UNDISPUTED | Would a long layoff taint this year's NBA outcome for LeBron, Kawhi and Giannis?
Skip and Shannon
UNDISPUTED | Would a long layoff taint this year's NBA outcome for LeBron, Kawhi and Giannis?
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  • Jake Adams
    Jake Adams

    Lakers all the way.

  • Chambles Moore III
    Chambles Moore III

    The Covid-19 championship lmboooo SKIP CRAZY 😂


    So let me ask Shannon this if they had play in games and by some grace of God if the warriors made it in and won it all would you still say there's no asterisk

  • T K
    T K

    Lock out seasons are different. Those only cut off the first part of the season and you get straight into the playoffs after the regular season. This year there’s literally a 4 month break in the middle of the season for players bodies to rest before the playoffs. It’s not the same

  • Goat man
    Goat man

    lebron gonna get an astric no matter what

  • imahustla50

    Ol shay sharpe said it best it's on and crackin The King got this

  • Josiah Mitchell
    Josiah Mitchell

    Skip only mentioning the spurs championship having an asterisk because Shannon mentioned it last time they talked about it. And he only saying it'll have an asterisk this year because they exposed him for holding LBJ to different standards.

  • Jesse Frazier
    Jesse Frazier

    F that Cs up. Tatum is coming for it man if the whole squad healthy look tf out!

  • nim shetty
    nim shetty

    Itsball good as far as there is no spy gate and deflate gate . Its the same for all. It will be nice mixing east vs west . 1-16

  • Tyshawn Pennington
    Tyshawn Pennington

    70s better players were in the ABA

  • Kyle Mccombs
    Kyle Mccombs

    Skip is really saying this cause he knows deep down he know LBJ is going to win his 4th title. He remembers what happened the last time Kawhi played lebron. All I believe is hes just trying to use this clip in the future to cover up his true feelings #facts

  • Juy Ahmad
    Juy Ahmad

    I really hate Skip Bayless. Just pisses me off

  • Anthony Porter
    Anthony Porter

    Its about damn time they finally have some guests on this show. It got to the point where they were repeating the same topics in the same show and the answers to the debate questions were almost exactly the same. That was asi 9, asi 10, asi 11. or whatever you want to call it. Why do a 2 1/2 hr show if you are gonna do that? At least with a guest, they can join the debates or just give their opinions. Its better than hearing Skip give his mindless opinions on the debate questions which he is in charge of, and Jenny Taft agreeing with him 99.8% of the time. As a moderator you are supposed to be neutral. You have no opinion either way. Why is it Shannon that goes first all the time on a debate question? Once in a while Skip goes first. Check out the debate questions he gets when he goes 1st.

  • John Grey
    John Grey

    Look how low we done fell we taking quotes from Quinn cook now 😂😂😂😂

  • Ian Ford
    Ian Ford

    Skip got hemmed because he KNEW he would do just that. He would not only invalidate ‘20 Tile IF LeBron wins, but he would go back to 2012 as well as it was a strike shortened season. Then saying if Ray Allen didn’t _save LeBron’s bacon 🥓 “_ in ‘13, he will take THAT title away. And then _”If Draymond doesn’t get suspended, LeBron should be 0-10 in the Finals!!_ 🤦🏽🤦🏽

  • GJ Smieszney
    GJ Smieszney

    Watch what happens if the Lakers DONT win it.

  • Knox Meier
    Knox Meier

    it deserves no asterisk, every team is going through the same circumstances and problems, no one has an edge or anything it’s still a fair game

  • Yea Man
    Yea Man

    They'll take any phony championship they can get lol

    • The Realm
      The Realm

      Yea Man 7 Nuggz should've won the title back in "08-'09 but it's whateva doe


    "you have to be mentally tough with this season" yeah no... I can go ball right back to college without over thinking it. really is it that mentally challenging to go back to playing? will they be so drained and tired? someone help me understand...

  • Ron Smith
    Ron Smith

    Skip lbj wins he got a quarantine ring that doesn't mean anything you can jus imagine the criticism from skip and his trolls anybody else they won he jus dont like Lbj.....

  • Ron Smith
    Ron Smith

    !! Skip jus hates Lbj its simple as that lbj gets 35 40 points 10 and 7 and take over the finals skip would still find ways to take jabs at lbj jus find something he cant give lbj credit it would go against everything about how much he hates lbj its shameful

  • Zak Croatia
    Zak Croatia

    Lebron rested?PER in the playoffs record to come! He is gonna shift from first to turbo immediately and that’s what worries Skip! Not gonna be like 8 seasons in a row with 100+ games a year in the body!

  • swag lord
    swag lord


  • B Bailey
    B Bailey

    NBA 2019-20 season should resume as the following: 8 regular season games Top 8 in EACH conference make Playoffs (16 teams total like normal format with East & West Conferences): PLAYOFF FORMAT: 1st round: Best 2 of 3 2nd Round: Best 2 of 3 OR Best 3 of 5 3rd Round: Best 3 of 5 OR Best 4 of 7 Championship: Best 4 of 7

  • Nostalgia Corner
    Nostalgia Corner

    The difference is injuries are a natural occurence and are a part of the system, a shortened season is unnatural and messing up the system.

  • F R
    F R

    On human rights, Shannon, skip and max kellerman are great. Stephen A takes a weak stance and that’s so sad

  • Daniel Deborin
    Daniel Deborin

    Giannis is easily MVP. His numbers are better and has the best record and does not have a second superstar. AD has more points, rebounds, blocks, per

    • Daniel Lamar-Hardaway
      Daniel Lamar-Hardaway

      Weak east

  • DTWD !!
    DTWD !!

    Just cancel the season seriously if we are going to discount who wins it

  • nathalie floreal
    nathalie floreal

    No Chris you don’t have a feeling that this is lebron championship you’re a lebron fan boy. Like once again who’s to say lebron will win this year. The guy lost 6 we can’t keep doing this lebron is winning the title every year thing.

    • Daniel Lamar-Hardaway
      Daniel Lamar-Hardaway

      You missed the point he referred to it as Asterisk championship if lbj wins and non asterisk if someone else wins and wanted to address the hypocrisy before it happens

  • Paulay Oliver
    Paulay Oliver

    Wat does the damn championship have 2 do with the regular season

  • Chris Ross
    Chris Ross


  • Tsunami Rob
    Tsunami Rob

    “Skip you ought to be ashamed of yourself” in my uncle Shay voice

  • Costa Nostra
    Costa Nostra

    Skip just saying that so he doesn’t look like more of a hater in lebron wins. Also who gives af they played 63 games which is the majority of the season it ain’t like they played 20 and then covid happened .stfu skip.

    • Costa Nostra
      Costa Nostra

      nathalie floreal nah he trying to use reverse psychology

    • nathalie floreal
      nathalie floreal

      Lmaoo now you know skip doesn’t care about what others thinks of him.

  • John Denver
    John Denver

    If the Bucks win they'll put an asterisk by it. People already discrediting Giannis and the guy is still so young.

  • Goat Singh
    Goat Singh

    How is there an asterisk when no player has any real advantage over the others

  • Rashad Levells
    Rashad Levells

    This man skip is a fucking hater

  • Gady1986

    Watch Kawhi come back and still load manage lol like a straight G

  • All For One
    All For One

    If I was skip I'd be pissed they keep putting words in my mouth

  • toptenguy1

    Let me guess: If Lebron wins, there is an asterisk. If someone else wins, it is legit.

  • Royce Sanders
    Royce Sanders

    Skip be trying to to laugh 😂 I hate him but mornings wouldn’t be the same without him

  • Alsabit Siyyid
    Alsabit Siyyid

    Everyone going through it and less injuries, arguably makes it harder. No asterisk

  • Hunter Higginson
    Hunter Higginson

    Skip makes it seems like LeBron is the only player that benefits from the break, with the clippers load management, they have no excuse not to be healthy to play

  • Ry Md
    Ry Md

    So is a championship suppose to show whose the best team or which team can finish an 82 game regular season & playoffs? Like to me the amount of regular season games should have no bearing on a championship, as long as the playoffs are the same (and I can argue that number of playoffs games don’t matter either) then this is still a valid championship. The best team will be the best team. The Spurs were the best team, the Heat were the best team. Cmon now

  • Demetrius Johnson
    Demetrius Johnson

    Lebron wins another championship skip well jordan never had shortened season

    • Demetrius Johnson
      Demetrius Johnson

      @sourav more not saying he will jordan the goat point blink

    • sourav more
      sourav more

      Even if LeBron wins the discussion won't change bro. He can't catch jordan now.

  • Ok Money
    Ok Money

    This championship deserves an asterisk regardless of the victor. 2020 will have an asterisk in general

  • Marcos Rodriguez
    Marcos Rodriguez

    Skip is holding on to situation Michael Jordan didn’t go through and running with it. Now if lebron wins another title he will say Michael never had a shorten season and blah blah. Lebron can play 2 more season all 82 games win the title and this guy will find anything and everything to discredit LeBron James is just unbelievable how far he is willing to go. He really can’t stand LBJ.

    • Tyler Hingleton
      Tyler Hingleton

      @Timo Cruz Yup, and he finished 3rd in MVP voting in 1994, and is one of only 5 players to lead his team in points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks after Horace Grant was traded to Orlando in the 1995 season.

    • Timo Cruz
      Timo Cruz

      @Tyler Hingleton yeah I'll give him Wade for 2011 and 2012 he was still top 5. But Kyrie, Bosh and Love are nothing w/o Lebron. Pip was better than all of them in just 1 year as the 1st option.

    • Tyler Hingleton
      Tyler Hingleton

      @Timo Cruz Kristin's fanboy-ass seem to forget Pippen msde his first All-Star appearance in 1990 LMAO

    • Timo Cruz
      Timo Cruz

      @Kristion Bosh and Love were trash w/o Lebron. Love averaged 7 ppg in the one finals they won and he's an ass defender. Who cares what Pippen did before 1991? thats why the Bulls were getting bounced by the Pistons every year. From 93-97 Pip was a top 10 player in the League. Wade was only top 10 for 2011 and 2012... by 2013 he was pretty ass. Also Kyrie, Love and Bosh had only won a combined 3 playoff games before playing with Lebron. You the weirdo buddy.

    • Timo Cruz
      Timo Cruz

      @Kristion Rodman was All NBA 2nd team in '95. You're being the weirdo lol.

  • Logan Murdock
    Logan Murdock

    I don't why there would be an asterisk when all the playoffs teams have the same opportunity to win it all..Everyone's record is 0-0 once the tournament starts

  • The Dragon
    The Dragon

    All the players are going through it so it makes it a harder chip if anything

  • LeVelle Coley
    LeVelle Coley

    No asterisk, not the leagues fault period! It’s not like the season was more than half over anyway and lakers were #1 and I think this will actually make the championship winner even greater, Cuz this is an unprecedented moment and everyone starting at the same time and half to climb through a new playoff format.

  • Travis Mannix
    Travis Mannix

    Skip ain't like that called out as dumbass hater off top thank u for that Chris

  • Xyrus Golaub
    Xyrus Golaub

    Shit I have the clippers winning to

  • Xyrus Golaub
    Xyrus Golaub

    Skip are you serious 😂

  • Timo Cruz
    Timo Cruz

    "Semi Retired" and dropping 26 and 11. Skip is so delusional lol.

    • Ron Smith
      Ron Smith

      !! Beyond delusional

  • Timo Cruz
    Timo Cruz

    C'mon Chris... Injuries? Really thats your comparison? I guarantee you players will get hurt in Orlando. Injuries just happen, they are no excuse for an asterisk. This is a pandemic, the whole league was put on hold by force. This is unprecedented. I like Broussard but his arguments have gotten kind of weak imo. Also MJ retiring? lol what? How is that a fair comparison?

    • Timo Cruz
      Timo Cruz

      @TyTy MoMo This is the first time this has ever happened in the NBA. At least 60 seasons now. Sure it could happen again. Hopefully not for another 40 years. If it does again, then you can put another asterisk.

    • TyTy MoMo
      TyTy MoMo

      This could definitely happen again though.

    • Timo Cruz
      Timo Cruz

      @Alsabit Siyyid Yeah an asterisk is for circumstances that are not normal., hence why you need explanation... this year is definitely considered not normal. Lock outs are different because it's still 1 single season, just shortened. No 4.5 month off season in the middle. Asterisk is very relevant this year. Asterisks don't mean totally disregard something, it merely means there is a difference between certain things that need explanation.

    • Alsabit Siyyid
      Alsabit Siyyid

      @Timo Cruz Issue is that an asterisk will always have a negative meaning to it. Houston Astros have an asterisk next to their chips cause they cheated, thats not what this years champ is doing. Yes its different, but if anything this season will be harder cause of layoff and zero injuries to opposing teams so everyone gonna be mainly healthy. there shouldnt be an asterisk if a championship becomes harder is what im really trying to say

    • Timo Cruz
      Timo Cruz

      @Malcolm Griffin Yeah so I won't totally discredit it. That doesn't mean ima hold it with the same weight a normal championship would. That's what an asterisk is for. Not going to wipe it out from history like it doesn't matter at all.

  • Ron Smith
    Ron Smith

    Lbj wins this championship lbj got a 2020 covid ring it doesn't mean anything kawhi wins it kawhi better than lbj criticism coming every where from skip and the lbj hater trolls

    • Ron Smith
      Ron Smith

      @LeVelle Coley jus a whole bunch bs coming from skipiwastherebayless

    • LeVelle Coley
      LeVelle Coley

      If Kawhi and the clippers get eliminated it’s gonna be “it was the pandemic, he had too much rest, his body wasn’t ready.” Shannon: “wait hol’on you didn’t say that when Kawhi missed 22 games with the raptors....oooooohhh it’s because his team was winning 17-5 without him that’s why.” 😂😂😂

  • Markus Norris
    Markus Norris

    Come on skip ! Stop Hating

  • Timo Cruz
    Timo Cruz

    I hate to say it, and whoever ends up winning deserves credit, but this year is unlike every other champion ever. It's hard for me to count it as identical to other playoff runs. It's too different.

    • Kristion

      Aj you in witness protection on the streets and protective custody in jail for public drunkenness, you nerd

    • Kristion

      Aj CI ass AJ you’re the police. You have a stress alert signal on you! Square ass

    • Aj

      shut yo goofy ass up you got 911 on speed dial without white privivilige you're a squirrel...you suburban clowns wouldnt last a week in the inner cities......Pippen can have -2 points but history is already written he went farther without MJ than MJ went without him lmaooooo white dudes love using the n word online and get knocked out in person...3-6 with his team being outscored by 1700 when he's on the bench while MJs teams were winning 55 games and playoffs games...MJ played on two teams btw...and yea its easy to play on one team when u play in a trash ass era where most teams barely had 1 star lmaoo now theres stars in high school NBA got stars elite talent everywhere while MJ dominated an era where most guards/wings could bare use they left...basketball was an atrocity lmaoo only thing MJ era better than is the 60s when they barely allowed blacks to play...

    • Kristion

      Aj 3-6 nigga, 3 team changing nigga with feminine energy hates on himself. He has no argument for a 6-0 nigga for 1 team, that never won shit before him or after him that’s a man’s man!

    • Kristion

      Aj Pippen has 0 point playoff games his team won! 15 point 34% FG finals series his team won! 0 mvps in the finals or regular season. 0 defensive player of the year awards! You haters stand on y’all knees

  • Ron Smith
    Ron Smith

    It's good to see cb on here

  • marco whyte
    marco whyte

    Does 2012 have an asterisk?

    • Timo Cruz
      Timo Cruz

      In Skip's eyes it did. This is wayyy more of an asterisk tho imo. 4.5 Month break in season, and no home court? If people want to count it the same, sure, but I think this year is unlike any other year EVER.

  • mason foster
    mason foster

    Chris is so fucking right at the beginning

  • Eric meng
    Eric meng

    Missing nba 😥

  • Eric meng
    Eric meng

    No fxxing asterisk ! Who ever wins the championship deserves it ! Lakers 👑

  • Dylan Allen
    Dylan Allen

    LBJ 👑👑👑

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