!! 👊🏻😎


    Vice City and San Andreas gangsters fighting to rule over Liberty City.

  • Jeronimo Reis
    Jeronimo Reis

    Wtf is up with all the weed questions from fatso?

  • Nicknac93

    How many events will it take for them to figure out how to get the mics to work right 😂😂😂

  • Aaron Christie
    Aaron Christie

    Nate how you feeling?? I cant feel shit I'm high as fuck

  • Aaron Christie
    Aaron Christie

    Mas is a g no matter what you say mans been banging mans from early who are heavier...the guys just different....till who ? Asken...Mas owns this but nates dangerous...I say 60-40 in man's favour.

  • relyt p
    relyt p

    i think nate diaz is part deaf.. im not trying to be an asshole but it would explain his speech.. hes always having trouble with his mic also, and dana re says the medias questions alot to nate.. has anyone else noticed this?

  • Laoch

    not really a bad ass if you're a vegan..really kills the bad ass moniker

  • Laoch

    if diaz wins it makes mcgregor diaz 3 godly

  • marklower007

    Real bmf would went up there and said he is gunna whoop the other 1 and there isn't nothing they can do about it. or is this the respect championship. They wanna make this a big themed thing it doesn't work with 2 nice guys. hardly a bmf title when neither of em is claiming to be the man.

  • postman postman
    postman postman

    When this fight will be?

  • mark slater
    mark slater

    Either Dana needs a hearing aid or the sound engineering staff are a bunch of idiots. Why is he not tired of this?

  • TheCriminal OfBusiness
    TheCriminal OfBusiness

    BMF just another product of business. Im not buy it. I wanna see real championship fight. Khabib vs Tony. Make it happen very quick

  • Enmanuel Cubas
    Enmanuel Cubas

    Mcgeregor =Sissy

  • Alexander Klimenko
    Alexander Klimenko

    Когда бой?

  • LawyerServiceDirect dotCOM
    LawyerServiceDirect dotCOM

    The ufc will not make movies anytime soon

  • J Dub W002
    J Dub W002

    Best thing to come to UFC in awhile, 2 gladiators

  • NOZKahnVlogs

    This is the best UFC promo I have found on IT-my.Way better then the actual ufc.Check this out m.it-my.com/watchvideo/video-Yyzhen7Z4lg.html

  • Holy Kafir
    Holy Kafir

    Gillespie vs Lee is the most interesting fight of that evening.

  • Flowstate Fitness
    Flowstate Fitness

    why are the press reporters always so fucking dorky and annoying. they all should be bullied.

  • Bikash Rai
    Bikash Rai

    Most of the people are confident that Masvidal will KO Nate...but i would say... dont compare Nate with Ben Askren and Darren Till. Nate has a tough and durable Jaw he might get stunned but his is not going to sleep. His lower jaw is wider then most of the people thats why his speech sound slurred. Eg : Mike Tyson have same shape of head like Nate Diaz. As a vegan Nate jaw will last longer then masvidal..eg. Wild buffelo can easily kill a lion in strength and power.

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