Unboxing the Apple Mask
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Here it is.. The official Apple mask.
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    • Blurpsmo Blurpsmo
      Blurpsmo Blurpsmo

      I have a pack of face shields and they were designed with a gap on top to work as an exhaust of moisture and fog. It works really well.

    • Varun Sai
      Varun Sai

      @I LOVE APE 21 why are u telling yay like you won a gold medal 🥇 lol

    • spidertastic


    • Bishesh Magar
      Bishesh Magar


    • Supersonic Nate
      Supersonic Nate


  • tom swan
    tom swan

    Are the masks like the watches, so they work only with iphones? ^^

  • Laiba Nasir
    Laiba Nasir

    No one, 10M people watching a mask unboxing 😂

  • M Broz
    M Broz

    I was like this has to be a joke


    Does this thing have a charger?

  • Kingnugget545

    What the heck is wrong with apple

  • Isabella 1411 :D
    Isabella 1411 :D

    Probably £40

  • Dark

    where tf is the wireless charging?

  • yogesh kumar
    yogesh kumar

    Assemble in China 😂

  • Ayman Samin
    Ayman Samin

    We replaced the soft cotton with our new high tech cotton

  • Insidex

    This is some kind of joke

  • Debashish Sinha
    Debashish Sinha

    Come to India, in 5-10 days people had gazillion ideas running and selling in the market.

  • NoTengoIlusiones

    Whats next ? .... Apple Cereals.

  • bertraminc

    So what is it rated? N95, P100, what. You do realize that masks are useless unless they are made with polarity charge technology, which is the technology in rated masks such as N95. Mask ratings are based upon whether or not you are in an oil particulate work space or not.... N is not oil resistant to oil particles in the air... R is oil resistant... P is oil proof. All relative to oil based particle filtering. The numbers are relative to the ability to filter .30 micron particles from the air... 95 filters 95% of .3 micron particles from the air. 99 is just that, 99% filtering. And 100 is 99.97 of particles filtered. This is achieved with polarizing the specifically designed materials which take electrical polarizing. Most masks are not rated and thus do not filter out anything. SARS particles are on the order of .17 micron in size so even P100 does not filter out SARS particles. They are designed to filter your own mucus particles which are on the order of .5 microns from going through the mask. Masks that are not rated result in more hands touching the face and result in more transfer of SARS to receptors on the face. Up to you to decide if you want to touch your face more or not. Most receptors are inside the nose.

  • Hunter King
    Hunter King

    First buy plastic than buy mask saperatly

  • Nanci Valencia
    Nanci Valencia

    It's still discouraging that it was made in china.

  • shakina antra
    shakina antra

    that looks like the south korean trending mask..

  • LibertyZone777

    COVID-19: Going to destroy the world economy. MASKS MAKERS: What you say?

  • Mustafa O. Kurdistany
    Mustafa O. Kurdistany

    how much is it? 900$ or 1000$ wtf is that😑😑😑

  • Rafi Pangandaman
    Rafi Pangandaman

    I will not buy that because apple didnt put a logo.

  • United Pens
    United Pens

    Apple: “Designed in California, Assembled in China” Covid-19: “Designed in China, Assembled in California”

  • \ HardGamer / Fr
    \ HardGamer / Fr

    Coming soon The hydraulic Gel Apple

  • \ HardGamer / Fr
    \ HardGamer / Fr


  • American Eagle
    American Eagle

    Let me guess can you receive text messages from that mask is it $100

  • 283blood

    CDC statistics as of last week. 79% of people testing positive within last 30 days, said they wore a mask all of the time. 80% of people testing positive over last 90 days reported wearing a mask "most" of the time. So yeah, good luck with the Apple imask 10. Lol

  • SuperBStream

    Revolution in mask technology

  • ThorGodOfHammers

    Doesn’t have enough cameras...

  • The M plays
    The M plays

    The new model i wish i can get it i can... nvm


    lol steve jobs is finding a way to earn money again

  • Sohaib Ahmed
    Sohaib Ahmed

    Gonna have to wait for the wireless version 😂

  • Subham4 Das
    Subham4 Das

    Wow. Seriously how low can Apple go?

  • Momo Kurdish
    Momo Kurdish

    I’m sure it’s worth 999$

  • Ian paul calanday
    Ian paul calanday

    Imma wait. To the apple face shield

  • Yoosuf-Ali Timol
    Yoosuf-Ali Timol

    Next video suggestion : unboxing Covid 19

  • mistakee gurl
    mistakee gurl

    2027 apple air

  • ReviewChaos

    I like apple but come on I mean what's next apple toilet paper wipe your ass twice as much with one sheet 😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Evan Shireman
    Evan Shireman

    You think they’d try to get somewhere else to make a mask considering the ones who make it cause this mess

  • Clinton Whitstone
    Clinton Whitstone

    How many gigs does it have?

  • Aaron Miranda
    Aaron Miranda

    Oxygen not included

  • Beep Bop
    Beep Bop

    Assembled in china

  • Beast007 Gaming
    Beast007 Gaming


  • Itz_Pluto

    Sooo is this only $1000?

  • Kts_Mighty

    The clear one is so fucking dumb 🤦🏽‍♂️ Apple just be doing random shit and they not even selling em

  • Surgerypeaches

    Apple sells keyboards for about 200, so this should be about 50 bucks

  • Creative Neron
    Creative Neron

    Apple: Safery Covers are also available to protect this mask Me: Limit is Limit 😒😒

  • penska13

    I clicked on it figuring it was a joke. Unfortunately it's not and I guarantee there are Apple fanboys that would pay anything.

  • mr. oopsie
    mr. oopsie

    ah yes, time to be b r o k e again

  • Kevin Hirst
    Kevin Hirst

    Steve Jobs, yet again.. rolling in his grave.

  • Dylan

    Basically an over priced km95 mask

  • Foxxi

    Lol I thought he meant a face mask for skin care 😂😂😂

  • DJ Potsakura
    DJ Potsakura

    Apple is getting weirder every second. An apple blanket or an apple cup

  • Mark Baland
    Mark Baland

    This is a joke, right?

  • Disaster Piece
    Disaster Piece

    Apple mask!!! Only $199.00!! Straps sold separately... on account the environment!! “You already have string at home”!!

  • ExteelBananaMoon

    straps sold separately

  • Dino Last
    Dino Last

    LMAO WTF 🤣.. an apple mask 🤣

  • Iesha El Masri
    Iesha El Masri


  • Jose Jimenez
    Jose Jimenez

    this style was already made in Korea it's the KF94 mask

  • Ren Vajr
    Ren Vajr

    Still waiting for the S MAXX version.

  • Salvador Flores
    Salvador Flores

    They selling a paper mask😂

  • Hotwings12 yt
    Hotwings12 yt

    We have released the air mask pro epic mask 12 13 rechargeable air floatable multiple color music player turns into a phone with a dog turns into a cat. No wires NOTE AIR SOLD SEPARATELY. Only cost 1mil :)

  • Hotwings12 yt
    Hotwings12 yt

    We have not released the mask air pro

  • Hotwings12 yt
    Hotwings12 yt

    Air not included

  • majesticj42

    The i mask

  • Dylan diaz
    Dylan diaz

    Is there going to be a pro and a pro max version 🤑

  • Ron Laufer
    Ron Laufer

    Only 999+ 2 limbs

  • Angel Rodriguez
    Angel Rodriguez

    What a waste of money apple sucks

  • TTB13

    Lol so dumb

  • Ayo Fabricio
    Ayo Fabricio

    Take apple away & put the same structure in a store... nobody would even acknowledge it. It’s fucking hideous.. looks like my nephew put 2 pieces of paper together with a string

  • Kyle Vince Gagalioan
    Kyle Vince Gagalioan

    yes it's cost like the iphone 12.

  • CWZ34

    How much is the stand for it?

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