UFC Fighters give thoughts on Diego Sanchez & Joshua Fabia
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Donald Cowboy Cerrone, Angela Hill and Alex Morono give thoughts on Diego Sanchez and Alex Morono
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  • Luis Powell-Moreno
    Luis Powell-Moreno

    Angela is gorgeous


    Hill is so annoying

  • BushkaB

    COWBOY is the best omg different strokes for different folk haha. Cowboy for pres!

  • BradToWorse

    Alex Morono looks a lot like Joe Lauzon

  • Z E
    Z E

    Angela what a glow....

  • Tony Walia
    Tony Walia

    Angela Hill should be a commentator

  • Dustin Kilburn
    Dustin Kilburn

    Angie Hill has my goddamn heart ❤️

  • demiurge

    Fabia is to Diego what Cheney was to Georgie Bush.

  • Fernando Rios
    Fernando Rios

    Angela Hill 😍😍😍

  • Green Grugach
    Green Grugach

    It was a pretty cool thing to do McGregor flying Diego Sanchez out to SBG, never liked the antics of McGregor but that's a classy move, not telling the world about it is another.

  • T NYNZ
    T NYNZ

    we dont need angelas 2 cents for anything

  • Jhoan Inga
    Jhoan Inga

    ”Diferent kind of strokes for diferent kind of folks” - Donald ”Cowboy” cerrone

  • penguins can fly
    penguins can fly

    Angela hill😍😍

  • David Mason
    David Mason

    Cowboy seemed like he genuinely felt bad for Diego, seema like maybe hes been there before :/

  • Peekay8

    When Jon Jones had his many many personal issues and terrible life decisions, did everyone and their brother weigh in on the situation?

  • mags

    Oof, Monster and that dude who makes fighters take selfies with him must have yelled at Angie cuz she immediately made sure to say she loves monster lol

  • Mj Bae's
    Mj Bae's

    If they make Angela Hill a marvel super hero I’ll have faith in super hero movies again.

  • Bob Dole
    Bob Dole

    Cult leader and lover.. Bahahaha

  • Dr. Acula
    Dr. Acula

    "The death punch did not work, it was unsuccessful." 💀💀💀

  • Dave M
    Dave M

    it's amazing the massive amount of respect that Sanchez has with all the fighters. Fabias got to go

  • Hans Kao
    Hans Kao

    Cowboy is so funny.

  • raahkaa

    Joshua Labia is the reason aliens haven`t made contact yet.

  • christopher scudi
    christopher scudi

    angela hill is mad cute lol

  • trekker bob
    trekker bob

    "Different type of strokes for different types of folks"

  • Jack Groves
    Jack Groves

    Morono is an incredibly good public speaker. Thought I’d mention that

  • Joe Reyes
    Joe Reyes


  • I hate heebs
    I hate heebs

    Nobody got a bigger ego than Angela hill

  • Circular Pizzabox
    Circular Pizzabox

    I’m going to say that I agree with Char Sonnens point of view on the Fabia ordeal, specifically his coaching abilities. There are many coaches who never played the game/s they coach and produced championship fighters, olympians, and teams. BUT, Fabia and his methods are insane and he has ruined Diego’s career, that is for certain

  • P17 interiors
    P17 interiors

    Angela Hill ❤️❤️❤️

  • Darttoyou1

    No one thinks they're in a CULT or thinks theirs is one...

  • Cory

    Does anyone know how the reporter got Angela Hill into trouble?

  • Chris

    People, you aren't only as good as your resume. That's a young man's pov. There are plenty of juggernauts in things, without proper papers or training.

  • Youtube Account
    Youtube Account

    Angela Hill is amongst the most beautiful women in the UFC. Personality seems great too...

  • Stephen Sugay
    Stephen Sugay

    Cerrone’s comments are hilarious.

  • Duke Nukem
    Duke Nukem

    That black girl with the Afro is cute

  • Bass Blaster3000
    Bass Blaster3000

    Angela Hill vs Josh Labia. Let her whoop his ass and put this all to rest haha

  • #FreeSchaefferCox1

    Fabia took a situation regarding Diego and made it about himself, end of story.

  • BK

    The last 10 seconds of cowboy's answer is utterly amazing LMAO

  • noel joseph
    noel joseph

    Angela hill is cute

  • flyingchimp12

    from now on he will be known as joshua labia

  • Hush4Me 1
    Hush4Me 1

    Angela Hill is so hot.

  • Laurens Jan Thijssen
    Laurens Jan Thijssen

    Diego is going to be worse for the ufc then aron hernandez for the nfl.

  • comment wisely
    comment wisely

    Someone, please create a video of all Angela losses lol and end it with cookie monster rear choking buck tooth Angela out 😂

  • John Proctor
    John Proctor

    Angela Hill is beautiful. Damn.

  • Yusuf Solomon
    Yusuf Solomon

    Alex Morono looks like a skinhead Jesse Eisenburg

  • GiveMeClout Please
    GiveMeClout Please

    I'd pay PPV money to see the bar footage if there's any. How much is a PPV I always stream them?

  • Jethro

    Oh wow, she’s beautiful.

  • Harry Bolland
    Harry Bolland

    Does anybody else think Alex Morono has a great commentators voice?

  • TheSilenc3013

    Wtf Angela has on her cheek

  • Deep6_Productions

    Angie Overkill with the Angela Davis vibes. Super disappointed her bout was canceled.

  • The Dagestani Perm
    The Dagestani Perm

    Joshua “the inner machinations of my mind are an enigma” Fabia

    • Luis Anthony Serrano
      Luis Anthony Serrano

      Lmao didn’t expect this see this reference

  • Saul Mendez
    Saul Mendez

    if Joshua Fabia was legit all he needed to say about the criticism he has received is this; my work as a trainer will prove me right over time with Diego and other athletes. that's it that's all he needs to say but he has to make a big fuss about it and get his 15 min of fame.

  • Joshua Tan
    Joshua Tan

    Angela Hill is so calm and honest about how she feels about the Diego/Fabia controversy. That was the most balanced take on this whole thing I've heard so far.

  • mArked4death 07
    mArked4death 07

    Nobody is happier about this shitshow fabia started then tony haha or knowing tony maybe hes pissed about it haha

  • Wayne Goddard
    Wayne Goddard

    His cult leader and lover 🤣

  • Rock Wilson
    Rock Wilson


  • Millinial Catalyst
    Millinial Catalyst

    You say fabia is a fake coach, ufc fighters also claimed jake paul was a fake fight who'd lose to ben askrin. At this point who cares what ufc fighters opinions are they always wrong.

  • Gash Scumkar
    Gash Scumkar

    Diego getting battered round the ring by Fabia has different connotations

  • OldManFrank

    Angela kind of reminds me of 1975 Pam Greer.

  • Sam1878Henry

    Angela Hill would be cool to be around. She seems super upbeat and nice

  • Snake Man
    Snake Man

    Diago flying knee is coming

  • The faceless Question
    The faceless Question

    Cowboy is craaaazy... "...different tapping, different strokes..."

  • Find the Door
    Find the Door

    Alex Morono reminds me a lot of Mir which how he speaks

  • Sport Combat 1981 Goachet
    Sport Combat 1981 Goachet

    I'm in love with Angela Hill!!! she is so beautiful!!! wow!!!! love her.

  • David S
    David S

    Angela has the coolest Afro of 2021 bar none.

  • Kenneth Ferguson
    Kenneth Ferguson

    here today gone tomorrow

  • Speed Bag Boxer
    Speed Bag Boxer

    Is it me or does Angela look fine as hell here?

  • Blackcatsarenopussies

    Here is Joshua Fabia putting bread on the table for you all. Say what you want but he's a God sent gift, he will provide for all the media months from now

  • Kau Mohlamonyane
    Kau Mohlamonyane

    A beautiful lady who would probably beat most men her weight

  • exvee ex
    exvee ex

    Angela Hill is so adorable no disrespect lol

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