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We're back at it with another sweet for you guys today, in which, you might ask, "What makes it so sweet?" Well, there are a couple of sweet treats along with three of the sweetest guys you'll probably ever meet *cough cough*. All jokes aside, we're reviewing 10 customize products and boy oh boy do we continue to surprise ourselves with the cool but absurd products we find to customize!
P.s. Let us know what you thought about that giant cake of Matthias! lol

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  • unicorns and foxs
    unicorns and foxs

    You should of made a dope or nope pokemon card and for the attacks it's dope and nope

  • Jennifer Darnell
    Jennifer Darnell

    Why no like for liz

  • Abby Gacharaifu
    Abby Gacharaifu

    Me:wants to join Also me:2.99 what the HECK Im to poor

  • Leon Lønsethagen
    Leon Lønsethagen

    the matthias head cake literally looks like Abraham Lincoln XD

  • adib zafran
    adib zafran

    Is that cake gmod characterr

  • Lydia Vilardi
    Lydia Vilardi

    Matt: #like for liz.


    These cards are the easy way of offend my friends.

  • Gabriela Gonzalez-orbegoso
    Gabriela Gonzalez-orbegoso

    Hannah: are we allowed to eat the cake Micheal: yes Hannah: can I get his ear?

  • Semi Truck
    Semi Truck

    Could they use backwards like the whole song on there and not get sued or anything?

  • Slytherin Babe
    Slytherin Babe

    “If you don’t talk, you won’t sound as dumb “

  • Grant Garner
    Grant Garner

    Home alone giant head 🧐

  • Ash Dewald
    Ash Dewald

    Those cards are DOPE !!!

  • Paige Haines
    Paige Haines

    When u said Paige I was confused then I realized it wasn’t me :3

  • Rylie Cherepa
    Rylie Cherepa

    Michaels card

  • D Gacha
    D Gacha

    9:50 your welcome lol

  • Flore Fierens
    Flore Fierens

    Hello Thes are my dads Micheal: innocent,dog lover Tanner: the Funny dad without the jokes Mathias: the seriouse one, the judgy but nice

  • Unknown Player
    Unknown Player

    Tanner: “Who spells Dillon like that?” My mom:🤔

  • Citlaly Naranjo
    Citlaly Naranjo

    21:02 😹

  • Stitch Blackwell
    Stitch Blackwell

    18:41 to 18:43 was the funniest

  • Katharine Landmeier
    Katharine Landmeier


  • Half son Half mum
    Half son Half mum


  • Ryan Preece
    Ryan Preece

    Umm was that the grindr notification at 10:55?

  • Wackywolf 1023
    Wackywolf 1023

    I want the card of Robert!! I've been such a big fan of him for a while, and when I found out he was going to be working with you guys, I went craazzzy!

  • Vadin See
    Vadin See

    I laugh 14:35

  • Debbi Orr
    Debbi Orr

    When the book fell on Matthias' head had me cracking up 😂

  • Radar is cool
    Radar is cool

    Roze said what the hel

  • Dillon Merriman
    Dillon Merriman

    I do

  • enorthruptc

    when I was in first grade I went to a school that a book in the library that said libary my brain tho : yo that's sick


    Unsolved rubics cube in the background is making me stress out

  • Mason Mcclellan
    Mason Mcclellan

    All of the dope or nope vids are 24:00 on the dot

  • Danny Cardenas
    Danny Cardenas

    Is it just me who is wondering where Lis is

  • ZERQ Gaming
    ZERQ Gaming

    I’ve customized this comment for maximum customization

  • mr gamer36
    mr gamer36

    Tanner is lit When you're Tesla hits a bump I died

  • ThegreatRafael Espinoza
    ThegreatRafael Espinoza

    8f 697 kn92 2ha5 5h8s sa6s 6974 a2som3

  • Dylan Hinojosa
    Dylan Hinojosa

    My name is Dylan and it is spelled DYLAN

  • Agent 8
    Agent 8

    the bobble head looked like lil dicky XD

  • MissaLVT

    I make that book art like that! Only mine look finished because I cover the cover, use ribbon and metal decorative corners. The one you bought is way too basic

  • Kathy Mather
    Kathy Mather

    I love your videos their so fun to look at what your going to in box next!

  • Ashton Roughley
    Ashton Roughley


  • Chaz

    No one else talking about how clip for joining their club is before the book part

  • Melike Apple
    Melike Apple

    The cake looks like an Easter island head

  • M2 Cab
    M2 Cab

    ed sheran

  • Sky & Kristin
    Sky & Kristin

    RØZE weird how I know how to get that ø

  • noob gamer
    noob gamer

    That connect 4 game spelt out nap and ima go do that real quick

  • Thayer always woching
    Thayer always woching

    I am a red head

  • Martha Barlow
    Martha Barlow


  • Potåto Hines
    Potåto Hines

    Custom 😀😀😀

  • pug skrat
    pug skrat

    Ed Sheeran

  • Lunar Studios
    Lunar Studios

    Okay, but that cake was not worth 2k my friend😂

  • Brian Bates
    Brian Bates

    when i buy a boblehead that looks like me 14:24

  • •LoST cAuSE•
    •LoST cAuSE•

    I hate to admit it.... but in the thumbnail... I thought matts head was just a badly photoshopped matt..

  • John Rodriguez Gaming
    John Rodriguez Gaming

    #hairline check

  • Hero

    It was Prince Harry on the cake

  • Dylan Vazquez Gonzales
    Dylan Vazquez Gonzales

    your mom

  • sde sed
    sde sed

    i canda hate the cake

  • Burke Nielson
    Burke Nielson

    Dwight:Im the bobblehead

  • Joseph Brown
    Joseph Brown

    The forehead is perfect

  • Stephsaguudefan

    Lol for anyone who doesn't know a mammogram is when they uncomfortably cram a middle-aged woman's boobs into a machine to check for breast cancer.

  • CommonSenseCreations

    that cake was kind of terrible lol they tried to sell it to matt so hard but he werent buying it

  • Hellooo Jojooo
    Hellooo Jojooo

    What song has these lyrics.? "i want to be daring baby dance the night away i let my hair down if i want"

  • Filip Łyszcz
    Filip Łyszcz

    Matt can not read at 10:05 it says did you know he owns a tesla but he read it do you own a tesla.

  • 000ReptileMaster000

    Is tanner a homosexual?

  • Brady Henderson
    Brady Henderson

    Hi dope or nope team can I have tan-man’s card 😂

  • Olivia Shenton
    Olivia Shenton

    this video is def dope but you should of had liz as the smallest russian doll

  • Wave the Beat
    Wave the Beat

    vfhjdrs gjrdxhnklgcsbuvtcgrvgxsfnvhfxskhntrdc bxwbhjkndrx gjdejydrbgjuhajm'crgsxdfbjbaewkl;a

  • Case Chow
    Case Chow

    LOOOL he Dwighted the cake face I laughed SO hard

  • Teh childish Teen UwU
    Teh childish Teen UwU

    "Is that Putin?" "VlAdIMiR?" Me: *Okay, now I want a Russian Doll that has Stalin on it holding a Sickle and Hammer*

  • Allison S.
    Allison S.

    That cake really captured Matt’s ears. No offense, love you Matt ♥️

  • payton narine
    payton narine

    “Awww fuc-uhuhuhuh”

  • William Griffiths
    William Griffiths

    3 most mysterious things Area 51 The Bermuda Triangle IT-my’s Recommendations

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