Who wants to take a roller coaster ride in an Airbus A380? Yesterday a storm crossed the netherlands and I filmed my first Airbus A380 go around at Amsterdam Schiphol. The pilots had to deal with wind gusts up to 45 knots and the crew of this Airbus A380 decided to abort the landing attempt and go around. The go around procedure of Schiphols runway 18R is amazing anyway, but watching an Airbus A380 turn into a sharp right turn after the go around is something you usually only see at the Paris Air Show.
The second landing attempt was difficult aswell but the pilots handled everything in a professional way. The Airbus A380 is a stable aircraft and although I often film at airports during crosswind conditions I have never seen an A380 crew initiate a go around within the past seven years.
I also included a few Boeing 747 crosswind landings and other big planes I filmed yesterday at Amsterdam Schiphol. The traffic was great, just the rain was a little annoying but I am quite content with the footage and it was totally worth it.
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  • June Smith
    June Smith

    sooooo fake its not even amusing

  • onceANexile

    Too FCKN big. First and Last of the leviathins.

  • Wuzny Me
    Wuzny Me

    3.00 👏👏👏

  • Mudzafar Kamarudin Mudzafar
    Mudzafar Kamarudin Mudzafar


  • drumisland

    New tyres for the next flight?

  • Chris Davis
    Chris Davis

    anyone know were this airport is?

  • Veritas G
    Veritas G

    Pilots: I Tokyo Drift on a daily basis, baby.

  • Chris Wilson
    Chris Wilson

    Superb piloting. It’s fascinating watching how the wings flex and how the undercarriage reacts.

  • Adrian Untalan
    Adrian Untalan

    Eurobeat... Intensifies

  • xxHYPERxx Gaming
    xxHYPERxx Gaming

    I think that the airport of Amsterdam accommodates only boing cuz after that a380 only boieng planes arrived there lol

  • WTH!

    look like they automatic going straight after side wards landing

  • Aladesh

    what car is that

  • Eduardo Roxas
    Eduardo Roxas

    Tnx for sharing the video applause for the capt of Norwegian.com 787 ,kenya airways 787 ,ETIHAD airways 787 smooth landing even on cross winds . EMIRATES A380 did go around but captain manage a smooth landing later

  • Jerruelle Jazzen Guevara
    Jerruelle Jazzen Guevara

    hahahahahhahaha, A380 look is funny for me because it looks like a big fat chubby brother of A350

  • anazwinful

    I pressed like before watching

  • Mohammedi Mohammed
    Mohammedi Mohammed

    Wow we can only salute the pilots. Stressing video Was feeling for the passengers

  • mossaqe fearless
    mossaqe fearless

    No Indian flight bcoz we are in Temple mosque

  • BandfromtheBand

    Excellent views and excellent sounds caught! Look and listen.

  • Vidit Jain
    Vidit Jain


  • Bobskibrit

    Egypt Air 737 lol...few passengers and maybe even crew going for underwear change after that!!

  • Dairon Cardona
    Dairon Cardona

    Parece detenido en el aire 🖒👏🇨🇴

  • marcos 1982
    marcos 1982

    audio muito ruim.....

  • Іван Дадіверен
    Іван Дадіверен

    Херня , а не съемка

  • osscar mphaphuli
    osscar mphaphuli

    The rear tire touch down and until they aligned the plane to the centre they dont drop the nose

  • Nicolas J Nyerges M
    Nicolas J Nyerges M

    Just put DONT LIKE, becouse the tittle doesn't correspond with the type of all airplanes

  • Business Traveller
    Business Traveller

    08:25 KQ (Kenya Airways Landing) I really dint trust kenyan pilots till I saw this

    • Susan van der Merwe
      Susan van der Merwe

      Oh my hat, I had the same thoughts, but those pilots showed how it's to be done!!

  • The Lord of Reddit
    The Lord of Reddit

    That Qatar airways landing was spectacular

  • Igor Gavrilov
    Igor Gavrilov

    Хорошо у вас, там!


    Amazing landing !Congratulations,they are heroes !

  • aAaa aAaa
    aAaa aAaa

    Can someone explain why there is not one, single cockpit-view video of commercial landings like this? Anywhere on IT-my?

  • Виталий Завальный
    Виталий Завальный

    Написано аирбас а сколько боингов

  • dynamicfox

    I recognize this place.. is this schiphol? Because i live in the netherlands. And i always go to schiphol to fly to other countries

  • Brian

    Some excellent crabbing going on there!👏👏👏👏

  • Charles NDIAYE
    Charles NDIAYE

    Kenya Airways, smooth landind in bad conditions, very skilled pilot 👏. Egypt Air...poor landind.

  • Omar Valiente
    Omar Valiente

    Schipol is an airport that I will never fly into, for these specific reason.

  • Coketown

    Wind turbines... exactly what a pilot wants to see during landing

  • miłośnik lego
    miłośnik lego

    I'm z. Polamt

  • mulder2400

    At 0:55 and elsewhere do you see any soot under those wings, hmmm? Do you know why ? That's because the "Airlines" run on Air. This Viktor Scheuberger Turbine Tech has been around since Nazi Germany www.antigravitytechnology.net/viktor_schauberger.html Do you really think any Insurence Company is going to ever watch a A380 loaded with 800 people crash on impact into a fireball? It didn't happen at the False Flag 9/11 Event, and that's why it's never brought up, as Commercial Airlines run on compressed Air, and there is very little fuel to ever worry about (probably used for Start Up). Here this will help clear your head it-my.com/watchvideo/video-YXRmcumPL3k.html They even admit it themselves, but like they're talking to people as 3rd Graders.

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    The A380 is a very large and heavy machine and yet with it's incredible aerodynamic design the wind can blow it around like a piece of tumbleweed.

  • bar10 ml
    bar10 ml

    I’m in bed and I’m gripping the bed watching this. I’m surprised that the airport is open.

  • Don Utato
    Don Utato

    uncle is everywhere

  • Willie Gillie
    Willie Gillie

    Almost beyond limits. Nice job by all the pilots

  • Kenneth Ndirangu
    Kenneth Ndirangu

    The pilots are quite skilled. good job

  • 334665eric 7788977
    334665eric 7788977


  • JudgementRavi JudgementRavi
    JudgementRavi JudgementRavi

    Already seen but something wrong by tricky you tube so really unbelievable 😍

  • faizal dca
    faizal dca

    120 tons of machine flew away by wind!!!

  • Nida Abdulkarim
    Nida Abdulkarim

    Great efforts thanks for sharing

  • Duck Koon Chung
    Duck Koon Chung

    A 380 mejor avion.💯💯💖💖🇫🇷🇫🇷🇪🇺🇪🇺👍👍

  • danielsharon524

    Crazy how much the 2nd KLM was flexing

  • danielsharon524

    The 3rd (CargoAir) A380 was really gentle with the front landing gear

  • SupaNami

    Shit all in that cockpit!!!

  • Taiwo Akinlolu
    Taiwo Akinlolu

    Kenya airline,KLM and the last ethiad plane made my day..as for Egypt air plane🤢

  • Fred Smith
    Fred Smith

    amazing vid, thanks. the a380 is an amazing plane.


    3:21 Captain Joe?

    • Roberto Colucci
      Roberto Colucci


  • psychiatry is eugenics
    psychiatry is eugenics

    Flying is safer than driving ? In perfect weather

  • psychiatry is eugenics
    psychiatry is eugenics

    The rise and fall of the A380 - they have to be full to make money

  • Sol O-Sombra
    Sol O-Sombra

    Wow, Pilots make the diference. Great Job.

  • TommyD

    I'm surprised they have wind turbines so close to the airport.

    • Jayson Smihth
      Jayson Smihth

      It looks close but it might be miles away. Camera is pretty zoomed in

  • Nivaldo Oliveira
    Nivaldo Oliveira


  • kay kay
    kay kay

    Beautyful plane beautyful pilot.superb

  • Петр Дроздов
    Петр Дроздов

    Looks like KLM's 777 on 7:00 is landing with only one engine

    • Skicrafto music
      Skicrafto music

      Логично же, он увеличил тягу правого двигателя, чтобы скомпенсировать направление ветра.

  • Amonty

    Great video! thanks for sharing

  • Nathan Marshall
    Nathan Marshall

    That poor little 737...

  • Betty M
    Betty M

    Oh my word. I would die of fright, were I a passenger. Those pilots were amazing!!!!!!!!!

  • Rishi Ram Gautam
    Rishi Ram Gautam

    Why those pilot took that much risk to land? They must have hold the plane on the sky for few hours so climate situation gets ok or diverted into another safe airport.

  • Jeff Riles
    Jeff Riles

    Didn't know the landing gear could take landing sideways

  • Errique Young
    Errique Young

    At 5:44 pilot rode a "wheelie"for awhile , All the pilots are Baddass

  • Chris 3.1416
    Chris 3.1416

    It's making me sick

  • cnedwick

    5:27-5:50- I'm no engineer but a giant windmill farm in and around an airport seems like a very bad idea

  • Willy Schmitt
    Willy Schmitt

    A fine example of Pilots who know their limitation and don't risk passenger safety. Who cares if the go around is an extra 5 tons in fuel. The +ve passenger feed back is worth millions.

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