UNDISPUTED | Shannon reacts to Lonzo and LaMelo both have big nights leading teams to win
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UNDISPUTED | Shannon reacts to Lonzo and LaMelo both have big nights leading teams to win

  • Hoàng Bi
    Hoàng Bi

    Skip Bayless: Time to be worried about the Lakers with LeBron's injury in playoffs it-my.com/watchvideo/video-aKw4bvNu4X0.html

    • Adrian Lazaro
      Adrian Lazaro

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      Adrian Lazaro

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  • Aiii Nanooo
    Aiii Nanooo

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  • Janet Jones
    Janet Jones

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  • Nancy Loyal
    Nancy Loyal

    Stop blaming Lavar for Lonzo's injury filled 1st couple years.

  • Aiii Nanooo
    Aiii Nanooo

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  • Cornelius Collins
    Cornelius Collins

    Lavor don’t look so crazy now huh.... Great Job Lavor

  • Peter Jones
    Peter Jones


  • Peter Jones
    Peter Jones

    The ball brothers are lit right now fun to watch

  • Dwayne

    we need the third brother, i think they really underestimate this family of brothers

  • darienjjackson250

    A lot of people thought he was crazy and loud for letting us how good his sons was going to be. But he is definitely getting the last laugh. And they are young kids to, just going to get better.

  • Hard Hitter Radio
    Hard Hitter Radio

    Melo is more confident on the offensive end but both brothers will be stars

  • mim paps
    mim paps

    Skip skip skip 🤦🏾‍♂️ just admit it

  • paridisenwinter3313

    Sign Gelo! He is a 20 and 10 guy every night.

  • Louis Whitr
    Louis Whitr

    Lavar ball already told us that his baby boy is the best you guys not doing your job

  • James Bennett
    James Bennett

    I have to admit I thought both of them would be ruined by their dad. Props to both of them for becoming solid players.

  • Have Issues
    Have Issues

    Which Ball brother is better? Lavar

  • Roman Davidovich
    Roman Davidovich

    Melo is better than Zo and it’s not even close. Where the hell was this confidence surge when he was with the lakers? I swear whenever the lakers draft someone they don’t work out lol 😆 not gonna lie it’s like rookies who play for LA play like duds and when they leave they somehow become better lol wtf man haha

  • Skeezalini Customs
    Skeezalini Customs

    I want to see both of them succeed🙏🏽

  • hume1234561

    Skip breaks it down to it's essence and then shows you how and why it became what it was.

  • LE RUU76
    LE RUU76

    2:16 true although Melo's path was a unique one outside the normality. A young man in a man's world will build you in a tougher way💯🏀🏀🏀NBL

  • chamberlain wonder
    chamberlain wonder

    Olanzo is doing pretty well in new orlean

  • 9ChevyKonum2020

    1:20 shannon Thought he was talkin with the homies 😄

  • JC Torres
    JC Torres

    i live the competition between brothers. i can almost hear them 😂😂 talking shit

  • JC Torres
    JC Torres

    we shoulda had lavar on this one

  • JC Torres
    JC Torres

    love these boys. ball bros winning including gelo. makes ppl wana see them together

  • Rocket Boy
    Rocket Boy

    Lonzo finally waking up. He don’t want to hear his little brother saying he the best Ball brother in the nba. This is good for lonzo, I tell he been playing lazy the pst few years

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  • Ftl Rig
    Ftl Rig

    Lamelo reminds me of ginobili

  • Terrance Mcgraw
    Terrance Mcgraw

    The comments sounds better then what some of these commentators 🤣🤣🤣 be saying , Some you guys deserve a raise for the Iove I see for these well raised young men 👏

  • H Doc
    H Doc

    So if these two brothers doing what they daddy predicted I want to see what gelo would look like

  • Lord Ptah
    Lord Ptah

    Skip! I’m was just making this point the other day!!! Had he not been in the whole lavar situation and most importantly the fact that he was drafted by the LAKERS hurt him TREMENDOUSLY!! the lakers are a NOW team, we haven’t develop the talented players we get. Only benefit to some of those young players who got drafted by the lakers is that they were taken under the wing of one of the greatest players to ever play. Kobe helped randle and clarkson get to where they are. But the lakers gave up on them too smh

  • Lora Geiger
    Lora Geiger

    Both these guys can ball. Lamelo is MVP caliber in my mind, hes got something special about him. I hope Lonzo goes to NY and gets a shot at running his game bc hed play great w Randle and Barrett etc and he will always be really valuable but Lamelo is looking like an elite level, superstar. Lonzo isnt a go to guy. Lamelo is already..

  • Anthony Howard
    Anthony Howard

    Both on the same team is a championchip! LAKERS we need our children to come home! Both of them!

  • Bronco World
    Bronco World

    Melo done sparked a fire under Lonzo! Thanksgiving dinner woulda been ugly for Lonzo and Gelo 🤣😂

  • Sekou Murrell
    Sekou Murrell

    Only reason why Lonzo elevated his game is bc baby bro came in BALLIN’ and took over as star player of the team while also getting them to the playoffs. That’s not a good look for big bro. He had to do something lol.

  • Brian Wiley
    Brian Wiley

    Lonzo is only 22 😆

  • Precious

    Let it go Skip.

  • A Hines
    A Hines

    Shay right about Lonzo raising his offense to get a max contract

  • M D
    M D

    Melo actually has a bag not afraid of anyone. Lonzo loves to shoot n doesn’t have a bag. Not to mention melo not scared of no one. Lonzo can’t even finish layups 😂

  • z z
    z z

    Lonzo actually hardly improved his shooting from last season...look it up

  • z z
    z z

    both need to get better in Fgs though...


    Aht aht aht......Melo is not better than Zo lmao yall seeing Lamelo playing n a free system. If Lamelo would of had Walton for a Coach we wouldnt be seeing all of what melo can display. If Zo was able to be as free as Melo coming into the leauge people wouldnt be saying melo better than zo. Melo is a Baby Zo with a worst shot and no Defense buuuuuuut he a rookie so obv he's gonna get better.

  • Ezzy Money
    Ezzy Money

    Im so happy for them Brothers and especially their dad. Every body talked against his way of rooting and campaigning His Boys and they are proving every one wrong. They both will be Great in their own way, all greats are different its just diversity in life. Good job BBB

  • Josh

    If lamelo stay healthy no injuries he gone be a beast coming

  • Golden Brush
    Golden Brush

    Ima gone ahead and say lonzo would guard lamelo to improve his defense while at the same time it improves lamelo offense

  • Ronnie Alston
    Ronnie Alston

    Lonzo gonna be really good but Lamelo have a chance to be great If lonzo can continue to be aggressive he can be great also I can see him averaging 19 5 & 8 I see Melo in his Prime as a 25 6 & 6 player tho

  • Tello Fantastix
    Tello Fantastix

    Melo been Big Balling💯

  • jj_so_wavyy •
    jj_so_wavyy •

    You can tell Skip thinks melo is better but producers probably had him take zo and Shannon melo so there would be some type of debate

  • Jeremie Kibibi
    Jeremie Kibibi

    “It’s Curtains” Shannon be having me weak😂

  • Solomon Hunter
    Solomon Hunter

    I agree with skip lonzo was in a rough situation (nothing against melo) lonzo just needed a fresh start and see how things turned out. LONZO you good in my book

  • VF

    i hope they play together


    Lonzo is a great passer, but he's better at the 2 than the 1. And that's the difference this year. Probably the best (maybe the only) good thing Stan Van Gundy has done in New Orleans is move Lonzo to the 2 and let Zion or other guys bring the ball up the court a lot of the time.

  • astheskylarksings

    Im going Zo. Zo actually has a killer sleeping inside of him. When he finally stays awake for a season, Melo won’t be able to match up against him. But I definitely give credit to Melo. He is definitely living up to the hype

  • charles taylor
    charles taylor

    Stan van sucks! He is blessed to be in the league coaching / ruined the Pistons lol

  • Indigenouz Mindz
    Indigenouz Mindz

    Melo always been the better passer....I just hope Liangelo gets on a squad with his one of his brothers

  • mobezzy1

    Just waiting for Shannon to say some racist remark.. surprised, both of them a lite skin or dark skin white so im surprised he giving them any credit!

  • Piyori Max
    Piyori Max

    Sports media don't care for the Ball Brother because of the Positive Black father..

  • Dre

    All star!?!?!?!! Stop lowballing melo…he WILL be MVP of the league…sooner than later

  • Nitty Gritty
    Nitty Gritty

    leangelo might as well jump in the "D" game f*** it...nba days is over!💯

  • Terrell Maryland
    Terrell Maryland

    shannon drunk on the damn job... melo aint a better passer than lonzo.. he wild

  • Eric O'Neill
    Eric O'Neill

    So both brothers in the league are killing it... when are we gonna give the 3rd brother an opportunity?

  • Deandre Summers
    Deandre Summers

    Who cares ???talk about Anthony Edwards the rookie of the year

  • ATGamer

    At one point lonzo was the most hated on the internet. No matter what you think that fucks with you mentally

  • jalheel jalhe
    jalheel jalhe

    Lonzo is better than Lamelo and he will be very soon the face of the league, mark my words. What people should notice is that Lonzo is actually the MIP of the league. People forget one thing about Lonzo, he got injured several times and missed a lot of games, he has played only 155 NBA games in four years, only 155 NBA games in four years instead of 328. That means Lonzo has combined the equivalent of two full years on the floor and two years out of the floor. Even tho he missed those games, do you see where he is at, in only two years the guy plays elite bball whcih is simply a glimps of what to come. He overcame criticism, pressure, bad coaching, his father's aura, his trade, and he faced so many things since his coming in this league. Did he disapeared? No! He is right there! How many players would have endure such things in the NBA? I just expect he stays heathly because you can see his work ethic and I know his this type of work will pay off. Lonzo is way better than Lamelo, time will prove it.

  • Veundamuje Toromba
    Veundamuje Toromba

    Lamelo ball will be better

  • Donnele Augustus
    Donnele Augustus

    Miami gotta get Zo he would do so well in that system and he plays defense already. Jimmy will be a good person to cheer him up

  • Kobe Trotman
    Kobe Trotman

    Give it time lonzo bouta become the next julius randle🥱

  • Robert Bock
    Robert Bock

    I think Gelo is clearly the best ball brother!

  • Peter Carr
    Peter Carr

    As the eldest in my family I feel for my Zo. I think pressure make diamonds and in the long run Zo will keep fighting to be the best .

  • steph the5thGod
    steph the5thGod

    Markelle Fultz whoooo 👀 he had a tough year, and gone again lmao

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