Unboxing Spot The $75,000 Robot Dog
Unbox Therapy
Meet Spot by Boston Dynamics.
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy

    grab a snack and enjoy

    • Yana Family Videos
      Yana Family Videos

      I will never buy this stupid robot dog even I have lots of money

    • Baby Daddy
      Baby Daddy

      Isn't Boston Dynamics owned by a Japanese company called SoftBank??

    • vemor

      ''what this all means''? we're getting replaced

    • Cerese

      sorry my dog ate my snack.

    • Drazen Jocic
      Drazen Jocic

      What's up with anoying "discavery channel" interview style naration?

  • Yana Family Videos
    Yana Family Videos

    You can buy Tesla for this price...why this kind of stupid stuff company makes


    there gonna mount guns on these

  • orneryguy

    All excited over nothing. What is this things purpose? What does it do? Seems like a lot of money for nothing.

  • TruthB Told
    TruthB Told

    Space X has one at their Boca Chica complex (ie: Zeus)

  • TruthB Told
    TruthB Told

    You know your in trouble when it says (in an Austrian accent) "I'll be back."

  • Super Noob
    Super Noob

    2020=MAKE FUN WITH IT. 2030=WAR WITH IT.

  • paulo santos
    paulo santos

    Just remember what stephen Hawking said about "The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race." I just wish we wouldn’t mess this up in the future.

  • weedest207

    🤭Dude this vid was tha bomb thanks for showcasing our future 🐕🐩🐕‍🦺Fido lol

  • Vanilla

    can you fire with right trigger?

  • F . B . I Agent
    F . B . I Agent

    one day robots will kill humans

  • Amirulxx Altra'
    Amirulxx Altra'

    When you realize he change the thumbnail

  • Miluji Seriño
    Miluji Seriño

    Me: Shows the vid to my dog My dog: °∆°

  • Djordje Petrovic
    Djordje Petrovic

    18:40 and it's can carry a faking gun

  • Shmokter Resner Approves!
    Shmokter Resner Approves!

    5:15 *That moment when there is a robot inside your house!*

  • Ethan Charles LIT
    Ethan Charles LIT

    Michael and Toast is watching this

  • PegimampooS

    The robot dog looks like Metal Gear shit, and with that remote controller, they look like the beginning of Real Steel movie..


    It's look like ar video

  • {プロジェクトD}高橋 啓介
    {プロジェクトD}高橋 啓介

    Future, i-robot come true, but wait how human gonna fight this robot ? Finally human get a super power to fight the evil robot, maybe that's the future, human finally can fly by own super power, yes now people can fly with jet pack, air pack, like ironman things, but imagine the future, i choose to be deadpool 😂

  • EL MeoN
    EL MeoN

    U can see the fear from the child as a superior being approaches. lol jk

  • Irvin Perez
    Irvin Perez

    Thought the robot was barking

  • jiyad ali khan
    jiyad ali khan

    Can we ride on this

  • Dan Simmons
    Dan Simmons

    4:50 At least the dogbot didn't accidentally shoot it's high powered laser at the real dog and evaporated within a nano-second.

  • JonLa89

    I like that Lew is using a JXD Singularity to control the robo doggo.

  • James S
    James S

    I'm sorry but this is more like a cat. Not a dog. Cats have avoidance. Dogs run into everything.

  • tylerb159

    This has jack face reveal vibes

  • Nolan Clewell
    Nolan Clewell

    17:35 Captain Falcon

  • Vasco Frederico
    Vasco Frederico

    😮they are Watching U👀

  • dadagenge

    How you know Spot isn't a girl?

  • Jesus patino
    Jesus patino

    When you get the next version, glue a gun to its head. Scare the heck out of joggers.

  • angel

    This dude makes million of dollars and it still puts so many ads to his videos do not like that

  • Jude Bills
    Jude Bills

    I like how it tells us to fear the unknown bc these robot vids just make me feel uneasy have you seen that black mirror episode or terminator this is scary guys be ready... you have to be ready

  • chillieice

    I'm glad it fell as much as it did. It would have been really scary if it could handle everything at this early stage.

  • The Endless
    The Endless

    Skynet....smh man smfh!!!!

  • slp chris
    slp chris

    chappie is coming to life

  • UnKnoN_ Gaming
    UnKnoN_ Gaming

    This dum ass dog can't jump?🤣

  • UnKnoN_ Gaming
    UnKnoN_ Gaming

    Dude that's creepy

  • D Unknown
    D Unknown

    Looks like a locust

  • Joseph Deliz
    Joseph Deliz

    Imagine putting a wolf costume on this thing and making it loiter in your neighbors yard.

  • Dragan Bakema
    Dragan Bakema


  • Luis

    I guess the terminator movies were right about using dogs to know the terminator from humans

  • Terry P
    Terry P

    How did you not show hop and jog....?? 😩

  • Tanvir Kabir
    Tanvir Kabir

    Tell NASA to used these robots.

  • Abhishek Raj
    Abhishek Raj

    WHAT THE HELL.... are we here to watch the addds or video

  • Nader Safwan
    Nader Safwan

    SO....how fast does it run?????

  • one Choice
    one Choice


  • spooke

    new irl dlc black mirror robot shrapnel dog confirmed

  • Simone Janssen
    Simone Janssen

    This dramatic reveal needs more black turtle neck!

  • TheAgedGamer

    I don't want to piss on people's chips. But this thing is only as good as it's battery life.

  • SuperKiko112

    Imagine that thing starts walking and you realise you forgot to insert the battery.

  • Cameron Nurcombe
    Cameron Nurcombe

    someone needs to make a animated face for it

  • Blue Haze
    Blue Haze

    75grand ye right I would rather sell my ass cheeks on the streets to randoms

  • Landon Deal
    Landon Deal

    They told us in 2010 we would have flying cars by 2020 and here we are ........ robot dogs with robot dongs

  • Ezito improved
    Ezito improved

    i image an army of the robot dogs with guns. also police officer cybors with robot dogs.

  • Austin Haynes
    Austin Haynes

    The editing in this is crazy it made me go from wow this is crazy to what are the implications to where does it stop all in the music choice the unsettling cuts and the speed at which they cut like geeze

  • Lem johnson
    Lem johnson

    When spot scraped off the concrete I don't think I have ever cringed so hard

  • Krishnan Ganesh
    Krishnan Ganesh

    I think the name of this robot is spot it is from Boston Dynamics

  • Kodari Jim
    Kodari Jim

    Toyota miss the opportunity to buy this company😂

  • Joseph Flores
    Joseph Flores

    Looks like the end to me

  • Matthew Francis
    Matthew Francis

    can carry a case of beers for guests at a party

  • Bob Johnson
    Bob Johnson


  • Ben Kalis
    Ben Kalis

    I wish brick raised 75k Lmaoo

  • kidd cannon
    kidd cannon

    The world is going to be such a scary place in the future

  • sam v
    sam v

    Soon robots with AI will takeover this world !!!

  • Mesh Dy
    Mesh Dy

    This is like a smarter bigger expensive-er version of cozmo but can’t say your name lol

  • FlaaFlaa Flunky
    FlaaFlaa Flunky

    lol i thought the fucking bot was barking.

  • lou burnett
    lou burnett

    Every sci-fi nightmare ever.

  • David Fitcher
    David Fitcher

    That dog barking is pretty annoying

  • Alexblackish -
    Alexblackish -

    I'm just exited we finally got to see Jack

  • GregRyan

    so thats jac/jack?

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